The Portals Stabilise

March 26, 2016:

A stable portal deposits some unwanted visitors into New York

Financial District - New York


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SHIELD has 99 problems and a lack of Daemonites at the moment isn't one of them. Jemma's been growing increasingly concerned that the portals they've been witnessing have been becoming stable and disabling them has become increasingly more difficult over time.

Today in the Financial District of New York, SHIELD systems had alerted an anomaly and SHIELD TAC teams had responded, just in time to see a portal open. Moving quickly, trying to cordon off the area and directing civilians to safety, the teams were surprised when four rather large, 12FT tall, lizardlike creatures had stepped through. This is not good. Not at all. The TAC teams have problems dealing with just one of the creatures - but four? Well, three, the portal closed on the fourth one before it could get through.

One of the three Daemonites, had taken off towards the South Financial District. The remaining two headed to the north where the SHIELD Command post was set up and civilians are panicking everywhere.

Not far from the area, Johnny Storm has been meeting with some middle school students for an extra curricular activity, at a NYFD firehouse. The same one used in the filming of Ghostbusters, in fact, located deep in TriBeCa. However, when the monsters push through, he pauses. A flinch of his eyes has the teacher asking him if something is wrong.

"Yes… I think something is terribly wrong," he tells her, before turning back to the students. "Alright, everyone. It's time for me to go and be a hero. Just remember; you don't need special powers to be a hero. Now, if everyone can stand back…" He gestures for the students to keep moving, clearing an area on the sidewalk. "That's it… okay, good enough." He turns from one group to the other, smiling in a troubled way, before crouching down on the sidewalk. "Hasta la vista!" he cries, before bursting into flame and shooting skyward.

The children laugh and cheer, watching as the Human Torch flies up, up and away.

Sharon is commading one of the tac teams and, this time, they've brought a slightly heavier solution. It's not a solution they WANT to use, considering explosives *always* have damage that goes beyond the intended target, but it's better than pouring clips into the things with very little effect. Of course, they also have clips to pour into the things. But Sharon's on the next solution, remote triggered grenades made to be shot into the mouth of the creatures, or the center mass if they can get a big enough hold to lodge it. She's on one of the launchers, set into the roof of a moving black tac vehicle. "We need evacuation teams to clean twenty blocks north of this area NOW. All civilians under ground, in buildings, off the street. They are *panicking*, give them a place go!" Sharon calls over the SHIELD comms, before she settles back into trying to line up the launcher she's working. "I need a better line of sight. Follow the northern ones. Put the remote team on the south one."

"Just get her home safely." says Julia to the SHIELD agent assigned to transport her daughter back to the safehouse. She hasn't changed into her costume yet because… daughter. She kisses Rachel on the forehead and says, "You'll be fine honey. Just go with Heather here and I'll be home before you know it." She smiles reassuringly to the three year old girl. When the SUV drives off, Julia ducks into a second vehicle with tinted windows and does her best to change quickly.
If the thing had internal cameras, it'd look like some blend of a crazy college dare and a game of twister.
Moments later however, Spider-Woman comes out of the other side of said SUV and with a psi-web strung up, she leaps into the air and makes her way towards the scene.
"Spider-Woman, on scene." she remarks over the SHIELD comm. "Providing distraction to give time for civilians to -get- to that cover." she announces before she drops in to say hello. Literally, she drops out of the sky and lands spreadlegged with one hand on the ground directly in the path of the gigantic lizardlike daemon alien thingamagoobers. "Settle a bet for me." she says to them, "Are you reptiles or amphibians?" And.. well she's got her psi-web-network in place and is prepared to evade incoming attacks. But as long as they're attacking her, they're not attacking civilians.

How is one can be a month in Metropolis and nothing happens, but the second one gets back to New York a portal brings three huge aliens downtown? Nathaniel did some research about the current state of the Daemon culture, but there wasn't a lot in the Starfire's databanks. Nevertheless, he configured some mechanisms in his armor to counter the possession ability of the aliens, and when he sees the kind of aliens coming, he activates the systems.

Looks like the local authorities are on the case, but really, they might be outgunned if the Daemonites want to steal something. He, on the other hand, has technology that makes current Daemon tech level seem Stone Age. "Halt and parlay!" He states, speaking Interlac and having the armor amplify his voice. "Or face me in battle, sons of Daemon. And that would be foolish of you."

