A Hunting We Will Go

March 25, 2016:

Cessily and X-23 are thrown into a game of hide and seek.


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Spring has sprung!

Truly. The trees have started to bud, plants have started to poke through the soil and the temperature is above freezing. In fact, today is warm enough that one can get by with only a light jacket, or no jacket at all, depending on how one handles the spring-like temperatures.

From this, or perhaps because of this, the current 'gym' class is being held outside. And instead of just being told to run laps, or do sit-ups, the teacher has assigned a task for the classroom. "All right ladies and gentlemen -" States the teach, "- It's going to be boys against girls and the game is hide-n-seek. Whoever is fastest with finding their 'hider' wins."

And just like that, teams are assign. Cessily and Laura will find themselves paired together and their rival team are two boys by the name of Peter and Frank. Peter's powers are some type of affinity with nature, he can make things grow, while Frank's powers are much more hide and seek based. He can turn himself invisible.

"Boys hide first. You get 2 minutes to hide and then the girls will come after you. And remember, this is for /fun/. No rough housing and no cheating." Though it's going to be hard to say just what cheating is. Either way, as soon as the teacher gives the go, the boys go running towards the wooded area near the backyard.

Cessily Kincaid looks around. It's her 'senior year', and she's splitting her time between regular school and X-men training, so it's weird going from hand-to-hand combat training to… this. Smiling weakly, she looks to Laura. "Okay so… what do you think we should do now?"

Laura's gaze tracked Peter and Frank until they disappeared within the woods and then there was the faintest tilt of her head as she then continued to follow them by sound.

It's only when Cessily speaks up that X-23 will turn her gaze away from the woods and to her teammate. "We hunt them now." She says in that emotionless voice of hers, sounding incredibly serious as she turns her eyes back to the wooded area.

"Come. I know which way they are going." For now, at least. "Have you hunted in the woods before?" Asks X-23 quietly, as she waits for the teacher to give them the go. When the go comes, the slim assassin will take a step towards the wooded area, only pausing to make certain Cessily is coming too.

Cessily Kincaid purse her lips, folding her hands in front of herself, and nods. "No," she says quietly. "I've never, well, I played stuff like this when I was a little kid, butI haven't in a long time." Laughing nervously, quietly. She follows behind Laura. "I guess if you know where they went I'll go with you?"

Play? That's enough to cause X-23's step to slow slightly, "Children play this game?" She asks in that monotone voice of hers, only the slightest beat of confusion lacing her words. "I did not realize. I did not think children were given such tasks. Hunting seemed to only be done by the adults here."

Odd words perhaps, but Laura isn't quite understanding just /what/ this game really means. For her, this is a mission and one she won't fail.

"Come." She says again, "We shall win." Now her pace picks up as she quickly trots towards the wooded area.

Cessily Kincaid giggles, and looks at Laura. "Yes. It's a kid's game. One person hides and other people try to find them. We don't call it hunting, it's fun trying to hide if you're a little kid." She bites her lip again, and makes sure to try to keep up with Laura. "I mean you don't do anything to the person when you find them. you just play again with someone else hiding."

It's clear that X-23 has some sort of training on how to move stealthily. Barely any sound can be heard from her foot steps, even as they move through an area that has a lot of branches, as well as leaves.

Cessily's words, again, give Laura pause but it's not enough to stop the 'hunt', as it were. "A game." She says in that flat voice, perhaps a question somewhere in there. "I understand."

Glancing over to Cessily, she says, "It is still a useful tool to learn how to stalk and hunt, or to hide from someone trying to find you." Now, X-23 will pause mid-step, as she asks, "Which way do you think they went?"

Cessily Kincaid isn't trying to move silently. It woudln't occur to her that she would try, since in this game, it's the person hiding who's trying to be silent. "I guess. It's not something I've ever done before, but you know, I've never had to try to be taught how to fight, either, and I'm getting training for that, too. You'd do better in that training than the school I would think." She then looks around. "You could hide anywhere in a forest."

