Realizations and Discoveries

March 28, 2016:

A drop by to warn Ollie of possible forthcoming dangers is fraught with new revelations and a very important realization for Jesana. An iron will is of no defense against one's favorite things, or people.

*(No dumbasses were murdered in the aftermath of this scene.)

Oliver Queen's new restaurant, before opening.


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The day was fast approaching. Oliver had already been going through the process of making some initial hires and getting details for the restaurants all finalized over the past week. It was good, at least in his mind, to be back to work and doing what needed to get done. Opening was a big deal, but then everything should be in place to run itself for the most part.
The evening had drug on and anyone looking for him would be able to find him through asking via phone or some other common method, it wasn't hard to figure out he was at the restaurant working. Right now in fact, the building was lit but relatively empty save for the man himself who was in the kitchen, preparing a late dinner for himself. AFterall, he had to make sure the kitchen facilities were up to par for a five star endeavor like this.

It rarely occurs to Jes to call ahead when she wants to see someone, since all she really has to do is think about them and she ends up as close to where they are as possible. Her tracking skills and occasionally google maps are enough to get her the rest of the way if she doesn't arrive at someone's side. Of course she knows about the upcoming opening and knows where the place is so when she arrives a few blocks away, it's just a quick jog to find Oliver.
Jes studies the building as she enters, noting the changes and progress since the last time she was here. "Wow, it's looking really good. Hey, Ollie? Where are you?" It's more to let him know she is there than an actual need to know, because she knows exactly where he is.
"Kitchen." The voice of Oliver comes back, the smells of whatever it is he is cooking filling the area. Steak, seasonings, the good stuff as well as he seems to be cooking up a storm. Patting his hands down on the apron he was wearing to avoid splashes, he takes it off and comes out of the kitchen to peek into the restaurant proper and offer a wave to Jes so she knows where he is, beckoning her to the back.

"I think it's coming together well. Just working on some of the last menu items right now for the opening and wanting to make sure everything is setup for the next couple of weeks because after the opening I have the campaign to focus on."
Jes leans against the wall by the door after she enters, black leather sandals and mini skirt of the same color today and a sunset orange crop top over which her pendulum necklace rests. A fine silver chain belt circles her hips to give a place to sheath her daggers but Jes seems to have left her gun behind this time.
She watches Oliver cook for a few moments with a grin. An apron.. it's a weird look for him but doesn't not suit. She's pretty sure he could make just about anything look good. The smells of the food are wonderful and for the moment distracting her from other thoughts. "Ooh that smells wonderful." She isn't a good cook herself and has actually been banned from her own kitchen. Several times. "What campaign?" Jes asks curiously.

"For mayor." Oliver responds to the campaign question, flashing a small smile at Jes as he sets to work with plates, grabbing two of them since he has a guest now. "I'm going to use the opening night as a window for the announcement, give it a couple of days and then hit the work of campaigning." The food is dished up, Steak, some kind of rice, asparagus all of it with unique seasonings. "You'll probably like this, I've used some ideas for ingredients and techniques of indigenous cultures."
Her lips quirk again. She's not that picky over what she considers edible, it's the coyote in her, but that doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the finer things. There's edible and then there's enjoyable. "I'm sure I will, it smells amazing." Jes sits and watches Oliver with a thoughtful expression. "Why do you want to be Mayor? Half of Gotham will be out to kill you. They don't like people they can't buy or control and if the wrong people start looking at you too hard.." The thoughtfulness turns to worry.

"Because I can't be bought, or killed easily." Oliver responds as he pulls over a stool for Jes and then one of himself to the kitchen island. "Gotham's sick and it isn't going to get better with people in masks, it's going to take more than that. We're treating the symptoms, not the disease. As mayor, I can go after the disease."
Jes fiddles with a bit of cutlery while she thinks. It's true, what he's saying. She lives in Gotham and still, avoids the areas outside of her bosses control most of the time, unless she's hunting and goes to New York or other places for most of the things she needs.

