Ballad of the Fleet: Strategy (pt.1)

March 02, 2015:

The Sub-Mariner and his fleet wrap up their hunt for HYDRA section chief Horst Eisele's forces with a final battle and a one on one duel with Wonder Woman and the self-proclaimed king of New Atlantis.


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"Horst Eisele is no more." The blue-skinned Atlantean informs Namor.
"It would appear so. What of Commander Kraken?"
The Avenging Son looks around him at the demolished fleet, one of HYDRA's last in this part of the ocean. "We are done." He says quietly. "We have lost too many of our kin and it is time I speak to Mera of Xebel about our stance."
"Our stance, sire?"
"My stance. My people have been without a home for too long and it is time I take action where I can do the most."
A shout is heard, screams and the Sub-Mariner is moving from the deck of his new flagship, the Dako. Before him are humans, pink skins like himself but they're on a small beach, one of the many tiny islands dotting this area and they're stabbing and kicking one of his downed Atlanteans.
Rage clouds the hybrid's mind and he descends upon them, sand erupts from the impact and the trio of surfacers are thrown from their feet. Their weapons nothing more than debris.
"No please don't hurt us!" The youngster to Namor's left cries out only to be swept up by the throat, fingers binding around his neck. The enraged Prince points towards the fallen Atlantean, "One of my Tridents. A soldier of New Atlantis wounded and dying and you see fit to bring him further harm!? Cowardly surfacer trash! I'll break you. I'll rip every one of you to pieces! I'll turn you to chum." The others are stumbling away now, trying to run as their companion's eyes bulge and he wheezes in the grasp of the half-Atlantean.

After the first encounter with Namor, Wonder Woman has been keeping tabs. Not only as a peace keeper and the heightened movement of HYDRA causing widespread concern, but that of a new issue coming to the surface. Literally and figuratively - with a new motive and reason. As an Ambassador of peace she does not side with HYDRA, she sides with peace between cultures and worlds and Namor is a bridge between so it seems.

An alert sounds where wreckage from melee has washed up and she was well on her way to study which side it belonged to when she comes in on a scene that has keen cerulean gaze narrowing from her heights in the sky to that of the edge of the island. Just who she is looking for, but not under these circumstances. Hearing his words carried upon the oceans shifting winds her landing is swift and redirected.

Sand craters where she touches down, rising in small rifts at sandal-led feet, a mist of tan rises and falls around her like a weighted snow, leaving her beside the fallen Atlantean warrior. One arm braces over the raggedly breathing mans form, leaving her crouched over his body in a defensive stance, but her words tell that can change quickly. Bracer glints in the reflective sunlight when her hand comes up and sweeps along the warriors cheek towards his neck. "The first part of war is to wisely choose your battles and their worth. Put the human down… -he- is no match for you."
The human is already being flung aside as Wonder Woman begins to speak the Sub-Mariner is actually in motion a fist swinging out at her head. "You will not touch him!"
That youth pinwheels head over backside in a skid across the sand but looks like he will live sans a couple layers of skin from limbs and torn clothing.
"What do you know of war with humans Amazon!? Your people have secluded themselves in hiding and out of fear longer than my own."

"Strategy." One word spoken from Wonder Woman as he is already swinging at her, moving only to bring on hand up to catch his fist just before it impacts with her face. Not a flinch, nor a blink as her eyes meet his with the same turbulence of deep ocean waves in their hue.

Only that heartbeat of pause before she is thrusting to a full stand and at the same time swinging her other fist upward with her to try and uppercut Namor and send him back. "Do not mistake silence and distance for fear."

"Strategy?" Namor scoffs and his chin rocks back causing him to stagger with the uppercut, his forward momentum the only thing that is keeping him from spiraling towards the horizon. That and the Sub-Mariner is one of Earth's Mightiest right along side Wonder Woman.
"Hiding is not strategy." Turning his head to the side Sub-Mariner spits out a mouthful of blood then rubs his jaw, "You're as strong as I had anticipated. Now I shall show you the true might of a King! IMPERIOUS REX!"
A streak of flesh and black the Sub-Mariner is launching himself at Diana with the force of a freight train, a swing high, another low and a shoulder slam. He's trying to force her towards the ocean, off the small island. No doubt towards the water where he holds upper hand.

"Allow me to show you then." Wonder Woman did not need to say any more. She would prove her point that words could not, she already gathered Namor was like any other high-borne. Pompous. Even she had her moments.

Every slam is met with the hard sound of impacting flesh, but between these two it sounds like the slap of bricks together with the occasional war-crascendo of armor meeting. A bracer flashes up as her arm bars one of his hits to her face, her legs bracing her upright in the bend that kept him from hitting her in the fcae yet again.

