Big Game Hunting

March 30, 2016:

Lunair, Agent 13 and a task force show up to put a stop to Rhino, only to find a masked vigilante already on the scene!

New Troy - Metropolis

"1930's architecture stretched like a rubber band."

New Troy is the largest borough in Metropolis and is where all of the main city life seems to be established as well as take place. Here is where you will find skyscrapers that reach the heavens and commerce that spreads as far as the next business that picks up.

The heartbeat, lifeblood, and veins of The Big Apricot.


NPCs: Rhino, SHIELD agents



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'How did I get myself in this mess?'

Ford watched as the hulking figure of Rhino snorts, clearing the rubble out from in front of him as he stomped back out into view. He glared angrily at the young man as he stamped his feet, preparing to charge again. "Prepare to get trampled, pipsqueak!" he bellowed, rearing back for another charge. Ford shook his head. All he wanted was a nice walk to clear his head around Metropolis' downtown, and as it so poorly timed, Rhino, one of Spider-man's big bads (famed if only for his lack of subtly) was making off with a great deal of money from a nearby bank. Ford couldn't just let it go… he called the police, but he knew by the time they got here, this brute would be long gone.

Now, Ford stood in a slightly dusty set of clothes as Rhino began another charge for his smaller opponent. He was quick… but certainly not as fast as Ford was. Right as he was about to impact, Ford moved with lightning speed a safe number of meters away, letting Rhino crash into another building nearby, wincing as his head buried into the wall. He was strong… but not particularly bright. This should be easy to wrap up and get out before he was spotted…

Of course, the moment there is some incident with people who are more than human, SHIELD is on the scene. How do they even MOVE that fast? Sharon doesn't make it there quite so quickly as Ford did, but within five minutes of things getting really bad, the blonde is rushing into the area with a few agents at her back. "SHIELD! Cease all violence IMMEDIATELY and charges will be made light as legally allowed!" Sharon's commanding voice calls into the room, badge in one hand and ICER in the other. She sweeps the scene smoothly with her weapon, trying to take in a guage of exactly what is happening, but it's hard to miss the Rhino when he's making such a mess of things. She waits one, two… Three heartbeats to see if the bad guy listens.

The bad guys never listen.

Lunair was going to class, fresh off spring break. She is humming. She has her backpack on, and everything is nice and normal. Sundress, candy, and then, she hears it before she seas it. Some dude yelling, and then there's RHINO NOISES. Word of panic, people who had fled going by. Lunair looks around herself. She seems puzzled. Curious. And there's police. Hmm.

Ducking behind a recycling bin, she pops out in power armor (but not Iron Man type, that's copyrighted and lawyers are scary). She pulls a dubstep rifle. Sneaky, sneaky.

WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB at poor Rhino. The noise alone is obnoxious, as a car that gets hit starts bouncing. "I think I have this not murdering everyone thing down!" Yeah! Go Team! Wait. What kind of dance would Rhino even DO?

Ford looked over and widened his eyes as SHIELD agents were on the case. Oh great! Just what he needed… the guys who specialized in metahuman fights. "I just want to say, I have yet to throw a single punch in this!" he called back, raising his hands in defense. And then someone ELSE capable of dealing with rogue metas arrives. This day was just getting… just… just spectacular.

Meanwhile, as Rhino suffers from a serious case of hefty WUB'ing, his heavy frame starts knocking cracks as he bounces on the cement himself. "Ma-ma-make mmme, you pu-pu-puny pu-pu-punks!" One of his mighty arms swings wildly wide and smashes a few chunks of debris from the wall towards the newcomers, though he quickly returns his attention to Ford, evidently holding a grudge. "Hold still, ya scrawny brat!" he hollered, making another charge at Ford, though it turned out about as well as last time, though he just barely avoids impacting the wall this time, skidding to a halt.

Well, that was all the warning Sharon felt she legally had to give, but she is doing a double take in the direction of the guy in the balaclava. His motions were *definitely* faster than human and his face hidden. If he wasn't being actively attacked, she'd be more worried. Lunair's dance music slightly makes her wince, but she'll take whatever back up they can get. With the highest setting her ICER has, she tracks the Rhino as he skids into the wall, trying to get Ford again, and then she's shooting several times into that thick rear end. Hopefully it works, she doesn't expect it will.

"Not murdering is good, but don't collapse the room either!" Sharon calls over to Lunair, seeing cracks in the floor, but she can't worry about that too much. Her eyes are primarily for Rhino and the other masked man.

Lunair giggles. "Oh. Okay." Well, she'll stop the dubstepping, much to the relief of everyone around who actively enjoys music. She's gotta think a moment. The gun disappears. Hmm. Hmmmhmhmhm. One can almost imagine the Jeopardy music playing while she thinks. Well, maybe, maybe… Yes, and no. It's tough when there's a dude zipping about and a lady with SHIELD. While Lunair's worked with SHIELD a bit, she knows enough that friendly fire makes Agent May/The Cavalry stare disapprovingly.

That disapproving stare wiped out the dinosaurs and cause the Yuma Crater. True facts.