"Mm. You have a point. You do. I just.." Jes frowns. This reminds her of one of the reasons she came and it's looking more difficult than she'd suspected now. He has a good heart and wants to help others. It's one of the things that draws her to him. "I worry about you. I think you could probably do a lot of good though." Her eyes move over the kitchen and she shifts position slightly. Either Jes is really distracted by something else, or she's so worried she doesn't care because usually she gives no sign of being nervous about something.
From anyone else, being nervous is a normal part of life at times, from Jes it causes Oliver's eyebrow to quirk up. Guessing that it is over what he is planning, the man smiles. "Jes, it'll be ok, really. I'm not worried about being found out as the Arrow and I'm not worried about this city's criminal and hostile underworld. I've fought them for some time, I'm just taking the fight to a new level, that's all."

"I know you can handle yourself. I'm a little worried but.." it's the realization that he isn't likely to agree to what she's about to ask of him that is causing the nervousness. "I uhm. I kinda came here to ask you a favor. It's.. it might be important. It might also be nothing just.. if I show up anytime in the near future and want you to go somewhere with me, will you do it? Right then, without asking questions?"
Because if she tells him why he'll probably never agree and if she just takes him somewhere without explaining til it's too late, she doesn't think that whatever this is they are building now between them will survive it and she needs this, needs him. Jes sighs softly. "That means I have to tell you the truth doesn't it?" "I don't want to mess this up but I don't want to lose you either if there was something I could have done to save you." She hasn't looked up from the kitchen island or her bit of dinnerware.

Well, now Oliver is wearing a confused look, setting down his utensils and tilting his head at Jes. "First off, I trust you Jes; so if you need something of me, ask. But you have earned my trust so yes, if you need me to go with you someplace, I'll go." Then he pauses and adds, "But I do think the truth would help some, at least to help me understand what you are worried about."
Her shoulders drop in relief. "There might be something that happens in the future. Something very terrible. There are people working to prevent it and I'm one of them, but if it all fails.. I need you to make it. I need to know you'll be safe. You and my kids. Frederick. The rest.. I'm going to do my best, I swear." Jes looks up finally, warm brown eyes full of worry and sincerity. She's giving this everything she has and if it fails, it won't be from a lack of trying on her part. "I'm even going to work with some people, if I have to, that I would much rather kill. People that I despise. Maybe everything will be fine, but.. Fenris is worried. I um, I don't know how much you actually know about him. Or about Asgard. I know I didn't talk about him a lot back then." She's decided to explain but is trying to find the best place to start.

If Oliver was confused before, his expression and his posture add to that look. "Asgard? Something terrible in the future? Jes, I'm a pretty smart guy when I need to be, despite having failed out of college. And I've seen… things." He pauses and manages one of those Oliver Queen smiles. "You know I've seen things and can handle things. So why don't you just spill it out?"
"Jorgunmar has begun to stir. If he wakes up, it'll destroy Asgard and that.. it won't destroy earth but it'll be really bad. Fen said mankind would lose everything, it'd be like, the stone ages again or something. If we can't manage to stop him, I'm sending the kids somewhere else where it will be safe, and I want to take you too. Just until it's settled some and safe to come back." Until people have finished killing each other off enough there's someplace safe to settle again.

"I know he's my God, the one I chose but there still wasn't a lot I knew about this stuff because honestly, I wasn't interested in anything from their past. I know what they did to Fenris and that was enough. This is his home now. Not Asgard, and those assholes can all go die as far as I'm concerned. Only apparently it affects us too because when Jormungar grew and they began to fear his power like they did Fen's and his sister, they threw him away. Like they did her, like they imprisoned Fen. Guess where they threw him." Her voice trails off in a growl. It isn't like she'd needed another reason to hate the Asgardians but she sure has one now.
Oliver takes a few steps and shakes his head, "Jorgunmar? So… going off context clues here. I'm assuming is something from Asgard? And the Asgardians send it here so they don't have to deal with it, and this is going to be bad for us?" He's trying to wrap his mind around all this, Oliver has generally dealt with street level crime. "I love the fact you want to keep me safe Jes. But if people here are going to be in danger, I can't just run. You know me better than that."

