Right in the Feels

March 28, 2016:

Doctor Strange meets with Wonder Woman about the Talisman of Tartessus it's containment, the DEO and a Spider drops by for a meet and greet.


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Diana has spent the morning on the phone, preparing. Afterall, a skilled tactician at least needs to have the dominoes set up - even if they scatter and branch out in hundreds of different directions. It narrows down eventually.

So stepping into the Hall, she hangs up her phone and speaks into her comm. "Doctor, I need to speak with you at the Hall at your earliest convenience."

Walking into the Hall she did not look like the Wonder Woman of regalia, high heels click their cacophony against marble flooring, altering her height tipping more to seven feet tall, back-seamed stockings ascending up legs to disappear beneath the pencil skirt, slitted up the back for ease of movement in the long strides that carry her through the Hall briskly.

"We have the papers you asked for." One man approaches with a file.
"Here is the connection." Another.
"Kate's attorneys are scheduled to meet with the League's." A woman in white states.

Dominoes, all lining up and Diana extends her hand to gather things from each, a flash of silver bracer in the flicker to clutch it to her hip where waistline of skirt meets the airy cling of white blouse, one arm left bare in the drop of fabric that entwines around torso in loose holds and openings, seemingly kept together by a silver necklace clasped with her emblem around her neck and the single long sleeve that peasant's out around her hand hand on opposing side.

"Hall of Justice." The black-and-red Spider-Man sounds it out, "I really don't think I fit this." His stride is rather casual despite being in full on costume up the steps and past randoms who point and murmur to themselves, he can hear them, he can hear EVERYTHING. Well, overstatement but where Parker got the Spidey-Senses Mig or Mike got the Spidey-Ultra-Hearing, it works out somewhere.
"You're not Spider-Man." A woman walking past him accuses.
"And you're fat, so what?" A gasp from the lady and she clutches her laptop case close to her chest storming down the stairs. A tch sound escaping her.
Miguel fires that same noise back at her. "People are way too sensitive in this era."

KLIK KLAK KLIK KLAK That is a hell of a purposeful heel walk, it's owner no doubt has a… hrm, Spider-Man 2099 stops to stare at Diana Prince's legs and more legs and finally her…
"You must be Power Princess. I seen holovids about you. Much uh… taller in person." Yeah, I don't belong here.

The Doctor had been expected the call, but it still takes him a few minutes to arrive the Hall of Justice. He was busy with his research on mystical gems, and now he has to work in repairing the demon amulet (adding safeguards, because those never hurt). Moreover, he takes a detour through a couple chaotic planes to make any mystical attempt to trace back his teleporting to the Sanctum much harder.

But eventually he arrives to the lobby of the Hall, and goes looking for Diana. It is not hard to find her, the woman has a presence, and with those heels she certainly a tall one. "Where you looking for me, Wonder Woman," the last is added to help Miguel, who receives a nod of acknowledgement.

When another seeks to approach, Diana's attention is already on the approaching Spider-Man. Not one she has seen before, but the reports were read from Shayera's encounters and brows slowly rise, a hand extending for the file the next had. A tablet and a cell phone placed in outstretched and flat palm before he silently walked away.

When Miguel finally reaches her, as well as his eyes play catch up, the smirk on lightly colored lips is friendly, and yet harbors /something/ else entirely. Leaning down, Diana meets his eyes with a slight tilt of her own head. "I have read about you, leave it to Hawkgirl to leave out the 'manners to a lady' part." Because Shayera was her own type of classy. One Diana could fully embrace as an Amazon, but as Wonder Woman..

"I bet I outweigh that woman. Right in the feels." A press of empty hand to Diana's plexus and she rights.

"So, Spider-Man yet not, what do I properly call you?" A pluck of blouse sleeve and before she can correct the name he had called her by Strange did so, a nod to the man with a bit more of a pick-upin her smile.

"I wouldn't dare look. Like any anomaly of the mysts, I sought." A tilt of head and those waves slide over bare shoulder to gesture them both back a bit, Miguel not dis-included, as it was about time he strolled on in.

"It is about the amulet recovered yesterday."

"Doc." Miguel returns towards Strange, "Manners are overrated and why bother when I'll likely never see that person again? I mean, I may, if I end up saving her again some day but really? Plus she started it." A smile that isn't seen accompanied with a shrug.
"Just call me Spider-Man unless the other guy is around then you can call me S-Man or Black Spider or whatever you feel like Wonder Princess. No skin." The rest of the stuff she says just confuses Miguel but he'll stand around and listen, Shayera kept telling him to come here hang out and meet these people. He's not exactly understanding why other than to learn that secret handshake. Looking around him he studies the hall, smooth floors, high ceilings, perfectly spaced pictures, Amazons… it's a museum.
Won't be pushing it on the manners thing at least. When in Rome…

"I am still working on it," notes Strange. "I said the DEO agents I would need a month. It was not exactly true, but I will need a few days to stabilize the construct." And figure out exactly how it works. It was not a work of white magic.

"Speaking of the DEO, have they made any demand yet? I am surprised Maxwell Lord is not already here, he was supposed to be our liaison, but he has been scarce in the Hall." Not that he is complaining, just an observation.

