A Mountain Landed

April 02, 2016:

Assaulting the hidden city, the Atlanteans arrive just in time.

Pacific Ocean


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The fighting has been going on for more than three hours. The Blue, Lemurians and Wild Tribes have spent much of their time consolidating their hold on the outside of the strange city and when the Royals arrived the attack began.

This is not… the way Blue fight. Which makes sense because proportionaly this force is mostly wildlings and lemurians. Being more heavily armed than the other two, though, Blue marines had spear headed the drive toward the center of the city where the incipient breach and whatever strange fell god-thing trying to get through it is. The good news is that it's still not fully manifested.

The bad news is that it's monsters are far more numerous than anticipated and the entire city is alive with fighting now. Rowan and his team are the closest, within a couple hundred yards of the breach. Between he and it stand thousands of monstrosities some of this world others distinctly not. They've bought the royals all the space they can. Now it's Arthur and Mera's turn. Ulani come around. Got a group coming in from the left and above we need to stop. I'm stretched then enough here as it is.

The fighting had been fierce and Ulani, like Rowan, had little rest for the last week or so. She and her squad are tired, but they're fighting stalwartly. Having just completed a sallie on one section, they dive and loop around to join Rowan.

As they join him, their energy weapons discharge on the group that descends from above. Good thing there's no real scents underwater … charred flesh … just ugh.

Here Rowan.

At this depth one would think the 'sky' could not darken. One would be wrong. Those sensitive to the magical ways would feel it first, a pulse, like that of a heartbeat or rolling drums, comes sudden and strong from the darkness and then seems to surge forth from there, an aura many times stronger then any one magi could manage, stronger then a handful could. Strong enough to make the skin goosebump and hairs stand on end. And then comes the Shadow. High above the city the darkness spreads, slowly at first and then growing, larger. LARGER. Then comes the call to retreat, fast and hard and desperate through the ranks, /begging/ the allied forces to pull back from the heart of the monsterous horde. Because the King is coming, and he's not alone. The pulsing magics of Atlantis push with a custom tide, a shifting not of waves, but of the ocean itself, a sort of… pushing wind if you will, for the great and terrible opening shot Atlantis brings to the war.

A mile away, where the gathered magi of Atlantis work their spell, Mera and Garth stand at the head of the table, their skin aglow with the channeling's effort as they change the very nature of the ocean itself, if only for a few moments, redirecting it's more powerful flows… to their King and his Prince. The combined roars of Arthur and Namor seem to come from the heart of the decending shadow, growing louder as they approach, echoing above the din of combat. It's impossible to see what is happening, not from close by anyway, not from right at the point of the screams, it's not until the retreat is in full flight, until the allied armies have pulled away from the front lines of battle with the heart of the enemy horde that the fullness of what's happening can be seen. A mountain has come to wage war. Literally. Taken from, one imagines, the heart of the ocean floor, the entire top third of a mountain rides upon the shoulders of two men, the King and the Prince of Atlantis, pushed by the tides of the Council of Magi, first across the horizontal plane of the waters, and now downward, increasing the pull of gravity, forcing it through the resistence of the water. By the time the monsters know what is coming it is to late to remove themselves from the inevitablity of Atlantis' opening salvo, and so they scream and rage and hurl themselves upward towards the onrushing royalty and their weapon of choice. A great. Big. Damned. Rock.

The impact is the only thing that can stifle out the combined screams of royal rage that preceeded the mountain tops plummet, and a wall of mud, dirt, debris, and tsunami that expands outwards from the impact instantly blots out any hope anyone has of seeing the results. The very ocean floor trembles and bucks under the forces unleashed and now the real work of the Council begins…. trying to contain the concussive wave that results.

As one of the two burdened with the task of channelling the combined power of the entire Council of Magi, Mera recoils as if she'd been physically struck then grits her teeth and redoubles her efforts in controlling the concussive wave. Even with all of the channelled power and Garth's help, the effort is very clearly extremely taxing. If she doesn't end up with a nosebleed, it'll be a miracle.

It's not easy to get the Wildlings to retreat but that the King of Atlantis wants them to is sufficient inducement. The fighting prowess of the king is near legendary and the might of Atlantis also that even in these far seas.

The impact of the mountaintop and of course Arthur leaves a great many monstrosities dead. It also levels a good chunk of the city, even with it's strange cyclopean architecture. There's a moment where utter silence falls over the battlefield in the wake of what just happens.

And then reality screams. The beast at the center is a long way from dead, the tentacled monstrosity trying to break through. And from the outskirts the survivors of the blast rush back even as Rowan meets up with Ulani and rushes forward. All battlegroups. Intecerpt the incoming forcers and try to screen the King. If the Queen takes the field… stay out of her way.

The dragon makes Arthur just ahead of the monsters rushing back at him, taking a shark faced one head on in a furious contest of tooth and claw. Ulani barely has time to set a line before she's attacked too. Arthur could turn and dispatch these but… he has a different job to do.