Her eyes lower to the table. "I do. It's why I thought about not saying anything and just grabbing you if I need to but.. you'd hate me for that and then it'd kinda be defeating the whole point, which is that I need you. You.. I haven't.. oh hell." Jes scowls. "You've been helping me. More than I've said. When I'm out fighting or something happens, I think about you and it helps me keep my temper under control, or make a better choice than I would otherwise. You help me remember what it is to be human and hold on to that part of myself. If I lose my humanity.. I won't be me anymore and I like me. And that all sounds really freaking selfish but, I also like you. I care about you. I want you to make it through whatever is coming because you are you and the world needs you. Whatever is left, if this does happen, you'll be needed."
There's a softness in Oliver's eyes as he listens and his voice is equally soft when he speaks. "Jes. If I die, that doesn't change anything I've ever said to you, does it?" Even though the thought is morbid there is nothing in his tone to reflect that. "And if people need me after, they'll need me during as well. But it won't happen. Because I trust you, and I trust that you're going to do whatever you can to stop this. Then, if things still prove too much, we'll cross that bridge. But not before hand, and not by hiding."

Jes's shoulders tense up again at the thought of him dying. There are not many things she wouldn't do to prevent that and heaven help anyone if they do kill him because the things she'll do them.. Jes sighs shakily and shoves those thoughts back down into the deep dark cage they belong in. "I won't let it happen. You're right." She's Coyote's Daughter. She does as she wills and she wills for him to live and for them to succeed in stopping the great Serpent.

"It wouldn't but oh Fenris, I would miss you." Jes jumps up suddenly and moves towards Ollie, intent on hugging him close. Aside from when she'd been attacked recently she's been careful around him, just little touches here and there because she'd worried about her self control. Either she's forgotten at the moment or thinks she has a better handle on it.

Oliver makes no effort to move, or stop, Jes from giving him a hug. Afterall, it's a pretty rough conversation it seems for her and she has been worried. So even as she does, he doesn't shy away but instead just offers reassuring words. "Besides Jes, you gotta remember. I have to live to be a grumpy old man so I can shake a can at kids and tell them to get the hell off my lawn."

She bursts into giggles as she hugs him tightly and presses her nose against the side of his neck. This close, the wonderful aromas filling the kitchen fade into the background and Jes focuses on his scent. "I like that picture. I want to see it too." Her voice hitches slightly. She realises that she'll probably not look much older than she does now, then. Even if she fails her quest for immortality, she'll live much longer than the human average. She knows someday she'll lose him. She just hopes she can keep it that day from coming til some day far, far into the future.

"You always know what to say, don't you?" Jes manages to let him go and step back to her stool but there's a startled look on her face and she's blushing slightly. That had been much harder than she'd expected. Maybe she should have asked more questions about this "send coyote to sleep" thing. "Um." What had they been.. "It smells wonderful in here." She might not be talking about the food anymore.

"I don't know if I always know the right thing to say. Well, in fact I don't always say the right thing, I say the wrong thing far too many times to count." Oliver counters with a soft chuckle, turning to look at the dinners on the counter which have begun to cool some. "Probably one of the reasons I can count my friends on one hand these days."

From the front of the Restaurant, the sound of the door opening and closing occurs, a noise that is quite audible and gives Oliver pause as he looks up in the direction, unable to see of course since it is through the building. "That's weird, we aren't even close to open and all the workers left a couple hours ago."
Jes is eyeing the food too, partly because yes, it does smell good but also to give herself something else to look at that isn't Ollie while she tries to sort out what is going on with her emotions. She's starting to put it together that "coyote sleeping" just means she's more in control. And she herself still has quite a thing going for him. Jes blinks a little. This is one area where her iron self control is almost nonexistent. That could be..trouble?

"What? Yeah, they did. There wasn't anyone out there when I got here. I didn't hang around looking though I kinda had things on my mind.." Different things then than now, which is mostly "who the hell are you and please go away now, thanks!" Not that she'll say that outloud. Oh Fenris. She hopes, at least. Sometimes in situations like this her usual smoothness goes right out of the window. At least she's not pregnant or in heat. …Mostly. Now Jes is kinda hoping it is trouble so she can stop this line of thought.

