Double Trouble

April 04, 2016:

Meeting in a park, Thomas is hit with a time paradox

New York


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There's a lot for Jemma to discuss with Thomas. From Compound R to Time issues. And no, that's not getting enough time to talk to each other, that's Time with a capital T. Of course, Jemma only knows about Time issues because Thomas has told it's so… oh and the Flapper dress.

She's arranged to meet him, in one of the more public parks near The Triskelian. A common place for people to get and out about and now that the weather is turning nicer, there's a lot of them around.

Waiting near one of the vendors, her agents keeping an eye on her, Jemma's reading her tablet and frowning a little as she waits for Thomas to join her.

There is a man walking nearby who may draw the attention of the agent because he looks, quite frankly, insane. Lean, with sparkling skyblue eyes and dirty blonde hair, the fellow has a rogueish look. Though those eyes seem tired and sad today instead of filled with their usual amusement and mischief.
Dressed in a pair of skintight poleyster leopard print leggings and a silver satin cloak beneath which he seems to be wearing a hot pink women's tank top with black lipstick print kisses, the guy slumps along muttering to a small black and white goose wearing a pink and white diamond encrusted harness.
"I was watching my stories dammit. I told you, I'm fine. I don't need fresh air. Fresh air sure as hell doesn't need me." He sighs. It's been about a month of this and the little goose has nearly had it. The long spiral to rock bottom people had expected of Ryden after the previous months events hasn't happened yet, nothing has happened aside from what the goose has started to believe is a personal desire to become one with their new apartments sofa. The lorekeeper hasn't gotten off his ass for anything in four weeks. "Besides, you wouldn't really tell May, would you? I mean come on she.." Ryden trails off as the little goose lifts one wing in his direction and extends a feather. "Well! Fuck you too buddy!"

Another a-wandering, Witchdoctor is out and about in the city once more. She's uninjured, she's finally back at full strength after having cleared the rest of that toxic magics out of her system. Now? Alyse was herself dressed in her longer dress that might earn an odd look here an there, but no gaze truely seems to pierce her mood with the aid of the beverage in her hand, the hot chocolate in its paper cup sipped lightly while her attention drifts from here to there. Only the potential threat of another encounter with those beings claiming she'd violated time itself in her arrival lingers at the back of her mind to tug at her mood.

Passing by, her eyes are drawn eventually to another whose attire is stranger even when compared to hers, her blue eyes falling on the Loremaster and his colorful shirt.

Thomas comes strolling down the other way in the park, easily recognizeable for the gauntlet he wears, always wears, on his left hand. Mostly it goes without comment though because mostly people don't remember him. It's a time thing. Witchdoctor may well remember the Marshal though.

To the two Magi there'll be a familiar sense of another one of their kind about. Rare ish but not unheard of. Usually means to keep your eyes peeled though. There's another sense, though, a sense of… a twist. A general hint of unease and energy hanging over the park. Like something's about to happen. That feeling before the other shoe drops… whatever that other shoe is.

"Hello Jemma." Thomas waves. He hasn't seen the other two ye- "Uh… wow. Someone looks like they crashed through an 80's Goodwill store." Okay he's seen one of the other two.

"Hello Thomas" Jemma puts her tablet away and is about to say something when he mentions Ryden. Turning to look, she shakes her head "That … is Ryden. I've met him once." she explains as she waves the hapless Mage.

The woman in strange attire gets a glance and frown. She looks familiar, but Jemma's not quite sure why.

