Transia's Most Wanted

March 27, 2016:

Wanda's past comes back to haunt her

X-Red Headquarters


NPCs: Florence Back, Mr Kolorov, Mr Milligan, Mr Crawford

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Wanda is back from Greece…and she looks bruised and battered. She hasn't really said much about what she did there but it was 'official' work. Official for who is unclear but she was there as an X-Red rep. And when she got back there doesn't seem to be a soul around. She drops her bag off and wanders off to see if Gabriel is around - nope…must be at the Institute. The witch changes into sweats and t-shirt before heading to the kitchen, bare feet padding on the floor as she investigates the contents of the fridge - she is a big eater after all.

It is early evening and the sun is in the process of setting as she sits herself down at the table with a big glass of milk and an Easter egg. The egg didn't have a name on it so it must be communal!

Indeed. Dying eggs didn't mean they had to have names on them. Of course they might have also been from the Institute. Some of the kids may have gone overboard there and X-Red had taken some of the excess. Bobby comes from the back of the HQ, still in work clothes. He's been pulling late nights dealing with this and that. "Hey Wanda. You're ba- oooooh… you okay?" Well… she does look a bit beat up.

Wanda turns to look at him and offers a smile…and chipmunk cheeks since she has a mouthful of food. She gestures for him to wait a moment and then she finally swallows. "Hey, Bobby. I'm okay. Was tortured and beat up for a few days. It's how they train." A shrug at how silly it all is. "Did you want some chocolate egg? The fridge is full of them. I think the Easter Weasel came." She pats the table in front of another chair. "Come and sit down. Tell me what you have been doing."

"Tortured for training?" Doesn't sound like an outfit he really wants to be a part of. The ice nerd has a seat and sets his own glass of water down. "Yeah, the Easter Weasel aka the school didn't want their kids quite that sugared up, so we took some of the candy and eggs. Help yourself really. I'm not going to want them I can tell you that much." Too much sugar…

“Me? A few things. Working with the other X-Men on some stuff that's happening in Europe and Japan and possibly elsewhere. Keeping an eye on my powers to make sure they don't go absolutely insane. And keeping an eye out for the Clockwork King and Purifiers. Had a break through with them. Going to put some hurt on them soon. And you? What about you?"

"What was your breakthrough?" Wanda asks before drinking down some egg with the milk. "Is there something wrong with sugar?" This is news to her. "I was in Europe too. Some strange people who Shift says works for the US government and they are augmenting their soldiers. Like Jericho. Do you know Jericho? I think they are Purifiers too. Japan? I've never been to Japan. I would like to go to Japan."

Wanda is back to gobbling down eggs when there is a knock on the door - which in this place means a loud buzzer and the security system kicking in to tell of strangers at the door.

"Pepper Potts - have you met her - she discovered who some of the people are that are giving money to the Purifiers. Some of them are doing it illegally. We're going to take care of that. Others are being more clever but Pepper's going to take care of that herself." It's good to have friends, Bobby knows.

"No nothing wrong with sugar per se. I just don't want to eat too much." The ice nerd smiles. "Makes sense to me. We've heard rumors of the government trying to do that before. Were you working with Shift?" Bobby's met Shift. He's a decent guy. He wonders what Wanda's doing with him though. "You may get the chance to go. We have to send teams…" Bzzzzzt. Bobby hrms and gets up to walk over to the terminal that shows the door camera.

Wanda rises from her chair and follows after Bobby to the terminal, an Easter egg in her hands that she continues to break off chocolate and nibble. She peers over his shoulder at the group waiting patiently. Five men and a woman, all in suits, all screaming government.

The woman steps forward to try the intercom. "Hello? Ms Myers? Mister Drake? My name is Florence Back of the Department of Foreign Affairs." She takes out an ID to flash the camera. "I would like to talk to you or Mister Roberto da Costa about a very important matter."

"Sure thing. Uh, if you're armed just check the weapons at the locker in the lobby by the door. Airport regs you know." And it keeps people honest. The X-Men have enough trouble with purifiers that fake cops isn't out of the question. The ice nerd unlocks the door and straightens his tie.

"Looks like we're going to have visitors. I'll take them in the front room. Feel free to join if you'd like."

"I'll put some clothes on" Wanda nods before dashing off to her room. The group give up their weapons - only two obvious looking bodyguards have them and they are deposited in the locker. Soon they are assembled in the front room. "Mister Drake?" Florence asks as Bobby appears. "Thank you for seeing us. We would like to do this in a civilised manner without any trouble." She seems nervous but that is normal when dealing with superpowered people…they can turn you to ice in a second.

Florence gestures to the others. "Mister Milligan of Homeland Security." A man in his thirties nods in greeting. "Mister Crawford, Department of Energy." A man in his forties nods. "Mister Kolorov, Transian Ministry of Security." A sour man in his sixties just stares at Bobby. "We have a problem, Mister Drake" Florence sighs. "You are giving shelter to a terrorist and we would like you to hand over Ms Wanda Maximoff."

"Mmmmmm." Bobby considers that. "So, I'd have to see a warrant for that kind of thing, you know. And I'd have to contact Miss Maximoff's attorney, too." Oh boy. Wanda had spoken on and off of her troubles with her native government. They're not exactly fine upstanding folks. The Department of Homeland Security getting involved makes it official. If, indeed, this is actually them.

But first things first. Formalities are wonderful things. So yes. Warrant.

