In Detention

April 03, 2016:

X-Red and friends visit Wanda in detention

New York


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Wanda is in jail and under twenty-four hour guard. There are no special cells for mutants in the general prison system and since this is a rather public arrest and extradition, they can't shove her away from view and 'lose' her. They also know that the guards couldn't stop her leaving if they tried but if she did then obviously she would be guilty. So Wanda sits in her cell doing her best to stay calm. The daily visits of Transian lawyers does nothing to help her keep this way. The threats. The memories. All are pressing down on Wanda's self-control.

The news has been showing the videos of her terrorist activities - helpfully released by the Transian embassy. It shows her and Quicksilver destroying a government facility…or at least selected highlights. She certainly looks guilty. And now that Transia has a supply of Vibranium they are willing to sell to the United States, then things do not look good for the witch.

The first thing the X-Red lawyers have done, of course, is to file for an injunction and post several cease and desist letters to the news. It is, in pretty much any common law nation, a gross violation of the rules of evidence to relase stuff like that to the news during court proceedings much less prior to them. It's awful for Wanda but Transia's inability to play by the rules is something very much in her favor and the X-Red legal team is gearing up to shred the Transian government over that rather egregious lack of common sense.

Not that this is on anyone's mind at the moment. Bobby has called up Brin and asked her to come down to the detention area where Wanda is being held. "Two to visit Miss Maximoff please?"

Jes is with them, or rather, she is suddenly with them. She wants to see Wanda. Actually, she wants to take her the hell out of this place but looks a bit surprised to find Bobby and Brin. Still, Jes just falls into place beside them as if she'd been there all along. One guard seems to notice but one sharp, predatory look from Jes, along with the offical X-Red people to either side of her seems to convince him he didn't just see that happen after all. Besides, mutants are real, not magic. Right? She also keeps her angry thoughts to herself instead of murmuring them aloud. So many angry thoughts. Mostly just a long list of all the ways she'd like to kill members of the Transian goverment.

Wearing her X-Red uniform, Brins quiet as Bobby leads them in. Whatever is going on, she's kept her thoughts to herself. The lawyers know what they're doing.

Wanda is waiting in a visitor's room where only she sits…and eight armed guards line the wall. They all wear visored helmets and their bodies are completely covered with uniform or armour. The witch sits at a chair, staring straight ahead at the glass partition as her visitors are checked and brought into the room on the opposite side. She gets excitedly to her feet, clad in a bright orange jumpsuit, and her hands handcuffed…literally. All her fingers and thumbs restrained to prevent even the slightest movement.

"Bobby. Brin. Jess. Is everything okay? Is Gabriel being calm?" A long pause before she adds softly. "Can I come home now?"

Bobby sighs the moment he sees Wanda and pulls out his phone to start taking pictures. He's gonna get names on his way out here. There will be hell to pay if they don't give them to him too. There's probably going to be hell to pay anyway. Eighth amendment violations much? Maybe if he starts ending careers the government will start paying attention.

"Hey Wanda." Bobby says, smiling back. "Gaberiel is behaving so far and… we're working on it." He says quietly. "How are you holding up?"

He glances over to Brin. Knowing the emotional states of… the folks in this room would be a good thing.

Jes's temper rises as the guards check her. When she spots Wanda, finally, it's a very very good thing that looks cant kill. At least hers can't. Otherwise every one of those guards would be dropping dead. It is for a long moment, a real struggle for her not to dart across the room and start ripping them apart with her bare hands. The only thing that keeps her from losing it knowing that Wanda needs them right now and Jes's way will only make things worse. For Wanda, she'll behave. Later though, gods help anyone who even looks at her funny.
"Everything is fine. They're still, working on getting you home but they are working really hard. I promise." Jes adds after Bobby and moves to hug Wanda and slip a couple candy bars into her pocket. If she's rather tense, well.. she's angry at what these stupid bastards have done to her friend. Her sweet innocent friend. "How are you? Are they.." If they've hurt her, hell, just for doing this.. there's a sudden shift in Jesana's expression, the anger fades and she looks the guards over carefully before looking back to Wanda. There will come a day when Wanda is free and this is forgotten. On that day these assholes will be getting a visit of their own. She doesn't care if it's forty years from now. Coyote doesn't forget and Jes will hold a grudge til the end of all time if angry enough.

Brin sighs as she sees how Wanda is dressed and bound but Bobby's got that covered. Jes's anger gets another sigh. There is absolutely nothing to be achieved by it and, in Brins opinion, it's a complete waste of energy.

"Hello Wanda." the brunette replies quietly. No use trying to hug someone through a glass partition, but she can direct a beam of reassuring emotion to her. "Is there anything you need?"

As to emotions, it's the standard gamut. A mix of hatred of mutants, fear and those who are just doing their job.

"I need to come home" Wanda replies to Brinley and Bobby. "Or they will take me back to Transia." Law means nothing to her. All she knows is that she could be sent back to the place she fled from and the people she sees on a daily basis seem quite adamant this is happening. The chocolates from Jes will have to be taken from the draw after the guards have checked them out. Wanda is frightened and you don't have to be an empath to figure that out. "Could you tell Gabriel I said 'hello'? And…has anyone seen my brother?" If her face is plastered all over the news then surely he would see it and be rushing back to help her.

They are all being watched of course. Cameras unblinking stare at them and their conversations are being recorded. "No one has hurt me" she assures Jes before glancing over at the guards. "They are frightened of me. Maybe I am the monster they say I am?"