Ryden is still looking offended when he notices the aura of unease. He hasn't quite marked Alyse yet. Sensing others isn't his strongest ability and if he isn't actually looking for someone, he doesn't usually notice. He thought Fenris was just some guy the first time they met. "See. This is why the couch is better. The couch loves us. It doesn't wanna screw us over. It doesn't care about anything but being a couch! Can't even go for a freaking walk, against my will! at that.." Ryden scowls at the goose, who seems to be ignoring him and staring at Alyse. He clearly, pays attention.
The lorekeeper reaches for his old weathered travelpark and boggles. "Oh shit. How.." He never goes anywhere without the damn thing and he left it behind!? It should have followed him. He must've forgotten to renew the spell. Just like he forgot to put matching shoes on. He frowns down at one purple hightop and one black flipflop. "Huh." Ryden absently traces some arcane symbols in the air and the pack pops up at his feet so he can grab it. The downside to this is, he just lit up a beacon screaming HEY I"M MAGIC to anyone or thing nearby that can sense such things. He spots Jemma waving and slings the pack over one shoulder, almost tripping over the goose. "Oops. Damnyou.. what are you..? He sighs and scoops the bird up too. Noting Jemma's frown, Ryden turns back and eyes the woman in the dress. He doesn't think it's strange but at his age, not much is. "Hello, lass. Lovely day, yeah?" He attempts to put on a cheerful smile.

Curiousity is enough to linger, Witchdoctor's eyes fall on the familier face of the 'Marshal' with his gauntlet. She'd almost forgotten about that encounter with all that had happened in her week. Right… Sipping her drink, Alyse does feel the 'tingle' that announces another of the magical persuasion and it pulls her gaze away from the gathering of Thomas and Jemma only for her attention to snap sidelong to the magical glyph-tracing Ryden with his lost belongings and a goose no less. "What in the…?" she breathes quietly, lowering her drink from her lips. Just how many magical beings had the Witch stumbled on today?

It's almost like Damnyou is the spellcaster of the really odd pair. Not a minute after the goose — wait, no, male, he's a GANDER — threatened his human with Agent May, there she is, walking toward Jemma and everyone else. Most likely, she's here because of the biochemist, but hey, whatever works, right?

There's a sudden ripple. Thomas sees it. Alyse will see it to. It's centered about ten feet away from Tomas and propagates outward. Time is distorting and bending and when it hits the Marshal he suddenly…

Well it looks different to different people. To Jemma and May he just vanishes from sight. Gone. As if he never was. Then he's back. Then gone. Like he's a light and someone is flipping his switch. Ryden can see his life force flickering back and forth like he's becoming a ghost but can't make his mind up about it.

Alyse though, she can see him losing phase with time. It's disturbing, watching him go transparent and back and transparent and back. Both she and Jemma might catch a look of horror on his face before he stabilizes and collaspes forward. Both of him.

Yeah. Both of him. There is, right at this moment, two Thomas Nashoba's standing side by side.

"Hello May, glad you could join us. Do you remember Ryden?" Jemma has no idea how well May knows Ryden.

Jemma smiles at Alyse and is just about to introduce herself as the time ripple hits, not that she knows that's what it is. All she knows is that Thomas starts to phase in and out and looks to be in pain … "Thomas!!" The biochem tries to grab him… only to find her fingers closing on air.

And then it's over! And there's two Thomas'! "Uh Thomas?" Oh lord … she's not equipped for this type of paradox.

Ryden gapes in alarm as he notices May. "Oh you little bastard! I'm here! I went out. You still called her!" How did he even work the phone!? Whatever else he is about to say is forgotten when he feels the time warping disturbance. That's a little different and harder to miss than another magical presence.
"Uh. Whoa." For a moment, all this problems are forgotten and Ryden grins like it's Christmas. Two attactive fellows almost falling in his lap? Okay, two of the same fellow. Oh boy that probably isn't a good thing. Ryden attempts to catch them both at the same time, or at least soften their fall. "Dudes! Are you okay? How can we help?" The lorekeeper is in fact already trying to do that, as soon as he's sure the two men aren't falling over he moves to sketch out a circle on around them, adding unfamiliar arcane words and symbols meant to help stabalize Thomas in the here and now. Messing with time isn't really Ryden's gig but anything written down is and so there are a few things he can think of to try. It'll be easier perhaps once he finds out what the cause is.

