Loose In Hell's Kitchen

March 27, 2016:

SHIELD are in pursuit of a person in Hell's Kitchen and Claire gets caught in the crossfire

Hell's Kitchen - New York


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Hell's Kitchen. Wset 39th and 9th, almost directly on top of the Lincoln Tunnel. With towering skyscrapers just a block or three in just about every direction, this little section of street is a throwback to the more dangerous days. Granted, most of the five-story brownstones that remain amidst the taller (and clearly VERY expensive) apartment buildings are either in very delapidated condition, or have clearly been included in the gentrification of all of Manhattan Island.

It's late enough at night that normal foot and car traffic is at a minimum, and yet, the sound of running footsteps start to echo off of the buildings followed by the telltale sound of chain link fencing.

"He's jumped a fence," WAND Agent May says quickly and near breathlessly as she chases after someone, hitting and scaling the same six-foot fence at a full run. "He's going between buildings."

The response is over the radio though May knows the person on the other end of it isn't on a radio. Benefits of being the peculiar kind of hacker he is. I'm on the rooftops and about two blocks down. See if you can herd him back toward the water. That'd be west and might be trick considering this guy is seems pretty dead set on going north. Keep after him, I'm not too far. We'll box him in. Anything I should know before I get there?

For those not listening in, the only indication of something unusual will be an amber flash - are those… wings? Nah, couldn't be - as someone navigates the rooftops like they're his own personal training circuit. Those with less… insulated apartments may find their sleep disturbed, but only briefly and few are inclined to look. He's not coming inside after all. Why borrow trouble?

Sleep? What's sleep? For an ER nurse who spends many of her nights patching up idiot vigilantes, sleep is just a suggestion she gets in the daylight sometimes. So, Claire is just walking home from a shift now, her bag across her shoulder, still in her scrubs and crocs, no jacket necessary in the spring warmth of the city. She's but two blocks away feom her place when she hears the fast pounding of feet coming down the street and turns her head. That's never good. She looks, trying to figure out what is going on.

Nothing more than usual, Aspect. The profile remains the same. That's Simmons. She's placing a silver looking pylon about 3ft in height on the street. First pylon in place. Once you get him into the box, it will suppress the ability to attack psychically.

Claire will see the british born biochem, she's not trying to hide and is wearing standard SHIELD issue field kit. (no lab coat!) and is flanked by two SHIELD agents who are watching her back.

Humphreys, Davis, how are those other two pylons going?

Pylon Two in place, Doctor Simmons beat Nearly in position for Pylon Three, eta two minutes.

May makes it over the fence and continues after her target. "Trying." She rushes through what is very clearly private property, scales a second fence, and ends up on the street again. The pistol-like crack of her ICER weapon manages to get the person she's chasing to turn and run down the street, more or less toward Jemma's location, and May keeps up the chase, despite looking rather disgruntled about it.

Another gunshot rings out. This one from above. It impacts near the runner's feet. That's intentional, May will quickly realize. The man on the rooftops has taken up a position ahead of the runner and behind Claire and he's shooting steady, aimed shots to keep the runner from veering off and away from Jemma's little box. Any time now would be great, Simmons.

Another shot. Crap. You've got a civillian ahead of him. I'm moving up.

The nurse blinks, looking back down the street towards the vaguely recognizable SHIELD uniforms. Well, this wasn't good, and then there were shots and she does what any girl raised and Hell's Kitchen does when there are shots — she hit's the fsking DECK! Claire immediately tosses herself down, into the cover of the edge of a cement stoop and railing, so she's hiding in the corner there from whoever might be firing at the running man. Hopefully this keeps her out of being grabbed by the runner also.

"Protect the civilian, Matthews." Simmons speaks to one of her agents. "Don't argue, just do it. You know what will happen if he gets her." Matthews gives Jemma a baleful look and moves to try and protect the (sensibly) cowering woman.

Davis, move faster. I need that pylon in place *now* beat In place, Doctor Simmons, activating it …

"Doctor Simmons, you really need to move." Jefferies has his own weapon drawn and is firing at the runner, trying to keep him in 'The Box'.

"In …. just … " Deftly operating the buttons on her pylon "…. minute, Jefferies."

