Maggia Simpson

March 28, 2016:

Argent gets sprung on by a rude Spider-Man wannabe.


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Solo missions for DEO Agents are usual when teams are not a requirement, solo missions are usually much more boring than the team engagements as well things like stakeouts happen. Samantha finds herself on day 2 watching a man that is unprofiled but suspected to be an extranormal, threat level not accessed as it hasn't been a requirement to issue that gear. This is likely punishment for letting the 'vampire' Kline escape.
Two days shes spent camping out in an old brownstone slum watching a similar run down shack across the way.

"Argent, your target was just sighted at the end of Bower. He is returning to the roost." A chirp of the bored sounding DEO dispatcher. His voice very much like the Clear eyes guy from American Pie.

"Let" is a loose term for it. Samantha did not "let" anything happen, it just did. The punishment though has left her to idle passing of making origami out of gum wrappers and counting the covered and plastered over bullet holes in the place. 118, to be exact. Almost as bad as Al Capone's restaurant in Chicago. Those were harder to pinpoint with far more presidential worthy work put into the plaster and paint, whereas the slums here? Nope. Slam some toothpaste in the hole and paint it over in a dingy white, viola, been there since the place was built, right? Some of these bullet holes, maybe.

Beside her, like the picture of a missed beloved, is the picture of her target, she also spent time target practicing shooting toothpicks from her lips to try and get him in the eyes. It might come in handy, and it made her feel better about herself. his was damn boring and a chance at life has her rocking upward to stand and approach the window where binoculars sat hooked over an empty curtain rod hook, taking them up to peer outside and make sure the love of her goddamned two day existence is but a living being and not a ghost.

Between lips a toothpick shifts from one corner to the next via the push of tongue.

The corner of the binoculars Argent spies the man in the green puffy coat that is her target and then, a black masked head with red eyes.
A voice comes out of the sleek costumed man who is just blocking her view as though he belongs there. "I couldn't help but overhear you talking to… " A fingertaps his ear or where an ear would be. "Whoever. You got the wrong guy, this man is not a mut.. extranormal? Not an extranormal."
Binoculars out of the way Argent will see the rest of him and that he is just hanging out of her window sill by his feet and one hand.
A spider.
Shes studied NYC no doubt and knows plenty about Spiders but this guy won't be on the list. He is new in town.
Orrr one of those other guys changed his costume.

Argent is watching the man in the puffy coat and is already bored, a long exhale comes from parted lips when she focuses and…

Ghhhuurkkk! Toothpick + wrong tube. A small gag and cough has Argent spitting the toothpick out to the side but this performance of a human cat hacking up a wooden hairball spike comes with a sudden charge of electricity spiking in sharp volume.

The black and red Spidey costumed intruder has a hi-tech pistol pointed at his stocking covered bean and angry eyes reflected in his red ones. "Don't know how long you have been hanging out and listening but I do not think it is any of your business. So see yourself out of it."

A long pause then and no wavering as she sits there nose to nose with a Spider-Man and a bit of dribble on her chin. "How the hell do you know?"

"Don't die?" Spider-Man says quietly and then she has a pistol shoved in to his nose. Reaching up very slowly he shoves his fingertip in to the barrel of it. "Uhm, no. I think I'll help out and stop you from wasting your time and ruining that guys life. He's a mule who has no clue what he has, it was stashed on him and he doesn't even know it is sporadically going off. Whoever is after it though will be back for him. I'm here to nab that person… because, I dunno, I guess I'm just bored and like a reason to wear a costume." Not that what he is wearing is spandex but she doesn't know that.
"Sum it up for you?"

Eyes dart from his finger in the barrel of her gun and then along his hand and arm to him, offended by the mere touch but she was shoving it in his face. Irony.

Argent listens, he is a lucky spider in that regard, as other agents may have flushed him down the rusted water spout to never ascend again. "Mule? He is picked as an extranormal. So are you telling me he is mulling something that makes him appear that way to even trained eyes?" Hey, mistakes happen, but this level?

Reaching out Argent grabs the Spider by his stretchy not-spandex and attempts to jerk him into the window. "Sums up more questions for more answers is what it does. But instead I think I would rather wait for it then have you elaborate your spandex fetish."

