January 25, 2015:

Something is coming to M-Town and Scarlet Witch is on the case. Nyx and Iceman arrive to do all the heavy lifting.

A low grade apartment block in M-Town


NPCs: Souleaters


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Fade In…

There are whispers in M-Town. Those with the powers to see into the future have been dreaming up a storm lately. If only it was clearer. About the only thing they can all agree on is the tic-toc of an old clock. The rest is shapes moving in the darkness or the faint grinding of metal upon metal.

Many of the mutants in this part of the city are more wary than ever. Gossip and rumors spreading the tales of visions and embellishing them with each retelling. No doubt there are some who think that Godzilla is about to appear…because they heard it from cousin Jo who heard it from that winged guy who delivers papers to skyscrapers who had a drink with that psychic who never lies. And like any good apocalyptic rumor there has been little to prove its veracity…so far.

Wanda is sitting in the lotus position…in the middle of the street. She hums softly to herself as she looks from building to building while her fingers absently draw shapes in the air. It is night so thankfully not a lot of traffic. Though what traffic there is also doesn't see her to the last minute and there are screeching breaks, honking horns and swearing aplenty filling the air. Wanda starts to draw on the road. Her finger leaving a glowing scarlet line as it moves over the tarmac. A line that becomes shapes. Shapes that become an image.

Nyx is out and about, doing her most common patrol, M-Town. People here seem very much to need more help than many other parts of Manhattan so here she is once more. The rumors, buzz, and grapevine are pretty disturbing tonight. Godzilla. Nyx wonders if that is even something that could actually happen.

When Nyx spots Wanda in the middle of one of the streets, drawing without paints on the road she lets out a sigh. "Crap" and heads that way.
Bobby does not 'patrol'. He lives here and he gets enough of the public service hero stuff at work. Honestly a lot of it is just paperwork and labwork. Well, so far as he's concerned anyway. He has met Wanda before though and… oh… that's her. Acting strangely. Last time she did that there were clockwork crabs. Least it's never, you know, dull with her about.

Wanda seems to be drawing humanoid figures on the road…or burning them into the tar with a glowing finger. She seems happy with her work; smiling at the pictures and nodding to herself. And then she is looking straight at Nyx and offering her a wave. And then Bobby too. "Have you come to be heroes?" she asks…loudly. "Heroes are needed." She springs to her feet and points over to a large apartment block…though also rundown and half empty. "Come on!" she giggles to the pair before running towards the door.

Well hell, Nyx waves back to Wanda and then nods "Always heroing… YOLO… or something…" then Wanda is off and she winces and runs after her, god knows what this will be this time but it is likely to be amazingly bad or exciting. "What is it" she calls after her.

Oh boy. Bobby takes off at a run. Heroes are needed. Usually means things are about to get cold. And wet. Mostly cold though. "Nyx, hey there." Bobby calls out as he sprints after Wanda. "Someone needs to take her in hand."

Wanda bursts through the apartment block door and into the dark lobby beyond - luckily it wasn't locked. The air is heavy with moisture and it sticks to her exposed skin as she glances around for her back-up. "Hurry up" she hisses…though with a grin. "It's almost time." Then she is running up the stairwell.

Nyx is doing her best to try to catch up with Wanda now "I am trying Bobby but she is fast and had a head start…and knows where she is going…" she does manage to keep up though "What time.. for what"

"Which is more than either of us know." Bobby murmurs. 'Almost time' sounds fairly ominous. Okay it sounds really ominous. And not at all like something he's going to be able to ice up. Freeze time is another power entirely.

Wanda bounds and skips her way up the stairwell. Lights flicker above them. The smell of damp rotting walls becoming stronger and stronger. Patches of mold darken the corners of the ceilings. Down below they can hear the sound of the front doors slamming shut. A bang that reverberates through the building. Wanda pushes open the door to the sixth floor, taking a few steps before waiting for the others. "Can you see in the dark?" she asks when they appear…and then all the lights go out. A few seconds pass before a scarlet glow around Wanda's hand lights them up in blood red hues. "They're here" she whispers.

Nyx slows down "No.. no I can't…" okay she could maybe if she really thought about it but she doesn't even think about trying and there hasn't been a dire enough situation for her systems to adapt like that. "Who is here." she whispers crouching down and looking through the blood red glow.

Bobby can see in the dark. Sort of. Heat vision. Connection to ice gives him a gift for picking out differences in temperature. He crouches down, peering after Wanda and Nyx. Slowly hoarfrost is starting to creep up his arms. "What's going on?" He whispers. Why is he whispering? He's not sure.

