Don't Give In To It

April 05, 2016:

Drawn to the Oblivion Bar, Zee meets up with Ripclaw.

Oblivion Bar


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Fade In…

A restock on certain herbs and ritual ingredients is as good as any of an excuse to pass through the Oblivion Bar. It's almost like entering another sense of self or a reality apart; which, it likely is all things considered.

Ripclaw was giving his team as much time apart as he could while the settled in to the Elevator on their own terms, the couple Nate and Rose had plenty to work out, Zakura was still on a journey fo self-discovery and Lunair, well, he hasn't seen her much since bringing her to the hideout. She seemed to get along well with C.C. and Timmie at least.

Leaning against the bar itself Ripclaw nods towards the flipper armed bartender, his usual, simple Jack and Coke. Nothing mystical about it. Little words required when you become enough of a regular.

No costume right now, not that his costume is much. Just the typical tanktop, flannel overtop of it and tattered jeans, bandana over his forehead that sits low casting his eyes in shadow. In the corner two trolls sit opposite a plump little fae creature of some sort, a brownie perhaps? He isn't entirely sure. Their conversation not one he can follow, Gaelic maybe? Not bothering to try nor staring for long he looks away, letting his mind release the pressure of the world outside. At least for the moment being.

Pushing the door open, Zee steps into the bar, pausing just long enough to let her eyes adjust to the lighting and take in the people and beings around her.

Those who know her will note some changes in the mage, gone is the cutsie fishnet sleeved shrug and white leather corset, replaced by a black corset top. That's not the only outward appeared appearance. Her bright blue eyes, have darkened slightly and have the haunted look of one who has 'paid a price'. Those who can sense it, will feel a small amount of darkness within her.

Eyes lighting on Ripclaw at the bar, she makes her way over, emerald pendulum resting on her left hip and diamond encrusted collar around her neck. "I knew I was drawn here for a reason…" she greets her fellow Primal Force member "It's been awhile since we've seen each other."

Looking over to the flipper armed bartender, she gives a faint smile "Grey goose, on ice, please." Seems a certain Mistress of Magic has gained a taste for Vodka. Go figure.

"Zatanna Zatara, it is good to see you again." Ripclaw says politely as he motions towards the bar stool next to him, the shaman's preternatural senses are exceptionally keen that awareness of her darker taint has him lifting one brow. "You seem… well."
"It has been a while, I have been busy dealing with uh… less than spiritual issues. Those directly of flesh and blood." Phrasing is a struggle there, "The mundy world." He states with a bit of humor, a small tick of a smile appears.

"Zee…." the woman reminds him. "Zatanna Zatara is so formal and yes, I am well." That's no lie, she is - more or less. She's just had to grow up a little.

Noting the phrasing, she chuckles softly and quirks an eyebrow "Mundy world? That's one way of describing it, I suppose. Given we live in that world as much as any other, it's not surprising that it's taken focus for awhile."

Hoisting herself onto the stool, leaning an elbow on the bar, the sense of faint amusement doesn't leave her "I've been dealing with some trials of my own" the phrasing deliberate "as well as helping to try and sooth a few conflicts." An understatement if ever there was one.

"What brings you this way, now, then?" The tumbler of vodka is slid across the bar and the raven haired woman flashes the barkeep a smile.

"In the world of memories, theres no need for strangers… Zee, right, my manners are a little rough edged with my new… co-workers."
"It is obvious and hopefully you are not losing yourself to these trials… I am only passing through, I figured I'd stop for a drink and clear my head before diving back in to the darkness." A grin from Robert. Sharp canines briefly on display before the smile fades away again his own drink picked up and a sip taken. He's not big on drinking but there are certain times he will indulge, "

Zee sighs and sips the Vodka at Ripclaws answer. "I would hope not too, Robert. The Vishanti have set trials and I am feeling my way. Some say, they want to see if I can make the hard choices." The amusement fades as she speaks. "I think they're right. I would gladly sacrifice myself for others. But what … is being asked for" there's a slight shrug "required more than that."

"But.. I was seeking members of Primal Force and felt drawn here today. I bring … news." Blue eyes settle on Ripclaws face "Have you felt the stirrings of Sea Magic lately or … more importantly, the disturbances it's causing in the Leylines?"

"Vishanti… hrm, not a word you should speak easily." Ripclaw's tone changes and he stares in to the dark liquid of his cup, "So, they're setting trials to you? That could mean something fairly ground changing or they're preparing you for what may come. Terrifying, my mentors often spoke of such things but even this is beyond them, beyond me. Tread carefully." His knowledge more or less ends there, the hushed whisperings of elders is usually best to remember and to respect. Old Gods and ancient things.
"What news? The disruptions? Yes. They are… disquieting."

"So say others too…" Zee's had the lectures from John and Illyana. Both would have the younger mage turn from that path if they could. "I'm as careful as I can be." She's no idea what lies ahead now that last test is passed, or at least she hopes has passed.