Peter Quill had never been to New York. He had been just wandering, having only recently walked out of a shop, a paper sack in his arms, loaded up with every kind of snack food known to man. Oatmeal pies, Ho-Hos, Cosmic Brownies, and a personal favorite, one that he hasn't had since he before he left Earth; the orange cupcakes. Something about those are just baked crack. In fact, he has one stuffed in his mouth, headphones covering his ears. It's going to be a good night catching up on all the tv he hasn't been able to watch. Gonna start watching Babylon 5 tonight.

Oh wait…. The spacer blinks at the monstrosity infront of him, barely able to dodge out of the way of a large mob that almost tramples his over, causing his bag to explode, sugary treats spilling onto the ground and smashed thereafter. "My cupcakes!" he moans in despair, turning around. "Damnit, I was going to get fat tonight!" Whatever the hell these are, obviously the are the cause of his sweet destruction. "You dick!" touching the earpiece behind his ear, the mask he wears as Star-Lord materializes over his head, rocketing into the air, boots propelling forward. The element blasters are produced from the holsters on his hips, setting the pair; one to ice, the other to lightning. "I'm wasting valuable tv time because of you, you dink!" These are the man's priorities before blasting away.

North End

The TAC teams respond to Sharon's request and move more quickly to usher the civilians away. Keeping potential 'hosts' for the Lizardlike beings to a minimum. It's not an easy task at any rate, but they're slowly clearing the street. Sharon gets the line of sight she's looking for, but she'll only have a moment to act. Daemonites are fast, incredibly fast … so she might need to predict where they're heading!

Julia's distractions aid that attempt, causing the two huge creatures to focus on her, sending Psychic pressure in her direction - trying to get her to cease and desist.

This is what Johnny see's as he flies into the area.

South End

The single Daemonite that Nathaniel confronts, barely gives the man a glance. It seems to have a mission and it just keeps moving reaching for a civilian as it does. The long cruel talons starting to dig deep into their skin.

Star-Lords blasters hit the creature, even penetrate the skin but as he watches… it starts healing, barely even noticing the attack. And now Star-Lord has a civilian to worry about.

From overhead, the Human Torch appears, winding skillfully through skyscrapers with banks left and right. He slows a bit when the Daemonites come into view. "Oh, no. Not these guys again! They even give Grimm a run for his money on the ugly factor."

A burst of flame sends him downward. When he comes into range, he begins firing blasts of hot fire toward the monsters, doing his best to anticipate their movements. He's mindful of his shots, taking great care not to cause retreating civilians or other heroes undue risk.

The moment Sharon gets her line of sight on a pissed Daemonite's mouth, accounting for wind AND the way the head is moving, she adjusts the canon and fires. Her adjustments take maybe half a second. She was always a better long range shot than she was up close and personal. She liked the peace, the calm that comes with the whole world slowing down to a snail's pace for those few seconds it takes to act. If her timing and adjustments were accurate and she sees the bomb go in through the thing's maw, she'll hit the remote deonation immediately. If not, well, they've got a few more to try. But she is dead on comms for the few seconds it takes her to make those estimations.

Then she's back, still needing to help keep this thing organized, "Spider-Woman, thank goodness. I know we've got a mess of civvies and everyone above ground is a potential host for the thing. You've got command of your area, I'm sending a tac team your way. South Tac team, intercept! Report back as soon as you can!" But they were out of sight now. Sharon had made her decision to focus her eyes, and new weapon, on the north. It was simply a numbers game.

Psychic pressure. Well Spider-Woman has no idea how resistant she might be to such pressures. But it turns out that since much of her power comes from her own psionic potential, she has at least some mental shields.
She leaps up and over an arm swinging her way when the psychic stuff fails.
But the second one manages to strike her in the chest and send her flying into a wall. "Ow." she mutters, but she's not down and out. She's a lot more durable than she looks. So out of the hole she created when she flew through the wall, she comes flying back into the fight to leap-kick one of the two lizardlike Daemonites in the head. "Come on then!" she calls out as she hits.

"Not much for talking, I see." Nathaniel can't say he is very surprised, but he would have liked to ask them a couple things. Nevermind.

Instead he flies over the creature and activates the plasma blaster on his chest, sending a narrow cutting bolt at the daemonite's arm, powerful enough to sever his arms, he expects. At the same time he shoots a broad repulsor blast to his chest, trying to knock back the monster.

