Magical Bull$#*! (Part 2)

March 27, 2016:

Continuation of Magical Bull$#*! (Part 1) The JL:A and D.E.O. respond to the threat of Taskmaster and a magical artifact going wild.

Staten Island Naval Yard


NPCs: Deathshield, Tartessus, Blood-Spider, Todd, Jagged Bow, Malady, Hailstorm, Menagerie, Agent Lid



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Naval Station New York is a scene of violence and absurdity. A few minutes ago the a vessel had docked that was emanating extreme levels of magical energy, enough so that the Sorcerer Supreme and SHIELD's WAND Agent Rain had shown up to investigate.

The ship in question was under command of a DEO Agent Lid and about to fall in to Agent Harper's authority.

That is when all hell broke loose, the cargo was mid-transport from sea to land when Taskmaster and a small crew of his henchmen laid siege on the transaction.

Blood-Spider immediately went for Agent Harper, Rain was attacked by Deathshield who is now a Newt and the coast guard and Agent Lid are under heavy assault by Jagged Bow. These men are three of Taskmasters more deadly students.

The Taskmaster himself is shouting profanities about magic and launching a shield at Doctor Strange who is currently trying to contain the giant mystical sigil coated orb that tumbled out of the shipping container. There is debris and wreckage off the side of the ship as well, it appears a rocket or missile had done some damage.

As Strange casts his spell upon the orb eldritch energy cascades in all directions. Whatever had been contained with in was pouring ropes of arcane force out of it, coiling up and around Doctor Strange's shields only to splash down in chaotic spills that transform everything they touch.

From that orb chaotic magical forces blossom outwards like a great wild flower, spilling forth only contained and slowed by the protective measures of the wizard. Any lesser magi would have been ineffective.

Unfortunately the magical lanes or petals of unknown spill out overlapping Rain and the 'newt' while other branches are spanning out to overlap Roy, Blood-Spider and several of the local NYPD who are trying to render aid.

Only Strange, Taskmaster and Jagged Bow are left visible.

The sky around the Naval Depot and this small island is darkening, clouding over and beginning to change from sun and some clouds to a vortex of cover with lightening crackling through it, rain and wind begin to pick up.

"Magical bullshit." Taskmaster repeats himself.

Doctor Strange really would like to roll his eyes at those words, but he is busy trying to contain the mystical 'spill'. "How is the ignorant seem to be so afraid of nuclear weapons and radiation but not of the supernatural equivalent? Radiation will just kill you, while this… magical bullshit, can cripple your soul for a million years." Beat, "and kill you, that too," just in the case Taskmaster is one of those who doesn't believe in souls. He seems the type.

"I am sure you wouldn't have used a rocket launcher against a crate full of plutonium," he adds grumbling.

Watchtower duty held some promise, not only in watching readouts across the globe and ozone, but to catch up on further research in areas where light disturbances and word passed had earned attention. Not to say this wasn't /titillating/, but after a long day of it lids had grown heavy, where vociferous searching and reading with indulgence turned to a lull and the closure being uneventful.

…Until alarms sounded and radar upon a map showed something like a warhead blip, the mushroom cloud of magic leaking but then ceased - slowed… With Strange's readout front and center. "Wonder Woman, responding to readout, Strange known as only presence. League, respond!"

Triangulation is given of coordinates and the Watchtower responds, doors sliding open with hisses as Wonder Woman passes through, gathering her shield and her spear in each hand before the final door to the orbiting station opens and the vacuum pulls her out in a greedy haste.

The atmosphere is broken by the bomb like explosion of sound with Wonder Woman's re-entry, in time to ricochet the toss of Taskmaster's shield towards Strange with her own, metal meeting metal in a sudden vibrating sound, the sword of Hephaestus glowing in emanating presence from her vambrace as she stares towards Taskmaster and jagged Bow.

"This evens your odds." Pausing she tilts her head back. "Hello, Doctor." And in that she charges for the two men, letting Strange to is mystical while she handles the physical.

The sky rumbles louder now and lightning crackles across the heavens in bright flashes. The entirety of Staten Island is now blanketed in a dark storm.

Beneath that storm Doctor Strange tries his best to contain a mystical abomination that is peeling itself free of one of the D.E.O.'s containment spheres, a sphere that was being shipped from one port to another by a vessel that is now off coast half sunken from impact of missiles and otherworldly assault from that thing that Strange is doing his best to push back in to it's cell.

Agent Harper and Rain have disappeared in giant rope like tentacles sewn together with magical energy and chaotic distortion, wherever those massive vines touch down the world around them blackens, distorts and transforms in a swirling turbid mass of chaos energy.

Taskmaster's shield bounces away skipping off the cement of the abandoned Naval Yard they this bizarre scene is staged upon. "Oh… it's one of the heavies." An electronic distorted chuckle escapes the supervillain as Wonder Woman appears, deflects and now charges.

