Ballad of the Fleet: Strategy (pt.2)

March 02, 2015:

Continuation off of Ballad of the Fleet: Strategy (pt.1)


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Wonder Woman steps to the side when Namor speaks up. Not at all surprised by his recovery considering what it took to make him stop for just a moment. Allowing that moment to pass between ruler and subjects, she understands it all to well, and when it comes down to the code between warriors it does not take her more then a breath to know that he speaks the truth (never mind the Lasso), and releases him from the golden bind even before the Atlanteans disappear.

Winding it back into her grip and refastening it to her hip she watches Namor now, not yet speaking until several moments have passed and words could be chosen a bit more wisely. "My own people have the same loathing for the Patriarch's World, don't think that our talk will end on an understanding between us, but hopefully it is not in vain."

Straightening up to a stand Namor rubs each wrist as is the typical action once someone finds themselves freed of bindings.
"I do not expect understanding in our views. That would be shallow and simple of me only acknowledgement. Hippolyta is your mother? It was many decades ago that I fought alongside the woman during World War II. A moment when both our people both turned backs upon those of the surface."
A wry grin and the Sub-Mariner his pushing his tongue against a split lip. "My words were unfit for our status, the comment of you being a cow I revoke. You are a warrior woman of great measure and should be given the proper respect. Very few can fell me even briefly and even fewer live to tell such a tale."

"Things have changed, as time seems to do to most." Though Diana's eyes, that hold a weight far beyond her appearance, fall upon Namor with a respect even before his apology. "I am here for my people, a representation that the past is just that and things have to change. For the better." Pause. "No matter what."

It seemed almost as if she was not going to speak of Hippolyta, but when she did it was to the point and in a tone that flatly stated that was as far as it would go. "My mother is no longer present. Your words were yours even in rage they hold some truth. Own it." She states with a small grin curling one corner of Diana's lips. "The only thing I hear of cows is they taste delicious or make great offerings to old Gods. In trying to speak with them they seem…. slow." A shrug of one bare shoulder. "Cannot deny them their lot in life."

Her head tilts slightly, sending those waves of noir over olive tones flesh.

"And what is your desired lot, now that you have returned to the surface?"

"A brave woman." All Namor says in regards to Diana's mother letting it pass on that note. "Own it? Interesting terminology but I get it and I assure you, Namor owns all things he desires to own." Very matter of fact in this statement. The man possesses a very smug air of superiority and nobility about him as is befitting his title amongst his people.
"We never truly left the surface just desired not to make ourselves so known. The thirst for blood against our old foes for now is sated… it was more costly than anticipated, I know not whether it is connected or not but the death of Aquaman was also unexpected. Neptune's belly is no doubt full and bloated."
An inhale and he gazes off past the ocean's waves. "Why do you champion for these people? They hold no true respect for those of us who live beyond their vision. Your isle, our sunken cities… "

A simple bow of her head, almost could be mistaken as a nod in reference to her mother when he says his few words and then moves on. At least he understands. Pay respect and do not dwell, at least not openly for Diana. "One of the many terms that get the point across simply. Learned from the people here. Take it how you wish, sometimes you even own what you do not want though, in that phrase." As he looks out over the water, she looks back at the people finally dispersing, no more photos, no more videos, no more fight. They're bored. Typical.

"I fight for what I feel is right. I don't just champion for them, I do so for those who have no one when others seek to make them into no one as well. They fight the same battles you do, even against the same enemies and sometimes to know strength they have to see it. And what better representation then my people."

The latter statement was more a push, one that was meant to prod Namor purposefully. Call it what you will, but she knew words as such touch warriors where it counts. Right in the pride.

