Do You Miss The Surface

March 28, 2016:

A shipboard catchup before things get active again

Ekias' Pride - Pacific Ocean


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Fade In…

With the plans for the assault on The Lords network underway, there's little time for reflection and discussion, but there is still some. Relaxing in her room on 'Ekias' Pride', Ulani is speaking to Rowan. The rooms not 'large' but it's one of the larger ones, due to her rank.

Sitting on her bunk, legs curled under her, she looks over to the Dragon Blue "A Key, that no one can remember to use." She's referring of course, to the discussion they had with the Atlanteans the day before.

"You'd think they'd keep better records." Rowan says with a wry face. "Though I suppose most societies haven't done as well. At least they remember that they have a key. I thought the Queen was going to have a very regal conniption though at the notion of her husband powering the damn thing with his life force." Rowan is reclining on a chair below the bunk, watching a panel with news feeds on it. Blue news feeds that is. Military news feeds to boot which isn't quite like CNN.

Rowans comment gets a raised eyebrow "We're talking about the culture that passed lore through stories, Rowan." He should remember the difficulty they had getting the lore for The Lord of The Deep in the beginning. Listening to dry, dusty (ok, not dusty in the Atlantean city), lorekeepers recite the stories till they could make sense of them.

"I didn't realise the Trident used his lifeforce, either." Ulani speaks quietly. That's not exactly something needs spreading around "And I wouldn't blame the SeaQueen if she had … I… wouldn't like it if I was in her place."

The feed that Rowan is watching, shows the deployment of The Blue and Wild Tribes fleets. 'Ekias' Pride' is waiting for the reinforcements, so they can begin the assault on the hidden city.

"Do you recall anything of The Trident from your world?" Did it even exist there?

"Arthur's Trident?" Rowan looks up. "It was a powerful weapon of war. He'd used it in battle once or twice if I'm remembering right… maybe more that I can't remember. He always seemed very reluctant to use it though. As if the effects or the price were only sparingly worth the power it offered." The dragon Blue shakes his head. "I never knew why, or if I did I can't remember."

Ulani had expected that type of answer. She really doesn't like asking Rowan many questions about the past - not being able to remember, must be … painful in many ways.

"I would imagine there are many parallels between our two dimensions. It is likely then that the Trident in your world drew it's power from the same source." Which means using it sparingly would make perfect sense.

Glancing at the panel, Ulani sighs "We've an hour or so before the Wild Tribes meet us. We can then begin our assault on the hidden city." Fighting this type of war on two fronts, is just bad.

"Tell me, Rowan. Do you miss being on The Surface for any length of time?" The pair had been with The Blue fleet for a couple months ago and apart from a few short trips back to the shores, they hadn't spent any real time amongst the few people they had come call to friends.

"Yes." Rowan says simply. "It was as much home as any other place is here. This is important, but I do miss being back up there." Yet another reason he will urge the Blue to make their peace with the surface, if only they can get the surface to make peace with them.

At that answer the Blue Female blows out a breath of relief "I never thought I would say it, but so do I." The soldier turned diplomat has come to rather like the pace of life up there. "I'm sure that's likely to be frowned on by many of our people. But should they take this posting from me, I would still stay up there."

"Well then at least I'll know one other person." Rowan chuckles. "Surface life has much to recommend it… though it has it's issues. We'll have to deal with politics once we return." The warrior makes a face. "Even now, I think. The President will want to speak to us when we're done here…"

"Sooner, if he can." Ulani smiles at Rowans chuckle. "I receive updates from the force we deployed to Pearl Harbour. The Surfacer military is … tenacious in learning more about us. Our envoy is hard pressed at times in keeping the peace."

"I know you don't like politics, Rowan. But this is important and I know you agree - we can't do what Atlantis did, we must manage the agenda." Which also means addressing those from The Blue who would rather remain hidden (not that they can now).

"Your council had better get on appointing more diplomats." Rowan mutters to himself. "We'll do that though. After we win this battle… and war. It does no good to make peace with the surface if there's nothing left either above or below the waves."

Tossing her pillow at Rowan, Ulani laughs "Stop being such a grump. We're changing a millenia of thinking in what amounts to a matter of months. Of course we're going to meet resistance from our people" our people, not hers "and of course The Surface is going to be contrary."

Sobering though, the Blue Female sighs "They're asking for a briefing on the situation. We could send others to provide the update …. "

But the fact is, Rowan and her are more inured to Surfacer ways.

"Tell them unless they're prepared to help they'll get the briefing when we're good and ready with it." Rowan grumbles again, catching the pillow. He sighs. "Though I suppose it should be a little more politic than that. Come on, let's go see the captain and find out if the fleet is going to arrive and provide a battle to rescue us from the fate of having to go explain it to the surfacers."

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