The purple and crimson clad archer near the Taskmaster lifts his bow and fires a round headed arrow at the woman, he is accurate. Very. He is after all trained to mimic every Hawkeye Taskmaster has watched even some of the Arrow's skills and Arsenal himself. That would be Jagged Bow.

Lunging for his shield and leaving Jagged to distract Wonder Woman the leader of the attackers (Taskmaster) stops in a kneel, "Gonna need the new guys. Time to test them out… "

"Okay, sending in Hailstorm and Malady."

"Good. Hows our signal and you getting my good side?"

"Yes, getting all your good sides, sir. "

"Good job, Todd. You're a keeper."


Taskmaster stops pressing the comm button under his chin and hefts up his shield. Time to play some more.

Doctor Strange keeps his eyes on the monster trying to break loose, but Wonder Woman arrival makes him sigh in relief. "Good to see you, Princess. Rain is also in the area, but I fear she has been mystically displaced to a pocket continuum," he gestures, and mystic sigils are sent to stabilize the areas of chaos. "I can't pull her back, not yet. We might need reinforcements."

The shield clips to a vambrace while the other is casting a sunset glow of Hephaestus' creation, the sword extended in a draw for battle with the statement before charge. Across her back the spear angles, waiting for its turn to be weilded if even needed, but the gift from Thor's mother has been one best kept and used when that kind of power needs weilded, and by the readouts it was a possibility.

Wonder Woman's charge towards Taskmaster has her flanked by Jagged Bow, but her awareness of the two flesh and bloods among this chaotic (non)mass remains her main focal point so when that arrow is fired her straight charge turns to a pivoted one, meant to dodge the arrow. A single foot plants while the other kicks up and changes her direction, landing upon toe-tip in time for it to hit a raised vambrace, skimming the edge and what would have landed on her face skipped down along the god-forced metal to impact bare shoulder ending in an incendiary explosion, erupting the area she stood in, in flames and small pellets showering outward in loaded projectiles.

Silence for the moment as flame and smoke settles and the silhouette of a crouched figure slowly emerges in the clearing. "I called it in. I have faith in our people." Diana's voice finally comes, sound dry and hoarse from swallowed smoke and flame as the revelation has blackened shoulder and jaw comes to view with her rise. The only thing visible is the fading glow of the sword as it retreats back into the vembrace now over a fisted curl of fingers.

Now Diana smiles, the shield brought to forefront with a sudden jerk of wrist, freeing it from vambrace in a slide of metal on metal before she charges towards Jagged. "Focus where you need for our friends and everyone's safety. I have you covered. What is this?"
The League may be based in Metropolis, but Kate still spends as much of her time in New York as she can get away with. So when the alert comes across, she's not too far away. At least, not too far away when you're willing to drive like a maniac through the streets of New York (just like all the other drivers). Her motorcycle skids to a stop just outside the perimeter of the chaos as she takes a moment to get her bearings.

"Hawkeye on the scene," she reports, hopping off the bike and pulling her bow from her back. "What are we dealing wi- Oh, no you didn't. Who's the wannabe?" Kate's gone first-hand with Hawkeye, Arsenal, and the Arrow. She knows those moves. But she doesn't know this guy.

"Stop resisting me wizardling and I will allow you to serve me as your kind was meant to." A disembodied voice, telepathy cast forth seeking out Strange's mind in the same fashion it's coils reach for the world beyond, grasping, clutching and thrashing. A tentacle sweeps wide and out, blindly it tries to strike all of the fleshlings in it's path. It's reach is rather impressive and Strange is the nearest (and most likely to get struck but it does have the reach to also get Wondy, Task and Bow)

"Wonder Woman, right? Man I always wanted to try someone like you on for size." Taskmaster taunts the Amazon and claps his own sword against his shield. A small amount of panic rising inside but thats just fueling him on, he knows physically hes incapable of keeping up for long if at all but just needs to stall a bit. "Show me what you got."

Jagged knocks another arrow and takes aim on Wonder Woman again, no idea Kate is there just yet. If he knew he'd go at her with a purpose. She is after all his opposite. A student of Hawkeye vs a student of Taskmaster.

Unfortunately for Hawkeye though she goes unseen by Jagged Bow the incoming supervillains just deposited near the shore are close to her, one of them is already pointing her way. A towering bulky figure that stands close to seven feet tall with icy lumps all across his shoulders, his body cast in a blue on white. His head looking far too small for such a wide upperbody. As he points at her a cold chill drifts her way.
His companion a thin young woman in a purple on black outfit, a smirk worn under a Masquerade like mask.

"Hailstorm and Malady just got dropped off." A helicopter lifts up from behind them, hovering in place, it's noise may alert to their presence before the frosty breeze "Menagerie the only one left."

"Shut up, I'm trying to work out a monologue here." Taskmaster growls at the guy on the coms. "Oh shit… incoming! Don't lose your tiara, Princess!" An excited string of words from the skull-merc as he is suddenly tumbling and springing away from the magical creature's tentacle thrash.