One of those already arched brows inches up higher and Namor gives Diana a look.
"Are you trying to recruit me?" The man's arms both rise up and fold over his chest and his chin tips upwards, if he could look any more haughty he just accomplished it.
"You do understand I am a terrorist and criminal by the standards of the United Nations. I have sunken whaler ships, destroyed military property, killed on soil represented by those countries, attacked government facilities… besides I am but one of many. If you are unaware the realms aquatic are fractured, even the Blue have decided to migrate from their sanctuaries. There is no Atlantis right now, it is all but name and spirit."
A thoughtful noise escapes him, "I remember Roosevelt that lying dog. I was a champion once for the surface… " Contemplating those words Sub-Mariner knows it was not exactly for the surface, it was for youth, for a cause, for war, for Atlantis. Now what would it be for?
"I have a people to consider… "

The look is returned, though where his brow rises Diana's both remain level. A silent look of 'well?' just before he keeps going. Both arms fold across her chest and now she looks out across the ocean, both of them looking like perfect effigies of statues in debate for a future, even the words and looks define it to the core.

"I am only minorly aware of what goes on in your depths, only more-so for the fact that the news of Arthur's /death/ has come to me. He was once on the same team I am before things changed. It's all the same, as you likely are not up to date on my island as well. But we have duties as the leaders of out people."

Diana pauses his own words being tossed back at him, as women are wont to do, but done so with perfect strategem. Leaving the power in his hands. "It wont be for anyone but for your people and those that you believe in. Not all are good, not all are bad, but they can be swayed and they can believe, if you show them."

Turning now to fully face Namor her folded arms fall to her sides, though one of them sweeps out across the ocean. "I have my own embassy, I have my own rule, the group I seek to form is a bond of similar goals with the UN's approval and quite a bit of private funding. I think you could be a great ambassador for your people - not just showing them but /proving/ it. Perhaps in turn you get more peace and a new reason to be a warrior. After so many years isn't it boring to sit over the same thing day in and day out?"

Pausing a moment Diana smiled, the memory something long past but one she held apparently fondly. "It is why I tricked my mother for the position."

Sub-Mariner grunts, "Walk in the shadow of Aquaman? I think not." The man says prideful and stubborn.
"I am aware not all of those who slither above the waves are not evil, majority are simply misguided and weak. In need of protecting." A silence overcomes him. "Ambassador would be lucky the rank I hold when things reach fruition." This comment he won't elaborate on but he is aware of his own already trying to secede from his leadership in the form of his cousin Byrrah and Warlord Krang.
"I have been groomed since childhood for the boredom that comes with tending ones nation. It is not unexpected. Your sell points are not getting me Princess Diana of the Amazons."
A smile appears, "Do continue trying to sway me however I find it flattering and intriguing. Perhaps it is simply post skirmish excitement or the lighting is growing dim and in your favor with each passing second. I find you more appealing and further from bovine the more you speak. Sing me your praise Amazon, perhaps that may be reward enough."

"You have come to want more of my attention then that of being goaded by your poorly chosen insults and widely thrown fists." Diana states now as he speaks of his upbringing and what he takes of her words. He was listening but as all good things, maleness has brought it to an end.

Leaning in towards Namor, Diana sweeps her eyes from toe to head, and maintains eye contact with him, though as her words continue her smile grows. "I have already swayed a part of you. The rest will come when common sense returns with the blood to your head."

Turning then she starts to head back inland towards where the humans filtered off to. "I heard they have some good fruity drinks here.."

Sub-Mariner's smile fades and he cuts a hand through the air, "I was jesting woman and paying you compliment. Do not twist my words or intent!"
Though Namor is not one to shy away from a challenge. "Fruity drinks? Is that some sort of veiled insult? I could introduce you to Atlantean drinks that would bring low even the Titans of old." The Atlantean watches the Amazonian stride away and once more uplifts his chin, "We shall speak again, Wonder Woman and perhaps I will consider your invitation but it is unlikely that I join your special club. So do not get your hopes up."
A sound like a pebble being thrown in the water is all that announces Namor's dive back in to the ocean where he will rejoin the Southern Fleet. The man finds himself smiling once again for he has met an equal this day. A rare occasion.

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