This Was An Interview?!

April 02, 2016:

This is a story about a girl who walks into the Red Maple and walks out with a.. job?

Red Maple, Gotham


NPCs: Architectual crew



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One week until opening, and Oliver still did not feel things were right or even remotely close to ready for the Red Maple. The reality of it being a restaurant on surface is one thing but what it meant, what it represented, he was being meticulous in the details. Even now he is standing in the midst of the Gotham location speaking with a team of designers shaking his head. "I think we need something with a more autumn feel. It is the Red Maple, it should invoke feelings of that nature. More yellow around those areas." He indicates the location and one of the designers fiddles with a tablet to make the changes to the lighting appear.

So involved in the work at hand, Oliver doesn't even realize what time it is; at least not until a chime sounds on his wrist and he looks at the watch. "Damnit. The next round of interviews are starting soon, the applicants should be arriving shortly." He looks at the designers and pauses, a small smile touches his lips as an idea forms in his mind.

There were loose ends that needed tying up in Gotham. Melody was there on business, though, whatever type of business that she was there for was for the birds. Still, much to her crazy mother's wise words, she traveled alone on her too-high-priced and highly dangerous Kawasaki. Well, words from friends of course. Too high priced and it'll kill you, yo!

But this was something that's hardly ever spoken about in the world, in these lands. Melody needed to do something quick and if she didn't she was sure she'd probably haul off and slam her bike right into the back of random steel truck. It was dire. It was necessary. It was damn near life-threatening.

Melody had to use the bathroom.

Everyone glosses over that fact, but its a thing that keeps most people human. So once the crotch-rocket stops right in front of the Red Maple, Melody could only assume it was open. There were people inside, the lights were on and dimmed, and to her it seemed that the restaurant was open for business. With a lean over to give a scratch at the back of her calf, she removes her helmet, then swings a leg from over the bike and tucks her protective gear beneath an arm. Bookbag settled upon her back which squeaks against the leather jacket she wears, and nearly torn and ripped jeans add to the slightly punkish rebellious feel. Her hair was slightly a mess, but ever since she's returned from god knows where for that month and some change she didn't bother straightening it.

The door to the Red Maple was pulled open and.. "Woah." Someone gave up the total Keanu as she took stock of the restaurant with a slight rub at the back of her neck.

The arrival at the door of Melody causes one of the design team who is in the area to look up. "Oh, good afternoon." She greets pleasantly, going forward to extend a hand. "You must be here for the Management interviews…" That's when the woman trails off after taking a look over Melody's appearance. Not the sort of impression one would make for a job interview at such a swanky place. The hand of the designer is up, hesitates a moment and falls down. "Or… Uhm."

The woman swallows a bit and glances around before blanching further. "Would you like me to get Mr. Queen for you?" There's no doubt about it, the woman is utterly confused about what is going on as Melody's arrival corresponds with when someone else was meant to be there.

In the main area, visible from the front door, Oliver is walking around and stopping to turn and inspect something. "So we'll do the main stage here and extend it out. We need a good transition of lighting along the floor and walls, something to draw attention and bring the eye but not vibrant. A sort of dark focus." About to say something further he looks up and spots the arrival at the front door, raising a hand with a summoning gesture.

"Hello!" Melody cheerily offers up. Well, as cheerily as Melody could get thus far. Lately she hasn't been the happy sort, and despite her lady-like (NOT) looks she seemed a bit tired. Irritated, and a tad nervous. But the smile was put forth anyways, Melody reaching to shake the womans hand but.. stops and allows her own to hang by her side. "Actually.."

Oliver Queen? She's met him once. Once. Though it was a long time ago and she was actually robbing a jewelry store. Her showing up here, probably wouldn't be the best idea. "So this is Mr. Queen's place? I mean, you can kinda figure that it is because it looks really nice but.."

Melody just wanted to go to the damn bathroom! But seeing him wave her over, internally, she rolls her eyes. With a lean down to scratch at the back of her leg again, she straightens up, lips bunched up as she thinks about baseball, gloves soon snatched from her fingers and dumped into the top of her helmet which was tucked right back underneath the arm.

"After you, lady." She gestures.

The woman looks at Melody and nods her head, the surprise on her face cannot be hidden particularly when Oliver motioned for her to come in. Turning she leads the way over towards where he is speaking with the design people assuming the Melody is going to follow behind.

As they arrive closer, his voice can be heard speaking. "I disagree. I think keeping the seating to a minimum will keep people moving and interacting. Although it isn't a club, for opening night we should approach it with that mentality, getting people together and talking."