Field is up, Agent May and Aspect. He's still dangerous though.

Spotting the civilian that wisely (for a change) promptly went for cover, May is ready to keep the man racing ahead of her from trying for the nurse (based on her attire). She's just not close enough or fast enough, however. The man, despite the occasional gunfire aimed to herd him along, changes course far more suddenly than should be normal for a human, and makes a beeline for Claire at the same time as a foreign and VERY strong telepathic force starts attacking her mind, compelling her to stay completey still.

The moment the attacker is making a beeline for her, Claire is doing the OTHER thing she learned growing up in Hell's Kitchen — getting out her pepper spray. So, while her mind is assaulted, dark eyes going a bit too wide, drowning in her own pupils, her determination and pure stubborn nature follows through with what her hand was already doing. A spray of that awful, burning substance is tossed in the direction of that telepath even as Claire is frozen in place, finger on the aerisol trigger. She looks a mix of terrified, angry, and drugged out from the thing fighting for control of her mind.

There's another flash of amber on the rooftops as someone hurdles an alleyway a lot more easily than should be possible. Why becomes clear moments later. A man in black tactical clothing takes a flying leap from a six story building and drops to the ground. Bat wings that seem to be made of amber light flare from his shoulders as he descends and in his left hand something seems to unfold with a mechanical 'clack' into a wicked looking slashing sword while liquid silvery bracers rush out from under his sleeves to coat his forearms. "STOP!"

Not that he thinks that's going to work, clearly as even as the words leave his lips he drives his shoulder toward the running man as his blade comes up and under for a lunging stab.

"Damn." Simmons actually swears. OK, that's swearing for the British born biochem. Reset your pylons, Davis and Humphreys she recognises what's happening to Claire.

Don't let that thing touch her. If it's talons latch, it will be game over. Of course all the SHIELD agents know this. It's been in the briefing notes that Jemmas been circulating for a week or so.

As Claire operates that aerosol, Matthews takes a good dose to his face, dropping to his knees, coughing and spluttering, tears streaming down his reddened cheeks.

"Stay back, Doctor Simmons." That's Jefferies whose covering Jemma's position. Aspect and May are converging - no need to risk the biochem, right?

Claire is still frozen. She might be a tough b*tch from a tough part of town, but she's still only human. The pepper spray's can is still going, but it's going to sputter out soon even under her bent finger. Her pupils just get more wide as the mental clawing continues. She's going to succumb, very soon.

Agent May curses also, but it's in Cantonese, so it could have been anything from a mild 'rats' to something truly vile. The nurse pepper sprays Matthews (just great), and May takes the opportunity to fire another ICER round at the man still barrelling toward Claire. She's not playing this time, though, so it's a head shot.

The psychic pressure does not ease up on Claire, though there's a brief spike when the ICER hits and the man drops like a rock. And still it doesn't let up. Instead, where the man fell there's a gigantic lizard… thing climbing out of the body. Somehow. It's not gory, though.

It's the lizard-thing that the winged man winds up shouldering into and stabbing. Somehow, he doesn't seem to be surprised. He should be surprised. People don't just fall and get replaced by fifteen foot tall lizard things, right? Right?

The man in black may lead something of an odd life.

It's about to get odder for Claire though (poor Claire) as a harmonic hum fills the air. It only lasts a moment and while it does light shows under the swordsman's shirt in glowing blue circuit patterns. It's there just long enough to take in and then with a deep thrum the light seems to explode outward and resolve into a shape that looks a lot like a demonic werewolf. Seven feet tall, lizard tail, wickedly sharp claws. Entirely made of blue light, as if it's a hologram. A really solid one that grabs the lizard by the arm and swings it around to try to slam it into the wall. "Knock." Strike. "That." Strike. "OFF!" The last word is accompanied by the sword getting yanked out and stabbed back again.

Sorry Claire. Hell's Kitchen is a bit strange tonight.

Between Ninjas earlier this week, and a messy interrogation assistance earlier today, Claire's had enough weird for her whole life. Maybe she's in the psych ward and doesn't realize it? Had a nervous break down and work and she's dreamig all this up. Because, holy hell, the world is strange. The moment that Lizard Thing DOES ease up on her, she's screaming out curses in Spanish lewd enough to make most sailors blush. She scrambles back, up the stairs, trying to get as far from the scene as possible as she drops her empty cannister of pepper spray.

