D.E.O. vs JLA Round #1

March 27, 2016:

Immediately following the events of Magical Bull$#*! (Part 1 & 2) Members of the League clash with the Department of Extranormal Operations.


NPCs: DEO, Malady, Hailstorm, Agent Lid (emits by Taskmaster)



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A message comes in for Harper on the DEO line, "Agent, apprehend those children before the JL:A does. Claim jurisdiction." No indication who it is from but it's not Lid nor a voice Roy has heard before.

Rain is kind of tired. "Money drives people to sell even their souls. Probably. Unless it's Megadarwinian levels of stupidity," The talking cat behind her quips. Captain: Rating 10 in SASSY. But he's a cat. He kinda gets that as a species bonus. "Wouldn't shock me necessarily. You hairless types are /nuts/." A beat. "'Hey, Bob! Look at this!' then, BAM! Evolution." The cat seems amused by it all.

Rain picks up her cat and smiles. "Thanks. I'm glad things are working out." Paperwork sucks. "And I imagine not." She considers it. "Still, I'm going to check on the Doctor. Maybe he needs a portal or broomstick ride home." She's tired but not as drained as the strangest doctor.

"Damn it," mutters Roy as he returns to Todd. Patting him on the shoulder, the agent nods, starting to pull out an incidenary arrow, before stopping as he's radioed in. "Uh-huh," Roy says, ignoring Todd for the moment, before grimacing. "Damn." Closing communications, he pats the frozen man. "Sorry, pal, I have to take care of this. Don't worry, you won't get frostbite. Think warm thoughts, chum. If it helps, may I direct your attention over there?" He points towards Wonder Woman, before running off to start rounding up the wards.

Tigra remains near Hailstorm and Malady, currently unaware of the directive issued to Roy Harper. She didn't get much of a good look at Taskmaster when he was fighting with Wonder Woman, and by the time she was really in the thick of things, a lot of other craziness was in full swing.

The hand, which began with the palm facing down, is turned over to offer it toward the young man instead. "Tell me who was behind this, what it was all about. Maybe we can get you some help if you need it." It seems like the right thing to say, the good thing to do. If he was still trying to fight her, he would be.
"No, I am fine," physically at least, magically he needs a few hours of meditation and ley-line soaking. But he is human, they don't have big natural reserves of magic, and he usually relies on the environment. "I can repair the amulet, so I will take it into my custody and then put it in a vault somewhere the cultists of the Elder Gods can't think about it without getting killer headaches." Yes, he is claiming jurisdiction.

Kate lowers her bow as the last of the cowards escapes, finally turning her attention back to Hailstorm and Malady. "It was just a taser," she calls over to the boy. "She's going to be fine." That was almost reassuring. Sort of. And seeing Tigra try to make nice with the kids…

"Hey, Harper," she upnods to the other archer, jogging over to play interference. "What brought you and the suits out here?"

Hailstorm continues with that unreadable empty expression of almost calm while he sits there with Malady, petting and caressing her hair. A quiet observation of Tigra's extended hand and then he looks at Kate. No response. The kid just seems spacy or uncaring. Maybe both.

Wonder Woman nods to Strange then, assured he is fine and casts the same moment of worry for Rain, but both seem to be physically well despite the draining of other aspects of their beings. "Before we lay claims we may want to find out why." A nod towards the Elven mage that was as covered as Rain and Roy, the three of them now put together as having prior with this whole ordeal and knowing best perhaps. So the only option was to listen and consider.

"Tigra," Stated through comms. "How are the two in your proximity? All well?" Meaning even Tigra, herself. Kate's status seen as she jogs to intercept Roy, physically fine, at least the rest would be up to Kate to disclose if even an afterthought.

The witch and such are fine. Captain does answer, "We're fine. Slimey, and unsatisfying." The two sigh. Nevertheless, Rain is going to check about for injured.

"Hey excuse me," Roy says, as he greets Tigra, before flashing his DEO card. "Listen, uh, I just got word from the higher ups, and they want to take the kids into custody." He stops as Kate stops by, flashing her a smile, before shrugging a bit helplessly. "We've been asked to bring the kids in. Don't mind the slime, I kinda had a close encounter with Little Green Sliming Hood."