"He has not introduced himself," replies Strange, pausing to chant four words of power. "It might be it is not sentient. But I'd say he is a scion of an Elder God. Perhaps Set." Oh wait. "Definitely sentient," which is usually worse. There is no reasoning with some people that are millions of years old and believe humanoids are pets.

"You will find no servants here, intruder. Your kind is not welcome into the world of humans. Leave now or by Omnipotent Oshtur and All-Seeing Agamotto I swear you will come to believe you cage was a comfortable temple," he flies up to avoid the incoming tentacle thing, and clasp the amulet hanging from his neck, opening it and calling a stream of golden light to illuminate the area.
The call went out. Whether or not anyone else was available to answer it, Tigra did. From the Hall of Justice, there was a quick transport to the Themyscira Embassy in New York City thanks to some mighty fine tech, a short and urgent 'Hi, we've got a big problem, can I get a ride?' to follow.

This leads to a vehicle getting her there faster than any normal one could ever be capable of, dropping her off close to the trouble. Whether or not any Amazons stick around is not up to her, but the sight that's laid out before her leads to a low whistle. "Yeah, this is kind of not good." But, she's here!

"Make him give a name, or take it from him!" Wonder Woman states to Strange through gritted teeth as Jagged is approached at a swift speed, though through the gap closure Hawkeye announces her proximity and the small smile on Di's lips grows.

"Show him how it is done right, Hawkeye!" The words said to comms but loud enough Jagged could hear before Wonder Woman once more shifts her attack. A feint towards Jagged and that spear is drawn, but not thrust at him, aimed and slammed into the earth, gripped and used like a vault, spinning her form around the large and sturdy post. The spear unearths with the pivoting force of spun body, gained momentum thrusting her towards Taskmaster and landing just before him in a roll that brings her to a stand just before him as he beats his sword upon sheild.

The rise comes from the earth, powerful plant of legs and follow through of fist with the rise and straightening of body, seeking to send the Skull-Masked merc several yards back via the impact of fist on shield.

Kate has a point to make with Jagged Bow. And then there's the watching Wonder Woman's back part, too. But there are so many attackers at the moment, she doesn't have time to go after him all the way. Instead, she fires a bolo arrow at the other archer, settling for an attempt to immobilize for the moment.

"You know, this might actually be crazier than Easter brunch at Tavern on the Green. I'm just saying, that's an accomplishment. Why do we have costumes and elder gods?" The elder gods, she'll leave to the people more on god level for the moment. Instead, her next arrows go rapid-fire at Hailstorm and Malady. A putty arrow fired at their feet to slow them down, followed by a flaming arrow scraped against the pavement to set it alight fired into the putty to set that on fire. And last, a taser arrow to set the flaming, hopefully melting around their feet to crackling with electricity.

The blankets were blown from Shayera as she plants her feet upon the ground. Too thin sleeping capris rested upon her hips with a tank top that had MDK in the style of Demolition Man across the top. She favored Wesley Snipes in this, though Sylvester Stallone won out in the end and gained a newfound respect for muscles upon muscles. Not bad. Sly. Not bad. Even if you sounded like Cotton Mouth King. Each step she takes with with grogginess, though the mess within the comms she could hear was what really roused her and quite frankly. It pissed her off.

The door was pushed open as she continued to listen, taking her sweet ass time, practically down to the bare bones as she strikes across the hall of justice with that lazy gait.

"Not. One. Word."

Yeah. She heard the call. She was late. Sue her.

Gold creeped from her skin and coated her with the protection the Nth provided, her clawed grip soon curling within the air as the Nth manifests a reapers scythe, handle held and butt slammed against the ground as her golden coated wings shear out like Death.

"Serve me as a most bountiful feast! Yes, open yourself to me. I hunger!" The elderspawn is visible in Strange's minds-eye now. The mind only gives him insight to a towering monstrosity that looks like a serpent mixed wit h a woman covered in rock-like skin and spines, her mouth forever an open mess of black. The mind-siphon is attempted though this creature is not fully of body in this realm and Strange will know this. The tentacles born of pure magical energy are due to it trying its best to breach realms, it's body still lies trapped inside the containment sphere and beyond that, even elsewhere. Something inside the sphere is holding her. Something that has likely been tampered with.

The cascade of light has one of those dark energy tendrils severing in the center the portion furthest from it's "body" goes flipping off bouncing in a roll like a car down a freeway. A snake severed it will still writhe until it disperses.

Jagged Bow staggers back in surprise as Wonder Woman fakes a lunge his direction, his bow re-adjusting to fire closer range but not swift enough and one of his elbows snaps up locking in place as a bolo whips around him in a stranglehold, one arm trapped and him toppling to his side, "What the hell!?" Wildly Bow struggles which ends up with him doing the worm across the ground. Eyes frantic as he seeks out his opponents. Not much to see when you're on your face though. He'll be down for a moment.

Taskmaster mumbles something about chump under his breath, "So happy you decided we get to dance." The taunt given to Wonder Woman as Taskmaster dives in, slashes high and kicks low. The shield held center. Behind the shield, a small explosive is palmed and thumbed to ready. This is of course obscured. He isn't about to fight a metahuman without being dirty.