Agent May nods her hello to the gander, and THEN Ryden and Jemma. THen that … what WAS that? happens, and she moves to put herself between Jemma and the now two Marshall Nashobas'. She's still standing between in front of Jemma, and she has one hand ready to pull her swords.

Alyse's drink is lowered and discarded on the sidewalk as that strange time-ripple hits. In truth she'd likely been about to walk away before her eyes narrow on the sight of the flickering paradoxical existance. For all her mystical knowledge? The blonde woman hasn't the slightest idea what could be causing such and effect and that worries her enough to draw her nearer. Moving closer, the woman in the odd dress comes to a stop as the crowd begins to gather and the second Marshal surges into existance.
"Huh." That's the Witchdoctor's only verbal comment as she moves up beside the others. "I thought he was about to vanish or explode…now there's two of him?"

"What?" The two Thomases are speaking slightly out of synch and it's just enough to be noticeable. And annoying. He looks down at himself and then over at… himself. "Oh crap. What the hell are you doing here?" Yeah that's not going to get annoying at all.

There's another problem. Whatever is going wrong has kind of unglued time a bit and Alyse can feel… well she can defintiely feel it. Worse, she can sense the local magic flows -as can Ryden - almost as if they're in two places at once. It's like within an area about ten feet around Thomas reality has kind of thrown a tantum.

Which it kind of has.

Ryden can think of only one thing that can cause this and it doesn't make sense. A paradox. It's like… confusing time with two equally true or untrue things. But there's nothing here that could be causing that unless Thomas is the paradox.

And there's that feeling again. This time even May and Jemma can feel the feeling of unease as something winds up again.

Ryden squints a little. He'd really think this was some sort of bad trip, except.. he hasn't done any drugs today. Calling his pack is the first piece of magic he's done in a month. In a thousand years, Ryden's never gone that long without performing some sort of magic. Crystaline blue eyes narrow at the Thomas's in thought. Maybe he's got some sort of artifact? That could be causing this. It's possible it's just the man himself but it's not likely.

"May, he could be hurt." Jemma protests as her senior agent interposes herself between the biochem and The Thomases (hey! he could be band). "Thomas…" Jemma peeks around May, and looks at the Marshal. "Has this happened before? Tell me what you're sensing." The blonde and Ryden, gets a glance from the scientists "What did you see?" She might also mean sense … if she realised their abilities.

Damnyou nods a greeting to May and seems inexplicably pleased with himself while Ryden squints a little. He'd really think this was some sort of bad trip, except.. he hasn't done any drugs today. Calling his pack is the first piece of magic he's done in a month. In a thousand years, Ryden's never gone that long without performing some sort of magic. Crystaline blue eyes narrow at the Thomas's in thought. Maybe he's got some sort of artifact? That could be causing this. It's possible it's just the man himself but it's not likely. "That winding feeling, it's not a good thing, I'm thinking." He answers Jemma. The lorekeeper glances around at the people. They need to clear them, quickly.
"Hey May, good to see you, sorry for this!" Ryden actually really likes May and admires her, the reason he'd been so distraught over his familiar calling her is that he knows he's a mess right now and needs a swift kick in the ass and isn't ready to admit it. He's grieving, and in mourning and being reminded that he isn't alone, well, he in some ways he's the most alone person on the planet even while really, he isn't alone at all. The lorekeeper is surprised to find how grateful he is to be here amidst this emergency and have something to do again. Giving May and the Thomas's an apologetic look, Ryden screams "He's got a bomb! Run!!!! Run!!" That'll clear the area for damn sure. Then if it all goes to hell and blows up here, well, those people have a chance anyway. Damnyou covers his eyes with a wing while shaking his head. His manpet is such a trial. He doesn't get paid enough for this crap, he really really doesn't.

Okay, this is increasingly bad. May is THIS close to grabbing Jemma by one arm and pulling them both to the nearest ley line, even if she's never actually tried to travel to one from a non-leyline point before. Especially now that her 'somethign bad is about to happen sense is going CRAZY. She'd pull Ryden and/or Damnyou as well, but she is not at all she can manage it at all, much less pulling others along.