Peter Quill takes a moment to hover, coming back around. "Well, alright then." letting his helmet's vision scan over the creature, try an evaluation on it and a method of attack. Gotta think fast though, eyes peeling over to the civilian being picked out. "Shit." he mutters, thumb flipping a dial on his side of his blasters. Adjusts them so one is set on the maximum freeze setting, the other to fire. The idea that temperature variance will simply shatter their bodies apart, which would, in his mind anyways, negate that whole pesky healing thing. He fires the ice first at the creatures ankles while Nathaniel focues on the arm that's reaching for the non-com. When their frozen solid, he'll use the fire blaster, hoping that'll cause the limbs to shatter.

North End

Johnny's blasts hit one of the two, causing it to ignite and flame. Not that it seems to slow it down but it does split it's attention from Julia and it turns to stare at Johnny sending a psychic wave at him, trying to get him to submit.

Sharon's shot hits her target, the bomb entering through the Daemonites mouth. The detonation causes the Daemonites head to explode, leaving its body slumping to the ground. It's still twitching but deprived of its head, it's helpless and perhaps … dead?

Spider-Womans attempts are targetted at the flaming Daemonite, and knocks it off balance. Having very little other effect at the moment.

South End

Nathaniels plasma blast, almost sears the Daemonites arm from its body, but it's still connected by a mere thread. The talons are still gripping the civilian and sinking deep and the creature starts to phase … starting to disappear into the womans body. As Nathaniels repulsor beam hits, it is knocked back a little but it's determined to take possession of this human.

Ice forms around the creatures ankles, as Peter changes the settings on his weapons. But with it phasing, it has little effect and as the fire blaster hits, it phases right through that.

"Well…Maybe that worked. Damn." Sharon mutters, half relieved and half suspicious. It's never that easy. "I want to do a drive by, get one down it's body cavity, destroy as much of it as possible. Who knows if they can reform." She comms down into the truck that is actually getting decent speed up the New York street, considering most things are cleared for the emergency. SHe readies the canon with another grenade, spinning around in her little crow's nest so she can fire at it when they are passing, leaving it in their trail. "Spider-Woman, report, how are things going on your end? Do you need more back up?" Sharon calls over the comms, giving a worried look in the direction of the other Daemonites they've not put down yet.

The psychic wave catches Storm at its edge, causing his flight to falter. He drops down and into the street, rolling to a halt, his fire waning.

After a moment, Johnny collects himself, grimacing. "Hunan Torch, on the sc— did I just say Hunan?" He bats at his temple twice, then shakes his head. "Hunan - okay, you know what?" He breathes in deep, and musters his will against the psychic influence. It takes a lot of effort, but he manages to send another blast of fire toward the flaming Daemonite. "There!"

A flaming Daemonite that is suddenly tied up in a psi-web. The fireblast heads towards that one and Spider-Woman leaps towards the other one. "Sorry, didn't mean to ignore you. That was rude. Here… let me show you how much we like paying attention to you…" And then she lands just in front of the thing, leaping upwards to plant her feet on a nearby wall as psi-webs flash out to snag the Daemonite.. and then with all of her strength, she yoinks and tries to hurl it skywards. "Torch! PULL!!!!" she yells.

That is a much more powerful creature Nathaniel expected. Wait, is that a Spatoi Elemental Gun? No matter, he will ask later.

He flies to the woman, probably too late to stop the claw. But that is not the goal, he touches her and activates the armor forcefield at maximum force creating an impenetrable bubble that covers the woman and himself alone, and leaving the bulk of the Daemonite's mass outside.

"Alright, well, this isn't exactly my favorite thing to do." Peter sighs, changing another setting on one of his blasters. He lands, next to the woman, holding the blaster to her head. "Hey, know you can hear me in here. I figure you think I'm beyond blowing her head off if it kills you. And well, you could be right if I was goody-two-shoes about that kind of thing. Thing is…I'm really not." He's about to fire, but yeah, he's bluffing on that point, being set a lot lower to more of a very heavy stun. As in, a stun that would leave a human unconcious.

However, he doesn't get that chance, because Nathaniel beats him to the bunch. He stares blankly. "No, it's okay, I'll just /stand/ here." the red-jacketed spacer remarks, making sure there's no other kind of large surprises thundering down the street. Seems like he can't do much else at the moment.

North End

Sharon's grenade lands spot on, exploding and, severing a leg. Damn these things are tough… oh and it's still twitching. "Agent Carter, Doctor Simmons advises that we collect all the pieces."

Johnny's and Julia efforts end up with a flying, flaming Daemonite. That phases … slipping the webs and uses the trajectory to flip and drop out of sight.