Hailstorm and Malady are continuing their trudge towards the battlefield that flame arrow fired out causes the golem like Hailstorm to regard it then sweep his hand out the area around it being sucked dry of all warmth, all heat. The flames extinguish immediately and the ground even goes frozen, grass around cement going brittle enough to snap. The electrical pops is different, however, this has him warding a hand up in a slow manner - no sound released though. The face on this man, monster, whatever creature only has eyes and no ear holes or a mouth slit.

Malady cries out "Ow, bitch! OW!" A brisk run picks up and she races away from the taser shot. Malady's power is then directed at Kate, fear projection, terror inducement, what does Kate Bishop fear? Though, she can tell when power touches the archeress this is a young, not polished nor as potent as the threats shes dealt with in the past or maybe Malady is just weak. Who knows but Kate is under 'metahuman' assault now and it is largely psychic tethered, pushing the emotional and mental bounds to bolster fear.

Tigra and Hawkgirl are not yet within range of the combatants or even the Elderspawn.

"Boss!" No response from Taskmaster, "Boss, this is Ric… er Todd. Sorry, this is Todd. You got more of these Justice League people coming… " Still no response as the swordsman is engaged in combat. No talky talk just yet. He isn't Deadpool or Spider-Man, close in motormouth mastery but not quite on par. One level to go.

Since the light of Agamotto severed the tentacle, Strange will provisionally classify the creature as a 'demon'. The psychic attack gives him pause, forcing him to concentrate in keeping the monster out of his head for a few seconds. "I am not such an easy prey, Setspawn. I deny your hunger. You will find no sustenance today." He glances at the dueling heroes and villains and this time he rolls his eyes. "Why are you fighting each other? The true enemy is there," he points to the monster trying to break free of the sphere, and turns the Eye's light against it.

There's a lot that's going on here at the old facility for Tigra to see, not the least of which includes Doctor Strange battling some..monstrous thing. There's Wonder Woman in the middle of a fight, and mixed in here and there. The striped cat-woman makes a face at the whole thing, one that suggests displeasure with the situation. "You got a good idea on how to do that?" she calls out to the sorcerer. "If you need more magic, I don't think I can help you there." The amulet is magical, but that's a very specific magic tied only to her.

"Because I would rather not try and fight /that/ with an arrow, or sword, to the knee - if lucky. " Wonder Woman states in a manner that can almost be taken as a mixture of jest and ire. "No threat is greater then the next. We keep your being from the wrong hands by stopping the wrong hands first, then we aid in containing what you are doing very well at." Though that final statement has her blow for Taskmaster instead striking a tentacle up and away, the follow up of an ethereal glow has the blade emerging and seeking to slice through that mystical appendage.

Taskmasters return strikes are met with a vambrace sliding along his blade until she grips his own wrist if he does not withdraw, a jump upward taking her several feet from the ground to attempt to dodge his kick and then send him in a toss back towards the ground.

"Tigra! Cover Hawkeye. Three to one, your hunt is on! Hawkgirl, good of you to come stretch with us."
Kate has issues with personal space. Including her head. Which is why she's spent time training with Fenris in 'get the fuck out of my head.' Unfortunately, that training has been aimed a little bit more at actually psychics and a little less at empathic projection. At the first hint of imposed feel, she slams up a mental wall of paradox in defense. If Malady was actually trying to get into her head, that would probably sting. As it is…it's just barely enough to blunt the edge of the attack.

Terror washes through her, but with it comes a rush of adrenaline. "Baseline human, bitch," she growls under her breath. "I'm always afraid." She's got another taser arrow nocked, firing at Malady. Try making psychic attacks when there's a whole lot more electrical activity going through your brain.

Stretch? Stretch? This isn't a stretch, it's pure mayhem!

Those last words marked her arrival, the handle of the scythe held and it's neck gripped, teeth gritted in preparation as she allows herself a startling freefall from the sky with wings pointed upward. She rears back with a twist of her waist, follows through in a motion that carries the scythe in a swing-ward sideways, the twist of the grip striking the electricity that hums and glows with a cut to an airborne tentacle as she passes through.

"Stretch?" Okay, so she did stretch. That twisty turn did a number on her back and it felt good. "This reminds me of a tamaranian slug that we used to eat as a delicacy!"

Yes, tentacle psychic type monster dealio-thing. Shayera just may eat you. Post afternoon snack.

"You WILL feed my HUNGER!" The elderspawn pushes forth, a psychic scream releases forth, pushing outwards from the mental plane and in to the material. A shockwave emanates from the sphere, Strange and Strange alone knows a barrier just breached further, something is cracking open inside that sphere. The source. Where the child of Set is trying to enter through. "FEAST ON YOUR SOULS!" That, was not telepathic. That last scream was heard by all combatants.

