Meet John Brain

March 25, 2016:

Nate agrees to let Doctor Corben pop his cork… open his brain…

The Elevator


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The Elevator is not so loud today plus it is rather expansive a set up, a person can wander and not run in to another for quite some time if they attempted it. Chip is asleep. C.C. and Timmie disappeared early this morning and haven't returned and Doctor Corben is inside of his indoor garden, which, is to say he is likely drinking and singing to his plants while wandering around in a bathrobe and his underwear and Ripclaw is off seated on the very top of the elevator structure itself in meditation. He does that often.
This allows for the others to look around, acquaint themselves with the hideout and get adjusted.

Nate tried sleep, but it didn't work great. There is a reason why he usually waits until he is exhausted before sleep. So he ended up doing some exploring and tinkering, reading or otherwise keep himself busy. Unfortunately he is in no condition to punch anything yet. He remains restless.

Finally, as morning comes, he wanders (limps) back into the living area of the Elevator complex, looking for coffee, or people, or both. Food would be nice too.

Rose is being lazy today, still in her PJ bottoms, bare footed and BITCH topped she is picking up some of the slack for C.C. cleaning the living area and large mess hall - that's what we're calling it.

Nate nor Ripclaw had shown up for breakfast so she saved them what had been cooked by Corben and Chip. Liquor brazed and spiked from hashbrowns, to eggs, to coffee and muffins. But silence is relative to placement, the kitchen is loud with the racket of music resounding off the walls. Clean mop heads are strapped to feet and Rose is basically PiPi Longstocking it across table tops in a Moonwalk fashion while she dances to the electronic rhythm and female distorted vocals blaring from the small speakers of iPad station.

No peace.

Mumbling and under the breath curses herald the arrival of Corben. Not the chipper and vibrant soul he was when he made them breakfast. "Oh for the love of god what on earth are you doing? He questions Rose. A cup in one hand an empty bottle in the other. His path leads him to intersect with Nate who, had the same thought in mind. COFFEE. Life giving wonderful coffee.
"Morning young people." The doc groans.
Nate does a double take at seeing Rose. He doesn't echoes the old man question because, well, Rose. One gets used (mostly) and they have been together three years. "Hmm, you must be Corben," greets Nate. "Yes, good morning. Maybe. Where is the coffee," not giving time anyone to respond, he follows his nose to the pot. Along the way he snatches a muffin. "Looks like it will be a good morning, after all," he decides, mouth full.

A jump down from a table and a roll of paper towels is swept up to dry off the surface she just moonwalked across, a swing of hips in a motion garnered in middle eastern dance, the losse fitting pants almost fitting for the motion save the lopsided seat low on waist. Bare abdomen still bears angry scars, but quickly they came to that instead of being gashes of a bubbled red, thanks to the muttering old man that just walked in, making her move to the projected stereo and turn it down. "I save you breakfast and you bring an empty bottle. I see how it is." She states to Corben with a roll of a shrug, withdrawing a bottle of whiskey from beneath the sink, spiking her coffee even moreso.

"I got this." After a night of sober sleep she fixed her problem by stashing stocks all over the elevator. Rose has been busy.

Nate gets a glance of mismatched gaze and a half smile. "Meet the wonderful innebriated and glorious doctor." A sweep of hand in a circuis like flurish.

"My other stash is empty I have to go this way, breakfast or not." Corben counters a pause as he is introduced to someone, squinting at Nate he peers at him like hes some lab rat or a fly that flew on to the top of his soda lip. "Hello, we met yet? Shit, I don't remember." He waves a hand and shambles by in to the kitchen backroom only to re-emerge with a new bottle. "Don't try hunting Rose, it's hidden and locked." Coffee is poured and he mixes the two.
"Whats your story, kid?" This is directed at Nate.