"Cryo-unit ETA 3 minutes." Simmons calls out to Aspect and May "Take its head off Aspect. It seems to slow it down." Seems the biochem isn't surprised by this at all, either.

Pylon Two reset, Doctor Simmons.

Pylon Three reset, Doctor Simmons

Jemma breaths out a long breath and resets hers … please, let the psychic dampening field go up this time. She really has to go and speak with Doctor Richards about that more portable unit.

Glaring at Jefferies. "If Matthews goes blind because we didn't see to him…."

"I don't care, Doctor Simmons. You're staying put."


A SHIELD truck pulls up in the street as they're speaking and the backdoors open … there's the cryo unit, they just now need to get it into position.

The reset pylons finally do their jobs, and the remnants of the psychic attack from the lizard-thing disappear completely.

May rushes forward the moment the man goes down, actually NOT aiming for the lizard thing, but angling to get past it and glowing-wolf-thing both. Seeing the nurse backing away from the weird and cussing up a storm — she may not be fluent in Spanish, but she knows most of the choice phrases Claire is spitting — she instead moves to pull Matthews clear, reaching into her black leather-like jacket and pulling what resembles a silver liquor flask. That SHIELD vehicle had damned well better hurry.

Well, the crazy lizard thing was no longer there. Good. And the SHIELD people didn't seen to be panicking any longer. Other than the poor guy she pepper sprayed. It was the least the nurse could do, as Claire tries to calm her own breathing and scrambles back down the stairs, shifting her back pack across her shoulder and readying to pull a few things out of it she'd just stolen from the hospital that night. It gets bad when she doesn't even get her pilfered supplies home. "Shit. Shit. I'm so sorry. I… I don't know what happened. Let me see…I'm a nurse. I have things to flush his face here… Saline."

The wrestling match in the alley is actually doing a number on the wall that the wolf thing keeps foricbly headbutting the lizard thing into. He's vaguely aware of screaming in Spanish - that's not one of his langauges sadly - and he's trying to keep the fight away from Claire though this thing is… slippery. It actually manages to break away from him for a moment, knocking him down and lunging in Claire's direction before the wolf-thing grabs it by the tail and yanks it back. Scrambling to stand back up, the more mammalian of the two monsters plants a paw like foot right in the center of the lizard's back and brings his blade up, point down, before driving it back to the ground right in the general direction of his opponent's neck.

"Sorry…" Oh god the wolf thing is talking. "This'll be… under control… in a second… STOP SQUIRMING!" Kick. Stab. Crunch.

The cryo-unit is put into position. The last time Jemma had to do this, Sue had the thing in a bubble and they just had to rely on the bubble being moved.

i.e: It was all on Sue.

This time, they've got a fighting a holo-wolf and still kicking Daemonite.

Opening the unit, the SHIELD TAC squad looks to Aspect. Over to you, Aspect. Put it away.

Simple right?

The lizard thing struggles until that last crunch. Now it's just a matter of hefting it over to the cryo unit.

May looks at the nurse with a sharp and assessing stare for about one second before nodding to her and letting the flask fall aside in favor of holding Matthews still. She still watches Claire's every move as if ready to slap her down for doing the slightest thing that could further injure the pepper sprayed agent.

Fortunately, even completely startled by the fact there is a WOLF MAN and a GIANT LIZARD but twenty feet away, Claire is a Manhattan ER nurse. SHe's almost seen it all, and she's used to doing very delicate work when everything is going to hell in the next room. She just has a little worse light here. "I've got it… lucky I have this shit on me.." Claire mutters, trying to reassure May as much as she is the struggling man beneath them. Claire grabs the bottle of saline out of her bag and cracks the seal. She'll end up using the whole damn thing, but that's okay. She also grabs some gauze, putting it at the side of his eyes as she begins to flush his eyes and face. She's flushing the saline INTO the gauze, so the pepper spray isn't spreading, but is getting absorbed. She'll do it twice for each eye. "Sir, I need you to try and open your eyes. We're going to get the stuff out, but I need to open your eyes…" Her voice is shockingly calm for a civvie in the middle of all hell breaking loose.