Taskmaster's blade arm is gripped and he hits the ground in crunch sound is audible and he hisses loud before kick flipping to his feet and instead of engaging Diana he moves further away from her leaving her standing there with a stinging backside, "Boom, gorgeous."
Boom? What does that mean? Yep, her augmented hearing will hear the beepbeepbeepbepbepbbbbbb just before realizing there is explosive puddy slapped to her left buttcheek. Yeah if her skin wasn't super dense she'd also have a handprint around it.

Jagged Bow has freed himself of Hawkeye's bolo and has taken a knee, bow aiming, "This is a target rich environment… " He breaths down the shaft of his notched arrow Hawkeye is engaged with Malady and Hailstorm, those kids should be able to handle her (or so he thinks of course),
"So many… " A sweep of wings, some air and he pans up, "Birdy… " The arrow looses and Hawkgirl mid fight with a glowing tentacle is now target of a quick barrage of assorted arrows, smoke pops, zappy ones, explody ones and even cryo ones. Hes stocked. Dodge these…

Malady is running now, trying to avoid arrows but running only does so much and Malady's power of empathic projection is all about fear and what fear gives her the power to do. Nothing from Kate is helping her, nothing to manifest. "You damaged skank, oh my god stop shootttttttttt EEEE" Taser arrow hits and the metahuman crumples in twitching heap. Apparently shes rather squishy.

A sound like a rumbling avalanche and Hailstorms arms throw up in to the air giant chunks of concrete and ice are being whipped up towards Hawkeye, it's as if someone just threw a dumptruck worth of frozen debris at her. It looks like the ice golem looking guy is pissed she hurt Malady.

That helicopter continues to circle. A grinding rolling sound is followed by a trail of machine gun fire zeroing in on Tigra. The pockmarks exploding out of cement and dirt in a run towards the feline femme.

Being magic, her life has taken a turn for the weird. When not exorcising Windows 10 machines, dealing with crimes that mundane police can't handle and trying to keep tabs on the various occult phenomena.

"Oh gods and goddesses dammit, why is it always EATING SOULS?!" There's fighting going down and Rain is here. "No one ever wants to eat the DMV, though that's usually because they are built over portals to Hell and uuuugh,"Nevermind that. She's been trying to find out who or WHAT her dad was because sprouting tentacles one day is going to be freaking awkward and she just DOES NOT get paid enough to - "HI DOCTOR STRANGE. OH HOLY—" Oh sweet merciful Pagan stereotypes. Okay. She's getting a read on the situation, if she needs to go full Siberian Godbear or just heal someone here.

Strange notices the cracking in the sphere. Some mystical seal seems to be there. And no one is helping much here. Silly villains. What are they going to do with a Setspawn? Invite her to a bank heist?

And there is Rain. "Welcome back, Rain. Good to see you. Could you hold the fort here for a minute? It seems I have to retrieve something from the container." And he is not waiting for a responses, but diving into the mystical sphere to search for the device he detected. Hopefully Agamotto's light will keep the demon snakewoman at bay. But to encourage her further, he blasts her with a bolt of bewilderment.


Popping in from where he'd been swept up into a rift, Roy Harper arrives, slime clinging to him as he re-emerges, a number of arrows shorter, and a hell of alot more pissed off. "Where's that skullfaced bastard go…?!"

A few arrows left in his quiver, the agent assesses the situation. Frag, that skull-faced grinning menace would have to wait, it appeared. He certainly didn't sign up for -this-, but…

Taking aim at the child of Set, Roy aims one of those explosive arrows, with a muttered, "Slime me, will you…?"

Chaos is not a particularly fun thing. In fact, it's so chaotic that Tigra can't even offer Hawkgirl a proper welcome. Instead, she's reacting not just to Wonder Woman's words but the chopper that's swinging around to unleash a hail of gunfire in her direction. "You'd think I was a big threat. HEY, IDIOTS! SHOOT AT THAT THING! THAT THING!!" Even as she takes evasive action to keep herself in one piece, she's pointing at the creature that's going on about feasting on everyone's souls.

Even as bullets chew up the ground where Tigra had been just moments before, she's running toward the other bad guys. Bad, presumably, because they aren't part of the JL:A and are trying to get at Hawkeye. Let's see if the hail of gunfire continues as she closes in on Hailstorm. Speaking of which, she's leaping to land atop the guy's back to suddenly work on an ice sculpture, courtesy of her claws.

Brows furrow, the insulting and intruding palm to ass felt first, but before Woner Woman could even hear the sweet sound of breaking his -other- arm that beeping reigns through and takes precedence.

Make use of the pain. As all of them are making use of what they have against such odd… Odds.

Even from her hover the sudden flight higher raises and scatters loose rubble upon the ground beneath, pelting pebbles at Taskmaster in her redirected flight towards the helicopter that she is just over the propellers of when the bomb detonates, leaving her silhouette once more shrouded in flames and a concussive burst.

If gone as planned one hand holds the now stilled blades, while the other keeps the body of the helicopter aloft, giving the passengers inside a bit of a shake before the blade is thrown Taskmasters way, aimed to imbed just before him as a warning. "Lay another foul hand upon my pristine ass cheek again and I will ensure you wave like a servant of Poseidon for the rest of your days."