Turning, his green eyes fall on Melody, weighing her silently for a moment before he speaks. "What do you think? Opening night, around 200 people in here. Live entertainment over on this elevated stage." He motions to where it is, "With lots of movement. Should we be concerned with excess seating, lowering our occupancy; or would it be better to open up as much as possible to allow more people in and free flowing movement?"

Melody does indeed follow behind, but she doesn't come that much closer to seem that she was apart of the conversation. But the place was nice to look at, so she didn't mind hearing or possibly getting a lesson on someones decorating styles. Though, once Oliver turns towards her to ask the question, one brow raises, her foot takes a step back but, she relents and remains still.


"I guess it depends on the type of crowd you're attempting to attract. Is it going to be a black tie and dress event? Then you should be mindful of the people who really don't wear heels too much. Are you expecting them to stay longer than an hour or two? Are you serving drinks? Food?"

She looks up towards the ceiling, then turns around in a full circle. "I mean if you're think you're going to go over the legal limited occupancy for this place then take out the chairs but leave some for the elderly and those who been on their feet all day. And make sure this place is well aired. So before an hour of your event, kick on the air conditioning because no one likes standing in a crowded place with all that body heat." She pauses for a moment, then shrugs idly. "Unless you want them to sweat a little, in which if you -are- serving drinks would cause them to drink more. But then you also run the risk of people complaining and leaving."

Oliver grins a bit, a couple of the designers do as well but they are all doing it for different reasons. Oliver nods his head and walks around some, gliding closer to where Melody is standing. "So we open the doors at say, 9 PM. Serve hors d'ourves and lighter drinks; the champagnes, spritzers, flavored drinks. The sort of ones you can carry in your hand and mingle with." He motions for Melody to follow as he walks around. "We keep that tempo and feel for one hour or so. Minimal seating; but not in the corners or by the walls. We don't want people to feel like they are out of the loop but rather have an opportunity to get off their feet." He looks over to the designers, "You three get that?"

They are busy writing notes, he looks back at Melody, grinning. "What about some kind of center piece where the seating is. A fountain or ice sculpture type thing? Something to draw the eye, to bring in attention and provide a topic of discussion for those sitting?" He motions to the center of the room where a median wall is at, moving his hand to indicate brushing it aside. "It would also help with the heat thing you were talking about if it were an ice sculpture since it would radiate off coolness. Thoughts?" The last part is directed to Melody, not the design team.

They were grinning. Maybe she said something good. She didn't want to grin too, but it was starting to get a little bit awkward for her. She resisted shifting around, but once he begins to walk, she willingly follows, only stopping briefly to put her helmet down upon a chair. "I think a center piece would be good. But then again, you still have to take in account of the crowd you're wanting to attract. Not to hate on this city and all..

And she really loves Gotham..

"But this city houses all sorts. If you're expecting good behaviour, an ice sculpture is good. If not? Something artsy fartsy. Like a statue or something." She was thinking now, attempting to picture various sorts of sculptures on display, her teeth grinding briefly as she abruptly stops. "Though since I'm a bit childish I'd opt for the chocolate fountain." She wrinkles her nose with a grin, then stops. "Uh.. well. If you're going to do an ice sculpture, make it worth talking about. Though you should probably outfit it with something that'll catch the water in case it begins to melt. And.. probably have a 'Mr. President' guy nearby just in case things get a little bit rowdy."

"Most of the people at the opening will be from across a spectrum, and there is always a chance for mishap but the appropriate security steps will be taken of course. Besides, for a restaurant opening one would hope there to be less tension than usual. But something to draw attention is good, yes." Oliver seems to think on that for a moment before moving on. "One hour after the doors open, giving people a chance to settle in, get their first bites of food and drinks flowing."

He glides towards the area where the slightly elevated stage is at, it's very narrow. "This stage will extract outwards for the first segment of entertainment; a magic demonstration. Now this is where I grow most concerned. Is standing for an approximately 45 minute magic demonstration asking too much? Do we rearrange the area to move seating to focus here, remove the sculpture to open up more spacing?" Oliver is asking this at this point to Melody as he is looking around the area. "This transition needs to be done well. I want all eyes fixed here, on this performance but not in a restrictive way. How do we set a tone that encourages people to still speak, interact, mingle but to be able to embrace the entertainment at the same time?"

"You have a point, yes. I mean if I ever had the chance to go to a party at a restaurant that's opening you sure as heck know I'd be there." Melody follows absently towards the stage, her hands soon shoved into the pockets of her jeans, doing that all too familiar rocking upon the balls of her feet.. back and forth, bend of the legs here, a stop and a quick lower to scratch at the back of her leg again and she was upright.