When the lizard thing goes limp the glowing blue wolf-thing just… fades away. The black clad man who had previously had wings drops lightly to his feet, sword still in hand. He just steps aside to let the cryo-unit do it's thing. Since that should be easy now…

The sword in his hand just folds up into something that looks kind of like a big leatherman and he slides it back into a leather case behind him and walks over to where May and Claire are. Jemma will be joining them soon he's sure. Soon as she deals with the Daemonite.

"How bad is it?" Couldn't be normal could he. No, even now, with the wolf-thing gone, no wings and those silvery bracers gone, his eyes are still literally glowing amber. "Also, are you okay, Miss?"

The cryo-unit closes and activates. Another deep freeze Daemonite for the SHIELD labs! Jemma, finally allowed to move by Jefferies, spends a few minutes conferring with the crew before it's packed up and headed back to a SHIELD facility. No, not The Triskelion.

Matthews does open his eyes, groaning a little as they burn. He's not saying anything at the moment, just letting Claire work.

This is Simmons, deactivate the pylons and return them. Soon, there'll be … ahem… little evidence they were there.

"How's Matthews?" she asks as she and Jefferies join the merry group.

Thankfully, Matthews is smart enough to register the voice of a medical professional, and does as Claire bids him to. It probably helps that May happens to be right there as well.

The cryo-unit is being bundled off into that SHIELD vehicle, and sure enough, there's already almost zero trace of their presence. Just, you know, black-clad glowing-eyed man, May, Jemma, and her entourage. "Call in medevac, Simmons." The nurse is rinsing the pepper spray off of the man's face, but May still wants him back in medical to make sure there's no lasting damage.

"…Wow. Hero-types who can follow orders. Count me shocked." Of course, they're all SHIELD, they are accustomed to giving and taking orders, unlike Claire's usual vigilante patients. "…and hero types who have a med evac. I should work with you all more." Claire's pushing all of her shock, terror and complete horror at the situation under her normal defenses — snark. Even if it's at the expense of her regular patients. She's very carefully flushing his barely open eyes out now, dabbing with fresh gauze after every flush. Her dark gaze flickers up to a few of the other agents for just a moment, but then she's back with her patient. "He should be fine. A hospital isn't a bad choice. I'm going to finish flushing as much as I can, but they'll know how to handle further treatment. Crying is good. Using fresh gauze after every tear is also good. There should be a whole roll in my back, ma'am."

Jericho would probably be amused to know that Claire thinks he's SHIELD. But he is Ex-Military and would hardly get along as well as he does with May if he couldn't both give and follow orders. "You hear that Matthews? It's okay to cry." Jericho will probably drop off a hurt feelings report to the man later. Just to make him laugh a little bit.

"Nice work there miss. Nurse I think you said? Sorry you got caught in the middle of that." He wonders idly if Claire works with his sister out in Long Island. Probably not. Hell's Kitchen is a good way from Long Island. Though you never know. He'll have to ask Gabby later.

"On it's way, Agent May." Jemma responds quickly, she'd already done it. It will take a few moments to get here. Seeing Claires 'stash', her eyes widen a little. She knows what the nurse is doing and … admires it. When the Med Evac leaves, much of that will be replaced, if she can help it.

"Thank you, Ma'am" Matthews finally speaks, even if it sounds pained. No matter how good their training, it was Pepper Spray. Jefferies retrieves the roll of gauze from Claires backpack, but they'll not take it with them and deprive her of her supplies.

"We'll take him to our med labs in The Triskelion." Jemma assurs the nurse as she works "I'm Doctor Jemma Simmons, you can me Jemma. Thank you for seeing to Matthews. But are you alright? It didn't touch you, I think… "

Leaving Matthews to Claire's continued ministrations, she studies the nurse a bit further. Is she still wearing her work badge? If so, does it match what she's telling them? Why did she have medical supplies clearly of hospital grade on her person? Is she stealing from her workplace? If so, why? Of course, she doesn't ask any of this aloud. Instead, she just stares at the woman. Maybe she's attempting a field version of the Teal'c method of interrogation?