Tigra murmurs into her comm, "I'm fine. One's still out and the other's not talking. I'm trying to.." She cuts off when Roy draws up closer to them, the comm left open whether or not it pics up any of his words. It's so low it might not even register as what it is through the link to the other Leaguers, but something about what she's just been told causes a quiet growl to rumble in her throat. It's replaced by a few words. "DEO? You're taking them? I was trying to find out what this was all about, why they're here." She gives Kate a brief look, one of frustration, adding to Roy, "Are you going to be forthcoming with us if you do learn anything?"


"Sure, DEO custody. Where I'm sure they'll actually see a real trial and won't end up dropped in a dark hole somewhere or conscripted into service." Not surprisingly, Kate is kind of unconvinced here. "Come on, Harper. They're metas. Let the league deal with them, and if they can't be rehabilitated or they come back dirty, then we'll happily hand them over to the appropriate agency." Which, pointedly, she doesn't assume to be the DEO. "Besides," she adds, pointing thumb at the pair. "I brought down the girl and Tigra brought down the kid. Dibs."

Shayera lands, matter-o-factly. It was like a hop and a bump with no fuss, no muss, wings shearing down to relax at her back. "Just knock him out." Plain. Simple. Highly illegal. "Or, I hold him down, you guys take. Is bob your uncle."

Someone said that wrong.

"Wait, no, no you are not sir!" Agent Lid almost shouts at Doctor Strange. "This is US territory and the Department holds jurisdiction here. I don't care if you are or are not the Sorcerer Supreme. The law is the law. If you so much as try to remove the Talisman or move the Sphere you will be arrested." The elf straightens up and gets a hard look to his attractive if not very Bishy features. He isn't even paying attention to those around him now.

Stirring Malady sits upright and whispers, "Marcus? Oh fuck… " She sits bolt upright and stares around them at the gathered JL:A, "They fucking ditched us!?" Fear. Fear starts to project around her and the Ice kid shakes his head as the air begins to go colder suddenly.
"Back off you facists!"

"Sorry, guys. I can see what your point is, but usually, kids are brought in to be taken care of by the state. Metahuman kids are similar. In this case, I think, they go -right- to the agency, and you can check up on them there. What I can tell you, I would, but I'd be more concerned with what the higher-up decide," Roy says, before regarding Shayera, already backing up and bringing his hands back to his crossbow.

Still, Roy holds his hand up, switching hand to go for his communicator. "Hold on… hey, boss… the metas here want to take the kids in custody themselves. 'S okay if I at least bring 'em along to see where you're taking them?"

Tigra maintains a generally disapproving look, her tail even showing it by the way it lashes and twitches. Might be safe to say she's skeptical, but as Malady comes to and reacts to what she's realizes, the flash of fear hits her. "Hey..hey. Calm down," she urges. "Nobody else is going to hurt you here. Everything's over. We just want to know what this was all about." The drop in temperature registers as well, fur or not. "And can you calm..Marcus down? He wouldn't say anything when I tried to talk to him." At least they've got a first name for the ice guy. She's dealing with that rather than Roy or anyone else.
Doctor Strange turns slowly to Lid, looking somewhat skeptic. "Arrested? Do you realize, agent, what would happen if I relocate my residence to Nepal or just another dimension? Nothing. Your bureaucratic bosses know I exist only because I allow them the knowledge. I am so far beyond your jurisdiction you would have a better chance trying to arrest Tartessus herself. This talisman shouldn't be in human hands. And damaged, it shouldn't be in any sentient being hands. Give me a month to repair it and then, and then convince me you… or other agents of the DEA, are competent enough to handle it. But I would relinquish it only to another master of the mystic arts, not just any dabbler."

Rain and Captain's eyes are both wide as saucers as the exchange between Manga Elf and Burrito Supreme. "If I had thumbs, I'd SO Z-Snap," Captain quips.

Because DANG.

Shayera keeps an eye on Roy, she wasn't going to lurch forward to tackle the man to the ground. It was just a happy suggestion for happy people who think nothing but happy thoughts of eating peoples faces while surrounded in smoke, probably shards of ice, flame and slime. And glass. And bitchy agents. (Not Roy.) Not to mention, an angry sorcerer supreme.

She shrugs her shoulders at Roy, then draws fingers towards her brow and out, a mock salute, something she's seen on television as she takes off into the direction that the hoodlums fled. Sure, they were good at running, but Shayera was good at hunting.

This gone be good. For her anyways.