Oliver smiles at Jes, about to say something before the noise outside in the dining area is heard again, some kind of movement. His smile fades and he shakes his head, "Probably someone who is lost. I'll go see what is going on." He passes by Jesana, brushing near her as he makes his way out into the place where the tables and bar are located, beyond the Kitchen.
The voices can be heard from there; "Good evening, what can I do for you people?" That being clearly the voice of Oliver. The response comes, a gruff sounding tone. "You Oliver Queen?" "Yes I am, what can I do for you?"

"You can take your Meta Loving Ass straight to Hell!" There's suddenly the abrupt sound of scuffle that is short followed by the distinct sound of metal being drawn, short… must be knives.
She raises a brow as she watches him move. Lost? Yeah, sure. Lost people always enter closed places where no one is supposed to be about to ask for directions… her thought is somewhat derailed when Oliver brushes against her as he walks. Jes is further distracted simply by watching him walk and she blushes again. Okay, maybe she's doing this wrong, maybe coyote is awake. Or.. maybe it's just been a very very long time since she.. ! "No Jes. Don't go there." Her head snaps up at the unfamiliar voice asking for Oliver Queen and Jes is on her feet and darting towards the door before the stranger finishes his question.

When Oliver begins to answer she's already through the door. Knives? Brown eyes widen as she bursts into the next room to read the situation. And what the holy fuck is this guy talking about? Meta-Loving? Oliver hasn't even announced the Mayor thing yet, right? Besides that's not the first question he'd be asked… then again, these days maybe it is. "Who the hell are you?!" One day she'll stop going places without her damned gun. At least she's got her daggers, though if this idiot is a human she isn't likely to even need to draw them.

Whoever the guy is, Jes doubts a scantily clad native american women glaring with rage at him is something he expected to find in here. What a surprise it'll be to find out said native american is a demigod and he's messing with someone she considers hers.
It isn't just one guy, but rather there look to be three. In any situation Jes would be able to figure out this would be a joke for the Green Arrow to deal with. The problem is, the Green Arrow isn't here; Oliver Queen is. There's a look on his face of 'concern' as he glances at the woman who has burst out. Two of the thugs have knives drawn, the other one is standing there (the one who was talking) with his arms folded.
When Jes bursts onto the scene, one of the men with knives glares at her then looks at the boss. The boss grins, missing a front tooth. "Yeah, kill her too. Let's send a real message of what we think of this type of place."

Oliver can't really fake being afraid, he tries though. He speaks in a voice that has a little tremble to it but his tone is directed towards Jes more than the thugs. "Please… don't kill us. We don't want anyone to die here." While saying it he is backing up, trying to get a table between himself and the thug that is still advancing on him with a knife.

Jes's eyes snap towards the second man, then back towards the one she identifies as the leader. Not only are there they to kill Oliver, they want to kill her, someone that for all they know at the moment, is a human, just like Ollie. In her mind, that's it. Their lives are forfeit. If you want to live then you don't go pissing off people bigger and stronger than you and you sure as hell don't go around preying on the innocent in front of her.

She's trying though to do things differently now. Not be so angry all the time, not kill every two bit idiot that crosses her path. Usually of late Jes asks herself what the Green Arrow would do, or sometimes, Lady Pepper, even agent May. At the very least it distracts her long enough to calm the hell down. That isn't going to work right now because these men are threatening Oliver. She has to keep him safe and the urge to take out the threat to him and do so in a very violently satisfying manner is nearly overpowering.

The only reason they aren't already dead is she catches the instructions in his fake fear. "We don't want anyone to die here." He doesn't want her to kill them. This is his place. She'll respect that, or at least do her best. "Oh. You assholes are lucky he's a good man." Jes glowers. Fine. She's still going to beat the holy shit out of them.

Oliver nods a bit towards Jesana as she seems to understand, he steps back and tries to keep the table between himself and the man with a knife. "She has nothing to do with this." He quietly says, knowing it's just trying to pull attention to him. Even as he says it however, the thug closest to Jes with a knife pushes a table away, "Come here little girl. Time for you to get stuck." He sneers at her. Meanwhile, Oliver shoves the table towards the thug approaching him.