At any rate, she's got an idea, and hops over. She and her power armor will at least be near enough to Sharon to block things a bit. "Also, burlesque!" Oh dear lord. She just threw a burlesque bomb at Rhino. Hopefully he doesn't slam-burlesque-dance if sonic weapons work on him, right?

Rhino let out a few yelps as the ICER rounds hit dead center in his rear. He rubbed the sore spot before looking back angrily at the SHIELD squad. "H-hey! That smarts!" He cried, before glaring angrily at Sharon… and then huffing harder as this upstart little girl tried to stand in his way! "What? You think you're tough enough to stop me!? I'll pound your faces in for that!" Rhino pounded his chest before lowering his horns and charging, the intent on skewering the poor girl and the SHIELD agents behind her.

Ford watched in horror as things slowed to a crawl for him. He was acting on pure instinct at this moment, and his instincts told him to rush in and help! Ford could feel his legs propel him forward to the impact point between the two of them. His legs rose up and directed it right into the Rhino's chin. The next thing he knew, Ford was sending him flying into the nearby wall, impacting the wall as he stood there, leg still extended, probably just as shocked that he just did that as everyone else present.

"DAMMIT do these things ever work!?" Sharon half growls as several ICER rounds do nothing but draw the beast's ire. She blinks in a moment of confusion to Lunair and that weird bomb, but she has utterly no time as there is now a very annoyed, very large bad guy charging her direction. Sharon moves fast, well trained herself, but suddenly dodging isn't necessary as Ford is slamming into the thing and the slender seeming man has enough power to put the Rhino into the wall again. She tilts her head, making a mental note, before changing weapons to something a bit more heavy duty. It's not a human ICER, levels in this weapon would kill a human. She levels the thing, trying to get at the side of the Rhino's neck. She's always been a good shot, hopefully he's stunned just the moment she takes it, though, and doesn't move out of the way. "Just stay DOWN."

Lunair can't let Peggy's grand niece get SMASHED! Well, granted, she only knows Peggy in passing. BUT STILL. It's the principle of the thing. "Um. Yeah. I - totally - can." Totes! She really can. Actually, she's not really sure. And then all of a sudden, Ford does his thing.

"That was pretty cool." She remarks. "Um. Does this mean I should get a tazer or something?" She asks. Lunair is going to helpfully keep an ice gun on the Rhino. "Also, she totally tazed you, bro." HAW. Owned. Damn teenagers. "Er. You guys are okay?" Her voice is a bit flat. Lunair does not show emotion well. But she is trying.

Ford slowly lowered his leg, looking carefully back at the others before inhaling slowly. "Uh…uhm…" His witty side quickly kicks in as he raises a finger, wagging it at the now rising figure of Rhino, rubbing his chin where he'd been hit. "H..Hahahaha! Didn't your mother ever teach it you wasn't nice to hit a lady?" he taunted, lowering his voice a bit to try and disguise it. Rhino snarled, huffing back at the young man's taunt.

But that's before Sharon's bullet hits right where his armor is weakest, managing to pierce and finally get under his incredibly tough skin. "Ow! I told you to… s..stop… hitting…… with…" Anything else he's about to say is lost in a groggy slur as he tries to stumble forward and falls flat to the floor, cracking it in the process.

Ford decided to take the opportunity to slowly back away…

A small huff is given as the idiot actually goes down. "…I can't believe that worked." Sharon mutters beneath her breath, but she motions to the rest of the team, "…Use the special van. Yes, the ten times reinforced one, we did bring it for a reason. Get him in there before the idiot starts waking up again." The blonde isn't going to worry about anything else until she's certain her agents are obeying orders and the rampaging bank robber is being drug out of the room without much gentle nature to the touch. Then she looks back to Lunair, giving the vaguely familiar young lady a brief nod. "Thanks. You… what you do is… Interesting." That's Sharon's best estimation of the woman's powers. But there were other things to worry about.

The Balaclava'd man MIGHT think he's just about to get away when a set of iceberg blue eyes rest upon him and a louder, more commanding voice comes from the woman's lips. "Hey. Speedy-Mc-Balaclava. Stop right there and pull the mask off. While we appreciate the help, you were still on scene at a bank robbery wearing a balaclava." Ahhh, government profiling at it's FINEST. Sharon takes another few steps in his direction, "We're going to need a statement from you, if nothing else."


Lunair giggles. "Thanks. Be well! Good luck, Speedbro." She has Pinchbro the crab. That should tell someone about her name. "Toodles noodles," Lunair wavewaves. She is going to fly off. Power armor: Totally cheating. "Nice to meet cha!" And off she goes. To do Lunair things.

Ford halts in his tracks, even as Lunair, very oddly, flies away after calling him 'Speedbro'… who in blazes was she? Ford took note of the "Pinchbro" crab thing about her attire… he'd have to worry about that later. Assuming he got out of things with this woman now.

"Uh… yeah, about that… I'm gonna have to turn that offer down. I mean… I wear it for a reason, yeah? Adds to the whole 'Man of Mystery' feel, you know?" Ford raised his hands to keep the woman back, taking a few steps back to match her distance approached. "Besides, my… hero costume is at the cleaners, and this is all I had, you know?"