Wonder Woman notes the state of things, it is not hard to miss with everyones posture and looks exchanged. The Elven Bishy focused upon for a moment. "Your custody or not. You could not keep it contained on your own and it took more then your own handling to bring it back to calm. Think on that before you start tossing very idle threats towards any member of this team."

Fear, it comes in a light wash but the sensation is something that always comes with a defense mechanism firmly in place and can turn things back sour. "Excuse me." Diana states before she is closing the distane between herself and the group with the children and Roy as well as the others. No flight, no powers, just Wonder Woman walking towards the cursing girl with her hands outstretched to show emptiness and calm despite projecton, speaking towards Malady and Hailstorm. "I assure you, we mean you no harm and will not relinquish you to it either." A glance of question towards Roy before she directs her focus back upon the two after a passing glance and nod towards both Kate and Tigra.

"Hawkgirl, I think we may need prepairations at the Hall. We're going to have visitors." Though who is left completely open, and who better to light fire under asses and get it done? But the one who has Roy close to drawing again.
"I'm pretty sure even foster care's a nicer place than the DEO. No offense, Harper, but I trust your guys, like…" Kate pauses to consider the appropriate metaphor. "Not. Sorry. I mean…" And now it's time for the low blow. "Would you let them look after your kid?"

Shayera's voice on the comms: Got it.

Tapping his comm impatiently, waiting for an answer, Roy glances back at Kate. "Hawkeye, I wouldn't want Lian turned over to -any- agency, but I'd also be asking very different questions to them right now," Roy says, running a hand through his hair, before moving over to fall in step next to Wonder Woman. Kneeling down to meet the kids at eye level, Roy places his hands on his knees. "Listen, I need to ask this. Do you have parents, or guardians, or people who look after you?"

"Request denied Agent Harper, you and Agent Lid will maintain. Make sure to inform them they are currently acting against the United States of America the authorities preciding over the Department. You are authorized to call in Knightwatch if a show of force is required. A squad is standing by."
Agent Lid glances over at Harper to see if he got the message as well and gives a slight nod before looking back at Doctor Strange and Wonder Woman, "All due respect to both of you, Princess, Sorceror Supreme, this will be considered theft and acted upon accordingly. No convincing is required, that is our business this was a simple hiccup. An unexpected one. "

"None of you are taking us anywhere!" Malady yells at the other 'confrontation', "We're not going back to that place, the stupid talky talk Skully dumbass or you cookie cutter asswipes." Girl has a mouth on her.
A finger points at Tigra, "No you calm down you Thundercat looking whore. You try and stop us and Marcus will get mad and then… then… " Shes backing up and Marcus aka Hailstorm is starting to encase himself in ice again bit by bit its starting to attach to him.

Both of Tigra's brows arch upward at Malady's insult and threat. She's ignorant of the orders coming back to the DEO people through their own comms, but her attempt at peaceful talk is going nowhere fast. "Okay, you listen to me and you listen well, girl," she begins. "I get it if you've been caught up in some bad stuff, but you have no idea what's going on here. The people you were with left you behind. You're both young and inexperienced. You were probably sold a bunch of lies. I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here. We're trying to help."

Now the feline points at Marcus, but she's still staring at Malady, an open sign of challenge. "If he goes all the way with that again, the same thing's going to happen. He knows. You were knocked out at the time. Look around and count up what's what. Now, are you going to calm down or not?"

Rain pauses. "Excuse me," She moves over to the two kids. Captain peers. "Hey, kids. They like, wanna keep that skull dude off your case. We're wondering more if you're hungry or hurt. We're kinda the carebear squad." Rain sighs, "Just because I turn into a bear…" "A RIDEABLE BEAR." "Shut it." Ahem.

"We're not really into babysitting, but look. If you're hungry or hurting, we got cha."

It's a sudden motion, one that is done with a look in Woner Woman's gaze that freezes over cerulean eyes and brings her to another form of tactics and battle that will not bring even a remote smile to lips. Facade drops to placid and the lasso of Truth is drawn to slide between fingers which brings that golden glow to life. A quick snap to the side and it is aimed to be cast around Malady and Hailstorm, drawn bakc and tiht within grip to bind them together, a few more motions and they will be ensnared from shoulders to thighs. The glow encases Wonder Woman and them both as she relays down that golden rope between them the Truth. "No harm here!" A few simple words and narrowed eyes slide from the foul-mouthed and her silent partner to Roy Harper. The children can see and feel the Truth of what Diana and the League have come here to do, it is being projected in not only feeling but into minds. How does it feel?