"Retreat. Atlantis is bringing reinforcements." Ulani commands her own squad. If only she knew what she was saying….

The mountain lands and even Ulani's squad, as well trained as they are just stare for a moment, jolted back to the present with that unholy scream.

And then they're swarmed and the Blue Envoy does the most undiplomatic thing … unleashing a blast of energy right in a squid faced creatures face whilst kicking out at another. She's beset … and her water blade flashes into existence. Slicing deeply into the eel like being that rakes at her bare flesh with nasty, razor sharp talons.

You know the thing about timing? It has to be just perfect. For instance, carrying the mountain here was up to him and Namor, and it's not like carrying a mountain is an easy feat, especially since it's not wind resistence they're fighting along the way. The real genius of hte plan was to put him and Namor at the mountain's center as it fell, to lure in any enemies that might try to make for the edges, to flee the impact, to draw in as much of them as possible. And then, at the last second, as the mountain bore the two royal men to the earth, slip through a gate to saftey. Not far. Just a few hundred yards. Up. So that they would appear /above/ the mountain as it hit, carrying their full momentum downward. The pair strike the top of the mountain in unison just as it was starting to settle, and the stone faces of it split and crack away, creating landslides and rolling stretches of lethal stone that head for the monsters below. Those poor monsters better equipped for skittering on the ocean floor rather then swimming find themselves at the greatest disadvantage as the mountain rains further death down upon them. Distraction complete, Namor grins manically and splits off from Arthur, going in the opposite direction. He bunches his fists before himself and speeds into the heart of a growing throng, making of himself a human shapped bullet, plowing into the limbs with wild reckless abandon and laying down violence as only he can.

Good. Another strong distraction. He'll need them. He spots Ulani's predicament, but turns away from her, circling the mountain's edge and heading down into where the ever expanding cloud of mud and silt is thickest, to where he can /feel/ the breach of his oceans, calling him to make right what has begun to tear asunder. He shoulders aside something with a hard shell, the impact cracking the chiton and causing something gray and viscuous to flow forth. He grips it's colar and smashes it into the the softer body of something with long thin arms with to many joints on them, crushing them both into paste. There. There's his target. He speeds ahead, jaw clenched as the golden trident gleams in the raging darkness caused by the filth, lighting up the clouds around in a soft golden glow.

It takes several more seconds, but the concussive wave is finally mitigated to a inconsequential echo of itself. Sure, the Surface will most definitely record the seismic activity that resulted from that mountain being dropped, and they will very likely brace their coastal areas for a tsunami wave of matching proportions, but what will arrive will be almost negligible in comparison.

For her part, Mera slumps forward for a moment, sure enough having to wipe blood from her face. BUT. Her job here might be done, but there is still a battle going on out there, and she has NO intention of leaving Arthur to deal with it alone.

Knowing that Garth and the Council will still be helping from here, she hastily departs to get a hydroport to the scene of the battle where she starts viciously slicing her way through any abomination that is between her and her husband.

Mera arrives via Hydroport just in time to see Arthur charging through the 'home guard' of the beast. It reaches for him with great slimy tentacles. Not huge like reachers, these things are still pretty damn big. Hundreds of yards long and easily as think as about half a man's height. There's dozens of them too, reaching through that break and Mera can feel the will behind him. They're coming for her now as well, as well as the King.

Ulani and her squad are facing three times their number in monsters, each of them some different horror. Some armored, some fishlike. The one Ulani blasted is no more and Rowan's literally torn his in two but they're swiftly replaced. She can hear the Wild Tribesmen, Erythama and her guard in particular, coming up, the dark haired amazonian fighter wielding a two handed harpoon like a willow switch. "Come on ladies! Let's see what these Royals can do!"

Ulani and her squad, hack and slash at the horrors that rush them. Soon the water darkens as blood and bits of detritus fill it… The Blue Envoy has taken several viscious hits herself. Thankfully her armour is deployed.

Where she can, those energy weapons on her bracelets are put to good use.

As the others draw near … the squad joins the mass, forming a wedge that pushes through the horrors.

Aquaman pushes forward, shoving the corpse of a twisted shark like creature before him, using it as much as a battering ram as he is a shield, until eventually it just disintegrates around him and he's exploding through a cloud of gore. Between the silt and the creature's innards, Arthur is blind, swimming more on sense of where the rift is then on sight or anything else, following the pull of hte trident. It costs him. Something heavy and thick wraps around his legs and cuts off his propulsion, plucking him up short as it slithers up around his waist, his torso, and begins to squeeze the breath from his lungs. He can feel teeth on the tentecles underside where suckers should be, dozen or mouth like holes, gnawing at his skin, chewing through his armor. He cries out and flips the trident around, jabbing it into the meaty flesh until he's released, further clouding the water in blood, a bit of it his own. He turns a shoulder to it and plows onward still, the trident glowing white no, making it hard to look in his direction as he nears the rift. Just a few … more … feet …

It is a very good thing that Rowan instructed their allies to stay out of Mera's way. Hearing Arthur cry out as he fights of the thing that grasped him briefly, she goes from viciously fighting her way toward him to something more akin to mowing through the creatures in her way, the very water around her becoming a mass of rapidly-moving, incredibly sharp, solidified water blades. Seriously. Get in her way, become plankton-feed.

