Bringin' in the STARS

April 10, 2015:

Martian Manhunter comes to recruit the STAR Labs folks


It's STAR Labs


NPCs: Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow


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Star Labs- a bastion of high science the world was only just beginning to understand. Here, in this place, the Martian Manhunter appeared. Few places had the technology to keep J'onn J'onzz from infiltrating- and there he stood, not far from where Cisco worked keeping tabs on The Flash. "Greetings." he offers the human simply, "I have come to meet The Flash's team- he clearly thinks highly of you." he offers, as if his appearing out of no where wasn't some weird thing. Just an everyday Martian doing everyday Martian things. "Is Flash here?"

"Oh! Oh my marbles!" Cisco exclaims as he holds his chest and breathes heavily. "I thought you were a monster," he says before his brown eyes trail back to Martian Manhunter. "No offense."

"Hey," says the thin kid sitting in one of the three seats behind a bank of computers. "I'm Barry Allen; the Flash. This is Cisco Ramon, and this is Caitlin Snow."

"And you're the Martian Manhunter. Or at least that's what the rumors are."

"You can call me J'onn J'onzz." The Manhunter replies, as he turns to face Cisco, Barry and Caitlin. "I am pleased to meet you all." he nods to Cisco, "Would you prefer I take a different form?" he wonders simply as his seven-foot tall green-skinned form begins to shrink, and soon he's in the form of just 'another guy'. He's even wearing a 'Star Lab's' hoodie. His voice has changed, even. "Is this more comfortable for you?" Its just some random guy on the street- could be anyone at all. "And yes, I am the Manhunter from Mars. I imagine you all have questions- questions that I would answer, in the name of trust."

"No," Cisco shakes his head. "It was more with the appearing from behind and less with the …" He motions, "Green, skin..thing. Look, I'm hispanic alright. My mom would kill me if I was racist against Martians."

"It's nice to meet, you, Mr. J'onnz," Caitlin says sweetly. She stays mostly quiet for now, but wondering about many of the biological questions.

"Sure," Barry says sitting forward with a smile. "You're from Mars, like you said. How long have you been here? And why here?"

"I've been here since the mid fifties." J'onn states simply. "I was brought here by a scientist, not unlike yourselves. He was studying transportation technology, and unwittingly brought me to Earth from my home. The transportation technology pulled me through space, and time. By my best estimates, I was born nearly three thousand years ago- my planet has been long dead, my people long dead. But, that scientist, his was a kind heart. He nursed me to health. He showed me kindness, and care. His actions, the actions of a single human being, brought me back from the brink of madness. I would see the world he cared for taken care of, protected, in honor of his loving-kindness."

"Well, we're happy he saved you too, Mr. J'onnz," Caitlin adds. "If you're up to it, at sometimes, I'd love to look at some samples. DNA, that sort of thing."

Barry looks pained as J'onn tells the story. "That sounds awful. I mean, what you had to go through. You must have been so alone."

"I would show you." J'onn states, "But, perhaps another time." J'onn then looks to Caitlin, "I'm afraid I'm not comfortable with that at this time, however, perhaps in the future. I'm sure you understand my reluctance." he says, with a nod of his now wholly human form. "Honestly, I'm not even sure you'd be able to understand what you see." he offers to Caitlin. "My physical form is quite unlike that of a human being."

"I understand, Mr. J'onnz," Caitlin says, looking just as pained about J'onn's story. "I really am sorry for all you've been through."

Barry nods, "What sort of things are you thinking about regarding this team? I know you've mentioned Miss Marvel and Power Girl. What type of people are you looking for, and why did you pick us?"