[OOC] Tigra says, "That ass is da bomb, WW"

"You have no idea how damaged," Kate snorts, turning toward the attack from Hailstorm. That's a problem, definitely a problem, need to dive for- hey look, a tentacle!

Kate dives for cover behind a flailing tentacle. Sometimes you take what you can get. And sometimes you go ahead and feed the monster to the monster. While she's taking cover, she takes another chance, pulling out a cold iron-tipped arrow that's been blessed. (After a certain number of run-ins with various cultists, you start carrying these things.) She doesn't bother to fire it, instead simply stabbing it into a tentacle.

"Strange!" she calls across the comms. "I've got a Constantine special anti-portaling charm here." It's an unremarkable little thing - a ball of steel wool and copper wire she commissioned a long time ago in case of attack by a certain mirror-jumping villain, to keep from being the victim of a surprise attack. "Any help if I fire it in, or is that spitting into a tornado?"


Another tenticle felled by a swoop of the scythe yet Shayera does not see the first arrow coming.

No, it didn't hit her in the knee, but it pinged off the armor that would have been her opened middle section, thankfully she wisened up to cover her gut in an attempt at being modest. "You muther—.."

The hail of arrows come which puts Shayera on the defense. Smacking one down as another pings upon her wing, the other smacking against her helmet that bounces right back downward with a furl and a KABOOM! It was on like Donkey Kong as wings flair out and arch, putting her at a spin that has arrows bouncing off, hands hurling the scythe into the air as half of her mace is spawned between her clawed grip and HURLED like mad towards the arrow flinging foe.

The spikey half. The one that looks like a well shaped dragonfruit! "Eat that you..!"

(Please note, that if this were a childrens show, there would be beeps, and a monkey would suddenly appear on screen clapping a tambourine repeatedly.)

Once the hail of arrows and explosion stops, Shayera looks worse for wear. And mad. So mad that once she snatches the Scythe out of the air she makes a break towards Doctor Strange's position. Child of Set. This child is going to get his ass whipped just like his/her/it's mama should have done eons ago. And she won't be killing it with fire.

Okay okay fine she's going in for backup.. gaaahd.

Rain's jaunt through dimensions is of the temporal sort as one of the tentacles is banished and returns her. That time-flux-to-dimensional-distortion returning her to where she was earlier fighting Taskmaster, Deathnewt, Blood-Spider and Jagged Bow.
It is not quite the same anymore, more Justice Leaguers have showed up and things are a lot more chaotic, up to and including a noisy attack/transport chopper and a few new enemy combatants. Also, Rain is covered in Elderslime from the worlds beyond. Much like Roy and Agent Lid.

Agent Lid's sharply dressed and pointy eared self releases a cry of horror that sounds very high pitched and feminine, upon realizing hes back in this reality he visibly calms but still has a haunted look about him, "The talisman of Tartessus! It is in the Containment Sphere, it must be cracked!" Hack, cough, elderslime glob is horked up. The elfy DEO operative is not feeling so pretty right now.

The Elderspawn or serpent child of Set is a non-physical manifestation, energy turned corporeal and the hits are weakening but not what will truly end her, as Strange enters the containment sphere he feels a tug as his own magic is dampened, a flame being stifled or a smothering of breath when close to it but it is only partial for the sphere was not fully sealed and within it is an amulet, large and golden themed with snakes coiled around an open and screaming mouth, the face of Tartessus attempting to enter our realm and she is wailing, her tongue lashing out at Strange. All around that talisman that is Tartessus' in a nimbus of power is the massive tentacle manifestation, much like the Green Lanterns power visuals only much more colorful and wreathed in dark vines.

Dat Bomb that is the Amazon's ass goes off and Taskmaster's arm rises up to deflect the debris with his shield. His other arm hanging limply at his side, it's a pain of it's own that he won't focus on. Broken or dislocated or both it's useless. The sword not even about to be picked up. "Jus' a lil more… " He whispers to himself.
Then a helicopter blade between him and the rest of the battle, his eyes wide at that. "Bullshit magic and bullshit superhumans." A cant of his head at Wonder Woman. He's quiet because hes thinking. Retreat might be the best option now.

Blood-Spider is back, he is like Roy covered in slime and gross. Looking around he takes a quick survey of the battlefield before firing a webshot high and zips past Taskmaster grabbing him in an arm. No words spoken. Blood-Spider isn't like other arachnids in those regards.

"Good call, Spidey. We got enough this time." Taskmaster prattles.

"Eat tha.. oh fuck!" Jagged Bow jumps as Hawkgirl's mace collides in to the earth erupting around it to create a small crater, on his backside he scrambles across the ground his hand clutching something slimey. Pausing long enough to pick it up and stare at it, a newt? What the… it writhes and squirms in his hand and he is about to toss it when it shifts only to transform, no longer a salamander as Rain had transformed him in to earlier Deathshields brawny form materializes and crushes Jagged Bow under him.

