Sharin a Meal with Sharon

March 23, 2016:


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Even the indomintable Sharon Carter needs to take time off eventually. She doesn't like it, namely because going home is a decent remember she doesn't actually have much to go home TO and pretty horribly boring, really. Fortunately, with her last promotion, was moved to living on the Triskelion with some of the more senior agents. it gives her an excuse to, literally, live at work. But after a double shift, almost 18 hours in the CIC of SHIELD, she's been shooed out for some food. So, very much looking like a woman who has spent 18 hours on her feet and moving a bit sore for the tension of it all, Sharon slowly makes her way up to what can be called a cafeteria in this place. There'd be some food left somewhere.

"Hey Sharon," Steve says as he gets into the chow line right behind her. Two years ago, fresh from the 'berg, he probably would have had beans, some sort of meat, some sort of potato and that would be that. In the time since his diet has changed to fruits, vegetables, and fish. At least for tonight.

Steve has been pretty scarce lately. Ever since the assassination of the President, SHIELD has kept him at arm's length, for his good and theirs, probably. Either way, he's around but often not around, and so it stands to reason that he hasn't seen much of Ms. Carter lately.

"Captain." Sharon greets professionally, as ever, nothing but respect in her voice for the handsome blonde behind her. She gives him a smile a hearbeat after, though, looking him up and down a moment before turning to the chow line. She's all coffee and salads, as usual, so she pulls down one of the pre-made greek salads and a whole wheat roll, some energy food but also with comfort. SHe's trying to stand a little straighter now that he's here, not look quite so exhausted as she feels. "…rare to see you around. Everything alright?"

"Nothing worse than usual," Steve says as he reaches for some pudding. Pudding must have been big back in the day because old people love the stuff. "I came in to check to see if any intel had come in on Baron Zemo. I'm working on a case, off grid, but getting nowhere. I was hoping we had something here that would help me out."

Baron Zemo, of course, is supposedly dead and has been for a long time. But in a world where Captain America and Peggy Carter walk the streets of New York, anything can happen, apparently.

Work. Discussing work was always easier. A slight smile cuts across her warm mouth, but it's got a line to it that is all professional as she considers those words. "I'm certain there's more than a few files o him. I can pull the for you after we eat, if you like?" Then the news that he's working the case off grid makes her brows arch. There is a certain touch of protectiveness to her pale gaze, "…you taking any back up with you, Captain, while working a case like this? Off grid or not?"

Steve nods as the pair slide their tray along. "There are, but no one has anything new. A couple of weeks ago me and some others intercepted some of his allies. We were told they were led by Zemo, but I found it hard to believe." He can't help but grin a little bit just before he nods, "Yeah, I've got some backup. Thanks for worrying, though." After a brief pause, he adds, "How have you been? I haven't seen you in a couple weeks."

"…If you decide you could use another, well…" Sharon's smile lingers, a bit encouraged by the thought, actually. "It's been a while since I went under cover. Some days I miss it. Better than babysitting up here…" Oh yes, that gaze in her eyes says she definitely misses it, that undercover is one of the parts of this job that she loves. She picks up her tray, coffee retreived now, she puts a generous amount of milk in it, but that is all.

"I'd absolutely love to have another. You can roll with us anytime. But, it's not always undercover," Steve says with a tilt of the head. Superboy is about as far from undercover as possible once he gets going. Still, Sharon would be an excellent addition, if it's something she's interested in. Steve, as he would say, puts her on the list. "Sometime when you're free I'll take you out to New Jersey and show you around."

Both blonde brows arch now as he says that, intrigue on her pale features. Sharon chuckles, "Captain… pretty much any mission I do is undercover. Even if I *called* myself Sharon, no one else in the world outside of SHIELD knows who Sharon Carter is. Upsides of being just another face in the crowd." She outright grins as she says that, not ashamed of her lacking fame. She may be a bit proud of it. She then nods towards a side table, a quiet offer for him to join her.

"That's a fair point, Carter. Some of the guys and gals I run with tend to bring the television cameras, so, we'll do our best to keep that low profile of yours."

"I'll go in undercover. Even if they pick up, they won't know what they're looking at." Sharon states firmly, a touch of pride in her voice as she explains that. Then she's taking a good, deep glup of her coffee, savouring the bitter, creamy taste down her throat.

"Well, we're going to need all the help we can get. Under cover, over cover, doesn't matter. And if what Peg told me is right, you're one heck of a shot."

There is just a flicker of something across her face that is a strange mix of ambivalent emotions — Shock, hope, pride that her aunt would say such a thing, but also a bit of doubt, dismissal, discomfort about it as well. Sharon packs those emotions away a heartbeat after they come, but her smile is a bit more of a facade now. "I…keep up my training. Better long distance, but I am good back up." And then, just as she's about to dive into her salad, the communicator on her watch beeps. 'Agent 13, we need you in CIC…' SO much for being off work. She half chuckles and stands. "…SO much for dinner. It was nice speaking, Captain.

"Same, Agent Carter," Steve says with a nod, letting the gal get to her business. "We'll be in touch."

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