Come and Fight

April 02, 2016:

Two members of JL:A respond to a call to battle in Downtown Metropolis. But someone or something, was watching them.



NPCs: Airstrike, Barbwire Betty, Lasertits, Rachel, and Happy Fun

Mentions: Wonder Woman, Superman, Supergirl


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Downtown. Everybody wants to go downtown. Except today. Because downtown just got very, very messy indeed.

The attack doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason - a group of superhumans suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Diverse in power, evil in intent. Formidable, if a little over the top.

Airstrike - A cyborg superhuman with metal wings and jets - along with machine guns and missiles. A human fighter jet, complete with Kenny Loggins blaring in his headphones.

Murderous - A massive, hulking beast of concrete, thick as the Hulk but slower. Broken glass juts out of him from strange angles, making spines, blades and also eyebrows and teeth.

Barbwire Betty - A swift, athletic woman in a rather racy outfit wrapped in barbed wire cables that she lashes and flings with psychokinetic power. Too much make-up.

Happy Fun - A violent Chuck E. Cheese style animatronic robot, in this case shaped like a large panda bear, only this panda bear spits fire out of his mouth and has razor sharp claws.

And Lasertits - Self-explanatory.

In a few minutes time, they unleash massive destruction, flinging taxis, punching through storefronts, lighting a pool of oil to create a bonfire that rises high in the air. The news crews have arrived and Murderous grasps one of the cameramen, lifting him in the air and staring into it.

"HEROES. COME. FIGHT." it says, then gives off a laugh that steams up the lens.

'Uh, Shayer— Hawkgirl? You better come and look at this..' - Rachel D., citizen in arms for the JL:A, connoisseur of all men shapeshifty.

But even with the tone that Rachel puts on, Shayera makes quick work of her pacing and glides right next to the woman's chair, one hand gripping the back of it and the other resting upon the desk. She watches the gritty scene, her lips curled up into a little snarl as her fingers curl into a fist to slam upon the desktop.

'What's wrong?'
"Look at the monitor, and you ask me what's wrong?" Shayera deadpans, her head shaking as she snatches away to head towards the door. She was going to head out there alone, but.. this wasn't the way. It wasn't their way. They were supposed to be a family.

"Rachel, put out the call to any and all available members. Downtown Metropolis is under attack." She pauses with a slight sneer, considering calling the DEO representitive as a good form of faith. But she was sure that they would be there, watching. "I'm heading out there."

Rachel watches then turns, adjusting her headset. 'All available heroes, I repeat, all available heroes. Downtown Metropolis under attack. Hawkgirl headed towards the scene to buy time. All available units please head towards Downtown Metropolis. And good luck.'

With the sound of a sonic boom, Captain Atom decelerates in the upper atmosphere and alters his trajectory toward the disturbance within the city (of which he was notified by the base commander that C-Atom should engage).

Diving at sub sonic speeds, the silver skinned hero has a red glow about his body (force field) that crackles with tremendous energy. His left fist is outstretched before him, his right is drawn back in a punch waiting to strike. He will focus on Murderous since he seems like the largest target and will attempt to close and strike at blinding speed and strength. With the goal of knocking Murderous into a nearby solid wall.

Hal Jordan is outside the atmosphere, actually, having an argument with the Guardians while standing on the mood, a projection of a little blue man in a bright red robe in front of him, "Ganthet, tell them that I have no intention of spending another three months away from Earth on what amounts to busywork. I understand my responsibilities all too well, but Earth is a hotbed right now and there are too many threats for me to—speaking of which, duty calls. We'll talk about this later," he says.

"As you say, Hal Jordan of Earth," the hologram says before bursting into sparkles of light. Show off.

And then Hal's plunging through the atmosphere, trailing fire as he cuts through the surface, the green shield wrapped around him and keeping him safe, "Now, now, Wings, don't go talking about my unit. You'll make my girlfriend jealous - and you really don't want to see her bad side," he grins. He tilts and plunges, diving towards Metropolis.