Feet brace and a stane is made not only in the manner of posture but in words directed to the Agents present. "Why don't you open that mic up so everyone can hear what has to be said, Agent Harper." A brow rises and her tone is not left low so it can be conveyed to hi DEO on the other side as well.

"This is not a fight you guys want to start," Kate says quietly. "First off, you'll get your asses handed to you. Second off, you'll lose in the court of public opinion. And I know enough to know you wouldn't want any of this going public." Kate doesn't reach for her bow. Instead, she reaches for her cell phone, turning on the camera and framing up a shot.

"Bring it."

Strange stares at Lid, and then smiles thinly. "Fine. We will play by the rules. There is no theft, the amulet is mine, you will find all the legal documents proving it is mine and was always mine next morning on your desk. You can then deal the details with a team of soulless lawyers recruited both on Earth and Hell and go through a hundred years of bureaucracy, which I promise will feel like a millennium, I know all the good curses."

"Uh, sir, I think we can get this situation handled without going that far," Roy responds, tapping the comm. "Just give me a …"

Looking up towards Wonder Woman, Roy considers, before shrugging, standing up. "I suppose I need to mention that I've been informed that this is a United States matter, and that this is a federal matter.

He then taps the comm. "The lady wants to speak to you. I suggest broadcasting in this vicinity." He pauses. "You may want to tell her -why- we were escorting those kids in the first place."

He hesitates, before his lips flattens. "You could. My guess is, though, that if this is completely legit, you'd be sanctioned from acting in the United States, so you may want to re-think that till you actually have all the answers."

"Ow shit!" Malady cries out and she claps up against Hailstorm, the two young metas crushed together in the lasso, "I'm scared…" She mewls and Marcus says nothing but instead gives his companion a knowing pat, as if he is trying to soothe her. "and I hate carebears." Lasso of truth at work.
"You think the DEO is that witless?" Lid glowers at Strange. "You think I am? I have been respectful but now you are just being insulting, mortal." The elf is getting offended now.

Silence follows, Roy hears nothing from the coms channel. It's as though he has just been put on hold.

"Let us go… " Malady's struggles are weaker now and she is slackening but refuses to look at Tigra, Diana, Rain or any of those around them.

More silence on the DEO coms.

"It was you who brought in the human laws in this, agent Lid," reminds Stranger. "Human laws that are utterly unprepared to handle supernatural matters such as you would be facing." He points to the amulet, "matters such as those devices bring. You would never be able to prove documents I present in a human tribunal are false, as every scientific test would fail, and no magical test would be validated by human judges. Therefore your only alternative would be to bring your sorcery directly against mine." He lets Lid consider that for a few seconds. "If you feel able to do so, then you are a master wizard already, and you can pick up the repaired amulet a month for now and take care of it with my blessings."

The way Tigra's looking between Wonder Woman and Roy in particular, there's something on her mind. The protests from the lassoed pair lead her to say again, "We're trying to make this work so you don't go back with some government group, or if there's no way around it, we know exactly what's going on." This leads to her returning her stare Roy's way. "If they aren't talking to you, tell them that secrecy, especially from a group like the DEO, isn't going to make us trust you. The JL:A exists for a reason and that's to help keep people safe. Sometimes that means we have to deal with things. Is the DEO going to just try to throw its weight around any time we both respond to something?"

Owch. Well, Rain tried. She just turns into a Siberian Godbear. A HUGE, fluffy white bear. "Yeah. Well. That's just. Your opinion man." STARE. And shamble off.

"Easy, kids." Kate keeps the cell phone up, glancing up at Roy. "We've weathered that storm before, Harper. But the DEO knows you need us around. And so far, we know that we need the outside legitimacy. So. In the interest of not opening up a can of worms that doesn't end well for everyone, how about you let us deal with the kids, and trust whatever bugs you've got planted all over our equipment to let you keep an eye on them."

"Agent Harper." Somewhere along that line, even the golden glowing one Wonder woman sofened. Perhaps she has seen something as well, none the less as Malady and Hail begin to calm her lips quirk lightly upon one side, more of a tick to keep from falling into a twist of unhappiness with a foreshadowing glare. Her hands slide along that rope, slackening ever so slightly the restraint on the two as she just wanted them to see.