"I think I ate a worm!"

"Get off me! We have to retreat!"

The helicopter whirs to a still and it's inhabitants spring out, a man in a pilot suit landing on the ground and slapping helplessly against some grass and magically terraformed earth. Beside him a young thin man lands much more easily, the youth looks odd, humanoid in shape but hosting a tail, a horn, a bat wing and a bird wing, a hoof, a claw, a hand and an elephant truck. An odd mix of animal parts, that would be Menagerie. The backup that never deployed. He takes off in a cheetah fast sprint towards the shoreline. It appears the villains have decided to retreat.

The gunfire had been pelting Hailstorm but now he was swatting and flailing at the air in a circle trying to get Tigra off of his back who was carving him up, icy chunks flying off of him. Close notice though they can tell he was trying to position himself defensively over Malady. The female Hawkeye had earlier taken out.

Appear no loyalty in thieves and supercrooks as they are abandoning the two.

He was the best of newts. He was the worst of newts. Nevertheless, at least no one pointed out that he got better. Rain is not happy about being slimed, but it's apparently a hazard of the magic profession. At least the tentacles aren't razorbladed this time, nor is it full silent hill (ask her about ultramasochistic soul reaving chimera dopplegangers sometime).

"Hi, thanks! And sure," Rain nods. She is going to take over holding the fort down for Strange. Metaphorically. Even in bear form, her butt's not big enough for that. Nevertheless, Rain has settled in and her magic is woven in intricate patterns, to keep things there /there/ and things here /here/.

Still trying to continue shooting at the child of Set, Roy ceases firing as Dr. Strange dives in. "Hey, LID! You hear me?" Roy calls out, trying to slap at his communicator, which is well and truly coated. Please let it work. "Find the people who started this whole thing, and then kick their asses!"

Running along sloshily, Roy moves towards the helicopter, trying to cut off their retreat.

Ah, Tartessus. Doctor Strange finally identifies the enemy. Her non-physical manifestation was confusing him. Now he has a few options. Most direct would be grabbing the amulet and trying to control the monster. But that might be impossible even for him. Instead, he will try to repair the contention sphere.

"Keep that arrow at hand, Hawkeye. But it looks like there is a physical anchor, not a portal per-se," he explains while he weaves the magic bindings.

If nothing else, Tigra's attack on Hailstorm gives Hawkeye a bit of breathing room with her efforts to help. She's never ambushed an ice golem before, and the level of potential danger in the midst of everything else going on is all relative. Without knowing just what he (it?) might try next, she takes care to keep some sort of grip on him with her claws. Maybe it's a little like rock climbing. It's definitely like ice climbing. No biting, though. Wouldn't want that tongue to stick. "You gonna stop trying to bury my friend?"

From above the new arrivals as well as those already known were gathered along the reformed dock now made into a (meta)physical battlefield, the best vantage to see the status of all allies - new and old alike. The contents of rattled chopper (being the people) drop out and flee, no longer within the disabled body of the metal beast, it is now dropped to the ground with a thunderous landing that craters the earth on the heels of retreaters.

Tigra and Kate seem to have Hailstorm and his fallen comrade. The others retreating into the distance… Shayera's own tactful proclaimation made with her retreating foe…

Strange and Rain working to contain the heart of the magical problem while the physical still lashes outward like a Cthuluesque feeler, trying to get a grip on the outer reality….

This was theirs and a reminder comes with a descent that has both swords manifested and her aid coming into the fray with the rest, arms spread and the blades severing the lashing tentacles that interfere her path.

"Tell me where you need me to shoot, Strange," Kate calls across the field, running back from the tentacles once Tigra has Hailstorm distracted. She sees better from a distance, after all. Taking up a position where she can see most of the field, she starts firing explosive tips into the tentacles rapid-fire, pausing between shots only long enough to make sure she's not going to hit an ally. "Harper," she exclaims cheerfully. "You look gross. Having some trouble out here?"

Shayera thinks better of going after Strange. No backup needed. Rain was there. Besides, her magic cancelling scythe would ruin the entire thing and make everything toast. So up, up, up she goes, weaving in between mass of tentacles, cracking out a loud series of whistles as she begins to fly. Up.. over.. down.. around. Keeping it all busy until the job was complete.

Hailstorm pauses rather ignorant to a lot of Tigra's slashing but the creatures arms slacken and he lowers to the ground the fight gone from him as he folds around the unconscious Malady. A crack splinters through the icy form, spreads and chunks fall away soon there is a small young man hovering there only to drop to the ground, white skinned, blue hair and blue lips. His age indeterminable but he looks like he can't be more than eighteen possibly nineteen, kneeling down he stares with pale eyes at Tigra and cups Malady's head in his lap. No words. Just stares. Not even a frown.