Meanwhile, Barbwire Betty has selected a few citizens, wrapping them in her coils and keeping them hostage, a seemingly endless supply of wire spilling out from under her suit. The others gather around her in a rough circle, clearly waiting for their opponents to arrive, almost anticipating it. They don't seem to have any other purpose but this - no robbery, no shouted agenda, no obvious target. They came to fight.

'Hawkgirl! BOGIE INCOMING!' (Rachel, of course)

Her wings fan out and draws her back with a snap, just in time to see that silvery streak shoot through the sky. Her armor was immediately summoned, but it was a little too late, the sound cut through her ears which makes her grasp the outside of her helmet to combat the noise, smacking the side of it with a shake of her head to keep herself going.

"Rachel, status."

There was silence on her end, but Shayera continues towards the fight. No weapons were summoned, it was all her. Wings arched dangerously as she approaches, her fingers curled into a fist as she aims directly towards Airstrike.

You see, in Shayera's mind? Only a few other people were meant to be flying in Metropolis. Superman and Wonder Woman, Supergirl and.. whoever! Her airspace, her deal! She rears back with her own punch, not slowing her speed in the slightest, Nth metal coating her fingers as she launches forward with a punch that was aimed for Airstrike's jaw. Whether she follows through or not? She was already talking.

"Shut up and get down here!"

'Uh, team! Innocents are in the crossfire, BE CAREFUL!'

When Captain Atom closes with Murderous, the glowing fist of the Captain will strike true against the monstrous foe. With the force of a speeding train, the energy of the strike will land against the face of the beast. Thus transferring the momentum of C-Atom's descent and his strength into the blow. Thus causing his own movements to stop and lending to Murderous' to begin.

This pause in the action will give Captain Atom the second he requires to look about at the assembling heroes. He will look to recognize those that are recognizable and see that they're going to the proper targets. But he will say nothing just yet. Instead, he will assess the strengths of the heroes against those of the foes before turning his attention back to Murderous.

Hal arrives shortly after Captain Atom, just in time to witness that punch striking at Murderous. The concrete beast's head explodes, a violent eruption of crumbled concrete and glass raining everywhere, like a firework going off. The only problem is that the body keeps moving, swinging tree-trunk limbs in windmill fashion to try to strike back at the Captain.

"Oh man, that's a nice punch, shiny dude!" Hal says, only to suddenly find himself under assault by nipple-targeted laser blasts, his shields absorbing the attacks and, after a moment to consider, redirecting them back, making Lasertits dive for cover.

"See, this won't be so baaaaaaaaagh!" Hal calls as Happy Fun jumps him from behind, his shield keeping him at least alive as the robo-panda pins him to the ground and starts slashing at that barrier with titanium claws.

Airstrike takes a hard hit, too, getting flung head over heels away from Hawkgirl by her attack, the klang reverbrating as she strikes his metal-reinforced jaw. He comes up, bleeding from the mouth and cries, "Taste my sonic boom!" as he holds up his hand and unleashes powerful sonic blast from one of his gauntlets at the Thanagarian heroine.

Shayera really didn't have time to add in witty words like Hal. He had his protective shield and she had her armor, armor that holds up but not against bruising. She hates being bruised, or having those thin fractured bones. While the other two men were in their pinches, and Airstrike cries out, she immediately rushes him, her hand reaching out to snatch his wrist -right- before he unleashes the boom, aiming it directly towards Hal and the.. is that a bear? Yes. It was a bear.

"Rachel, prepare the holding cells and alert the local hospice.."
'Hospice? You mean hospital.'
"Do as I.. SAY!"

Hawkgirl drops, keeping that arm within her grasp, tugging him and turning to use him as a cushion as she barrels straight towards the ground at breakneck speed. She wanted to knock him out, not kill him, break his back maybe.. anything was a better option than to leave him awake and alert.

Captain Atom's attention is suddenly drawn back to the tree trunk limbs which make contact against his raised arms. They strike but do no damage against the force field or the silvery skin of the hero. He then grabs the shoulder of the concrete creature and punches him square in the chest. Trying to shatter the rest of the beast. He will glance over to Hal and say, "Green Lantern, welcome to the party. I'm Captain Atom."

However, before Captain Atom can finish his introduction Hawkgirl arrives with incredible fashion and sonic boomage.

