Just A Walk In The Park

April 03, 2016:

Clint asks Mari to meet possibly the most scariest thing she ever will - and it's not the Daemonite that attacks.


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'Just go test it out'. That was what a certain tech developing SHIELD scientist had said when she'd handed May the latest rev of the Daemonite Detector. Just go test it out. As if, you know, you could just walk outside and find Daemonites.

Well, hopefully not actually.

It was right about that time though that Barton had messaged May and asked if she'd like to meet over at a park in the Bronx. He'd said he had another… asset for her to consider. Someone it'd be good to meet. Someone they can trust. And trust is in short supply these days.

Clint is strolling in the park. It's a nice day, late afternoon. The walking paths are drying off from a bit of a shower earlier and people are about. And he's eating a hot dog. Hot dogs are delicious after all and doubly so when they have chili and saurkruat on them. How does he keep so fit eating junk like this?

Have you seen some of the stuff he ahs to run from?

Mari had met Clint not too long ago. Dressed in a smart business suit - tailored pants, a blouse and a jacket - with her foxhead pendant visible at her throat and her short dark hair fashionably tousled.

"I'd say eating stuff like that would kill you. But I've a feeling your other job will get there first." The dark skinned woman is drinking a freshly squeezed apple juice, that she bought from the vendor right next to the hotdog cart. "Who did you want me to meet?"

May doesn't stroll. If she ever walks anywhere, she does so with purpose. That's what she's doing today though… slower. Trying to make it look like she's strolling. It might fool anyone that desn't know better, but to Barton's sharp eyes she's probably as obvious as always. She hasn't bothered to stop at any of the food vendors around, even if some are wising up and offering healthier food options than those — ew — hot dogs.

"I want you to meet someone absolutely terrifying who has no sense of humor. Someone who used to, oh wait, there she is now." Clint grins to Mari and waves over to May. What? Nothing to see here, just people meeting in the park. That's perfectly normal.

Once May's within less than shouting range Clint actually does offer a bit more than a wave. "Hey there May. Nice of you to come out. This is Mari McCabe. Goes by Vixen. I think we have a file on her somewhere." Or well, May does. There's no 'we' anymore.

"You do, do you?" Mari smirks at Clint as he explains and looks in the direction he's waving. Waiting for the introductions to be done, Mari offers the woman a smile and her hand "We've met. Down by the art gallery, whilst I was getting mugged." That hadn't ended well for the muggers, particularly not when Clint, May and Jes had arrived.

"I'm sure my file only says glowing things. It's a pleasure to meet you again, May."

Melinda May shakes Mari's hand. "McCabe." She glances over at Barton as if to silently ask what he's been smoking. No, not really. It's more of a quirked eyebrow, clearly indicating a deficiency somewhere. "Was there anything else, Barton?" She does still have this detector thing that Jemma asked her to test, and the clock is ticking.

"Mari and I have been working together for a bit and we've found a couple of interesting-" Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. "May your pocket is buzzing."

It certainly is. What are the odds that the detecter would hit on something in a park like this? Well, from a random sampling of people perhaps not very good but nevertheless she does have something quite solid and moving her way.

Melinda May pulls the detector and gives it a brief glance. "Please tell me you both have weapons on you." She's already reaching into her jacket for her ICER. This IS a public area, after all. Worst possible place to have a fight.

The detector, according to a certain biochemist, has a range of about 40 feet and the closer the Daemonite is, the louder the sound the device emits.

Mari quirks at eyebrow at Mays response. The woman certainly lives up to her reputation. The pinging sound coming from Mays pocket, forestalls anything else she might say, though. "I don't carry weapon, May. But I think I'll be fine. Want to tell me what this is about?"

"Have you been briefed about Daemonites?" If not, May doesn't have time to explain. She's going to have to deal with the crash course. Passing the ICER over to Barton, she tucks the detector away and steps ahead of the other two, pulling a pair of shiny-but-too-white-to-be-steel blades from under the back of her jacket. "Remind me to do that when we're done here."

Clint reaches back for the pistol he's got. It's nothing much, just a .45. "I really need to find someone who can make a collasable bow or something." He mutters. Mari is often not armed… but then Mari usually doesn't need it.

The incoming is quickly identified. There's a man walking very quickly toward them, head down. That's him. The moment he's in sight he looks up and just… collapses as a large lizard like thing pops out of him and rushes at May. Clearly he was looking for her and he's not at all happy.

"Daemon—- what?" Mari mutters as May produces those blades. The sight of a lizard, a huge glowing lizard, popping out of the man has the woman startled for a moment. "What the hell is that? I told you, Clint. You take a girl out for the nicest of surprises…." How Kate ever puts up with him, Mari will never know.

"What do I need to know?" The foxhead pendant glows and the shape of a giant bear surrounds her as she moves to intercept the creature rushing May.

Melinda May again moves to meet the lizard thing head-on, as dangerous as it is to do so. Of course, then Mari goes all Baloo, and you know what? She lets her. She's pretty sure they won't have a chance to find out WHY this creature was after her, though she can likely venture an educated guess or three.

Clint opens fire. His exposure to these damn things has been fairly limited. As it turns out, handguns are not so good against these things. He stops aiming for the body and starts aiming for the face but doesn't have long before Mari is right in that thing's face. The sudden BEAR knocks it down. That leaves room for May to move in and she'd probably better do that quickly, because it's starting to thrash. That tail comes up to smack Mari and get her away.

"oooffff" Mari's winded, that impact hurt. She's never come up against something quite so strong. As the creature falls, she tumbles over it, rolling to her feet and rounding on it. Just as she's about to fall on it, she's taken by surprise by the tail … and is sent flying.

Craaaack That's the tree she just hit.

The single fastest way May has seen to stop one of these creatures is what she tries for right now. As Mari is flung against a tree, May tries to decapitates the lizard-thing. Please work, please work.

The lizard thing is turned in full profile, snarling at Mari as it prepares to follow up. May catches it's neck outstretched and the blades pass clean throug which is something of a miracle considering how thick those things are. The creature drops, lifeless… or at least unmoving.

"Let me guess… you owed him money." Clnt says dryly from behind.

"Ow…" The glowing form around Mari disappeared as she hit the tree and it's just the woman dragging herself to her feet, facing a snarling and pissed off Lizard like thing.

As the pendant begins to glow, Mays blades flash and the creature crumples to the ground. The pendant fades as Mari straightens, stretching her back out and wincing. "What the hell was that…" she asks again.

Melinda May takes a moment longer to cut off the things hands, feet, and tail, then moves to hold both blades in one hand while pulling her phone to place a call. "Containment unit and medical team to my location." With that done, she turns to Mari. "This is a Daemonite." Yes, present tense. They're attempting to quietly invade this planet." She'll need to talk with Mari — and Barton — at more length later to explain further. "I'll give you a full briefing, but not now. Now I think you both need to move on before I have to include you in my reports."

Clint makes a face and puts the gun away, nothing to see here. "Come on Mari, let's go. I can explain what I know on the way, which isn't much." He gestures to the woman and takes off at a jog. They don't want to be around when the cops show up.

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