Bobby shakes his head. "They're scared of a lot of things and it's making them do things they shouldn't. We'll work on putting that to right. I'll take a message to Gabriel for you, of course." He says quietly.

"You won't be taken to Transia without a court hearing Wanda. They know they're in a lot of trouble if they do." X-Red may be a lot of things, but one is a highly visible group of people with generally positive PR. If people start trying to do an end run around the law it's going to get out and it's going to get ugly.

"I told you it'll be okay Wanda, and it'll be okay. I promise." The ice nerd stands next to Brinley. "You've got the details right? I'll need you to coordinate with the legal team but I want heads to roll on this one." If that gets recorded that's just fine. Maybe someone will start doing the right thing. "Between the Federal Government's handling of this, Eighth amendment breaches and the Transian government seemingly unwilling to follow the law, I think we have a pretty good case for it being taken out of their jurisdiction. Get our legal team to get her moved or get the people currently on it very reassigned."

Jes bites her tongue so hard it bleeds to keep from growling. Brinley's sigh also helps her start pulling all that anger in and pushing it deep and away to deal with later. She doesn't want to be unpleasant for the empath and her usual aura is enough to make regular people uneasy. "No, you aren't. The only monsters are the people doing this to you. The lawyers are gonna set them straight. They're only afraid because they're cowards and ignorant. You're a woman, a wonderful amazing woman and my friend. Not a monster. Trust me, I am one, I'd know." Jes smiles and winks at Wanda. She says nothing of her own plans for the people behind this. That's something that will probably have to wait quite awhile… mostly. She's got a few poisons back in the Den that aren't likely to be found in an autopsy. One even mimics a slow, long and quite terrible illness. Jes's smile sharpens. "Bobby's right, it's gonna be okay."

"I'm on it, Bobby." Brin lets Bobby and Jes speak to Wanda. "This is not just a violation of US law, I'm fairly certain we have a case for human rights violation." No one deserves to be treated like this - particularly when they don't have record for behaving poorly.

"They won't be able to move you from the country, Wanda." Brins already ensured X-Red lawyers have that paperwork in place. "Honestly. I'm not even sure we have extradiction agreements with Transia." Which means Transia can go suck it.

"One of the lawyers…I think they were lawyers though they looked more like torturers…said that the Patriot Act nullifies any rights I would have as an illegal citizen. Transia never issued a visa for me to leave so I am a fugitive from them. And they are calling me a terrorist too" sighs Wanda. But she does manage a smile at the trio's attempts to mollify her fears. "They are saying that the US would not like it if they harbored a 9 11 terrorist so why would the US harbor me?" A shrug. "I do not understand politics."

A voice comes over the intercom. "Visitors will please return to the check-in station to exit the building. Prisoners will procede back to their cells." Wanda sighs and looks up at the ceiling and those damn voices…so many voices. "I will see you all soon. Thank you for coming."

"It doesn't, they have to prove you're a terrorist first, a lot of it has been striken out by case law and finally I think if Gitmo detainees get more rights then you do, they're doing something wrong. So. Don't listen to them, don't answer any questions without the lawyers and we will be in to check on you, and them, regularly." Honestly she's not going to be here long. This case has been, flatly, very badly mishandled by all parties and the X-Red legal team is going to have a field day with both the Federal Government and the Transian government in court. Now Bobby's going to head out, but not before he verbally eviscerates the watch commander and lets him or her know in no uncertain terms that he can expect a call from people high up who have felt the burn and want to take it out on him. Shit rolls downhill. Bobby's usually a pretty nice guy.

But it's not wise to tempt him.

"I'll be back soon Wanda. Don't listen to what they tell you, they're trying to scare you because they think it'll make it easier for themselves. They're wrong. We'll get you out of here. As soon as possible, and then I'll take you on a vacation, or a trip. Wherever you want to go." Jes glares at the loudspeakers. She know's they're being recorded but doesn't care. She's learned how to screw up any attempts at filming her now. It'll look fine while it's recording but when they go to check it later, her face will always be out of focus.
Jes really hopes these lawyers are also going to make Wanda rich. She deserves it after all this crap. It's insane. Her eyes flick towards Bobby and the coyote blinks. Well. Good for him. She's never felt that kind of anger from the man before. "We'll be back soon Wanda. Just like Bobby said."

"I'll be back soon Wanda. Don't listen to what they tell you, they're trying to scare you because they think it'll make it easier for themselves. They're wrong. We'll get you out of here. As soon as possible, and then I'll take you on a vacation, or a trip. Wherever you want to go.
Jes really hopes these lawyers are also going to make Wanda rich. She deserves it after all this crap. It's insane. Her eyes flick towards Bobby and the coyote blinks. Well. Good for him. She's never felt that kind of anger from the man before. "We'll be back soon Wanda. Just like Bobby said.""

"It's just not that easy, Wanda." Brin sighs again. "The movies make it look that way, but it just isn't"

"As Bobby says, don't answer any questions without the lawyers present." Brin has visions, now that she and Bobby have said that, of Wanda sitting closed mouthed in the cell. Good for her. "We'll be back for you as soon as we can."

She'll follow Bobby and take names … her evisceration process will be something entirely different and those in receipt of it will likely not be able to sit for a month.

Wanda watches her friends leave for as long as she can before she is escorted back to her cell. It is tiny…but at least it has a bathroom. And as far as Wanda is concerned, it also has a garden, a hedge maze and a zoo full of animals under the bunk. Sometimes it is good to be a little crazy.

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