Unhinged reality disrupting the local mana-flow isn't all that pleasent to experience for the Witch. Truth be told it almost has her experiencing a fair amount of nausea. "This is…wrong," she murmers, not helpful in the slightest as she looks between the other women and the man with the bird. "But I have no idea of how to fix it." Even if extreme amounts of time magics were what had landed Alyse in this time, it wasn't an ability she'd mastered. It -was- supposed to be impossible after all, but then 'impossible' never tended to gel as a concept with magic.

The sense of 'something horrible' increases until it's almost unbearable and then the right hand Thomas just pops out of existance.

Of course by that time, everyone is running. Some of them are dialing 911 and Thomas is giving Ryden the worlds dirtiest look. Because seriously. He's a cop. And now he has to explain all that!

Either way with the paradox Thomas gone the sense of something horrid recedes, leaving the Marshal gasping. "I'm okay… I'm okay…" He's gonna kill Ryden but he's okay.

He manages a weak smile up at Alyse. "I remember you from that Armored Car incident. Don't think I got your name though?"

"No! Don't!" Jemma would tackle Ryden if she could. He had SHIELD right there and they hadn't acted … yet. Slipping past May, if she can, Jemma reaches out to touch Thomas' arm. "Are you sure? I want to …" she sighs. Seems she always want to do some tests on the poor Marshal.

Looking to Alyse she offers a smile "That's where I recognised you from. Doctor Jemma Simmons, you can call me Jemma. And this is May." she gestures to the woman who is likely to … do something later.

"What? Dude, sorry but all those people, that felt like something was gonna blow. It was the fasted way to get them out of here and I was gonna stick around and say "Oops, my bad. Ya know? Forgot my glasses. Or some BS." Besides May is there and he kinda hoped she'd be able to just, tell them to go away. Maybe he should find out how SHIELD works a little. The lorekeeper smiles at Alyse now that the danger seems past. "Hi. I'm Ryden. Pleasure to meet you." He blinks a little. It is actually. Maybe the damn goose is on to something here..
Damnyou rolls his eyes heavenward and just siiiiighs. At least he isn't dealing with drunk/high/sleepwithanythingthathasapulse-Ryden again but to his own great surprise, Damnyou isn't sure couchbeing-Ryden is better. At least this is a start in, some sort of direction. The goose waddles over to Thomas and stares up. "Qwek." Somehow, he sounds very apologetic. The little guy repeats the gesture to Jemma as well before going to stand next to May. Why couldn't she be his person?? Ryden gives the goose a sidelong, unamused look, having caught the last thought.

"Alyse," Witchdoctor offers, her name rather then 'streetname' being given to the Marshal as she frowns a little. "Are you…okay? That wasn't exactly a bout of the hiccups there. That was time itself throwing a fit…" Trailing off as Jemma approaches her, the blonde in the slightly old-fashioned dress tilts her head to the side. "Doctor?" she repeats curiously, "Of a scientific field? I don't suppose you have any idea what that was about?" May gets a nod of her head before her eyes fall to the man with the goose and she nods her head. "Alyse…" she repeats once more, eyes locking on the man who seems to be 'pinging' on her magical radar.

"Once or twice I'm afraid." Thomas rights himself, finally recovered a little. Damnyou's 'apology' gets a nod. Yes. The human. He is silly, is he not. He's also going to die. In his sleep. Thomas has ways…

Well okay no he doesn't. But still.

"Nice to meet you Alyse." The two SHIELD agents have already introduced themselves. And that guy is named Ryden apparently.

Speaking of, both Alyse and Ryden if they're looking may realize that the temporal 'disturbance' in the area - which has lessened but not gone away - is centered on Thomas' gauntlet. Which is a sleek techy looking thing.