Agent Lid shakes his head at Roy, "No, that is not my duty that is yours. My duty is ensuring the talisman is properly transported. You take them… " Turning away the willow thin and tall DEO agent takes off his gloves and joins Rain, Wonder Woman and Shayera in their battle against the tentacles surrounding Strange. His joining is of the magical sort, weaving protective seals.

Poor Todd the Helicopter pilot is panting and trying to hold up his torn pants as he runs, falls and picks up to run again away from the entire scenario. Roy is in much better shape and overcoming him. He knows he has been left behind with Malady and Hailstorm, there is no way he can catch up to Taskmaster or the others but damned if he isn't going to try. It was hard work and many dead guys in front of him for him to earn the name Todd.

The talisman is indeed cracked, Strange is close enough to see that tear in it, a tear the inhabitant is trying to explote by physically coming through, though she is weakening. Her power is waning before the combined might of the Earthworlders.

"HUNGER!" No longer vocal to the material world it is a sound only psychics and magical attuned can hear.

Poor Todd. Rain might be sympathetic. But for now, she's sort of busy. This is what happens when eldritch entities eat arcade machines. I HUNGER. RUN. RUN. Nevertheless, her witchy magic is dealing with some of the tentacles - metaphyiscal rolled up newspapers (not literally - her magic works invisibly). She doesn't seem bothered by Agent Elfentine. He seems pretty chill for an elf, so he's got that going for him. Bolster, and TENTASLAP. Tentaslap! Simpsons did it first, though.

"Well, then get the damn thing out of here already…!" Roy mutters as he continues to pursue the others. Saving Todd the trouble of holding his pants up, the agent assists him by firing an ice arrow onto his butt, the easier to keep his pants on. Of course, he couldn't run, but he could at least appreciate it. Hopefully, though, his pants -were- up before being iced over. Otherwise, well… we could be discussing blue balls here.

Whether or not Todd managed to keep his pants on, though… Roy didn't care so much, as he tries to find -that- damn bastard.

As she gets a better look at Hailstorm and Malady once the former has lost the outer shell, Tigra's hopped back a few feet and landed in a crouch that signals a readiness to spring forward again if the tail's lashing is any more of an indication. Then…she doesn't. Instead, she swears, more to herself than not. "Damn it, you're just.." Kids. They're just kids. Though her guard remains up, she extends a hand toward them. It's just a gesture, even with those sharp claws having just finished leaving marks this way and that in all of the ice. "What are you even doing here in the middle of all this?" It's their chance to talk. Or, his chance.

And the snake goddess is going to remain hungry indefinitely if Strange has anything to say about it. It is not as if the elderspawn really need eat souls, they are just greedy parasites. "By the cunning of Ikonn and the strength of Cyttorak," he mutters, "and the ancient wisdom of Hoggoth, and the chains of Krakkan, I bind thee forever," or until some other idiot uses a rocket launcher, whatever comes first. No, that is better not said out loud. "It is done," he announces through the comlinks, pulling away from the containment sphere before he is so drained he can't even levitate away.

A wet slap lands at booted feet, an angry serpents stricken write coming in whip lashes until it is stabbed through in finality by the blade upon Wonder Woman's vambraced arm. Drawing back, cerulean gaze sweeps over the surroundings and comrades. Slime covered Roy and Rain, a wrinkle of nose and a blink of curiousity for later inquiry, as Roy seems tasked with exerting a level of anger and frustration she wont touch! He'll run it off?

Kate and Tigra with their wards now, the youth of the ones left truly behind gets a grim look to pass over her features as she straightens and the blades retract.

Shayera's own love of the battle leaving her in her own glory that would come with a later feast of grand quantities. Someone tell Hans to start cooking meat now. But that leaves her to approach the exhausted Doctor Strange and place a hand on his shoulder. "Are you well?" She asks to him directly, but the question goes through the comms to them all as well.

Kate is usually one of the first to offer a hand in peace, but at the moment, she's not the one who's going over to help with Malady and Hailstorm. Just kids or not, it looks like there may be one or two things Kate can hold a grudge over. Messing around with her head is one of them. Instead, she keeps herself busy shooting bolo arrows at the fleeing villains, slowing them down for later capture when she can.
Todd stands frozen from the waist down rubbing his chest and arms with teeth chattering. Roy has no luck finding Taskmaster or the others, they have successfully retreated to be a pain another day. It's what villains do. "You c-c-can't l-leave me like thisss."

Hailstorm the frost generating youth almost blankly watches Tigra as she speaks to him, no motion, no words only a slow fingerstroke of Malady's hair who stirs just slightly at the cold touch. Either he doesn't comprehend her or is awesome at the quiet game. They are indeed kids as was Menagerie who escaped.

Agent Lid exhales while regarding the gathering JL:A members, "I do not sense it's presence any longer… at least beyond the containment, I am very grateful. You have saved me a lot of paperwork. The talisman was already damaged but we assumed it would go undisturbed but… well, those lunatics. We had no warning of this assault."

Like Roy, Kate will find those retreating to be very good at running away. They're all professional cowards. Attacking them still is at least some fun target practice despite it's fruitlessness.

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