"Come now. Not the face." A curve of lips that could be a smirk surfaces but the darkening is devoid of humor as she stops just on the edge of the water where her heel sinks, dawning realization that has her pivoting to grapple him, trying to manipulate one of his swings into a grab that has her drawing her knee into his abdomen and taking flight at the same moment.

A brutal move, but one akin to his attempt to drag her under like a crocodile on the hunt in the swamps.

"More strategy? You anticipate I try to send you to the depths?" Namor snarls and takes a hit to the abdomen, doubling in the air only to turn latching his hands in to her hair and around a wrist. A half-spin follows and he launches her with a powerful over hand throw back towards the small island away from him, away from the expected direction.
With the release of the hurl he dives straight down, in to the waters where he can go relatively 'invisible' staying just far enough below the surface he is shrouded in darkness but can still see beyond. Lurking like any seaborne predator. His face is throbbing and his stomach is in knots, the soothing Atlantic caresses his fast bruising flesh and despite all this pain, the Avenging Son feels alive. It has been a long time since he has been hit this hard.
"Your highness, we arrived just in time to offer you aid. Do you require it?" A telepathic message from Jian, his youngest and most driven Warlord.
"No, keep yourselves at a distance. This is a duel of honor between the Amazon and myself."

"I would do the same to you. But I enjoy the challenge." A small dig from Wonder Woman to the man as their bodies lift off the ground with her force and flight taking them off the sand and water…

Until his twisting grip wrenches himself free and sends her back towards the island. Twisting through the air, the descent is acrobatic in rapidity, keeping her from using her face for traction and instead landing on all fours with that force that once more sends sand scattering up in a lrge wave on either side of her form as she slides across it upon all fours in a crouch.

Long strands of ebony fall around her face in disarray, even her diadem is a bit crooked. Straightening it she watches over the calm (lying) waters of the Atlantic.

Stubbornness or taunting thought pattern Diana rises, pushing a finger beneath each of her bracers to dump sand out as she strides to the edges of the ocean and… Keeps going. From a walk to a crawl and then a forward flight of laziness she hovers over the oceans surface, dragging fingertips over the water to make it ripple around them in flights rapid passing. "Done so soon Imperious Rex?"

It has heeded the call of a friend Atlantean and being a boat chopped creature who harbors no love for the surface is eager to play.
"The Scion of the Seven Seas does not yield so easily nor readily!" A burst from beneath the waves and the self-proclaimed King of New Atlantis bursts free of his floating surveillance to lunge at Wonder Woman, a swing that will pivot him in to a backfist ensues.
What follows behind him should be the big surprise as a Manatee, the dreaded cow of the sea likewise leaps up with a gusto to drive itself towards the Princess in a full body slap.
"Ah hah!" the Sub-Mariner taunts.

Wonder Woman already knew what would come of Namor's strategy. He is a two legged shark, even more dangerous then that of the finned beast - they know when to avoid, he does not.

When he bursts upward she is ready, her horizontal airborne flight flipped and she propels back, using his lunge as a rebound that speeds up the tactical maneuver of…

Looking up and much like an ACME cartoon character is covered in the shadow of a lunging sea cow that was aiming to belly flop her into the oceans depths.


When it impacts her and then the ocean in a large slapping splash she goes under but there is no churning waters of red. He called the oceans equivalent of a teddy bear on an animal empath blessed by Artemis.

The water bubbles and the great beast surfaces again with a grand push upward, bursting Womder Woman back into the sky and out of the water to throw a shoulder into Namor with a pivoting twist of her body, seeking to take him back to the land.

"So instead of yielding you hit me with a sea cow??"
"I had expected a giant shark or whale… this is what answered my call. A reason the Avenging Son does not rely on animals to do his bidding. "
A surprised *unf* escapes Namor that leads to air exhaling from his lungs (or what there is of them) and he spider-webs a piece of rock, the sandy beach another explosive cloud of uplifted debris.
Grounded again Namor drives an elbow in to Wonder Woman's shoulder then belts her across the chin with a fist only to lunge in close, grappling with her for a hold that will put him with arms bound around her throat and a limb.

"Your strategy is flawed." Wonder Woman responds to his obvious let down in which animal actually came to aid him. A small verbal jab that is not followed up by another as they hit the surface again with a great impact worthy of those of their power status, having already cleared the beach of onlookers that were mere eyes from afar, also trying to capture the melee with cell phone recordings and pictures but not daring to get too close for fear of getting caught in such an explosive crossfire that already riddles their feet with shells, sand, and splintered rock.

One arm winds around her throat and when the other loops around her in an attempt her own comes up, but this time with the looping tug of her lasso, that golden glowing effigy a binding pause to his hold, the slack thrust outward to loop around an upthrust rock and form leverage in the binding, her own twisting grip tightening the hold of restraint that is followed up by the upthrust jerk of the heel of her hand to his jaw. Simultaneously trying to wrench free and jerk him back unto the stone with a pulley-ed momentum.

