Oil And Sand

April 01, 2016:

Another disturbance has Marshal Nashoba dealing with some interesting people … and getting some assistance.

New York


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Thomas really, really hates being himself some days. Sure the U.S. Marshal thing gives him focus, a place to put his energy and enough action that he doesn't often have to think about the gauntlet stuck on his left hand and arm. Sure protecting the innocent and all that is a great thing and sure catching the bad guys is a rush, but when you're on your back with an eight foot tall cenobite reject with fangs and claws and a lot of bondage leather and the muscles to rip car doors off one handed atop you getting ready to rip your guts out while a pair of other mutants cheer him on and taunt the other cops in the area… well those days…

It's a good thing he's him. There's a blue white blur that suddenly places Marshal Nashoba ten feet from where he had been. "Right. Let's try that again." That'll teach him to go for the old 'hands in the air so we can cuff you' routine with people like this. He draws a pistol which… ripples, going from regular service gun to sleek, futuristic energy pistol in less than a second.

And then he opens fire.

Gunfire is generally enough of a noise to get most people's attention. Future-tech laser fire? Well that's a whole other thing. For Alyse, the magic wielder known in another world as 'Witchdoctor' on the streets it was enough to have her curious. She'd been a block over, brought close by pure chance or fate as she'd walked from a Starbucks with a hot chocolate that had been her little self-reward for actually sticking to her rest and recovery over the last couple of days. Seems like she needed it.

Beverage still in hand the blonde witch in her 'street' clothing rounds the corner cautiously, trying to get her eyes on whatever it was that was causing all the commotion.

"Doctor Simmons…" that's Jefferies "…one day you're going to explain to Matthews and I, how you always seem to find yourself in these binds. A drive by shooting earlier and now this…"

The SHIELD Agent pops up to look over the car they're sheltering behind, as Jemma peers around the edge… to be dragged back by collar (for the second time that day) "No you don't…" that's Matthews.

What's going on is apparently this: These three geniuses - all mutants - are federal ex cons for knocking over armored cars. They broke out of supermax two weeks ago and Thomas has been working their case. He caught up with them when they, yep, knocked over an armored car. Literally in this case, the cash car is on it's side, having been shoved by big, hairless and toothy over there before little miss pyro melted the lock and quick and slick transformed into a living pool of oil and choked both of the guards. They'd still been looting when the Marshals - er Marshal, there's only one - arrived to stop them. The 'come peaceably' routine didn't work not that it was expected to.

Which is why Thomas is now bolting along the street, circling the escaped convicts and pouring energy fire into the big one. Witchdoctor may well recognize the gun. It's called a 'Splinter Cannon' and it's from the future. Not horribly accurate, but great up close like this. How a modern Federal Marshal has a weapon from 2099 is an excellent question.

Anyway, Jemma and 'the Witchdoctor' haven't been pegged as threats quite yet, and this fight looks like it might take a minute.

Surely there's a reward out for these guy's capture.

A very very good question, one she's going to need answered. But first thing's first. Placing her drink down on the sidewalk the woman exhales and takes a step fowards. So far? It seems she's unaware of the other doctor or her agents taking cover. Raising her hands, small blue glowing lights begin to build up around her fingertips before she extends a hand towardsthe pyronetic, a blast of cold energy flowing towards the mutants. It's not fatal, but neither fire nor ignition tends to like freezing temperatures hitting them in a sudden burst.

"Really…" Jemma huffs at her agents. "Do something. Or let me do something." Shaking off their hands, she scrambles to her feet. "We need to contain the oily one … "

Jefferies tries to resolve that by opening on fire on the oil slick and Jemma rolls her eyes. "We could try to neutralise him, you know … Let me think …."

Maybe if Jemma had a really big sponge or fifty pounds of kitty litter. The Pyro's flame just winks out as she's hit with the magic and her face twists in anger and frustration. "What the-" Heys snap around to see Witchdoctor. "You. Fine. I've got something for you." Fire might not be working but she has a gun which she draws and immediately begins to shoot.

The oil slick's attention has officially been drawn and Jemma has a good view of it rapidly flowing toward her and her bodyguards. Thomas meanwhile has been 'caught' by big and hairy again and manages a leap to just barely avoid a big, meaty fist. The next blow is met by his own much smaller arm which - shockingly - defelcts it before he kicks out, catching the heavy in the gut and sending him rolling away. Uh. Gloved Marshal is strong.

The gunshot is met by lights, hundreds of golden lights the size and shape of butterflies that mingles together into a wall of light between Alyse and the Pyrokinetic's bullets. Of course, so fast was this magics that it might simply look like the bullets were stopped by a sudden flash of light. "Rude," the witch says lightly, reaching into her jacket and withdrawing her own handgun. Small in calibre, Alyse's sidearm spits a single pure-iron bullet towards the firey mutant's leg. It seems that that the metal passes right through that barricade she'd summoned no problem.

Nothing vital, but a bullet hitting your kneecap is still going to hurt.

"You know, Jefferies, I'd much rather watch Thomas fight." Jemmas distracted for the moment as he fights off big and hairy. There might be something there that will help her, help him.

"Of course you would Doctor Simmons." Matthews snarks causing Jemma to blush

"That's not what I meant…"

"Mmmmhmmm. Now will you focus please?"

"Fire Hydrant. Now." Jemma calls to Matthews as the oil oozes closer. She doesn't have a large quantity of kitty litter …. oh does she. Calling into SHIELD, she makes a dreadfully unusually request. Two Quinjets carrying all the sand they can … it will take moment.

In the meantime, Matthews is accessing the hydrant and is so going to try and aim the water jet at the slick.

Water and oil. They don't mix. So while it won't be particularly good at hurting the oily mutant it does quickly force him away and back into human form to avoid being washed down a storm drain. Sand… yeah sand might take a bit to get to Jemma.

The pyro woman cries out as she's hit. She keeps shooting but she's clearly not used to pain nor to the fact that her shots don't seem to do anything. She shouldn't take but a moment to put down for the count.

Not too far away Thomas finally hooks big and ugly's arm after an extended wrestling match, twists, throws the mutant into the air above his head and then slams him back down hard. Hard enough to crack pavement. And bone. Yeah. That guy's probably done.

As Oil Slick transforms back to human form, Matthews and Jefferies open fire, emptying every ICER round they can into the man. "I've got sand coming in, we just have to keep them busy."

Jemma hasn't drawn her weapon yet, but the crack from big and hairy draws her attention. One day, she's going to be observe Thomas fighting without any distraction … and maybe that will help her research. Yes, she's calling it research.

That's two down and one to go. Thomas adds something else to the mix. That's right. Energy. That weapon is designed to kill and when he breaks it out it immediately forces oil man to go back into oil form. He gets perforated like that, but not made dead, which was the plan. He's also a nice big sitting target for… are those engines?

The quinjets, and SHIELD, have done amazing work. Raiding garden supplies depots just on the outskirts of New York - taking everything they had, two Quinjets are now inbound to the street where the fight is being waged.

As they fly over the area, Jemma signals and their payloads are released. Dousing Oil Slick in that lovely absorbent material.

Bringing a perp in inside a trashbag will be a first for Thomas. He watches as the oil mutant just gets… locked away. Somewhere there's an advertising exec who's missing this.

The Marshal gives Jemma a wave and glances over toward Witchdoctor. He appreciates the help. But now starts the hard part.

Now he has to fill out the paperwork.

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