Not The Only Project

March 27, 2016:

May is briefed on what Jemma found out about Project Longbow, plans are made.

New York


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A few days ago, Ronin took Jemma on an excursion to a SciTech facility deep in the Appalacian Mountains. An excursion that took a turn … for the worst. Go figure. Mays probably seen reports about the facility being destroyed - but then again, maybe not, it was a dark facility after all. Still Jemma and Clint got a lot of information out of the facility before beating a hasty retreat.

Taking a leaf out of the /old/ archers book, she's arranged a meeting place in a quiet coffee shop out of the way and is sitting at a table with laptop open, seemingly working whilst she's enjoys a pot of tea.

Arriving at the quiet coffee shop just a few minutes after Jemma (but earlier than planned), May orders a cup of coffee to keep up appearances before moving to join the biochemist at her table. She can always give the coffee to someone else when she leaves. "So. Is this about your mini-vacation in the mountains?" Clearly, she knows something.

Clint arrives. Note: Clint. Not Ronin. He's dressed casually and for the weather, his mop of dirty blonde hair tousled as it often was even back during his SHIELD days. He's not visibly armed, which is also usually the case when he's just out and about. And he's even paying for his own coffee. Will wonders never cease?

The ex-spy slides into a seat at Jemma's table and grins. "I feel like we've met somewhere before." He teases May and Jemma.

"Mini-vacation, yes." Jemma has the grace to look sheepish. As Clint slides into the booth "It was very entertaining." When May had given Jemma permission to go off the res, she might not have meant quite as far as she did.

There's a data stick on the table next to her laptop and she gestures to it "The vacation proved to be not very relaxing." meaning they've found information. "The location was experiencing an infestation." May can interpret that as … it was full of Daemonite possessed or controlled researchers.

Clint will likely have more to add to that.

"I wonder where," May deadpans at Clint. And for the first time possibly EVER, she wishes he'd just swiped the coffee she bought. She kind of hates the thought of it going to waste, even if she does hate the stuff. She looks from Jemma to the memory stick. "Let me guess. Photos of your vacation." She lifts the cup in her hand to take a sip and stops herself just barely in time to avoid taking a swig of the coffee.

Clint gives May an amused, arch look as he takes a sip of his own coffee. His eating and coffee-drinking habits are… male. So very male. He doesn't care what it is for the most part so long as it gets the job done.

"Ooooh. Photo session? I wanna see." The archer smirks a bit. He knows what was on those. Jemma can tell that story.

Jemma lowers her voice and starts talking as she loads up the drive. It's data and images of 084 devices. May will recognise them, but there are subtle differences from the ones they have in The Triskelion. These are 'next generation'.

"Project Longbow disappeared from SHIELDs radar in 2015. Normally, as you're aware, this could mean it was terminated or it was reclassified but through my digging, I found it hadn't been put on hold at all. It was being run from a blacksite called Phase Blue, deep in the Appalacians." taking a sip of her tea, thankfully it wasn't coffee, she continues "When we got there, I discovered the project was focussing on translocating people and objects. Seems they've made a breakthrough… "

Melinda May quirks an eyebrow at Jemma, then nods and looks at the images while she proceeds with the explanation. She very nearly takes a sip of the coffee again, and this time very deliberately pushes the cup toward Barton. "What kind of breakthrough?" She's lowered her voice to match Jemma's.

"Dangerous kind. The kind that they wanted to, let's say 'Permanently Reassign' Jemma for." He'll let Simmons explain the sciency part. He's no good with that himself. Of course since he was the one who sent Jemma off on that wild goose chase, he also provided backup and a good thing he did too. On the downside, he's out of cyanide arrows now.

"They've been researching the 084's we've been collecting, trying to make them work. Well… not trying. They've made them work and have been able to translocate an object a few hundred feet with them." Which isn't far, but it's further than Jemma and her team have come.

"But more concerning than that … " she glances to Clint "… all the researchers had been possessed. When I got there, they tried to take me." She … hadn't expected that, thankfully Clint had.

The results that are showing on Jemmas screen show they'd made leaps and bounds in outstanding the technology and were … a month, maybe two away from opening a stable to the Daemonites homeworld.

Melinda May looks .. displeased. Well, to anyone not at this table she'd simply seem expressionless But Jemma and Clint both know her 'I'm forcing myself to remain calm' look. Probably too well. "What's the current status of this facility?"

"I overloaded the portal devices and it made a nice little crater. Sucked a few tons of rock through a portal before the equipment was damaged beyond repair, I'm sure." Clint murmurs. "It's not salvageable. However that's not the problem. That facility probably wasn't the only one working on portal tech. There's probably a few projects in SHIELD still going related to it and if they've infiltrated other agencies or universities… their resources could be pretty significant."

"It wasn't." Jemma confirms. "Since our return, I've done a bit more digging. Six other 'projects' went dark around the same time. It was just a matter of following certain threads, three of those all had similar briefs to Project Longbow." Shaking her head as she takes another sip of her tea "And… we recovered a device the other day that created a stable portal and transported four Daemonites here. Well, three. One got chopped up as the portal closed on it."

Melinda May raises her eyebrows at that. "We need to step up the timetable, then. Do you have guesses about the locations of the other six projects?" She's clearly doing the mental calculations to see if it's feasible / possible to take out all of those rogue projects, or if she should take this data directly to Fury and get his take before running off to blow up buildings.

Clint shakes his head. "I hadn't even heard of them before today. Which means they were either killed before my time or started after my time." And revived recently and taken off the books. "But I can dig into it." Blowing up buildings with SHIELD personnel in them is probably not a good idea. Clint did it recently but… shhhh. That was different. And all the people in that room were already dead.

"After your time, Clint. Well, during your disappearance" Jemma confirms as she makes a face. To remind him of that … seems cruel. "I've checked the initial briefs for the three projects with similar names, they were all started sometime between November 2014 and March 2015 and disappeared not much longer after that."

"I don't have anything more than that, so your asssistance would be welcomed." It's really not Jemma's thing at all and just digging into the information is dangerous enough.

When May mentions stepping up the timetable, Jemma actually smiles just a little "With the information I was able to pull from the facility, I'm way further ahead than I was just days ago. And with the new device … I'm hopeful." Hopeful they'll know how they work and can work out how to disable or shut them down.

Melinda May nods to Jemma. "Tap outside resources if you need to." She's been working Dr. Storm, right? And she's got a close affiliation with Reed Richards, whose speciality seems to be portals of various sorts. "They've already got too much of a foothold for my taste, and I'm not about to let them get any further." She then looks at Barton. "Anything else to add?"

"Nope. If I get anything else I'll let you know. You'll probably want to appraise the Old Man about his at some point." Clint jerks his head in the direction of the Tri. "But I think you'll find he knew or suspected a lot of this already."

"I will, May." Jemma's drops the title for the moment. "I may need to show them the portal buster, see if we can tap some of the work done with that."

The talk of Fury has Jemma shuddering a little. She's been in one meeting with the man - not something she's overly keen on repeating but she rather suspects she might have to about this.

Removing the data spike from her laptop, the biochem is prepared to wait a few minutes, obstensibly to finish her tea but also not to make it too obvious what they'd been doing.

Maybe she's still not subtle.

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