"The world needs hope." J'onn says, "People who will step forward when the call goes out for Justice. People who are willing to help those in need. What I want, Barry, is to give the people of this world a symbol to look to. Unlike the JLA, we would not be associated with any world government- we would be a more neutral party politically. No press conferences, no world government putting forward a political position for us. Ms. Marvel has agreed to join, and with you, that makes three. I was thinking of approaching a man called Iron Fist, as well. I have not yet approached Power Girl." he states, "We would train together, and support one another. I, or rather, someone I know has a contact among the old JSA- I would approach them in the hope they would assist with training us." he explains. "As for the type of people, I think it should be obvious- born heroes. Those with hearts and minds dedicated to serving their fellow man, and those willing to sacrifice for others. You have shown this quality, as has Ms. Marvel. I admit, it is a daunting thing, to come together with a new team of heroic individuals. However, Hope. That is the most important thing we could ever give to the people of this world. Hope for the future. Hope for the present. Hope, Barry, is what will bring humanity forward and shape its people to greater nobility. With hope, anything is possible."

Barry sort of looks away when J'onn talks about him as a hero, but before long, he's nodding. "Well, all three of us are in. And, I've got a friend…" There's Eventide; Barry's not sure what her take would be. Also, he'll leave Felicity out of this for now until he can gauge her interest. She's pretty rad with computers though. "How long until we start?"

"We've already started, Barry." J'onn states simply. "We'll need to meet as a team, but I'd like to begin training. I have also started sessions with Ms. Marvel." The Manhunter offers, "But this is a team- it is not my team, it is our team. I would have us all make decisions together, work as a round-table like your legend of Camelot. All together for a single purpose. If you think others could help in bringing hope to this world, I would meet them."

Barry nods, "I'll bring it up to some of those I've met along the way and we'll see if it's a match." To the other portion, he gives a nod, "Just let me know where I need to be and when and I'll show up. I don't know Miss Marvel, but I look forward to working with her. The Miss Marvel he knows is tall with blonde hair. Not the one, presumably, that has been in contact with J'onnz.

"She's a noble spirit, and requires assistance in training her abilities." J'onn replies, with a nod. "You will like her. She has a good heart, like you." he offers to Barry Allen. "We will see how things form." he says, "I have a plan- but as they say, the best laid plans of Men and Martians." He grins.

"Sounds like she'll fit in. Not sure how much I can teach her, but I'll definitely help out. It'll be fun to find more people like us," Barry adds. "Well, having a plan is always good. It's knowing when to go away from the plan that is the trick."

"That's where training comes in. I plan to impart the knowledge of the Manhunters to you. The Manhunters of Mars were once well known as peace keepers. With training, you will react without knowing." J'onn replies, "At the same time, we will understand what we must do. What our purpose here is. Its important that we know, and act, together. Supporting each other, and this planet."

Cisco and Caitlin both nod, and Barry leans back in his seat while folding his arms. "Well, I don't ant to speak for all of us, but I think we're looking forward to it." He pauses, looking up at the mysterious man, "Do you have any questions for us?" he asks.

"I was hoping that you, Cisco and Caitlin, would be willing to join us as well. While you would remain here, for most things, your knowledge and ability would be key to our long term survival. You would be members, the same as Barry and I, with the same rights and responsibilities. I was also hoping you may be able to offer us certain technological assistance. My psychic abilities are good in a pinch, but few humans desire their minds to be entered. Some form of communicator, or another way to acknowledge when the other requires assistance."

"Sure," Cisco says in response. "I could whip up a set of those in just a few hours," he adds confidently. "What Cisco means to say, Mr. J'onnz is that we accept."

Barry nods and gives one of his trademark smiles, "Like I said, J'onn. We're sort of a package deal."

"Yes, I realize that, Barry." J'onn says with a smile to the Flash. "Which is why I wanted to meet them, and extend the offer personally." He looks up, "There is trouble in Argentina." he offers to Barry, "I great deal of terror. I will go, and if I require your help I'll call for you." he says to the Flash, before his form changes once more to that of the Martian Manhunter- green, tall, strong- and he flies straight up for the roof. He phases through as if it wasn't there at all. Gone.

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