Jes doesn't even try to feign fear and if either of the men were anything more than a total dumbass, would definitely clue them off something isn't right here. An ordinary woman would be frightened or, if perhaps a cop or something, maybe pissed off and drawing on them already. Jes sighs softly. She should have learned after getting jumped at Zee's but noooo. She didn't bring her gun because then she'd have to wear her jacket and she'd.. Jes frowns down at her crop top … she'd wanted to look good. Oh hell. She's going to kick herself later.

"I should still try, I guess. Hey, asshole. Drop that knife and collect your idiot boss and get the fuck out of here. I promise I won't hurt you. Much." Jes grins and then winks. She's not expecting the guy to do anything other than lunge at her and when he does, she ducks, whirls and comes up behind him. A solid strike to his kidney and he's doubling over so she can link her hands and bring them down on the back of his neck. Careful not to use enough force to kill, she does still kick him in the groin when he falls. Then in the ribs and again under the chin. His boss should be distracted enough to be looking at her now instead of Ollie.

Jes sighs again and wipes her hands on her shorts. "Not cool, now I smell like asshole." She frowns over at the other guy. "Well. I'm waiting, Or are ya gonna make walk all the way over there." Ignoring the man for a second Jes bends to pick up his fallen companions knives. If they are any good she'll keep them.

In the interim, Oliver has done his best impression of a rather helpless business man, having slid around. When Jesana lights the first thug up, he follows suit momentarily by using the distraction to throw a plate from the table towards the head of the thug across from him. A 'lucky hit' strikes the guy in the skull and now the boss man is left standing there with his two … groupies … laying on the ground.

Turning, he sprints towards the door, clearly realizing that the little attempt on Oliver Queen wasn't worth the effort at this point, leaving his two compatriots behind. As he runs, the Oliver looks over at Jesana and sighs softly. "I'll call the police to pick these two up." Both completely unconscious, the first from Jes's hammer shot and the other from the plate. "But, at least I know I'm doing something right if I'm pissing idiots off, right?"

Jes moves towards the door to give chase then stops and turns back at Ollie's voice. She looks at him and then the door and then back. It's clearly a struggle to let the guy go. "Grrrrrr." Oh that's helpful. She sighs and closes her eyes and takes a few slow, steady breaths. "Are you sure you want to call the police? This isn't the kind of attention you need with your big opening. It might scare people off. I can take care of these two." She has the other guy's scent. Guess who's getting a midnight visit of the 'pissed off the wrong woman' variety?
She scowls down at the prone men and kicks at one. "I won't even kill them." Nope, *she* won't. "What the hell were they talking about anyway?"

Oliver is about to say something then sighs, nodding his head. "You're right. WE need to get rid of them in a more discrete way. Toss them into an alley across the city or something until they wake up." The man reaches up and runs a hand through his hair. "What it was about? I've started publicizing this place and the fact that it is designed to help Meta's and mutants get settled into life. So those who don't like that probably thought it'd be a good idea to target me."

Jes eyes the two thoughtfully. Sometimes her temper gets in the way and she knows it. They do seem to be a really stupid, hapless trio but it doesn't hurt to be sure. She'll check out their places later. "You have security for the opening? You can't do anything, no matter what happens. It'll screw you over in your run for Mayor and it might get the wrong people looking at you. I'll be here and I'll keep my temper in control. I promise, but I don't have any authority to arrest anyone… hang on. I'll be right back." She knows just where to drop these two and it isn't an alley. She's gonna be sure they don't know anything important before she let's them.. Jes laughs. Okay, so giving them to Fenris to feed his sister or whatever it is he does with her little gifts, isn't exactly letting them go, well, she isn't killing them! Herself.

A few moments later and Jes returns with an absolutely innocent expression that probably does nothing to fool Oliver. He knows her well enough by now. "I don't think I said but, I think it's awesome what you're doing here. I can't help with cooking, I'd poison people but if there is anything else I can help with, just say the word Ollie. It'd be my pleasure. If there were more places like this.." Jes looks around and sighs. She can't change the past, best not to dwell on it.