Hal Jordan starts to push himself up to his hands and knees, his shield glowing each time the ferocious robot slashes at it, "Captain, huh? I'd salute but I'm a little OKAY THAT'S LOUD!" he says as his shield absorbs the energy Shayera redirects his way, the sonic shot flinging Happy Fun off of him and letting him get to his feet. He holds out his hand and manifests what appears to be Ronda Rousey in front of Lasertits, the phantom fighter grinning grimly before throwing a hard left hook into the cyborg's jaw and then grappling her into an arm bar, lasers firing off harmlessly into the air from the villain's big metallic jugs as she taps out desperately.

The second blow splinters Murderous down the center, making him crumble under the force of Atom's powerful blow. The legs finally fall, leaving the creature in piles of powder and glass…that slowly start to drift and reconnect…

Meanwhile, Airstrike is locked in close with Shayera, grappling with her in return until they both collide with the ground hard. His armored form takes the punishment, but one of his wings snaps off at the angle, trailing wires and electricity behind him as he starts trying to headbutt Hawkgirl as they grapple, his helmeted skull trying to nail her in the face.

'Running the name Captain Atom.'

Meanwhile, Shayera was through blows with Airstrike after their well-timed bounce upon the ground. With him lifting his head to try to smash into her own, she ducks to the side, her forearm pinning his face to the side and onto the ground as she draws back to land one hell of a blow atop of the mans head. "STAY DOWN!"

Whether he was down or not was suspect. She'd crawl off the man, highly angered and slightly irritated. She was one for a quick battle and it looks as though this wouldn't be happening any time soon. With her attention on Barbwire Betty, her Nth clad fingers curl into a fist, a brief light flashing through them as she begins to stalk towards the woman, her shoulders at a hunch and her wings lifted in a threatening manner.

"Step away from those people." She states, "You only get ONE chance.."

Turning to look around for the other villain combatant, Captain Atom will spot the robotic monstrosity of childhood ruining (not so Happy Fun). "I'll take the panda bear thing." then he'll focus his energies from his core and raising his arms, blast a significant amount of raw energy to try and decimate the robotic monster. He figures it's a robot, just like the Murderous seemed like a golem to him. Just mechanizations on a battlefield, things to be decimated.

Airstrike does, indeed, stay down, a low, gurgling moan erupting from him after she punches his head down into the concrete. Betty and Happy Fun are the only two left standing (although Murderous, to be fair, has at least rebuilt part of a foot).

The panda lumbers towards Atom, "I love you! But not as much as arson!" he says, a high-pitched chortle erupting from his fat, round body before the mouth opens and unleashes a direct gout of napalm right at Atom's chest and face.

Lantern flies over and takes his place next to Hawkgirl, starting to walk in towards Barbwire Betty as the wicked woman laughs maniacally, her barbed coils squeezing at a group of fat old tourists from Ohio, "Back off, heroes, or I'll bleed these fat fuckers dry!" she yelps.

"Well, she seems nice," Hal mutters.

'Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, that panda thing is going after Captain Atom, and I have the specs you need by the — oh! Ambulances are five minutes out!'

"Good. Captain Atom looks a capable sort. Send a containment crew post haste."

'They're en-route, what about the DE—..'

"They're our bag."

No more conversation was spared for the woman as she glances over towards Hal. He would know what to do, and he had the power to do it. "Shield. Shield them all."

And then she was on the move again, no running. Just walking. Her path was set, both hands joining together with a loud smack that allows the electricity that froms from the Nth to flair to life. While it was a good use to nullify magic; it sure as he would shock the living shit out of someone. And that was her intention.

"I told you. You only had -one- chance.." And Shayera wasn't prone to repeating herself. For as soon as she was within Barbie's reach, her hand snatches out to try to grab for her wrist to send those volts right through her system. Safely, of course!

The gulf of napalm only serves to be an annoyance to Captain Atom. The sticky stubstance is easily consumed by his damage shield. That distracts him however and he misses his mark when launching the blast from his arms. But this doesn't dissuade his next attack. When the flaming goodness of the napalm is diminished in a second or two, Captain Atom will do a move through on the panda robot.