Mera's mass of suddenly very deadly water also manages to ward off the tentacles coming at her. They recoil and the Sea Queen feels an enormous Psychic lash so potent that Arthur will feel it even though it isn't directed at him. The rift is starting to pulse in time with the glow from the Trident. He's so close, so very close and now the beast redirects it's fury at him, trying to hold him back by main force. It's not fully manifested though. It can't bring the weight of it's might down against Arthur. Not the full weight anyway. It's fighting with the fury of something trying to hold on to a ledge. It doesn't want to be locked out.

Ulani's squad forms an anchor around which Erathyma's people rally and the Blue finds herself side by side with the harpoon wielding woman. "It is a wonderful day for a battle, isn't it?" She grins ferally. Rowan's in the distance and off to the left, holding a breach on his own and more monsters are starting to try to push through the breach near Arthur. If the Sea King can't close it…

"So it is, Erathyma…" Ulani grins back. She's tired and heart weary of all the fighting. But she knows better than to let the Wilding tribes see that and puts on the appropriate facade.

Even with the combined force of the Wildings and Blue, the fighting is still fierce and Ulani spares but a glance to Rowan, hoping he and them can hold until Arthur is done.

Aquaman's teeth remain clenched under the onslaught as he shoves himself forward, jabbing the trident out to the end of his reach. Blood streams from his nose and his eyes are squeezed tightly against the light, against the mental intrusions, against all of it. "You're. Not." he growls as he grips the end of the glowing shaft and viciously twists it to the side, exactly like one might turn a key, "Welcome. Here!" The pulse from the sudden vanishing of the rift sends Arthur tumbling through the water, ass over tea kettle, and knocks flat anything in two hundred meters that was bothering to try standing upright. What buildings survived the mountain's impact shudder under a second shockwave as a psychic scream of rage is sliced away cleanly into utter silence and dozens of meters of giant slimey very toothy tentecle begin a slow oozing decent to the ocean floor, severed as if by a razor at the points where they were in contact with the semi-open gateway.

The silence after the psychic scream is almost as deafening as the scream itself. Bereft of their 'god's' leadership the monsters fighting for the creature turn into little more than animals. Savage, and dangerous but no longer an army. The sea folks make quick work of them.

It's some fifteen minutes later when Rowan motions to Ulani and swims up to toward the King, looking at the twitching tentacles and the place where the breach used to be. "Will it stay sealed?" If not, even if it's centuries from now, someone should watch this place. He'd ask of Arthur was alright but he can see the man is wounded. He's still standing though, and that is probably enough for now.

The fighting was fierce and hard, but The Wildings seemed to appreciate it. By the time it's all over, there are casualities but nothing too severe.

"Good fight, Erathyma. Join me." Ulani nods to woman as she moves to meet up with Rowan and see to the king. Pity Kravik wasn't visible at this moment. "I'm calling in medics to see to the wounded."

"Your Majesty, reports are that all breaches are shut and the fighting is just about over. I have been asked to convey the thanks of The Blue for your intervention." She won't ask if he needs assistance, right now, the King of Atlantis must be strong and the medics will be there … presently.

Aquaman looks… tired. Which isn't new. "The last time it was sealed was some three thousand years ago or more, I imagine it'll hold for awhile yet to come." he offers a small smile towards Rowan as he reaches down to pull what looks like a tooth from the skin around his abdomen, "Atlantis had not sunk when last these breaches exsisted, Atlan sealed them when we still walked beneath the sun. The records of them and their exsistence didn't survive the Cataclysm. This time we'll make caches, hidden vaults of knowledge so that should something like that happen again they will survive," he shoots Rowan a look, "even if we do not. To much has been lost because we do not understand our enemy, the last recorded location of any surviving scrolls from ancient Atlantis were in the Library at Alexandria." he shrugs with a 'what are you gonna do' sort of motion. Another tooth is pulled free and flicked away dismissively into the sea. "The Blue have been a staunch ally in our time of need, it was time to return the favor." he pauses and looks over his shoulder towards the mountain that sits where a few city blocks once did, "Um… Sorry about the uh… yeah." he jerks a thumb towards it, "We needed something big and flashy to make a distraction and even the odds a bit. When this is over I'll see if we can't help you with rebuilding." he eyes the mountain, "Or perhaps a tow."

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