"My strategy at the moment is none. Namor does not need strategy to best even the likes of you." A grunt and the Sub-Mariner tugs against the binding on his wrist, that golden lasso wrapped about his forearm before he is sent backwards slamming with bone shattering force (for lesser beings) against the rock leverage she just acquired. Stuck there he pulls hard in response, the boulder crushing under his resistance though he is now partially bound by her Lasso of Truth.
"Using a sea cow to hit a surface cow like yourself? There is irony in that alone. These waters are my province, NO ONE not even YOU interfere in my affairs, I was within rights to punish those who would do one of my subjects harm." Another forceful jerk and the boulder splits through the center and the man is using his free hand to grab a sizable chunk and spike it at her in a vicious spike. Much like it's an over-sized football. "Most especially in a time of war!"

"No, when driven by blind hate that is the way any fool thinks." Wonder Woman spits back at Namor in his tangented ramblings that order on sociopathic, but he has his points and se can put herself in his place.

When the rock is spiked at her she thrusts forward, an arm sweeping upward and to the side using both her own force and that of the forged bracer to shatter the stone in a fall around them. Even in the movement forward the lasso is not slackening, widing in her grip she attempts to loop another length of it around him and tighten it in her fist to jerk him close while stone hits the ground like heavy rain around their forms.

"Cattle do not stand for what we do, they have a different purpose. Lazy…" Pause. "But…a purpose. Do not compare me to your fodder." Saying as much while she moves in a near dance liek swing she seeks to use momentum in the pivot to slam him through the remaining standing stone he was bound to.

"You waste your energy on those weaker. You /pushed/ your point beyond that of necessity when you could have discarded him prior and found the root cause." A breath heaved in. "I'd have defended your man as well. I can help you if you let me."

"There is nothing blind about this hatred. I am well aware of who I battle as was your predecessor! A woman who I find you falling short of." The remainder of the boulder is destroyed under the force of their impact, the lasso now bound further around the Atlantean warrior as he struggles against Wonder Woman.
"Pushed my point? Have you not been paying attention?! They trespass. This is falls under my dominion, I alone decide when the point has been made." A headbutt descends on Diana's forehead, a hard one that leaves even Namor's skull throbbing and ears ringing.

The mention of her mother has Diana blinking, not as much as the follow through that has his skull meeting the bridge of her nose with an impact that makes her stagger a few feet back, but does him no favors. Zero.

That Lasso tightens around him with her falter, intentional in the end as her torso twists back with the wrenching rise of her arm, making even the stone start to splinter shards and crack over the ocean eroded surface. Eyes are narrowed and it is apparent her brought forth a storm that stirred in oceanic eyes.

"Right now you are in my dominion." Sandal covered foot taps the sand, but what is visible is the fisted hand that comes up and dabs beneath her nose where a bead of blood falls upon knuckle. Her eyes flick to it and then back to him.

"Comparing me to my mother is like comparing you to Arthur. Think on that." That fist bearing her own blood draws back and aims with a brutal force for his skull to try and knock him out.

"Let me know what conclusion you come to."

A crack and the Sub-Mariner's head snaps back. The woman before him has become a blurry mess and he feels himself drowning in on himself, will is exerted and he grins through bloody cracked lips, "Your mother?"
Upon his words another strike hits him, perhaps it was his tone or maybe she expected a 'Your Momma' joke but whatever the case the Amazon belts him again and it is lights out.
Darkness engulfs him.

Several seconds after Namor collapses blue-skinned warriors in armor surround Diana on the beach with weapons drawn, sea shell like devices are situated over their throats that act as breathing apparatus so they can walk upon the surface.
"Step away from our lord." A mohawk and tattoo marked warrior says sternly, the spear in his grasp aimed towards Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman shakes her fist and murmurs a curse more-so to herself than anything, that is until the shake is brought to a pause. She hears them coming before they speak, their shadows elongated and forming like dark bars in the sand around her with the angle of the sun. Her hand tightens on the Lasso that binds Namor, one more flick of her wrist and she ensures his other arm is restrained before she turns her back on his unconscious form. She knows better, it's a language between warriors. Never turn your back unprepared, it's also respectful in its own way.

"Our business is not completed. I have offered assistance and an alliance, once he wakes we will see how our people can work together. /If/ our people will work together. Would he be pleased to know you interfered with this unfinished business?" The hand she had been shaking off now extends to the side and out, no weapon within though that is not completely necessary..

The faces of the surrounding Atlanteans remain stoic though they do look upon one another in exchanged glances.
A few heartbeats more and Namor lifts his hand, the free one to wave them back, "Begone my Tridents." A struggle against Wonder Woman that is little more than a prideful shift and the Avenging Son is seating himself upright, "Our battle is concluded for now. Release me of your bindings."
A moment of hesitation and the blue-skinned humanoids bow and slink back in to the depths of the ocean around them.

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