Wanda slowly raises her arm and points down the hallway…even while looking at the pair behind her. "Them." Down that long, garbage filled hallway they can see nothing but darkness. But then the darkness changes. It moves. Something with sharp angles and indeterminate form darts from one wall to the other…passing through each of them and disappearing into the apartment beyond. Then there is another…but this one moves up to the ceiling. There it lingers. What could be a head but is more of a long triangle seems to stare at them before dropping to the ground and becoming absorbed in the shadows that lie there.

Okay Nyx has no idea what she is supposed to be seeing there. Then she finally sees … whatever it is on the ceiling drop down to the floor "Oh holy crap… .. can we shoot those…" she knows it stared at them and then dropped down like that.

Bobby blinks as a baseball bat of ice materializes into one hand. "Um… we're fighting… evil geometry?" He glances over at Wanda. This is creepy he'll not deny and it seems a little out of his wheelhouse. More than a little. He's a physics nerd, not a… er… mathematician? Indiana Jones and the dodecahedron of doom anyone?

"You can shoot them" nods Wanda happily to Nyx before leaning in to whisper to the both of them. "But only when they are inside." A knowing tap to the side of her nose before she is heading off down the hallway. "We shouldn't live in little boxes" she muses in a sing-song tone before actually singing - 'Little boxes on the hillside. Little boxes made of ticky-tacky.' "Here" Wanda stops next to a door and slowly pushes it open. "Bobby…make sure they don't get inside."

Nyx sounds more than a little pained there "Inside what Wanda… inside what!" she lifts her fits in front of her, like a boxing stance. They flare with particle beam energy build up, white light glowing around her arms and through the glare it looks like her arms have reconfigured themselves a touch.

Bobby gets to… guard the door? He looks over to Nyx and then after Wanda. "Best go with her, I think." He whispers. Yes he sees the arms. He'll ask later. When they're not being attacked by evil math.

"Inside that" Wanda 'explains' as she points to a woman in the apartment. A woman who is hovering two feet off the ground, her entire body shaking and spasming. And then she slowly spins round to stare at the trio in the hall. Her eyes jet black. Points emerging under her flesh for a moment before the skin calms back to 'normality'. A normality where black veins rise up and pulse. Further down the hallway another door opens. This time it is two children, about ten an obviously twins, who float through the doorway and out into the corridor.

Nyx just stares at the woman hovering off the floor there "Oh shit…" her arms always do that when she is firing particle beams, Bobby has seen it before, though in the dark it is easier to see. "is.. it in her.. how do we get it out of … um them…" at the twins "I don’t want to shoot them…"

Bobby just backs away slowly and starts icing up the corridor. Hey, maybe he'll get lucky and walls of ice will actually keep things where they're supposed to be. He doesn't think for a minute that he's that lucky but…

Wanda smiles at Nyx and shrugs to her questions. "They like the dark" she offers but whether that is any help is another thing altogether. The redhead laughs as ice forms around them. "So pretty!" The red energy around her hand grows brighter and brighter.

Now the woman is also floating towards them. Her mouth opens in a silent scream…and opens…and opens. The sound of cracking bones can be heard as her lower jaw is now level with half way down her throat. Black goo starts to leak from her mouth. The drips forming tendrils that quickly stiffen into points.

Nyx looks disgusted by this development really "Oh.. that sounded like it may have really done some permanent in the lethal variety of damage…" she looks unhappy then lifts one hand and fires a bolt of particle beam, white light lances hot right by the woman. Seeing if that does anything before she resorts to disintegrating someone’s demon possessed mom.

"That's… not at all nice…" Bobby reaches a hand forward and tells the woman to 'cool it'. Actually he tells her to 'chill'. Actually he just 'puts her on ice.'

Actually what he does is tries to freeze the goop coming out of her mouth solid at the source and hopes that does something.

The bright light causes the woman to spin in the air, trying to shield her eyes from the glare. Though her attempt is hindered slightly by the freezing of the black goop from her mouth. The body jerks in the air. The black veins swell up, pushing higher and higher from the body until finally they pop open. All along their entire length. The veins whipping out like tentacles to pull at the ice. The children reach out towards the trio, their fingertips peeling open to unleash more of the dark ichor through the air.

"Ack!" Bobby puts his back To Nyx's and flashes a half dome of ice in front of him. Which should ward off the tentacles for a few seconds but he's going to have to do something a bit more proactive about that and soon becomes apparent as ice javelins begin to form in his hand.