Diana looks from Strange back to Black Spider with her chin tilting upward slightly, there was amusement in those cerulean eyes now, but not enough to bode joking, as business still needed conducted, and Maxwell's name drew an obvious line of tension, enough so the tablet in her hand let out a small crack and the folders bent - just a tad. The crack had Diana backing off a bit, but along exposed arm those muscles still remained tense against the pressure…

"Wonder Woman," Sigh. "It fits either way." A small wave of her hand as she slowly winds down. "And from Hawkgirl's reports, you should be nice around here, just a bit, we already have her to keep them on their toes and steel their emotions." A smile offered and they move into a small foyer where an office branches off to the side. But it lacked the crisp outline of a desk and high backed chairs. This seemed more a lounge, coffee maker and all, where once the motion was detected lights came on and coffee started percolating, a carafe of ice water rising from within a side caddy with glasses.

Diana gestures to chairs and sets her things down, as this was to be her office for the day it seemed. folding into a chair, legs cross and her eyes slide from Black Spider to Strange. "Let's not wish his presence, but I feel it will be soon enough. That is why I sought you out. We need to get that amulet sealed… tightly and handed over, make it inaccessible unless your presence is called upon. Do what you must, but we have to play cards close with the DEO - as they do with us."

A glance back to Black Spider and she hands him a tablet with the debrief and points of their encounter yesterday drawn up. Nothing else will be accessible, so don't try nosy Spider.

"Power Woman." Hidden Spider smile. "My bad." The tablet is taken and he climbs to perch up on the seat feet and knees pulled up as he thumbs through the screen, "So, the other guys serve Doom… SHIELD is it? Or will or something or not. Who are these ones going to bow to? Hercules? Evil Thor? Captain Canada? The Batmonsters from Gotham?" Skim skim, "Sounds like you guys had fun." He flips it back towards her, "Met 'em not super interested in them to be honest. Well shock me, Hawkgirl never told me I had to be on my best behavior here, just show up and meet you people and smack some bad people around."
A pause, "Is there paperwork I have to sign?"

"I am quite sure what you ask for is impossible, any ward I can set can be broken. Even by a less skilled sorcerer if he or she has enough time." replies Strange, taking a seat. No, not coffee, he had enough of it for today. "The amulet is the key of the prison, and it needs to exist for the prison to exist. If it is damaged, the demon can escape even without contact from the outside, but not easily. If it is destroyed I am pretty sure Tartessus would be freed. Fortunately it is very sturdy. Unfortunately someone managed to damage it," and if it was the DEO, there will be some very unpleasant words with a certain elf.

Diana is watching the Spider in brief flicks, but the way he speaks, the things he says… "Where…are you from?" catching the tablet from his flicked return she sets it back in her lap and smooths the hings in her lap before coming in. "I need a fresh handheld, loaded with current statuses across the globe and local. Yes, from agencies to known groups good and bad. Names, leaders, agents, teammates. Nothing sealed."

Releasing the comm she looks back to Miguel. "I would not call it paperwork, it's a pledge. We work to keep everyone safe, we seek justice but not means to an end. We are one of the major representations of every mutant, meta, or human coming together to keep this world - together."

Now that Mig has seen and is somewhat (kinda sorta) up to speed at least right -now-, she looks back to Strange. That is why I said, tamper evident. Is it possible that if they tamper with your seal you will know? Tartessus is not something I want to see fully released." A pause and the buzz in her ear is evident, her eyes even glassing over slightly as whatever it is has already bored her. There's Diana's precog at work!

"No, I do not blame the DEO for that, they would not be so foolish openly. There were mercenaries there from varying calibers, and they were not there for the amulet, but they were /there/ with a purpose enough to just abandon several of their own once accomplished."

A drum of fingers along the folders and Diana rises, looking between Black Spider and Strange. "You will be delivered a small newly created and loaded tablet for review, Black Spider. Let me know if and when you are willing to /sign you paperwork/." A smirk and now redirected to Strange. "Let me know if it can be done, but we have to play close and the longer we keep anything they claim as theirs the more they will pull our hands from our chests." Leaning forward slightly Diana smiles at Strange, scanning him with those oceanic eyes. "You of all people know better then to say impossible."

The bored exhale resumes and with a shove of curl from her face to tuck behind ear, Diana resumes those strides on out.

"I'm from… New York?" Upwards inflection escapes Future-Spider's voice. "I'm definitely an American I can give you that much. I'm also confused, I am signing something but I'm not… uh, okay, never mind, I get it." Hopping down off the chair he stretches watching Wonder Woman leave, "Not a woman that takes no for an answer, huh?" Strange getting that question though it obviously doesn't need an answer. "Kay, well, then. I suppose I'm going to go try and find some cats to rescue from a tree unless I'm needed for anything else?"

Strange smiles. His fault. For telling her nothing was impossible. "I can set an… alarm, of a kind. And I can make it difficult to detect. But I can't guarantee it won't be detected or removed. Agent Lid was a Light Elf, from Asgard. We should ask Prince Thor about him. And I have to wonder what other kind of unexpected resources and allies can they bring for and against us." Spider-Man gets an amused glance, "perhaps you should do some research, young man. I am quite sure you are not from the… neighbor of New York you think you are."

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