What Do The Shards Tell Us

April 04, 2016:

The results on the stones shards come back. Kane and Babs brief Charlie on what's happening.

Hamiltons Gym - Gotham


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Charlie may have noticed…

Well she may have noticed a few things are different these days. Babs' move from the Clocktower is a big one, but perhaps the most easily explained. Babs simply didn't feel safe in her former residence anymore for as often as it has been breached. A bit more… revolutionary is the fact that Babs has been doing physical therapy… for her legs. Yes she seems to be on the path toward regaining use of them and a lot of her down time has been going to exercises intended to - eventually - restore her to more or less full mobility. That's a big one.

The third is that Kane's been hanging around a lot. They're working on a 'case' together so that makes some sense really. A case which just had a package delivered. The unmasked, plainclothed druid is just walking back inside with it in the late afternoon. It's rattling like it's full of rocks.

Charlie is dangling upside down, her legs hooked over a pullup bar. She peers upside down at the Druid and then flexes to do a situp from an absolutely difficult position there. Bat Training Regimen. "Hey Foxy!" she calls with absolute sass. "Babs Kaaaane is here with presents."

"So I see, Charlie." Babs smiles at the chaos muppet as she looks over from the parallel bars. "I told you they were quick, Kane." The redhead calls out to him. She's recognised the box.

The parallel bars seems to be a common place for her lately, using them to support her as she gets her legs to move. She's probably been trying to hard though judging by the sweat and the tight look on her face.

Kane has to stop to look at Charlie because… well… actually he looks kind of impressed. He's strong. And fit. But he doesn't hang upside down on pullup bars that casually. Not at all.

"Hey there Charlie. Babs I think this is the lab results from that thing we've been working on." He glances over Misfit way. "Is Charlie in on that? Because if not…" Maybe she should be.

The box is opened and Kane starts unpacking it in a particular order. It apparently contains a number of stone shards that, as more and more come out, seem to all go to something that's kind of like a mini obelisk. Apparently perhaps all part of the same thing? There's writing on them. Greek, it seems. Old Greek. Last of all the druid lifts a sheaf of papers out of the bottom of the box and starts reading. Lab results.

Charlie.. is not much of a normal girl really. I mean she looks normal and then she does stuff like that and fights like a whirlwind of chaotic fists. It is a bit disconcerting sometimes most likely. "I am in on sooo many things.. I totes have trouble remembering all of the things I am in on… so … like I probably need a reminder…" she does another situp. "Maybe that or like a robot butler… he could be called Jeeves." pause for a situp "I can be all like.. Jeeves, which mission are we on.. this could be useful once Babs is back in ass kicking shape and not tied to running overwatch right…"

When there are rocks and then.. oo obelisk exposed Charlie cocks her head and then vanishes with a flash of Purple and Pink Smoke. She appears moments later in another slash of smoke with her goggles, which she is pulling on. There is this phrase in Asgardian as she taps her goggles and the usual orange goes red. Detect Magic of course.

"Of course, they are, Kane." Babs smiles as she makes her way to her chair. She's still not ready to make the trek on her own … and she makes her way to the table.

Taking the written report from the table, she starts to read, looking up at Kanes question. "Sort of. With her other duties, she's helped on a couple of missions but it would be good to give her the full story."

"Basically, Charlie." the redhead lets out a sigh "we believe a magical or mystic syndicate is trying to organise crime to uh … " now she looks to Kane for that one "… create more mayhem. We're just not entirely sure of the end game." Kane is going to have to fill some blanks.

Charlie sees magic. So much magic. It's as if someone has lit a magic lightbulb in front of her face. It's not nice magic either. Dull, bloody red. If Charlie's learned anything from looking at colors it's that her own magic is red, but sort of ruby red. Fenris' magic tends to be wild, primal and living green. This looks like blood. And if she's ever read any fantasy books she'll know that traditionally, blood is a pretty potent power source.

Kane can't see that of course. What he can see is that there are tiny almost ruby or carnalian slivers running through the inside of the rock like veins. Interesting.

"Alright so the lab results say that it was blasted apart from the inside out. No explosive residue. No evidence of external tampering. Just boom, crack, slivers." He makes a face, clearly working out how that might have happened. "The stone itself is basalt and obsidian from central america, dated at six thousand years old…" He flips a few pages. "The writing on it seems to be newish. Definitely not more than ten years old." Hrm.