"At least this time it wasn't some too long legged lightning bug trying to kill me…" Times fits get kind of violent sometimes. "Why that happens though I couldn't say other than I seem to be somewhat… disconnected from time. Or so I'm told. I'm not a doctor." Though that may be interesting news to May…

"Uh, hi?" Jemma addresses the Gander as it qweks at her before addressing the blonde "Hello, Alys. I'm a biochemist, so yes, of a scientific field." Jemma affirms, turning a worried look back on Thomas. "And no, I don't. But I would very much like to find out."

"Long legged lightning bug?" she says faintly as she rubs her head.

You bet your ass May is going to do something later. She's going to sit Nashoba down and find out EXACTLY what his problem is. Because that kind of effect this close to the Triskelion is very likely to cause all kinds of havoc. And she'd likely end up being the one that has to sort it out. Such a mess.

Ryden turns from the pretty lady Alyse to eye Thomas. Ooh, he'd better watch out. He mighta pissed the guy off. Then again, poor man did almost just croak, that's gotta be unsettling, yeah? Ryden doesn't really remember himself. It's kinda happened a lot over the years. "Uh look, sorry. I was just, you know, those people and the timey-wimey shit. I uh.. say.. where'd ya get that gauntlet?" The lorekeeper tilts his head curiously and leans down to study it. Damnyou is just glad Ryden isn't touching the guy innappropriately. Though it would be amusing to watch this Marshal make his manpet eat that guantlet… A soft chortling sound of amusement comes from the goose.

May nudges Damnyou gently with one foot. Be nice.

Thomas glances sidelong at Ryden. "I found it. In a barn. In Kansas." Why not? Stranger things have happened. Will he believe that? It sounds pretty outlandish to be sure. Who leaves a priceless technological artifact laying around in a barn?

An artifact from the future, no less.

"Whatever the reason strange and… dangerous things do sometimes happen around me." He got some… interesting inhuman abilities along with it, but oh the price. Oh hey… there's writing along the underside of the gauntlet. It says 'Tacitus'.

Jemma already knows much of this. She knows more about some of his inhuman capabilities, as well. That she believes his story, is clear.

"How do you feel, Thomas?" the biochem murmurs, eyeing the gander with disbelief. Or maybe it's Mays interaction with it.

Poor Thomas, he probably won't get out this without a full work up from the Biochem.

Ryden bends awkwardly to better see the writing. "Tacitus? Never heard of it." He does beleive Thomas. Ryden's from.. well, not the future, but the past, the past of another world that hasn't existed for a thousand years. He's the last of his kind. So a time bending glove from the future? Why the hell not. What he does wonder is "Dude. Why? You find some manky weird ass glove in a barn in the assend of no where and you picked it up and put it on? Eeww."
Damnyou gives Ryden an incredulous look. He's seen him eat stuff off the ground. After it had lain there for a week. In fact he saw him do that this morning. He's also seen him-"Hey!! What do on my own time is my business!!" Ryden flushes hotly and glares at his familiar. The goose looks up at May as if to ask, Why must I be nice to this??

Okay, she's had enough of this. "Simmons. We'll need to talk. Later." She knows the biochemist will pick up the implication that Nashoba either needs to be there or will be the topic of discussion. Damnyou gets a quelling look. He's your pet human, good or bad he's your responsibility. "Ryden. We'll need to talk. Later." She does have to get back to the Triskelion now, in case they noticed the weirdness.

"A gauntlet you found in a barn, that happens to cause temporal rifts and summons weaponry from the future," Alyse speaks slowly, looking down at that glove once more while crossing her arms over her chest. "That's…concerning in it's own right." Shaking her head she then looks up at the doctor. "Biochemist? Best of luck finding a chemical cause for…that," she says while making a wave of her hand towards Thomas. "I would keep an eye on that…if it's getting worse? The eventual explosion could be unpleasent."

"I feel like a herd of elphants just got finished tap dancing on me." Thomas mutters. He may want that workup… well he may regret wanting that workup but… you know.