Arms spread, C-Atom will try and fly toward the panda robot, damage shield cleary operational, and will tackle the mechanization thus feeding it a high amount of radioactive energy.

Happy Fun can't handle that degree of input, the radiation quickly overwhelming its shielding, making electronics explode and gyros spin off their axis. One of the Panda's eyeballs pops out, a cartoonish spring hanging out as it slowly powers down clutched to Captain Atom. "You are…my best friend…" it says in its cartoon voice.

Before it explodes.

Hal does as Hawkgirl asks, his energies forming a skin-tight shield over the people, separating them from the barbs - a few are bloodied but pretty much intact all around as he starts to force to wire around.

This distracts Betty enough that she makes the mistake of looking away only to give Hawkgirl the opening she needs to latch onto her. The witchy woman screams in anguish as the electricity hits her nervous system, making her thrash and kick until smoke comes out of her hair and she passes out, her barbs falling limp as wet noodles to the ground.

There was a need to go just a little bit further. To hang on just a little bit longer; the near vacant look that drowns within Shayera's eyes, that feeling of panic, the need to keep fighting to the very last breath.. one of the women lets out a scream and tries to run, the sirens knocking Shayera to her senses as she finally lets the Barbwire controlling woman go. As she crumples to the ground, Shayera takes a look at the area, news crews, firemen, rescue-workers were slowly approaching the scene, the threats soon neutralized as the policemen assigned to this district rolls up and begins to fan out, giving orders while fires were being slowly put out.

JL:A workers were on the scene as well, assisting the cops and everyone gathered into vehicles, handcuffing whom they could.. attempting to disable the mechanisms. All in all, it was being cleaned up, damage was being assessed, and the three heroes stand in the thick of it all.

With a dusting of her hands which causes the Nth metal to dissipate, she turns and gestures Hal over to join her in greeting Captain Atom.

'Hawkgirl, everything is set up back home.'
"Prepare Hans. I feel that we may have a visitor." She says for the three of them to hear. A smile, as warm as it could get goes towards the silver man, her hand struck out to start her own introductions. "I am Hawkgirl, of the JL:A. It is an honor to fight by your side, Captain Atom."

'I also prepared a dossier of what I could find on Captain Atom. I'm requesting contacts with the local agencies to see if we're allowed to view their records.'

Brushing off the debris and remains of the robotic monstrosity. Captain Atom turns on his heel and looks back at the other heroes on the scene. His fiery red eyes gaze to find other targets yet see that the situation is coming under control.

Then he's addressed and will begin to walk and close the distance betwee them and himself. "The honor is mine. I'm a fan of your work, as a team of course." he intones trying to clarify as he's not flirting but praising the good work of the team.

From the surrounding alleys and rooftops, another group withdraws. These are a diverse lot - black and white, old and young. Each equipped with a streaming video camera and three thousand dollars richer for the privilege. Their show is over, the signal done being broadcast streaming over a variety of cameras all over the world. Bets had been made and cash was being paid out. But a lot more was being taken in. Those odds are always tempting things.

Hal makes sure the civilians are all right and then nods to Captain Atom, "Let's not go fondling each other's hot dogs just yet…I was getting some excess signal through my ring out there…someone was watching us…"

Shayera smiles, "Then allow me to welcome you back to the Halls of Justice. It would be ideal for you to give a first hand account of this battle for our reports." She turns a little, glancing towards Hal, her hand reaching up to press against her ear.

'He's right, Hawkgirl. Something fishy is going on here. I assumed that it was the news crews but it looks like the signal is starting to bounce.'

Shayera doesn't look around. No. She continues to smile as her hand drops, a step taken backwards. "Come, I'll invite the police captain over later so that we can submit our reports. But Hans is expecting a visitor. And Green Lantern needs a drinking buddy, of sorts." Without another word, she lifts off into the sky, expecting both men to follow.

Rising up, Captain Atom will accept the whirlwind invitation and follow the winged girl. He's not keen on the radio signals just yet, they are common in the city and he won't be able to discern one from the other. But he does follow and comments, "I appreciate the offer. Lead on."

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