There is this long slow whistle from the goggled mayhem muppet. Charlie shades her eyes, ruby red goggles and all a little bit there. "Okay… that is totes still magic as all hell guys. Not even remotely nice magic either… I mean like blood magic…. h wow.. basalt.. like Mayan Blood Sacrificial magic maybe… that is.. cool.." pause .. right.. talking before thinking "Cool and totally like awful."

She circles the table and taps goggles turning them off and then zooming in a bit, still standing back "I think.. well so this mayhem magic mafia wanted this .. or is recruiting. I mean Mayhem is fun.. I do like some good mayhem.. but crime is bad." yes indeed Charlie. Crime is bad.

Babs watches Kane as he reads the reports before turning her attention to Charlie. "Not exactly, Charlie. Kane found these in the foundations of buildings in Steel City." On her screens, the Steel City map displays and five buildings are highlighted with connecting them.

Charlie will see it, the buildings are on the outer edges of the city. Lines appear between them … forming a pentagram.

"We've been tracking this for a while and it's led us here. Both of us are convinced that whoever is doing this, is going to call down a ritual."

"Mayan… yeah could well be." Kane sighs. "So yes. We think it's a ritual. According to the legends we've uncovered it may well be the ritual that was used to level Sodom and Gommorah. What we don't know is what it does, specifically, or how or why."

He looks at it again. "Hrm. Tests positive for exotic radiation. Source unknown. That's sometimes a side effect of uncontrolled magical discharge…" He thinks.

"Okay. If I had to say, this is some kind of battery. Designed to hold power, but it failed when too much was channeled into it. This wouldn't be enough by itself to hold enough power for any kind of big ritual… but if there were a lot…" He thinks.

"Charlie, what are you doing for the next… little bit? I think Babs and I could use some help."

Charlie grins, it is a toothy sort of grin. Hey are her canines a smidge sharper.. nah. "I am pretty sure I am helping you all stop a horrible ritual from like turning Steel City into a bunch of salt pillar people or something.. . or like .. that unicorn cartoon I saw on netflix.. with the puppet people who were marched to build a wall .. the unicorn was cute but it was super creepy."

"That would be good." Babs murmurs to Charlie, having no idea about the unicorn cartoon that she's referring to.

Looking to Kane, Babs frowns "A lot? You mean more than five buildings worth?" That's a chilling thought. "I can dig through records, see what we can come up with. But … " she looks back Charlie "once we find them, we'll need as much help as we can get."

"Uh…" Kane doesn't know that one either but he'll let it pass. "Great. So we've got a lot of places to check. I only have four other leads on where these batteries might be and there'd be more. That or… they're all draining to two or three better hidden and defended central points. Which would make more sense… won't know though until we get more information and the only way to do that…" He looks at Babs now…

"Is to do something I've been putting off. I need to go beard a witch in her den. Er, cottage. Er… whatever. Oracle can you find us Circe. We're going to have to schedule a play date." He looks over to Charlie and grins. "You get to be the unicorn, I guess?"

Charlie slowly tilts her head staring at Kane there. "Like.. uh.. Circe from greek legend.. circe .. turn you into a pig and then have your friends eat you.. or .. um some other Circe." she pauses "I should definitely come as backup… maybe I will end up being a real unicorn.. that could be cool right…" she is always like this. It is like giving caffiene to a squirrel some days.

"A Hectean Witch, apparently." Babs sighs as Kane mentions visiting her. It's been something they'd wanted to avoid. "There was a coven here a number of years that ran afoul of Kanes Circle. Each member took Greek names. I … don't pretend to understand it."

"On it, Kane. There's the place you went to before. I've got her schedule and I've been been tracing her for a couple of weeks." It's a matter of deciding when they want to do it. Babs will have everything in place so they can do this.

"Not the sorceress of legend but you risk unicornification anyway." If Charlie thinks that's cool more power to her. Kane would rather not be a pig or toad himself. But he's got ways to deal with that. Mostly.

"Alright… I'm going to order pizza and go over these reports. Charlie what do you want on it." Least he can do, since she's going to help.

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