March 25, 2016:

Jean and Scott dial it up in the Danger Room.

Danger Room - X-HQ


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Long after Rogue had left the Danger Room, Jean was still there. She didn't uphold her promise to Scott, that she would take a bath and relax her muscles. She continued on, because her rage ran deep enough that she felt that if she just let her hand slip and everything fell by the wayside. It was just as everyone predicted. And she felt like it was all her fault, even though the blame couldn't easily be placed upon her shoulders.

The scene was a torrential downfall of New York. Buildings surrounding her were crumbling and falling, according to the data that came from Hank and others, even from her own minor battles with a sentinel, they were in play. But it was dangerous. People were in the streets and running and screaming, cars were on fire, the police were on hand and attempting to help Jean in this mockup of a battle.

Clad in her red and gold, Jean made quick work of the smaller sentinels, and the purifiers, pushing herself with a run through the streets, using her fists instead of her gifts, dodging weapons fire as well as laser blasts that she implimented in because she could. "Turn it up!" She hollars out, her hair nearly soaked with sweat, her cheek bruised and eye nearly swollen shut as she hides behind a car. "I SAID TURN IT UP!"

"But Jean." Nurse Anne calls over the console. "I've got it up as high as I'm comfortable with. If I turn it up even higher I'll be carting you out of there in a body bag!"

"That won't happen Anne, DO AS I SAY!"

Anne trembles, and turns the dial up immediately. High as it could go. "I'm not going to watch this. I'll come back when its over." And she rushes out of the console room.

"Good.. you don't need to see this.." Jean murmurs, her eye closing as she breathes in a heave of a sigh, then pushes herself from the car. Right back into the fray. Still, no powers, she was working herself, smacking a fist against a purifier and downing him, taking a blast to the back as they all begin to swarm and the Sentinel's clear the buildings from a few blocks over.

As Jean starts to pull herself up, suddenly the Purifiers around her go flying. Crimson energy flies in and just makes space around her, sending tumbling cyborg bodies in every direction. Scott's hand reaches down and grasps at Jean's wrist, tugging her up to her feet.

"Leader has to take care of themselves if they want to take care of others," he reminds her, his X visor blazing as he stands there in costume. He knows better than to chastise her too much, though - she's working out her anger, he can feel it on her, that mix of helplessness and rage that comes when you see people die that you wish you could've saved.

"We take out the Sentinel and then I'm shutting it down."

The first sounds of fire from Scott has her immediately crumbling. Arms covering her head to keep herself out of his line of fire, only stopping once she doesn't hear the footfalls near by. Her back hurt. The laser fire stinging but she was still able to move, especially once she's pulled up by the wrist with a slight hiss and a hopping limp that has her nearly doubled over in pain. "I know this." She shoots back, her fingers curling into a fist to smack against her thighs, drawing herself upright with the force that she could muster, her teeth gritted as she hears the thunderous footfalls of the sentinel.

"We are not shutting it down until all the objectives are cleared." She states, stepping past him to walk in that direction, the loud groan of a car being tugged along and ripped up high into the air by the massive fist of the sentinel is heard. She was limping, of course, her shoulders hunched, her gaze turning back towards Scott.

Ahead of her, it was almost a militant-like stance, a row of Purifiers and Reavers alike forming around the feet of the sentinel to gain and garner him it aid. She wasn't kidding. They weren't going to be done..

Scott Summers stands staring at her for a moment. He could fight her on it, to be sure. He'd checked the danger levels, she'd pushed them to their limits. They could both get hurt here.

But, then, that was their lives. Sometimes they got hurt. You couldn't turn off the real world. The safety protocols were for protection, yes, but protection for those who were still learning, who couldn't' defend themselves.

Jean and Scott were more than capable of defending themselves.

"If you insist. But that's the end of it. No more scenarios. No more pushing yourself. And especially no more driving away people who only care about you," he says. He walks up and takes her hand in his.

"And no more going it alone."

And then he starts to blast, unleashing his power again in a low striking arc, a side-to-side plume of energy that tries to sweep away the Purifiers gathered at the feet of the Sentinel.

"Scott.." Jean wanted to protest. But he was right. She -was- effectively pushing everyone away, doing things on her own, not wanting to be a burden and actually trying to save all without giving a little time to herself. It stung to hear, but.. he was right.

Scott was right. (Hear the fanboys cry!)

As he begins to blast, she holds onto his hand, a small burst of TK forcing her eye open as she releases his hand to draw herself to the sky. A row of fire blasts from her arms through her fingertips, the thick flame blasting out to touch down upon the reavers that had gotten too close..

..until the car that was in the hand of the sentinel goes flying, right in the direction of Scott and Jean both.

"HEADS UP!" She cries out, the fire immediately stopping, hands drawn up in response to try to use her Tk to halt the powerfully thrown vehicle. The blowback was nearly amazing, too much for Jean to handle, but she continues to try even as she's sent spiralling at an angle towards the hard concrete below.

Scott Summers does something he's almost only done in the worst of emergencies - he uses his power on Jean. His control, however, is on display, a slow, measured pulse of energy, concussive enough to slow her fall but not hard enough to break anything, a somewhat bruising method that at least gives her a bit of protection on the way down.