"If there were places like this, a lot of people wouldn't be in the positions they are in." Oliver responds, he had set to work cleaning up the plate and a few other things while she was gone. "That's why we need it, to help people. There'll be security at the party. And I would be fine if I needed to be just… appearances and all." With that, he sits down in a chair, looking a bit tired at it all. "It's so much to try to overcome. Every corner there's another hurdle blocking me."

"Yeah. I bet. Shit, it should've occurred to me but I'm always so.. so much going on and I've been a little.. out of sorts the past few days what with spring and my Father and the.. well, that doesn't matter." Jes kneels in front of Ollie and rests her hand on his knee while looking up with a worried expression. "What can I do to help? I know plenty of people I can send here to eat and I know some who can do security too and will handle things however you'd like as long as they get paid. This is important to me, you're important to me."

She understands how hard it'll be on him if he's in a situation where he can't act but it's likelier than not to happen if this is the course he's set on. No one can know who Oliver Queen really is. Jes's eyes narrow in thought as she starts thinking of ways to head that off if it comes to it.
Oliver looks at Jes and shakes his head. "I'm not worried about people coming in, and definitely not worried about security. We're already in the hiring process." Glancing at her hand, he reaches down and places his on top of hers. "I just need someone to remind me once in awhile I'm doing the right thing, that this whole endeavor is worth it and for a good reason, not just ego."

Jes glances down at their hands and is quiet for a few moments while thinking. She hasn't told him everything about her past, there are a few things she's never told anyone. Not even Fenris. Pride, partly and then later, guilt. She's got an idea some of it might help now, if only to show him he's doing a good thing here. Still, it won't be easy to talk about. Her lips quirk slightly. "If it's easy…" Jes sighs.

"When I first got to New York, and yes I went there, not Gotham.. I didn't have anywhere to stay. I had a little money but not a lot and I was just, really lost. I'd never even actually seen a city til I left the Res. I made some friends among the homeless and some street kids but even there, mutants and different people, they're preyed on. If they can't fight back.. there are so many kids out there, Ollie. And adults too. people who are so lost, who have no idea where or even when they're going to get their next meal and if you think it's hard finding help while homeless, try doing it when you're obviously mutant or meta.. or someone even suspects.. it's impossible. So they starve or they get killed, or join gangs or crime organizations or sold into slavery.. I have no idea who my mother was, but that's how I ended up with my adoptive family back on the Res. My father and his partner found me as baby in a supernatural trafficking ring. This will help people, it'll make a difference, give them hope and a place to start and meet others like them and maybe, it'll inspire more people to stand up and help and make a difference."

A slow smile touches Oliver's lips and he squeezes the hand reassuringly. "Then it's worth it, if we can get one kid out of that cycle, one person safe. It's worth it." He's quiet for a moment then he adds, "I … I would like to use your story if you don't mind. I won't ever say where it came from or who it is attributed to, but it's the kind of story that helps people understand exactly what this place is for."

Jes smiles a bit and nods. "I had two really good friends before I went to live with Zee. We weren't together all the time but I tried to look out for them, and they looked out for me. They were twins, like my brothers, only a boy and a girl and their power was.. it wasn't a good one to have on the street. Later I tried to get them out but they were almost as stubborn as me. They disappeared sometime while I was in Hell. I looked everywhere when I got back. For months." She closes her eyes and swallows, her voice full of guilt. "If I'd done a better job, or been more careful, if they'd had something like this.. just, whatever I can do to help I will." She'll talk to people with him if it takes that, even though she's trying to keep herself hidden. Some things are worth whatever they end up costing.

"You really are a good guy, Ollie. You.. inspire me to not just do better, to be better than I am." He reminds her that she's human too and that isn't a part of herself she should let go of. She likes who she is, for the most part and being human is a pretty big part of that yet.

There is a very soft chuckle from Oliver as he grins. "Jes. I'm glad Oliver Queen can do these things. Because that is something he is able to deal with. The other part of me, he can't. The other part of me is like the other part of you as well. I envy you, both parts of who you are are together. I have to compartmentalize, to separate. It's why I can't allow myself to feel, to hope, to dream really. Because part of my dreams conflict with the other part of my goals."