"And for the record…" He looks at Ryden. "I didn't put it on. The moment I touched it it just latched onto me."

Alyss gets a slow nod. "You don't know the half of it… but we can talk about it a little if you like. Later. You seem to know about these things…"

"You're coming back to The Triskelion with me." Jemma isn't going to take 'no' for an answer. Mays departure and instructions has Jemma wincing - oh, yes, Marshal Nashoba will be there with her.

Alyse's response gets a slightly confused look "It's so much more than chemistry. And I'll do what I can." she's got no allusions as to how much she can the man, but it's fascinating and the more data she can gather, than maybe she can help.

Both Ryden and Damnyou, despite being entirely different species turn almost identical expressions of cowed chagrin on May. Ryden considering perhaps he could have thought of a better way of handling things and the gander thinking that yes, she is right. Ryden is definitely his responsibility. The magi is a hopeless clusterfreakin mess. Someone has to look out for him and Damnyou seems to have drawn the universal short straw in that department.
Blissfully unaware of those particular thoughts from his companion, the lorekeeper looks down at his mismatched shoes. "Uh.. sorry about the whole bomb thing. I've kind been.. recovering lately and this is the first time I've been out in awhile. I guess I'm a little rusty. I might know some things that can help. I'll think about it and poke around The Keep a bit." He offers.
Ryden also lowers his pack and flips the top open. Anyone looking inside would see, well, nothing actually. It appears to be a dark, black pit inside. He sticks one hand in up to almost his shoulder and a look of concentration comes over his face. "Ahah!" Ryden pulls a small glass bottle with a wooden cork out and holds it out to Thomas. "Normally I wouldn't advise taking things from strangers but look, I know May and I've met Dr. Simmons here. I'm a.. mage I guess you'd say. That's a healing potion. It won't you know, cure you but it'll set to healing any damage that was just done to your body and it doesn't have an negative, " Ryden frowns down at Damnyou for a moment "Oh right, or any positive side effects either. It won't give you even the slightest buzz."

"Thanks." Thomas takes a look at the potion. He's probably going to drink it to be hoenst but right now they just have to get out of here. "Shall we go, Doctor Simmons? And are you two coming with us?" He looks to Alyse and Ryden now.

"We have met." Jemma smiles at Ryden. He still bemuses her in so many ways. Eyeing the potion, she does't say it, but Thomas should know - she's going to analyse it before he can drink it.

"I'm ready, Thomas." Gathering Michaels and Samuels with a look, she turns to go. "The others are welcome to join us, if they want. But they'll have to go through SHIELD security to get in." She's well aware how that maybe taken for some.

Since Ryden's plans were what the have been the past month, having his ass all but glued to the sofa.. he's a little surprised to find that he doesn't actually want to go home just yet. It's not even really a home. The hotel rooms had more personality. Maybe.. maybe he should work on that. Damnyou's beak drops open and he does a weird little dance of relief which mostly consists of moving his feet in a fast shuffling waddle that doesn't actually take him anywhere. "Sure, we'll come along and make sure you get wherever all right and then I'll get to looking up what I can find to help." Ryden catches the tail end of his familiar's dance and rolls his eyes as he shoulders his pack. "And you call me a weirdo." He mutters before winking at Jemma. Security guys eh? Oh this will be fun. He has zero problems with being felt up by some big beefy SHIELD agents.

"Later," Alyse agrees, looking at Thomas with a nod before the mention of Shield security makes the Witch chuckle. "I am…somewhat lacking in ID," she says with a shrug before raising her hands. "It is a long story, but it probably means that our discussion will have to wait for another time." A look to Ryden, then back to the agents and finally the doctor, she shrugs once more. "I'm sure we'll meet again but this? It's left me with stuff to think on…"

With that the Witch seems to…burst. Her form disintegrates into what appears to be a swarm of small golden lights shaped like butterflies, each one scattering in different directions for several feet before winking out of existence.

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