"Of course" Florence nods to Bobby before one of the guards steps forward to hand her an envelope. "We hoped it wouldn't have to come to this. She is an illegal alien, despite whatever deals X-Red did with the Department of the Interior in the past. You will find that deal will be considered moot if Ms Maximoff is proved to be a terrorist."

"This is not hard to prove" sneers Kolorov.

"We have due process, Mister Kolorov" Florence informs him. "If she wishes to apply for asylum and she is /not/ someone who can be considered a terrorist then she will be staying with us." This does not seem to please Kolorov but he says nothing more. The warrant is handed over to Bobby. "I'm sorry about this, Mister Drake, but we also cannot have terrorists hiding in this country if we berate others for concealing those who terrorize us."

"Mmmmm. No, I will not find that." Bobby opens the envelope to look at the contents. "Since even you can't void a work visa without due process. Which makes her, surprise, not an illegal alien." Inside, yep. Warrant.

The ice nerd looks up and nods. "Alright. So I presume you have some actual police along to arrest her. Or I can call for them, Airport police are pretty close." Since the DoH has no actual peace officer powers they can't actually arrest anyone. And Bobby's about to be a real asshome when it comes to formalities. "Alleged terrorists, Miss Florence, since her lawyer will be in touch with you soon and I'm sure he's probably not going to want to hear that the Department of Homeland Security has decided the case before it's gone to court." Bobby is already pulling out his cellphone to speed-dial a number that will ring both X-Red's contracted legal services and DCI. He knows Berto will want in on this.

“There are police waiting outside but we are concerned with how she will react which is why we would like your assistance" Florence says to Bobby, ignoring any snide remarks. "We will await the call from her lawyer but for the moment she is to be taken into custody."

"Too many rules" Kolorov smirks. "This woman is a murderesss. Her brother is a murderer. They have destroyed buildings and infrastructure. And all of this is on video and will be verified by dozens of witnesses. Perhaps, Ms Back, you should wonder why Mister Drake is so keen to protect this woman."

And here comes the woman in question as Wanda bounces into the room with an innocent smile. "Hello" she greets.

"Mister Kolorov, hush." Bobby says quite simply. "Or I'll have you removed from the building by the police. If I don't do it myself." And that's all the attention he's giving to that.

"Please ask the officers to come inside. I will speak to Wanda but I will not help you arrest her. If you don't think you can handle that job safely, then I suggest you wait for a more opportune time. She's not going anywhere, after all."

Bobby pauses a moment to speak quickly into his phone. He's assured that X-Red's legal team will be filing for a couple of injunctions immediately. Some judge somewhere is about to get woken up.

"Alright. That done…" He turns to look at Wanda as she comes in and sighs. This is going to be unpleasant.

"Wanda… these people are here to arrest you. I've already called our lawyer and it's going to be okay, but you might have to go with them temporarily."

"The safety of this process is not the responsibility of the officers, Mister Drake, it is how Ms Maximoff will react" Florence replies before making a call. "Send them in."

Mr Kolorov takes a step back…at least until he sees Wanda. "Look at the witch! Gloating!"
"That is not helping, Mr Kolorov" Florence quietly reproaches him.

Of course Wanda is confused by Bobby's words. "Arrest me? Why do they want to arrest me?" She takes a step back. The last time she was arrested she lost her family. Her trust of authorities is not high…and now there are police walking in. "Bobby? I don't want to go with them. They won't let me go again." She heard Kolorov's accent. "They are from Transia, Bobby. Are they taking me back there?" The fear is evident in her voice and her fingers unconsciously twitch and start to conjure up her scarlet energy.

"Miss Back. That man is no longer welcome in my building. Since he is not essential to this process and not a law enforcement officer, or indeed an officer of our government at all he is now trespassing. You have ten seconds to get him off X-Red property, to include the parking lot, before I do it myself." The temperature just dropped.

The glare he gives the man is literally icy. Rime starts to form on the floor.

Bobby glances back to Wanda very quickly while hopefully someone gets Kolorov out. If he's still there when Bobby is done…

"No." Bobby shakes his head. "Not now. They'll have to go through deportation proceedings. We'll defend you, I promise." All of them. "And I'll follow them to make sure we all know where you are in the meantime." Which means he'll be going with Wanda, at least for a bit. She'll have to be inprocessed but he's hopeful that the legal team can get her released pending the hearings. He won't promise that though.

"Wanda. It's going to be okay."

Kolorov is more bluster than bravery and once that icy glare is sent his way and he shivers at the fall in temperature, he is quickly making his exit along with one of the guards. He passes the half a dozen police that enter to take Wanda into custody and those men nervously glance at the power building around her hands.

Wanda looks at Bobby, a tear trickling down a cheek before she nods once to him. "I will trust you, Bobby. Tell Gabriel not to do anything silly…" Like she was about to. She swallows nervously before dismissing the energy around her fingers and then taking a step forward. Handcuffs are quickly produced and slapped around her wrists.

Florence manages to breathe again before looking to Bobby. "If you wish to come with us, Mister Drake, then that will be acceptable. But she /will/ be held in custody. We understand she has just returned from overseas and her…powers…make her a flight risk."

"I'd let the courts, decide that, Miss Florence. It's not up to you." Granted, considering Bobby thinks it's likely that the courts will agree but there's some creative arguments to be made. Without a way to take away Wanda's powers - something that would instantly provoke a militant legal and physical response from the X-Men - she's not any less a flight risk in a holding cell. Will a judge see it that way? Well, only one way to find out. He does recognize the need for Wanda to be taken in right now, though. It's procedure.

"I'll let him know, Wanda. And everyone else. Come on. I'll drive behind you and walk you to inprocessing."

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