"You have to find a way to be both, I think. Life isn't worth living if you can't dream, or hope, or.. love. There's more to it than helping and protecting others, although that's important. You deserve to be happy to. I want that for you. I'd do just about anything to make it happen."

Jes blinks and looks back down at their hands to cover her strong surge of emotion. She really would. It's a little startling to realise just how important he's become to her again and more than a little nerve wracking. What if she messes up or it goes wrong? She doesn't want to lose him again. It would be even worse this time she thinks because this time, they're friends. They're more on even ground, they understand each other better and there's an entirely different dynamic to their growing relationship. It means she's got to get herself under control because no matter how bad she might want Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow both, they're off limits. "Oh." Jes murmurs to herself in surprise and dismay at the realisation.

"Oh?" Oliver asks, tilting his head at Jes's tone. What he was about to say is lost in that moment since the tone does seem to draw his attention. He's quiet then and ponders the woman for a few moments before adding. "I am happy Jes. Just probably not happy in the ways most other people would find it. My work makes me happy, or at least, gives purpose."

Jes closes her eyes for a moment. That seems like a perfect opportunity to kiss him, prove her point, show him that he can b e happy that way too and she can help him to be so but she can't… it's too risky… a strangled sort of laughter bubbles up out of her. It's not funny exactly but she risks everything, all of the time, and now, here, when it really matters, she's too afraid.
It's definitely not a situation she'd ever imagined being in. Nor is she used to telling herself no when she wants something.. but he's more than something. 'Oh fuck me.' Jes thinks to herself and then violently shuts down the tiny voice in her mind telling her 'yes, yes, that is what you should be doing'. No, no it isn't. "Um." Shit, how long has she been thinking? Can't blame it on being hit in the head either, the dumbasses never touched her.

"If." Jes coughs and shakes herself a bit before looking back up. "If you're really happy, that's what matters, Ollie." Oh this sucks. Those scumbags from earlier are so lucking she already agreed not to kill them. So lucky, they will never even know it either.
As Jes takes awhile to respond and then seems slightly off, Oliver blinks and his smile comes back, that classic Oliver Queen smile. "It's late, and there was a bit of excitement. Will you come to the restaurant opening? I understand if you can't but know you're more than welcome." He offers her a small squeeze. "I want you.. to know that you're welcome here. Anytime, any reason." The tone continues to be gentle, supportive. "But with a busy day tomorrow with construction and interviews…"

Jes smiles. "I'll be here." The gods help anyone getting in her way because dammit, she will be here. "And if you need anything.. you know where I am." A slight frown. "Keep that feather with you, okay. Just in case. As long as I'm on earth it'll bring me right to you." If she's elsewhere.. she doesn't have that kind of power yet but she's sure she'll know the second she returns. Besides, she spends most of her time here anyway. Part of her is glad he isn't pressing, even while part of her is wishing desperately he would. "Oh, before I go.. I did find one thing out. It wasn't the DEO after me the other night and they and that organization taking people out, they're two different groups."
"That's all I know and I'm staying away from it like you asked. I only told Fenris… anyway.." Jes squeezes his hand before letting go and getting to her feet and she really has no idea what inner well of strength she's drawing on to resist not brushing her lips against his, it's not her own and it certainly isn't her Father's. Jes is pretty damn sure the bastard is laughing at her right now. At least he isn't visible this time. "I'll see you then. And you're always welcome at the boat. Frederick knows your face."

"I'll keep it in mind, all of it. I'm glad you're staying safe with this. There's enough tension as is, I don't want you getting pulled into the crossfire or the chaos that is swirling around me." Like the chaos this evening. Oliver watches Jes as she stands up, perhaps a bit more intensely than before before he blinks and smiles. "Good night Jes. Thank you, for everything."

Jes turns back and smiles. "Thank you, Ollie." She'd probably be amused if she realized his thoughts, Hers are much the same at the moment. Her life is crazy, dangerous and she's chaos and change personified. He's become one of the few, the only, stable influences in her life. No matter how badly she wants it, she can't risk losing him. "Be safe." She turns back but instead of using the door, simply disappears.

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