Marked For Destructive Testing

March 27, 2016:

Jericho and Zee run into Lunair - Jericho has some news for the gun bunny

Queens - New York


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Jericho has a lot of projects. A loooooooot of projects. A couple of them involve one of the most terrifying mutants he knows not named Illyana.

No seriously. The woman can conjure railguns out of thin air. His first exposure to her was watching her turn HYDRA assassins into clouds of rapidly expanding red mist. It's seriously, honestly, rather frightening.

At the moment though he only knows of one that involves her. A twisting maze of secrets, contacts, contracts and lies that led him an hour ago to basement under a brownstone full of people with guns and computers with files he wanted. Now he's sitting with a cup of gelato in front of him, and a hard drive that he's presently examining for, er, bullet holes. This one seems to have survived intact.

More or less.

He's Internet Wolf. Of course he does. Lunair would probably be more of a nightmare if she weren't a genuinely friendly person. As it sits, she's still more than capable of splattering people on a whim. She keeps most of her trump cards to herself, though. Beware of her offering to show you a magic trick. It probably involves C4. Going somewhere or doing something unmentionable.

But she does seem to like Jeri well enough. And Lunair will turn up. She loooooooves spring and all of it's bright, bright colors and a crapton of sweets. She's likely on a sugar high, and going back to class as spring break is over. But she comes to a screeching halt seeing a familiar face. "Hi!" It's a Jeri! In the wild!

Sitting next to the demontainted hacker is a raven haired woman, blue eyes slightly darker than usual, nursing a cup of coffee (no gelato) watching him examining the hard drive.

Lunairs screeching halt has her raising her head and offering the gun bunny a smile "Hi Lunair… "

Jericho looks up and smiles. "Well speak of the gun toting mutant. Hey Lunair. Have a…" Oh. Sugar high. "… seat. If you can." The hacker finishes screwing the hard drive back into an external, powered casing of the kind use for wifi backups and turns it on. "Funny you should stop by, I was just thinking about you. Well…" He waves the hard drive gently. Don't want those heads to scratch.

"Someone else was thinking about you and that got me thinking about you. What have you been up to?"

Blink. "Um. Am I that interesting?" Lunair looks concerned. "Have you guys been sleeping okay? No drugs? Is it Shift selling brownies again? He resells them from the botany club sometimes. I really don't get it…" Oh boy. She rubs the back of her head. She'll sit, though there's a bounce to one of her legs and she peers. "It's not porn, is it?" Oh god. Too much sugar.

She still bets it's porn. "How are you two?" She asks. "And ummm. Baking. Science. Sometimes shooting weird demony things." A beat. "And I met a space nudist. He seemed nice." Poor Peter. "Well, he was only naked in public once. He was nice enough." A shrug and a smile. "And dealing with some of the people trying to murder metahumans. The usual." She does pick off HYDRA and cartel types when she can. "I met the Punisher again. He's like an angry dad. Kinda. How about you?"

Sugar high indeed. Zee quirks an eyebrow at the woman as she sits, looking mildly amused at the rush of words. "Nope, not porn." The list of things that Lunair has been up to is … quite amazing.

"I believe it's our old friends…"

"I'm well enough between annoying various people with very large guns and hunting for… you've done contract work before right? You know the name 'Deathstroke'? He's on my radar and not in a good way. Keeping an eye out for his folks. They've got a signal that moves in and out. Haven't seen it in a bit though so the trail's cold. Still watching for it though." And making preparations.

"Anyway that's not related to this. Let's see what we've got here…"

Jericho's arm lights up and starts displaying text in a small projection above it. About as discrete as he gets while in public. It's not too noticeable.

If Lunair cares to bend over and read it… it's kind of boring. A lot of dry text about the logistics of a couple of medical projects. Where it gets interesting is where certain names start highlighting as the hacker's programs crawl over the text. He seems to be linking names to dossiers he's compiled. HYDRA. HYDRA. HYDRA. They say. Not surprising considering where he got it.

Until a name pops up. Martin Craven. The text washes over that and beeps 'Department of Defense Special Intelligence Projects. Reference files: Advent. Reference dossier: Lunair / Armory / Muriel.'

Er yes. Jericho has a dossier on Lunair. He has one on most everyone.

He's a lot like this guy with a thing for bats. Who was last seen slap fighting with orphans. Life is strange. Lunair cants her head at Zee. "I see." She just goes with it, but concern is creeping in.

"Yeah, I've heard of him. Almost anyone with some sort of mercenary background has, honestly. He's a big cheez-it." And truly, in an era of google ass- er, google GLASS, is an arm computer really so strange?

But Lunair is curious. There's an unease as she figures out what's going on. She almost hisses. Almost. But she looks ready to flip the table, hiss, THEN bolt off like a roach when the light is on. "Y-yeah? What's up?" Few people use that third name. And it's not something she's keen on having out, porn or otherwise.

"Settle…" Zee murmurs, eyes still glittering darkly. She knew it was HYDRA related, Jericho's been conducted hits of places for awhile, sometimes Zee helps him, sometimes not. But they're aware the group is slowly reforming.

Glancing at the display, reading the names, she looks back to Lunair. "Seems someone's taken an interest in you."

Jericho glances up as Lunair goes skittish. He taps a few symbols on the projection and it shuts down. She'd told him that name once a long time ago. He knows it's a sensitive one for her. "Well… didn't quite expect that…" He murmurs before he turns to Lunair.