Of course, the computer takes advantage to have a Reaver leap and stab him in the arm, jamming its knife into the meat of his bicep and making him cry out for a moment before turning and unleashing right in the cyborg's face, blasting him backwards in obliterating point blank that leaves the knife behind.

The concussive blast, while light enough to stop her fall, bounces her right back into the sky with a little hitch that slows the pummeling down. That push was enough for her to draw upon her reserves, pushing the car back towards the Sentinel with a smack right against the face that chips its armor to expose the innards with sparks and flames. She lands upon the ground at a roll, barreling upon the concrete to land smack against the other car, the back of her head bouncing just a little as one hand raises to press against.

Computers are assholes, that was for certain, as soon as she hears the yell from Scott her arm immediately goes slack. OW. She stumbles to her feet, attempting to find another point of cover, limping and staggering along as the Sentinel's hand slowly raises. It sounded like death, the striking boom that begins to light around his hand.. drawing in the heat from the surroundings to let out a concussive blast which was immediately blocked by the shield immediately erected at her back that sends her flying ahead and tumbling.

They seriously need to get their shit together!

Scott Summers recovers quickly as he can, using a narrow focus beam to slice down through the arm of the thing, cutting off the blasting arm at the elbow until the massive, metallic limb falls right off and crashes to the ground, its concussive attack cut off as it's separated from the body.

"Use your TK to force the mouth open and I'll shove a blast right down its throat!" he yells, irritated and bleeding and more than ready to finish this tin can motherfucker off.

She finally manages to shake the pain out of her arm.. well his arm.. but her arm respectively. Both hands smacking against the ground as she gets right back up and turns, her hands drawing up to stop the blow from the lingering Purifiers and with a growl of a shove she knocks them out.. with a roll down the street. Her hands draw up again as she shoots into the air, her fingers tugging and pulling at the air as she forces the mouth of the Sentinel open.

It took effort, but the groaning cracks of metal were split.. and that effort is what draws her swollen eye shut and a drip of blood to fall from her nose. "HURRY UP!"

Scott Summers wants to bark at her, and she can feel that momentary irritation as she grumps at him. It's all well and good for him to be reasonable about it, but she was the one who decided to play full tilt boogie in the Danger Room. So if he wasn't fast enough to do his part, she was just going to have to suck it.

But, sure enough, he follows through when she calls for him, uneashing a fairly powerful blast that tests the limits of the control that are placed to contain the Danger Room, obliterating the head off of that damned robot.

Ooh, so he wants to be irritated, huh? The blast homes down upon the Sentinel, it's head cracking clean off from it's body and toppling to the ground. As soon as it rolls, it's body begins to break apart in little flashes of light that reset the Danger Room back to normal. Slowly, she lands upon the ground, her hand clutching her shoulder upon the same side the Scott's arm was injured, grasping and squeezing with a roll and her head leaning back. Ah.. it hurt. She pushed herself to 'some' limit and it was clear that she needed to get back out into the field.

With a slight, lumbering limp towards Scott, she reaches out and gives a slight shove to his shoulder. "What the -HELL- was that?" Yeah, that irritation. "If you got something to say, then you say it!"

Scott Summers turns and gets right back in her face, his crimson X gleaming with the surge of power that tries to fire, only his self-control keeping the visor closed. "Yeah. When anyone puts the woman I love at risk, I get pissed off. In this case, it just happens that she's doing it to herself," he snarls.

"I get it, all right. Things have been stressful and shitty. The X-black stuff, the Genosha stuff, the interpersonal conflicts. Not to mention the aches and pains that you hide from everyone else, but I feel twinging my back and my knees every day and night," he says.

"But this…this won't help you," he says, grabbing her by the arms and pulling her close, laying his forehead against hers as he takes a deep breath. "I can help you. That's what I'm here for. You can't hide from me. And you can't do anything to drive me away either."

Jean tenses her jaws, ready to fire back some sort of venom but she couldn't really bring herself to act. She says nothing, only drawing her hand upright to wipe away at her bleeding nose, flinging the blood upon the ground which would be cleaned later of course, but.. not right now. She was in too much pain.

But she listens to him, really listens. Even if she turned away, this time she didn't shut herself off. She only wiped away at her good eye with a half of a wince that had her nearly whining. "For once.. for once I'm at a loss.." She murmurs quietly, her hands reaching up to cup his face, keeping him pressed against her. Her eyes close for a moment, and as she inhales and exhales.. a little smile draws upon her lips. She feels better, that was for certain. A little bit better than she had for the past few nights. And then she laughs, her head shaking. "I think I broke a rib an hour ago. We need to get out of here.."

Scott Summers nods and scoops her up into his arms, an arm moving beneath her legs as he goes to carry her. "Command Execute - System Secure, code slimshady4life," he says. He grins down at her, "What, nobody's ever going to think that's mine. Doesn't fit my 'image'," he says. He moves to carry her to the door as everything locks down, the doors opening to let them escape, "C'mon, let's take a quick stop at the infirmary…and then a hot bath…"

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