"Ye-" And in to the window Spidey goes with a grunt and a chest to chest bump with the DEO special Agent, "Well then, that's one way to get in to a woman's house. Rather pushy aren't you?" His fingers rise up and flicks her grip free of him then proceeds to dust himself off, "These are not spandex, I end up explaining this to every moron I run in to. NOT doing it again. Nope."
An exhale and Spider-Man of the Future studies her quizzically, "I'm serious, this guy is a miserable unfortunate who had this stuff stitched in to him. There is a gang trafficking in tech stolen out of Hell's Gate. It's doing weird stuff to people."

"Agent, who are you talking to? Are you compromised? Samantha?"

The flicked hand gets a withdrawal of splayed fingers and spread palm with a light shrug and a rock back. "For a man in tights you have a baritone I am more then willing to adjust." A flick of eyes down and her leg slides back for the pitch…!

Pivoting Sam walks away from him, the comm voice ringing in and her eyes closing. Shit shitshit. This said more like a push of air between clenched teeth while she presses on the comm in her ear as a signal to the Spider and slides her tech-pistol back into the holster at her waist. "Sorry baby, crap hold on!" Sam states and then responds to the comm.

"Damnit, girl can't even have a private phone conversation. This leaves the office and I swear!" Though as her voice sounds preposterously flustered, Sam's elbow is propped against the wall and her hip is thrust to the side, the hoody sliding off to show the view of straps sprouting from beneath the low rider waist of jeans, ascending to disappear beneath the black ribbed half t-backed tank top. A hand runs through her hair of black and pink like nothing at all is going on. Body language opposing her voice.

"I am watching him, nothing suspicious yet. Now, if you do not mind.." A press to the comm and she mutes herself but can still hear him. Teach them to put her on this kind of crap gain.

"I thought for a second you were about to knee me." O'Hara shuts up at the signal and can't help but admire but for a moment, glancing over his shoulder across the way three windows up the mark is sitting in his apartment watching TV and eating chicken in nothing but his boxers and a dirty tanktop. Yeah, thats real threatening.
A sigh escapes Mig and he stoops over to start thumbing casually through Samantha's things.

"Who were you talking to? I'm… just curious, because, I was going to uh… nevermind. Argent, I'll call back in thirty to check status. Warner out."
"That dude likes you. He gets all huffy and flustered the moment you talk." The Spider has amazing hearing.

Sam meets the back of the Spider's hand with a solid smack! "Stay the hell out of my things, baby." Though when Sam goes back to the window and brings binoculars to eyes the roll of blue green has her tossing the binoculars over her shoulder to land with a thud onto the floor.

"I'll save the kneeing for later." Pausing she drops down into a chair, kicking a leg up over the arm rest while she fishes around the table beside her and peels open a granola bar.

"He.. What?! Oh, nono," Thee laughter almost has Sam give a little snort as her head shakes rapidly, casting short hair around her eyes in colored spires. The she sobers and stares dead at the Spider while peeling the wrapper away from her food like a banana. "So. Now you are my mystic. I am truly curious now if you have glass balls in that spandex." Now it is becoming apparent she is simply being a bitch, a flick of hair from those eyes laden in mirth and she takes a bite of the bar.

"So you said Hell's Gate, hm? What kind of weird stuff?" Both brows rise and she stares from beneath them at him.

Mocking tone; "I was just curious. Also a little hungry and sort of feeling like being annoying. I admit, baby." Spider-Man 2099 retracts his hand after the smack, "Careful, it almost sounds like you're enjoying my attention. " A chirp sound escapes his wrist. A strange random noisy BLRRT that sounds like something R2D2 would make. Odd.
"Mystic? Like… glass balls? What the shock are you talking about? You're one of those kinky cops who wanted to be a cop just for the handcuffs, huh?"
A shrug, "Weird stuff, alien tech. That thing that went down last year. People are still fishing up Apokolips tech. Most is trash but some of it, like that fat slob over there manage to find some that work. Unfortunately for him."

"You know, you're very trusting. I could be a badguy or the dude who stitched him up."