"I've been following a trail. There's been a lot going on lately with the US government and powered folks and I'd gotten curious where your project had ended up after the accident. We both know that HYDRA had a hand in it but they were only manipulating it, not running it. Turns out, after the incident that saw most of your friends, er, rehomed the project wasn't killed. It stopped being a 'creation' projected and started being a 'tracking' one. That project got turned over to a government conspiracy called 'The Section'. And it appears as if they're tired of just watching, now."

Lunair does settle. But it's hard to undo years of paranoia, hatred and all the chains that go with it. "You seem tired. Did you want some tea?" She asks. Then a sigh. "And I'm guess it's not a cute guy?" That, is a bit of attempted humor. Sorrow, knowing full well it's more of those INFERNAL DART DRONES (she's going to kick Steve's ass ONE DAY). Or worse. She peers at Jericho. "Sorry. I'm glad to see you, and I should visit more."

But then, she goes quiet again. A nod. "Why use your own resources when you can guide someone else's I guess." The mooching roomie from Hell, perhaps. She isn't sure what to make of the rehoming business. "I see." Do they want a return on their investments? To see what happened? "They really suck at naming things," She concludes. "What - are they going to do after watching?"

Zee hasn't heard of The Section, she's been otherwise distracted for a while. She'll ask Jericho more about that, later, maybe. If demons and world ending magic crises don't happen in the meantime.

"Typically?" She winces at the next words she's going to utter, but she does think she knows the routine "Retrieval." there's an 'or' that might be added to the statement, but she's not going to voice that.

"Not a cute guy, sadly. Sorry Lunair."

Her question on 'what they're going to do now' has him pulling up his screen again. More text, but he'll summarize this time rather than letting his programs do the talking. "Whatever it is, they're calling it 'Project Advent'. I'm not entirely certain exactly what the project's goal is, but the files I did recover call for… uh, 'destructive testing' of 'previously misplaced project assets which have become disruptive to our ongoing goals'." Which means, simply put, that someone wants to take them apart physically, mentally and emotionally and see what makes them tick. Well, not all of them. Just the ones they deem to have become problems for the good old U.S. of A.

These are not people Jericho likes. Lunair can almost see his jaw set. "I've got a couple of addresses… if you want them."

It's never anything that awesome. And poor Zee. Rain knows that pain far more than Lunair. She frowns. "I see."

She is quiet. It's never cute guys. She looks down to the table. "Hm. I probably qualify for that destructive business." Lunair's nature is that of a scorpion. She's tried to hide it. She's tried to deny it. Neither worked out too well for her. It's troubling, really. "I bet America probably would hate me," She admits quietly. Freaking German bioengineering. V-tech kicking iiiiiin. Then she tilts her head. "Addresses? For hidey holes or places I can go to deal with these people?" Because she is oddly comfortable with the idea of bringing violence to them. Do they wish to know what she can do? Then let them see.

Zee raises her eyebrows. It was the unspoken 'or' … well a combination of both actually. Destructive testing - she's had to do that with some materials, to work out how they interact with her magic. Nothings left when the testing is done.

"Sounds like it to me, Lunair." hidey holes or places she can find who's looking for her. "But you likely don't have to go alone, you know? I'm sure your friends will help, if you ask." But sometimes, these things need to be done alone. Zee's found that out recently.

Jericho grabs a napkin and scribbles down a couple addresses. One's in New York. The other is in White Plains, north of here. "Not sure if they're safehouses or addtional facilities but they're definitely connected to the project. If you want to bring me any kind of cell phones or computers you find there I'll be happy to take a look at them." He slides the napkin accross the table.

"Be careful, okay?"

Lunair would rather not be exploded Zee-style. It sounds kind of painful and inclined to leave smouldering craters. Lunair is allergic, really.

"I see. And I know," She replies. "I just dislike involving them. Then people can use them against me," She admits, closing her eyes a moment. "Or they get hurt needlessly for my sake. It's safest alone in that regards. I've worked alone for yeeears. But we'll see. Only a doof doesn't scout first," She remarks.

"Thanks," She beams at Jeri and accepts. "All electrowidgets. Noted." She is being a bit wry. She understands technology well enough. "Anyway, sorry. I just wanted to say hi and see how you were. But I guess this is just something that will follow me forever and ever." Beat. "Or until I get naturally selected out anyway." Darwin award winner.

"Friends can be used against you whether you involve them or not." Zee points out. But that's up to Lunair to decide how to deal with that.

"It's good to see you again, Lunair. Take care and be as safe as you can." the raven haired mage knows theres little more you can than that.

"Maybe, maybe not." Jericho smiles a bit. He knows what it's like to have something eternally hanging over you. "Either way you know what my number is. Be safe. And I'll be around." Beat. "Let me buy you some Gelato before you go, mmm?"

"Sure! But I'll get it next time." She replies to Jeri. "And that's true. We'll see." A shrug. Lunair just - adds, "It's something I have to think about. Just doing it would be such a bad idea, no matter what Nike or that Shia guy tell me." That, is a weak attempt at humor.

"Planning things isn't a bad idea." Zee confirms quietly "But eventually you'll need to act. Do something." Because doing nothing is still doing something, and you end up handing your power to someone else.

"Be well, Lunair."

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