Good Feathers Flock Together

April 04, 2016:

Ravager, Ripclaw and Nate Grey discuss the team and possible allies.


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Mentions: Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Doctor Corben, Psylocke


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Just past the corner of Gabby's Gas N' Grub off Halleck Street…

At the mouth of the Gowanus Canal towers a disused and abandoned structure from America's industrial era, the Elevator. A daunting monument visible in it's towering stance above the surrounding burrough of Red Hook, a place that in the 90s was declared one of the worst neighborhoods in the States and even infamously the crack capital of America. Things have changed since then but not by much.

The twelve story high Elevator is flanked by vacant looking shipyards and polluted canals. The structure itself is as sturdy as a bomb shelter and explosion proof due to preparation for highly combustible grain. Graffiti is everywhere, from one end of the building and it's surrounding grounds to the next, since purchase years ago a concrete fence has been erected around it but that doesn't keep everyone out. It's yet again changed hands since then and it's privacy is kept in tact by the fact it looks empty, useless and part of a gentrified location that sees little to no use or activity.

The inside of the brick, concrete, thick steel and decadent structure is more evidence of abandonment, a relic built to withstand the ages but going untouched. Pillars line the first floor and drains filled with water obscure something more.

Underground tunnels many of them collapsed but some of them. A couple have other uses now. The heavy metal grates covered in a film of rain or tide water go overlooked by anyone who doesn't know what they're looking for but to open them reveals a complex network beneath the Terminal, a complex network that leads to the hidden subterranean base of the X-Force.

Rose took a break from merc-work for a bit. A bit. Old habits don't die, they just take momentary dirt naps so she doesn't take one permanently herself. After the attack in the park where they became targets she decided it was time to hunt back, starting low key again so as not to hit their radar and snake her way up - if at all possible. Either way, she was healed, feeling better, and her inability to just sit and wait was back in full swing. So hunting while hunting it is, though this paycheck had her stocking the kitchen in their 'mess hall' with lots of frozen pizzas, meats, veggies and canned goods. Mostly suiting the youths of the outfit and then the adults who get the bottles of alcohol. She'd share with Corben despite his desire to not do the same. If he touched the bottles wrong though it'd set off a staining red to tint his hand and let her know. Booby trapped!
After stocking the freezer and fridge she geared up, testing the integrity of her suit after the array of damages that were done to it, breathing in as she zipped it up and stretching. Still a second skin she adored and settled into like home, fingers running over the scale maille that traces up the sides and over arms, even more being added around waist and abdomen - thanks Zakura!

That lead to the call out. She sparred with Ripclaw before while she was working to get her muscles back to full use, and now that she was better and near 100 percent another challenge reached out to the team and any who wanted to join. Not a Danger Room session, but no holding back after the initial set and bow to Ripclaw. "Don't hold back on my account, I need to make sure new and improved bits work right."…even her own muscle wise.

"But that was the only thing said before she closed the gap between herself and Ripclaw, the large concrete pillars passing as speed picked up and she rebounded off one, heavy soled boot catching and holding for her feinted moment that has her trying to latch and hook a knee around Ripclaws torso and drag him down to the floor with her landing.

Nate is quite comfortable in decayed urban areas. Feels like home, except sunlight is better, and no acid rain. He has low standards.

He also had an injured leg, so rehab is a couple hours every day, and that ignoring the doctor that told him to wait another week. So he went to the bowels of the complex to exercise, probably stealing training machines that belong to someone else. He will put them back later, probably (no, he will forget).

Now he is back to the living areas, planning to raid the fridge. He skipped breakfast again. The sounds of fighting make him correct his wanderings, though. "Ah, guess you are back to top shape yourself, Rosie." Why is he always heals the slowest?

Sounds carry easy and monitors in the central 'living room' or hub that are not being used by C.C. or Timmie display Rose and Ripclaw above in the actual Elevator itself's ground floor sparring in that open space where pillars are lining the grounds.

"If you say so." Ripclaw replies as Nate's voice carries to the two of them, it almost distracts the clawed mutant but not quite.

A shuffle of his feet and Ripclaw sidesteps the lunging grab instead slicing at where Rose was, claws gouging through the stone cutting deep chunks out of it.

"How is your head?" Ripclaw inquires of Nate, last he was aware the man was getting sawed open.
A leg sweeps out at Rose's when she lands and another heavy claw slash follows it up.

Nate''s voice is a distraction, one that allows the sweeping kick of Ripclaws to land, but it is a saving grace as well, Rose falls back, barely missing the pass of claws, a gesture that lands her flat on her back and crab crawling steps enough to lift into a vaulted fli backwards, both legs kicking up and out in a cartwheeled fashion towards Ripclaws arm as it passes before she is back on her feet.

"Not top, but I got nothing else going for me that I can use if we have to fight, aside from good looks and beautiful blue….eye…Nope. Not even looks." A small smirk at that and her eyes assess, cracks, burrows anew, chains, grating…

Another flurry of movements and she is scaling one of those pillars, leaping where the last crack and give in its integrity gives her no further wandering upward. Fingers lock into grating and her body bends in the acrobatic swinging kick towards Ripclaw. Rose was going to ask the question Ripclaw already did so instead it gets her own curious glance Nate's way.