Sharon would be more worried about Lunair flying off if she didn't already have a file on the woman. But this man? He was a mystery. With every bit of strength that terrifying lady-cops can get, the blonde takes another step in his direction and pains a sweet smile across her lips that is all business and severity, not really sweet at all. But it is, at least, a smile. "I understand your wish to keep a public identity quiet. You can come with me to one of the vans. SHIELD will never release any information on you to the greater public." She then exhales quietly, realizing she might be a bit gruff. She offers her palm instead. "Forgive me, I'm Agent 13. Would you join me in our van for just a moment?"

SHIELD does have some files on her. Mostly that she was one of HYDRA's projects hijacked from the government blah blah, 90s, liefieldian powers, blah blah, functional spine, blah. She is generally cooperative, if alarmingly murderous and whimsy driven.

She is friendly seeming at least. And she is totes mcgotes gone.

Ford quirked a brow at Sharon as she… tried to smile sweetly. He raised his finger as if he was about to say something, before it drooped a little, squinting a little, what little of his face that WAS visible clearly trying to phrase his words without hurting her feelings. "…nice… erm… you… have very lovely eyes." That at least wasn't a lie - her eyes were strikingly crisp and blue, if a little cold in the gaze department. Ford knew he had to focus on getting out with every bit of charm and charisma he could muster behind that mask… but it was hard to keep his eyes to himself. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Agent 13… but I think it would be better if you just forgot I was here. I was just a concerned citizen who could lend a hand… you can just label me under 'Friend'. …also, why does SHE get to fly off on a whim?! She was the one threatening to bring the building down!"

"We already have a file on her. I know nothing about you. And, being that you demonstrated powers in a dangerous situation, I need you to come back and help file a brief report. I'm sorry, sir, I really can't let you leave. It will take just five minutes." Sharon murmurs firmly, putting all her strength and professionalism behind her voice. She even tries another smile, this one not as forced, a board room smile really.

"Aw, see, a smile suits you far better than you realize. You should try it more often… I'm almost tempted to cooperate." Ford replied, giving her a wink before mentally scolding himself. 'No, no! Stay focused and get out, the longer you stay, the worse it will get!' Ford tried to take another step back, but winced a bit in pain. It was the leg he'd kicked Rhino with… it was starting to feel really sore. Guy certainly took a pounding… and he wasn't even close to finished after a blow like that! "Actually, it's better you know nothing about me. Safer that way… what all do you need to know?"

The moment he winces, Sharon moves closer to him, a touch of genuine concern on her features, "And we have medics, we can help you take care of that. Seriously, sir… Just two minutes. Your information is safe with SHIELD, I swear. We, if nothing else, can be a back up resource if you ever need. Having gifts, such as yours, can be strange and overwhelming sometimes. You don't have to be alone about it. Just… come talk to us for two minutes." Sharon coaches once more, taking one step closer which almost puts her violating his personal space, but not quiet. She's trying to keep him calm, like a scared animal, so he doesn't run.

In spite of his sore leg, Ford took a couple steps back as she got close, shaking his head with a chuckle. "Hehe… the one time a lady is coming to me and I have to turn her down… ah, the gods have such a perverted sense of irony." he mused, before frowning. "No, I don't think that's a good idea. I don't use these powers enough to warrant note, trust me. I appreciate the help - really, I actually do - but I think if I revealed who I was, that would cause quite the stir in your group. So… sorry, but no."

There were other tactics she could use. She could even arrest as long as she released him before 24 hours. But, Sharon wasn't generally a bully, she was a spy. So, Sharon gives a quiet sigh, "It would be easier if you came, sir, I promise you that. SHIELD has a way of finding things out." That's Sharon's last warning. Her hands remain neutrally at her side, not reaching for a gun for anything, but there is a hardness behind her eyes that wasn't there before.

Ford frowned. Part of him really did want to rip off the mask and show them all who he was. Not just for the adulation, but being able to tell someone finally that he had powers. But he'd already committed this much to keeping his powers a secret. And with his recent public actions, revealing he had powers now would be an absolute PR disaster. Like it or not, he had to keep his face hidden.

"…than let's hope, for the sake of both us and SHIELD, that you guys slip up in my case and don't get wise. Believe me… learning that would be a true and proper nightmare on all fronts." Ford shook his head again and backed up… before blowing a kiss through his mask to the agent. "That said… I do hope to see you again~" And he zoomed off in a blur. Not quite as fast as he was, but certainly well enough to put some distance between himself and the bank.

"How did I know that was going to happen?" Sharon sighs to herself, shaking her head slowly. She turns on the ball of her foot, walking out the front of the place as she brings her wrist to her lips. She's watching to make certain the clean up crew is coming but talking to SHIELD HQ as well, "I need to tap into every security camera around this bank. Trace the man in the black balaclava. Trace his footsteps approaching this location. I want a name and ID on him before the end of the day, understood?" And, unless Ford was REALLY good about hiding from cameras, Sharon planned to get her answer the not so nice way.

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