"Acting as Ambassador for Themyscira I remand the child of Nosos and Boreas into my custody to be overseen for their crimes passing through Earth by the people of Themyscira where they herald from in past. If you wish to speak on your DEO's behalf it will be done so on embassy grounds during their trial."

Tigra's words ring through, as well as Kate's and her head tilts towards them as well. "We are representative for the people, we stand for the people of all countries and are backed by the UN. Doctor Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme holds the head of the Magical Realm and is its guardian by trial and also regarded as such in all eyes."

A look to Kate though and something she said brings a smile to Wonder Woman's lips. "Strange. Lock that amulet and let them have it as such. They want it accessed then they need your ever watchful eye and our attention."

Wonder Woman will take the blow for the kids, but even on Embassy Grounds they are accessible to the JL:A and therefor, point is moot.

No lies here! They are children -of- the god by gifts alone. All in the wording.

A different voice filters over the coms, "Seriously she is going to claim those kids ar-" Fuzzy com static and that other voice connects overtop the previous more feminine one, "Harper, Lid… stand down and return to HQ for AAR. We're done here. Location blackout ceases in 5."

Lid opens his mouth and then closes it, giving a lingering glare at Strange, "Good day, sirrah." A flourishing bow from the waist and the Midgard bound Ljos-Alfar turns on heel and strides away. Only time for one frustrated hair flip.

Hailstorm is watching curiously while Malady just waits, slack still defeated and awaiting her fate.

"I don't think sovereignity works in this case, Princess, not on American soil. If they were asking for political asylum…" Roy says before interrupted. A note of relief sink into his voice. "Well, good. Agent Harper, out."

Shutting off comms, Roy runs a hand through his hair. "Whatever's going on up there, I've got no idea. Anyway, good luck with the kids. And with the DEO. I'm guessing, whatever's going on, we're in deep now."

Tigra chuffs. Or snorts. Or…something. "Guess you get to come with the cookie cutter asswipes, off to the Embassy," she tells Malady, crossing her arms in front of her. Not the way she would have thought all of this would go, but she shakes her head at the whole thing. "You want to call ahead to get some dinner made for them, or shall I take care of it?" she asks Wonder Woman. Somewhere along the way before this, the striped woman might just have flashed an impressed look toward Diana at the way she handled this.

Either way, she starts to move off, but not before muttering, "All this crap after another tentacle beast, god, and whatever else. At least the water people and the military are easier to work with."

"Go choke on a hairball, skeez." Malady spats out at Tigra, "You're still… beautiful people I really admire and want to be like but feel I'm far too pathetic… " Her mouth clamps shut and she opens her eyes wide behind the mask. A glare forming anew on her brow. Stupid lasso.
Marcus very Zen is patiently and silently awaiting what happens next.

Strange nods to Agent Lid, making a mental note to ask Thor about this Asgardian elf that works for a human agency. There must be a very strange story behind it. Then he basks in pride thinking he has validated his authority in mystic matters over human bureaucracy.

The delusion is wonderful and lasts all three seconds before common sense strikes back. "We better alert the League legal team to prepare for the fallback." He muses, "I am going to make my residence unfindable for a few weeks. But I will be reachable through the League com system."

"I trust in your capabilities, Thundercat. I am sure these two do as well." A light drag of hand along the lasso towards Malady as she fumbles over herself and her Truths. A genuine smile is directed to the two children.

Pausing she casts a look towards Kate and then to Roy, and back. "In all manner of politically legal bearing on this matter I give that to Hawkeye, whom I am seeing you know. If your DEO seeks legal proceedings in the US Courts they can forward their desires and demands to our team that rests within her very capable hands. As for you Agent Harper," A pause and that straightening of shoulders relaxes lightly. "I do commend you for a job well done and a spine well kept considering the company you just about went toe to toe with." Another look to Kate, not to mention Shayera and the small smile of battle returns.

Bring it.

Just a sniff and another shake of the head from Tigra. Whether it's because of Malady's lasso-influenced admission or Wonder Woman's use of the Thundercat terminology, she says no more. Just the tail flicks a couple times in her departure, though she walks with a steady and determined, if somewhat tense, stride.

Kate Bishop tilts her head slightly at the talk from the comms, but she doesn't say anything further. Wonder Woman's comment gets a brief quirk of her brow in surprise, but once things are quiet again, she lowers her phone, stopping the recording and tucking it back into her pocket. For Roy, there's a final crooked smirk. "You should take a shower, Harper. You've got some schmaltz…everywhere."

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