"Also, stocked us up on pizza. Your nourishment arrives." Pausing she directs the latter to Ripclaw. "And meat. I don't know what you eat…or smoke for that matter." Dude was quoting Shakespeare at them when Nate was getting his noggin cracked…. Good shit.

"Head is fine, leg is getting there and…" ooh, pizza. He glances to the kitchen area. Soon. "I still have to hear what Corben thinks about the chunk of metal Cyberdata goons left in my head," he rubs his buzz cut skull. "But meanwhile, I went to see Emma. She wants to know about Cyberdata facilities, personnel and front companies. She agreed to help us."

The kick catches Ripclaw in the jaw and he stumbles back with a snarl, pausing long enough to rub his forearm over his mouth and look at Nate.

The direction of the kitchen area would be back below, through the tunnels. Sparring especially if it could get reckless is best not done below plus the fresh air is nice. Broken windows, ruined walls, removed pipes and tubing, plenty of to breath ground level of the Elevator.

"If we can catch him sober or lucid. He's been hitting the bottle pretty hard recently… " A shrug and Ripclaw deflects one of Roses additional kicks with a metal encased palm, "Emma? The blond one who stormed off? Hrm, that is all information we can help get her but… I have warned you about my trust issues. I don't know this woman in the least."
Hop skipping back he puts some distance between himself and Rose.

The landed blow gets Rose a bit more brazen, the second meeting his deflect is not shocking in one way, she was already surprised one landed, but the feeling of hitting a metal appendage has her recalling and recoiling. A spideresque motion that recoils her to cling upside down upon the grate using only core muscles to keep her in place and barely out of reach. A swinging scuttle across it to return distance between them drops her down a few feet from Ripclaw, lowered into a crouch that she springs from and spin-kicks at him, following up with a flurry of punches. Swift moves bringing her close and then away to dodge back and return, blows exchanging evident with the resounding echo of suit clad body and the metal laced working of Ripclaws own. Keeping close? Not a chance in hell, she's seen his claws and brute strength, she was not in this to be broken, but to hell if she was going to stay back and look like a dizzy butterfly.
"Is it the resurfacing of Cyberdata and old ghosts?" A query about Corben as she glances Nate's way in one of her expedient withdrawals from a sweeping clawed hand that manages to send sparks from the metal encasement on body suit.

"Shit Rips, this is new…ish. be nice!" Sarcasm or truth? Who knows, Rose likes her gear but likes to push it as well.

"Emma will still help, huh?" A glance passed between Nate and Ripclaw. She does not know the woman enough to vouch so it is not in her hands there.

"Well, as I play it. Give her info first that will help but not hurt, but also let us know in feedback if she is trustworthy?" Win win on all fronts, even Emmas, though the question still rests on Nate's own experience.


"Hmm… I don't know how much to tell you," admits Nate, watching the fight with interest. "Emma is also pretty paranoid about her stuff. I wanted you two to talk but…" he shrugs. But Jean. Damn Jean. "I can say she is a fairly powerful mutant, but mostly… she is very wealthy, controls a large industrial empire and has a good deal of financial and political pull. I bet she can find out some things about Cyberdata we can't."


"Both likely. The man is suffering a lot of emotional turmoil that he is still working through." Ripclaw says in regards to Corben, "Thats an idea, Rose. We'll do just that. Give her just enough information to see if she does anything useful with it or if anything comes back around on us."
The cyborg-mutant drops his guard and straightens up. It would appear sparring is done for now. "She struck me as the shrewd sort which is good, I prefer to surround myself with cunning types the sort of people who value secrecy… " An industrial empire, another corporate sort. That inspires a quirk of the lips, "What are your thoughts about her personally?"
The sign of the sparring coming to an end has Rose giving Ripclaw a nod, a small half-bow of a sort before she heads away, peering over her shoulder and down to where his claws had met the scale maille and created sparks. Torn open like a can beneath her own reinforced and enhanced blades. "Fuck me running." She says as a finger runs over the split protection and a sigh escapes. "I need better metalwork for this." So, Rose pushed for a reason and got her answer. That or on the field against these Cyberdata SHOC's she is going to need to stay way the hell back.


"Well, I think they'll be talking now, so it worked out." A smile to Nate at the hand he played in that. "Pizza anyone?"

They can surely carry this conversation on over food, or amongst themselves, she had nothing to add in regards to Emma, as the secretive woman was just that, and Rose couldn't vouch.

Walking away from them the sound of the zipper on her suit coming down prologues the little banter of curses after she pulls her arm from the sleeve and inspects. "Like fucking butter, right through…. *Got any superglue?!?*" The final yelled back to them as she pokes at the slices, not enough to hinder but they needed sealed. So clean glue would do.

And back below she goes.

Nate hrms, joining up with Rose. "I don't know," he admits to Ripclaw. "She is secretive and aloof. Psylocke knew her better. I think she is pretty smart and cool headed." Then to Rose, "I got your superglue right here," he smirks, pointing at the shredded armor with a finger and re-knitting it telekinetically. The chain main glows golden, and it takes several seconds, metal is hard to manipulate. But he will recover thanks to pizza.

"Hrm and Psylocke? Nevermind, go eat. I'll catch up… " Ripclaw trails off as Rose and Nate depart turning to look out the broken windows of the Elevator to towards Gowanus Bay. They'll figure it out.

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