The chirping from his wrist has her eyes shifting from his masked face to his wrist and the slowly back. "Is that your reality calling? Because you need it." Bite. Chew. either he was slow on the uptake or… What the shock…? What the fuck was this guy talking about?

The stare at him while she slowly chewed was one that was of assessment, one that looked like it was piercing through his mask, skull, and counting his brain cells. "Because you would not say that, if you were the bad guy. Let alone giving me all the information while I am still moving and capable. You haven't even tested me yet."

He has no idea and neither does she. Most people going in for the kill at least like to play with the meat while they tenderize it, he hadn't even started and he had the upper hand - but that part she won't admit. Ever. He doesn't anymore that Sam knows. "Every second longer that ticks with you standing here not coming at me with intent, is one more second you lose the bad guy possibility."

But his revelation has her thinking. Hard. She and her company are there, at Hell's Gate, how do they not know this? Poker face is played hard. "What do members of this gang look like?"

"Fair enough, so, I'm not the badguy but I promise you I can be." S-Man leaps and clings to the ceiling hanging upside down comfortably, "They uh, well, they look like anyone else. Duh. Shit, they're just a gang, I didn't see any tags or special buddy bracelets." A pop sound, yeah, even Spidey types need to pop their back every once in a while. "Shock, that felt good. So, this is what you DEO types do? Super boring. I kind of expected more action movie style stuff. Glad your job is not my job." Her ID is produced, sticking to one finger it lowers down slowly and suspends in front of her face, "Samantha Argent… you lied about your height."

"You and me both." Sam mutters to his comment about being the bad guy, but when she follows his movements up to the ceiling she does not seem surprised, until her ID extends down on a rather…disgustingly lewd string that has her head tilting to the side and leaning back to eye it sidelong. Upper lip curls and a pinch of fingers grabs it and tugs quickly, hoping to snap it free without it being sticky in her general direction.

"This is not it. There's a reason you don't see it all." A moment and she slow blinks up at him once more. "If you try to say I lied about anything else I am going to give you a simply electric exit."

"Electric exit? I'm almost curious." The webbing doesn't stick. Black on Red Spidey has amazing fine control over the organic webs he can produce. Likely not something used to pick up women.
"They won't collect your friend across the road until he is asleep. That is part of their M.O. Extra gas when they're already out. Been tracking these people when I get bored this side of side of the Tri I think they're called the Maggia. Least thats a name I heard slung around."
"Wasn't that the name of that donut eating guy in that cartoon show? Maggia Simpson. I think it was. What a dumb name."

"Don't be curious. I don't want to have to debate on blue or red ink." No, Sam won't define it so don't ask and it is easily told by the solid and pointed look that severs from him with a long exhale - one that has her palming her hair back from her face in a stroke back and a limp fall to her side.

The name he throws out there for the gang though has her double-taking the look his way, rocking forward with wrapper cast aside to land in a small waste basket. "Intergang a name heard as well, or just Maggia?" Now he has her attention, and Sam shoves hersef from her chair then to drag it across the floor and gain better watch from the window. She may get to move in a couple hours and that is exciting news!

Head-snap, stare. "Homer Simps—- You high?"

"Just Homer's wife. I can look in to the other one for you though." S-Man offers, "High? Not at all. Why are you?" Expressive Spidey eyes narrow at her. He is dead serious. "Anyways, I'm done. I did my civic duty you're on your own now unless I get bored again and pass by here." Which he will, he lives somewhere near. A salute leads to a hop out the window and he is not swinging away like the well known Spider-Man of reds and blues, no, this one is flying away because he does that (actually he glides for long distances but most people think its flight).
O'Hara does spare a glance over his shoulder to see if she is watching, all the ladies love the view from behind. It's just… a thing…

"Get over yourself Miguel."
"Shut up, Lyla. You're an AI, not my girlfriend or my mother."
"Why are we helping the DEO?"
"I'm building connections. IF we want to keep an eye on the now and find out what goes wrong, we need connections…"
"Sure… "
"Is she watching me leave?"
"I don't know or care."
"Why did Kwan program an AI that can get jealous? So dumb."

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