When Claire kills the bottle of saline, she sighs and shakes her head. "THat's the best I can do here and now. Yeah, more help is smarter. It's still Pepper spray. Your life is going to SUCK for a few hours. The good news is that it passes and you seem to be breathing okay, so it's mainly just in your eyes." She gives him a fresh round of gauze for the padding, and then looks back up to the others. She give Jericho a brief nod, "At Metro General, actually. Claire Temple. But, second thought, maybe it's best you forget that. This was a strictly…off the clock procedure." SHe didn't need more clients.

Then she's looking up to Jemma and gives a half smile, really not used to being complimented or even thanked. These people were way nicer than the Hell's Kitchen crew. "…Dr. Simmons. Jemma. It's… it's no deal. He's in the bind because I panicked, the least I can do is help. And no, it didn't touch me. I… I don't know what the HELL it was, but I've stopped asking at this point…" She states with a smirk.

As for what May is seeing, yes, Claire is still wearing her badge. RN, Metro General. But yes, also, her bag almost looks full of supplies which probably are more than what you can get at the grocery store. She's also holding herself in a way that says she might have an injury herself, the left side of her ribs, maybe. She's favoring that side. And she looks like a woman who hasn't slept in 30 some hours.

Jericho will have to look into Miss Temple. "Ah, down in Midtown." He murmurs. He's familair with the facility though he tries to avoid hospitals himself. In the past it was because people might shoot at him there and he didn't want the patientns suffering for it. These days it's… well that's actually still the reason. Not that he usually needs hospitalization.

"Speaking of hospitals, though, you might need one?" He's noticing the way she carries herself. If the Daemonite didn't touch her then it's probably something that happened elsewhere but…

"That thing? Uh… bodysnatcher, basically." He'll let the SHIELDies explain what it is if they want to risk, you know, communicating classified material. Doesn't really apply to him but he still doesn't want May glaring at him. She has a hell of a glare.

Jemma glances to May and then back to Claire "Bodysnatcher, yes. We've been looking into them." Here's the thing, Jemma can lie - but she doesn't do it well. What she has learned is to give enough of the truth, without saying more. "I'm just glad it didn't you."

The Med Evac arrives, a modified Quin Jet, landing in the middle of the street. A medic gets out and comes over, ready to take Matthews in charge.

"You do seem injured though, maybe we could help you?" Jemma's well aware how people view SHIELD and most would prefer to stay away from their med facility, but she'll offer anyway.

May might be SHIELD, but she still hears things. She's very much aware of vigilantes patrolling the streets of Manhattan, and considering the distinct lack of hopsitals reporting an increase in self-styled heroes showing up with injuries… she can make a few guesses. But again, she leaves it to Jemma to (gently) glean more information out of the nurse while she moves to speak with the agents that arrived on the quinjet and then disappears into the vehicle.

"Bodysnatcher." Claire repeats, suspectly. She really didn't want to know, especially with how close it had been to snatching her body. A shiver runs through her and she takes a breath, leaning over as much as ribs allow to pick up what is left of her pack and zip it shut before people notice that it's probably still way too full of supplies. She gives them all a brief smile at the offers for help, "No, no…I'm fine. Violent patient was all. Happens all the time. A bit bruised. It will fade." That's a lie, but it's a damn smooth one. Claire's gotten good at lies as of late. Now, back up on her feet, she gives the group a little wave. "Well… best of luck with your colleague and… the awful lizard things. It was… I can't say it was a pleasure, but it certainly was interesting." With that, Claire turns on the ball of her foot and continues moving back down the street towards home.

The man in black steps back and there's a… little hiss off to the side. He looks over and down and if Claire's quick she may see a lizard like thing the size of a cat. Simmons and May will be familair with the imp named K'nert. The latter more than the former. "Alright. I'm coming." He glances up to the three women present. "Duty calls. Glad you weren't hurt, Ma'am." He sketches a little salute and takes off at a jog. There's a flash of light a few seconds later. The two SHIELD agents know what that means.

"I'll be in touch, Aspect." Jemma looks to the man in black before casting a sketchy look at K'nert. Nope, no liver for him today.

Claires departure and denials get a slight frown from the biochem - she seems genuine, but Jemma's just not sure. Maybe she'll be back to Hell's Kitchen soon.

As Claire leaves, Jemma turns to the Med Evac, she'll travel back with her men.

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