Nyx acks as there is an ice dome there "Well.. ok…. hopefully this isn't the wrong choice." she carefully aims bring both hands together at the former mother not having her body burst with black evil ..something. "Sorry" she seems to mean it but she fires two bolts of particle energy at the mother dead on.

The beams burn away the flesh of the woman in a blinding white light. Flesh and muscle bubbling away into nothingness until there is the shadow left. The tendrils contract as the ice melts…fleeing from the bright light. The array of animate dark shapes folds in on itself…and then again…and again…until disappearing into nothingness.

"Do heroes kill?" Wanda asks lightly before the energy around her hand builds and builds. She turns towards the advancing children. "We burn them?"

Is it killing if they're already dead? "Not of they can avoid it." Bobby backs away and chucks an ice spike. Then a second, then a third. And hopes Wanda and Nyx can deal with these permanently because he doubts that being a cool dude will suffice here.

Nyx protests "She looked like she was dead and possessed with monsters… are they dead or not…" she hesitates "Can you save them Wanda or do I blast them.. hurry up and explain gods!"

Wanda seems quite surprised at being yelled at…and then she is frowning at the superheroine she thought was her friend. Her gaze turns back to the advancing children. "Bobby…could you freeze them please. Keep them still but not so cold they would die." Her voice seems calm and…dare we say it…sane and composed. "Nyx…once Bobby has them in place and they can't turn away. Try light…lots of it. Don't hurt them but bathe them in light. Can you do that?"

Bobby can do that. It's precise and controlled but he can make things very cold, very fast. In a wave in front of him ice creeps halfway up, well, everyone, freezing them to the waist. Uncomfortable, almost certainly. Lethal? Well, er, not right away.

Just disintegrated a lady. Nyx is still Wanda's friend but she is having a bit of a moment right now and not doing so hot with herself. "I. . don't think so.. maybe…" she carefully moves to the frozen kid there and then shoots particle beams full blast right by them ..sustained… it pretty much destroys the back of the building but she isn't hitting them… just lighting up the hall by them with a lot of power.

The children scream. It is not a scream that their tiny bodies should be allowed to make. A scream of anguish and pain as blinding light bores into the black pits that are their eyes. And as it continues to burn…and blow out the back of the building…the blackness retreats from their eyes. The veins start to flatten. The tendrils disappear back into the fingers. Then the shadows are slipping out behind the bodies, trying to stick to what little shade remains before sinking into the floor. The children collapse; bleeding, their bodies wracked with agony…but they are still alive.

Bobby slumps with a sigh. "Someone… needs to call nine one one…" He murmurs, forgetting for the moment that he has a phone. "Good job Nyx, Wanda."

Nyx shifts the beams down and blasts the floor with that bright light where the things sank into the floor. She is so angry at them and herself right now. Sure the mom maybe was dead with the bursting from all her veins, but maybe not. So she keeps shooting where she last saw them for a long moment.

Luckily Nyx's fearsome blasts somehow manage to avoid the children. Wanda's muttering to herself and artful finger movements may have something to do with that. The redhead slips over to the kids and crouches over them as Nyx lets out her anger. "I don't have a phone" she explains to Bobby with a shrug. "I did have one…but then I didn't. I think. I found my brother too…but then he ran away." She seems to be off on tangents again.

"Er… what?" Bobby seems to have remembered and he's dialing now. "So do I need to call medics? Cops? The ghostbusters?" 911 will do he supposes. "Ah well. Are you two okay?"

Nyx does finally stop and then slumps some "no." she notes worried "I.. did the right thing right?"

"Of course you did the right thing" Wanda answers with a bright smile. "You are a heroine." How could Nyx not have done the right thing? "An ambulance" she suggests to Bobby as the lights flicker back on.

"You did the right thing, Nyx." Bobby says quietly as the phone dials. The only choice had been to leave them in the thrall of… whatever that had been.

Well Nyx of course meant disintegrating the mom like that, this was the messiest civilian being hurt by bad things situation she has had to deal with. She nods though "I think I may need to go be sick or something… god that was awful.. what was that stuff Wanda?"

"Souleaters" Wanda tells Nyx though she also follows that 'explanation' with a shrug. "Constantine was going to help me with them but he went away. Everyone goes away. They feed near a dumpster where I sleep. I don't know why they came here tonight."

Nyx frowns "Don't know who that is.. .but this needs to be taken care of.. they can't be allowed to feed on people like this… no soul eating"

As ambulance sirens start to approach, Wanda rises from the children and looks to the pair who followed, nodding to Nyx's outburst. "I have to go" she explains, "Come find me when you need to." And with that she is heading back to the stairwell.

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