"It all really depends on what the people were doing before the show starts. But you should think about freedom. People are fickle in the sense that if they're forcibly pulled to watch something they weren't that interested in watching to begin with, they just may start to heckle.. the magician.." She shakes her head. "Why a magician? That seems almost juvenile, but.. I guess it'll take people back to their childhoods so it'll work."

She does think about this point now, turning away from the stage to look at the area.. imaginary people were set to mingling.. "What about seating here to start with? That way it'll gain interest. Like, someone would think, 'What are these chairs here for? Something might be happening tonight.' While they seem uninterested, it'll be noted in the back of their heads and would start to gravitate towards the area. I guess.." She pauses for a little, trying her best to think of a way to put it. "..mental feng-shui?"

"So set up a second area here. Sculpture there, second area here." Ollie offers, "Alright. So something to draw the eye here. And the reason magic is because someone told me it is worthwhile. This illusionist we're bringing in, Zatanna Zatara, supposedly will do some things that will excite the crowd." Queen ponders for a moment, going over to a nearby median wall and leaning against it to look over and gauge what he's seeing.

"I like that idea. If we can find a way to make it a mysterious element here, a sort of what is going to happen that would perhaps lend to the following steps. The entertainment lasts for around 50 minutes. I give a short introduction of the venue and why we're opening it for about 5 minutes." Pushing up off the median he starts to walk again. "Next we have desserts being served and heavier drinks so we want to direct attention and flow more towards the bar and again encourage people to move around. Ideas?"

Zatanna Zatara. The bane of Melody's existence. Well, not really. Zee hasn't done anything 'bad' or wrong to her, save for having an evil version of her running around and destroying where ever she lives. That name alone made her cringe, but she doesn't speak down upon the woman in company. Melody at least does /that/ much. "She's alright." And that's all she had to say about that.

She follows behind Mr. Queen, leaning over to look out towards the area of the restaurant, then follows his path again. "Nothing. No ideas." She smiles a little. "After your speech is over, people will clap and eventually disperse. You don't need to set something up to make that happen."

"So.. if you direct me to the bathroom, I can get out of your hair…"

Oliver blinks, suddenly surprised by the question. Turning, he looks at Melody at the last. "The.. bathroom?" He asks and shakes his head, "I'm sorry. Were you not here for the General Manager position?" This entire time he has apparently been interviewing and had no idea that the person he was talking to was the wrong person.

Oh, this was rich. She had no idea she was being interviewed. For some reason she thought that he needed an unbiased brain to work out what he wanted to do with this lovely place! This was actually.. funny. She cracks out a little laugh, even snorting which.. admittedly hurts her nose, her hand reaching up to pinch it shut with a little 'ow' heard there after.

"No no.. I'm not. I'm totally sorry!" Melody had a bad poker face, she couldn't lie to the guy. "I really just came in because I saw the lights on and thought this place was open. I mean, I was going to stop and eat afterwards if that'll make you feel better?"

Oliver chuckles and shakes his head, "Well. If that isn't a case of mistaken identity. You came in at the same time the applicant was supposed to." He's quiet for a few moments as he regards Melody and then shrugs his shoulders, "You want it?"

"OH! Well.." That was awkward. Not to mention, she still had to go to the loo and he wasn't offering up a location. Just as she looks up and around, looking for a sign of hope, she was stopped right in her tracks with the question and.. well. UGH! Embarrassiiing! Her hands immediately lifts to smack at her cheeks, but that didn't stop those tiny little nanites beneath her skin from glowing. It had such an adverse reaction that the lights began to flicker, and a few telephone rings from other parts of the building.

"Uh.." Well, she wasn't doing much with her life anyways. Much considering, something positive. In truth she's missed the dankness of Gotham; it was a home away from home that bore and bred good memories. It would be great to be home.


Oliver nods his head, "Excellent. You'll start tomorrow. Take some time and get to know the place; also — you'll need to do that while hunting for the bathroom." The man smiles ever so slightly, "Because since you're the General Manager, you probably should figure out where they are." He nods to the design team. "We'll get the paperwork set up, sit down and talk soon about the purpose of this place and see if it is actually something you want to be involved with."

Melody was already on the move. Screw staying around. If she said yes then that meant she had the job right? Plus she had excellent hearing. "Sweet!" She calls out, pointing both of her index fingers towards Oliver, pew pewing her way towards an idle hallway with a stumble and a flail of arms because..


Oliver watches the Melody go and chuckles a bit shaking his head. He looks to the designers. "We'll help her along. Make sure she's comfortable since I need to check in on the other locations. I'll be back to get her settled in personally tomorrow." The woman who had greeted her initially first gets the job of all the HR and getting Melody ready for the new job/adventure.

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