There's a faint tilt to X-23's head at the mention of Cessily's combat training. "I already know how to kill." States the slim assassin, when the silvery girl mentions X doing better in that class than the school. "The school is teaching me everything else I will need to know to be normal." An odd turn of phrase that, but …

When Cessily doesn't seem to know just where the boys went to, Laura will automatically scent the air, even as her eyes search the foliage around them. Finally, she'll point towards a few branches on a small tree. The branches have clearly been bent, with a few twigs broken. "There. You can see the trail they have left. They are not hiding their passage very well. Sloppy."

Cessily Kincaid smiles weakly at Laura. Normal. Yeah I understand. If … well, never mind that." She tries to keep her head up, unnatural for her, as she starts looking around trying to see any clues about the boys. All the little clues Laura is noticing are going to go over her head. "Trail? where? I trust you."

A very slight frown ticks Laura's lips downward - which is a huge show of emotion for Laura, though Cessily likely wouldn't understand that. Either way, that ever so faint frown dips Laura's lips downward as Cessily doesn't yet see the path.

"This way." Says the dark-haired young woman as she drops her voice to something softer, though still quite absent of most emotion and infliction.

Creeping towards the trail she just pointed out, Laura will investigate the rest of the path. "We must walk quietly now." She adds, "So they do not move their hiding place, should they hear our arrival." After all, the teacher didn't say the hiders had to stay put once they found a spot to initially hide within.

Cessily Kincaid nods, and tries to walk carefully. Though she's not going to be very good at it. She's trying though! Following behind Laura, letting her take the lead, make the decisions, and take the credit in the end, too, should they win. "Alright," she says barely above a whisper.

While there's no outward reaction to any of the noise Cessily makes, it's definitely enough that the boys might possibly hear it. It just depends. Some of the kids here aren't very combat-survival orientated either.

EIther way, the two young woman continue down their path, with Laura mainly leading the way. Every once in awhile she'll pause, as she looks left or right, and sometimes upwards, as well. Still, nothing can be seen with all of this from Laura. Nothing of the boys, that is.

It's not until they're coming towards a small clearing, that Laura will pause. "They are close." And then, "You are doing well."

Cessily Kincaid flashes a smile at the praise. Her hands come together inf ront of her, fingers squeezing fingers, as she momentarily basks. "Thank you," she answers v]ery softly. She's probably doing just fine for a normal person, but not for a survivalist or anyone with any kind of augmented senses. "I have no idea how you can tell this."

"I can smell and hear them." Murmurs X-23 flatly, when Cessily reveals she has no idea how Laura tracked the two boys. "I have heightened senses. They are easy for me to find."

Though she does stop, as she considers, "Though I cannot see them." Which is interesting for Laura, "But they are here."

And with those last words of hers said, Laura will all but leap towards a large tree with a crooked trunk. Within the crooked trunk is a very small opening, just large enough for two boys to squeeze themselves into.

While at first it might seem like Laura is crazy, because what she 'pulls' out of the trunk looks to be air, but after a firm shake or two, the two boys suddenly appear. The one boy, with the the powers of invisibility, is holding onto the shirt of the other boy. Clearly he can cloak more than just himself. Both young men are wearing sour expressions of defeat. "You found us."

Cessily Kincaid goes wide-eyed as Laura goes predator. "Wow," she says quietly, still in that mode even though it's over. Staring, she starts to speak up another few words, mouth opening to, but stops herself.

"Ten minutes." Comes X-23's response to the two boys being 'found'. "That is all it took." And with those flat words, Laura will take her hands from the scruffs of their necks, even as she steps backwards. Sure, the two boys are much taller than her, but that doesn't stop her from turning away from them and back to Cessily.

"Let us see how long the others have taken." And easily now, Laura will silent ghost back towards the trail they came up from. The boys grudgingly follow after the diminutive young woman.

Cessily Kincaid was going to object to them 'cheating' by going invisible but… she's not confident enough to speak up. She just quietly comes along.

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