"The disruptions are more than disquieting now I know the cause. I've recently had to deal with two surges that threatened to overflow the lines and flood the area. Not something we wish to occur." Worrying her bottom lip, she shakes her head "Someone is trying to wake the Midgard Serpent. It is his stirrings causing this and he's not yet awake. Fenris is seeking who that is and has charged Primal Force to keep the Leylines from breaching and stop those who would weaken them further encourage these types of 'arcane floods'."

"It is not his year, the Misiginbeg stirring is likely an outsiders influence, huh?" Ripclaw flexes his fingers around the glass of whiskey and soda, the dark waters being rippled, staring in to them. "Hopefully the Asgardian Wolf can find out what is bothering it and stop it. I would assume, that we are still here it yet slumbers. The spirits have been quiet about it to be honest, perhaps they find it natural. I haven't questioned as I said, my focus has been on the flesh world." Wry smile appears again and he takes another sip. That doesn't mean at all what one would think it means first off the beat. "Brooklyn, it is where I have been and I've taken it as my territory, I will begin laying down protections where I can but they are little more than warnings and wards against the lesser. Not something so potent enough to rupture dragon veins."

"It's not his year, no." Zee shakes her head. "Fenris is conducting investigations in that direction. He's charged us to watch Earthside and stop or at least minimise collateral damage."

Another sip of Vodka, she doesn't indulge much and the tumbler could well last her for a while.

"Jorgamundr still sleeps, thankfully. What I scryed the other day was the results of his restless sleep, though. Whoever is trying to do this must be mad." There's a slight flush to her cheeks as she Ripclaw mentions the 'flesh world' … not at all what one would think initially.

"Protections and detections are good, Robert and if you do that in your … territory" An interesting choice of words "and need assistance, just call for us. Really, anyone tampering with the lines may require a combined force of magical and more … mundane… attention. Something I've learned in my time with Primal Force. Not everything can be solved with just magic."

"Likely I will require aid once I have figured out exactly where." Robert cants his head and studies Zee at the blush, "Perhaps you would be willing to do that for me once I've got it mapped out." Those fingers of his, well, little less than claws slide his empty glass towards the tender, "One more, please."

"I admit, my time with Primal Force has been limited but all of you are very active and capable, I am still prepared to arrive should I be required. I may be under some distractions as I feel the new team I am part of looks towards me for guidance… "Robert has never been a fan of being a leader, he can when required but his preferred role is not taking the helm. "But I am still around and capable where required. Especially if it must come down to the physical." Yes, the Native is intentionally teasing at Zee's blush now.

"Of course, I'd be happy to and I suspect I'll learn much from you, in return." Zee is, despite appearances, a magic nerd and enjoys working with others in that regard. Waving a hand, the raven haired mage shakes her head "Each of us have our own distractions, it's expected." Zee herself is helping fight a war in Limbo and that has a habit of whisking her off at the most unexpected moments. Fortunately none of them have found her in the shower, yet.

"Leading a team, even starting one, isn't easy and it takes focus." the mageling senses something of his … discomfit. "Would you tell me of this new team?" Not everyone likes to discuss what they're doing, she gets that.

The blush deepens just a little - no guessing where Zee's mind has headed at Ripclaws words but the blue eyes dance with a little mischief "I'm sure you are… "

"I am not one to disappoint." Ripclaw tips his newly arrived drink her direction and those animalistic red eyes shine.
"The team… a cadre of murderers who are likely on the verge of being serial." A thoughtful noise escapes him and he is drinking, savoring that rich whiskey the offset of the Coke perhaps the least attractive taste in there but it mellows it for him, "They're all as damaged as I am, as can be expected of people set on a path of vengeance. It is not a pretty line up, it is not intended to be. I am a strong man, centered and I know my mind, my will, my wants."
A pause. An appraising look Zee's direction and Robert speaks on, "But their collective it brings a darkness, empowers the bloodlust and the hunger to let loose so it is taxing to me. It am learning it requires constant grounding and a lot of meditation to keep my cool… but it's also right, it's a pack. It's a warband. It is what I long to feel just to let loose to such a thing?"
"Am I being too vague? "
"To let loose to such a thing I would lose my own control and perhaps become something of a monster." The claws on emphasis scrape along the glass of his drink.

"Mmmhmmm." Zee's eyes still dance with the mischief. It's been a while since she's let that side of her out. Life has been, perhaps, a little too serious for the mageling.

Sobering, flirting done, as he shares, the dark haired mage nods slowly. "The darkness within calls to many, Robert." A lesson that Zee is learning. "I've seen what I might become if I loose myself, reach for too much or just be greedy. Honestly, it terrifies me with how easy it would be to do." Perhaps that's why she's so controlled. Perhaps too, the responsibility of what she is and can do was drilled into her at such young age.

"Don't loose to it, Robert." A simple statement, and not something easily done, she knows that "Should you feel you need … grounding, call me. I'm not sure I could help, but I will try." That compassion, that so underscores her nature, hasn't been lost in this transformation. It's still there, deep as ever.

Taking another sip of the Vodka, the woman settles onto the barstool and considers him. "I must be on my way soon."

"As have I and it is harrowing to say the least." Glass being emptied Ripclaw straightens up and gives a tipping of his head in a nod towards Zee, "I'll see you out. It's that time for me as well."
"We will definitely be in touch, I think I have your number…"

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