Julia, Johnny and Sharon will notice a grey/black device near where the portal had opened. For Julia and Sharon, it's familiar - it's similar to the 084's that Simmons has been examining for months.

South End

The woman held by the Daemonite, is really quite terrified. Peter putting his blaster to her head, doesn't help that at all. She starts screaming, loudly.

Nathaniels ploy of shielding the woman, works to a degree. The bubble at least impedes the phasing into the woman and the creature starts retreating. Leaving it's arm behind. Taking off down the street at speed.

A SHIELD agent, who had been clearing the civilians, comes over to the pair. "Doctor Simmons would like to see this woman and soon."

A quick look to the SHIELD trucks, followed by a look toward Spider-Woman when she calls out his code name. She might as well have proposed to him or something. He smiles broadly. "She knows my codename!" he preens to himself, before recognizing what's about to happen. "Oh, awesome."

He hauls back and throws another bolt of fire into the sky, but the Daemonite dodges and drops out of sight, letting the blast soar up into the sky to dissipate after a while.

Johnny lowers his arms and his shoulders slump. "That's cheating!" he calls after the monster.

"She wants the *parts*? Dammit. What if they…Reform?" Sharon eyes athe parts of the demon warily, as they are still twitching. She swears deeply and makes a spinning motion with her finger, indicating to the truck that they need to turn around. "We're going to do one more strafing run of this thing then take as many of the parts over as many trucks as possible. Come on." And her last grenade is loaded, leveled for the things torso/neck hole. Hopefully she can actually just dismember it and only carry back limbs to Jemma.

"Well, that was anticlimactic…" says Spider-Woman as she stands there on the wall. And that is when she notices the woman over there… her eyes narrow until the woman is freed by other interference.
She gives a finger-thumb-okay gesture towards Human Torch and then she checks in, "Carter. Spider-Woman. Looks like these faded out, went away, whatever." she states.

Nathaniel's helmet hides his expression pretty well, but he is relieved the forcefield worked against the possession attempt. When the SHIELD agent comes, he nods and lowers the energy field. "And psychic counseling would be advisable," which he is not sure is a thing in this age, but anyway. The Daemonite is fleeing, and still phased with the physical world. He gives chase, trying to adjust the repulsors so they can hit the phased alien. Unfortunately before he can find the right frequency the alien just walks through the ground.

As soon as the Daemonite starts his run, Peter flying after, firing blasts of lighting at it, which then harmless go through and hit the pavement infront of him. Once realizing he can't do any harm and anything else is simply beyond his ability, Star-Lord stops giving chase, hovering down to the ground. "Great." he notes in mild anger, holstering his blasters and touching behind his ear, helmet de-materializing away, gone back to it's hiding place in his earpeice. "Well, that's just great. So now what?"

"Yes, she does." A rather amused voice speaks over the comms to Sharon. Working with Jemma is always interesting. "The Science Team is coming in to help you contain the parts. They've specialised containers."

With Peter and Nathaniel giving chase to the phased Daemonites, SHIELD will tend to the woman. At least the pair know they can speak to SHIELD if they want more information.

The TAC teams start clean up but one thing isclear: The portals are stable enough to transport being, admittedly only a couple at time.

And of course, the question remains - what are the Daemonites doing?

"I'll go after the other one," Johnny tells the others. "Make sure it disappeared too." With that, he vaults into the air on a streak of fire, pursuing the Daemonite who ran off.

It's not until they are on street level, picking up twitching remnanets of Demon parts, that Sharon spots one of those vaguely familiar devices. "Huh. Gotcha." She mutters to herself, leaning over and pulling a glove out of her pocket to put on before she plucks the thing from it's resting place and immediately returns to the truck to get it in a sealed safe container. She then pats the side of the truck, "I'm going to stay with clean up, get these pieces and that device back to base ASAP. Tell Jemma we have her toys." She smirks a bit, then turns back to the street to help finish organizing clean up crews.

"Now he will regenerate and seek a new victim, we have just delayed them," replies Nathaniel bleakly. Two out of three escaped, not good. "It is rather strange Daemonites this strong are coming to Earth like this. Appearing in a large city and not using regular spaceships. I better try to talk with the SHIELD agents in charge."

"I hate Daemonites." Peter mutters. "Usually ship cannons take care of the issue a lot better than the normal effort." he offers, he too walking back towards the SHIELD agents. "And here I thought I left the nastier parts of space behind getting stuck here. Guess not. And usually, yeah, not nearly as much a pain in the ass that was."

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