"Never met…" Nate nomoms muffin. Washes down with lukewarm coffee. Frowns. Puts another mug of coffee in the microwave oven. "My story? Long and complicated. To summarize: I am a mutie from a different timeline. I am Rose's boyfriend. And, hmm, I am not a cyborg but I have a chunk of technorganic metal in my head that is probably related to Cyberdata's technology."

At least Nate sums it up and cuts right to the chase, though now she just settles into her coffee, sliding up to perch her ass right on the stainless steel counter from kitchen chef area to that of the open space of the mess hall itself. Legs dangle and coffee (duly loaded) is sipped, tested, then knocked back. "I got my own old man. I made sure I have the same randomly around. Also got ya something." From beneath the counter she leans and fishes out a cylindrical bottle of whiskey, small etched writing at the base into the glass stating the year of early 1900's. Glenmorangie. Expensive and potent.

"It ran about what my hospital bill should have. Thanks."

But when Nate mentions the tech in his head she goes silent, this is between them, though brows furrow as she takes more drink…straight up.

"Different timeline? You another crazy huh? Lets not got spouting that around. We got enough lunatics here." A thumb is teasingly jutted at Rose. "You got some living metal crud in your noggin?" Not very clinical a word play from Corben. "Lets finish up our coffee and go have a look?" The man sounds almost too eager to cut someones head open. He is though, maybe this is something completely different than the usual GodTech he is pulling out of people.

Why is Nate getting the impression he should try to spike his coffee too. Dr. Corben doesn't seem very professional. "Hmm, okay?" He glances to Rose, to see if he is making a mistake here. "As for crazy, I hanged out with the X-Men. My story is not the craziest."

A double-take and Corben spies what Rose is trying to hand him, "Glenmo… well I'll be damned. You just made my day, girl." He possessively tucks it under one arm with as much of a smile he can manage right now. Not much of one.

"We're all mad here.." Rose states lowly, a peer over her shoulder towards Corben and Nate, her back having been facing them as she situated and fixed herself (aand Nate) a mug full of rum with a shot to thick grogg.

A cartwheel kick of legs and she pivots on ass to spin and face them both, landing on feet upon the ground, walking past despite Nate's look of concern, offering him his mug of coffee spiked alcohol. "I drink to keep my crazy sated. What's your excuse Doc?" A jest, the smirk not quelled by mug rim upon lips.

"You'll be fine," Rose juts a hip to the side in her pause, speaking to Nate. "I trust him." A look passed to Corben with lightly narrowed eyes. Don't make her regret a statement not said lightly!

Nate nods and pats Rose's hip as she walks past him. The spiked coffee is had and consumed, and he picks another muffing for the walk to the doctor's lair. "Rip said you knew Cyberdata bases their tech in alien technology. Have you seen that alien technology?" He asks Corben.

Corben belches, "Mad or drunk." And his slippers shuffle off the cold cement floor of the base in his lead towards the lab. "Seen it? I worked with it. I was one of their lead scientists for years, not too long after Zadrok started playing machine god he brought me in, showed me a lot… too much."

Nate will sense Ripclaw before he arrives but his voice carries to them, "How strange or odd some'er I bear myself… " The pale warrior says.

Corben shakes his head while opening a door and leading them in, "See, mad or drunk. His case probably just smoked up a bunch of peyote."

"I am coherent of mind." Ripclaw assures.

"No sober or sane man just quotes Shakespeare like it makes sense." Corben disagrees and looks around the messy lab. Messy in dissaray not filth, just papers and equipment everywhere. Also tons of empty bottles.

"Zadrok, I know that name," mutters Nate. "The… founder, right? We never found him." He nods to Ripclaw, welcoming the older man. He quotes Shakespeare, so he got another cool point in Nate's book. "Do you know where did he got the tech? Aliens? A recovered spaceship? Someone else?"

While Corben explains is own short story to Nate, Rose tic's just beneath her left eye, her pace slowing when they get to the labs, enough to keep her lingering just outside of the doorway.

Leaning against the frame she just sips her whiskey grogg and listens. She had left the other earth before the Cyberdata attack was even known for who and what it exactly was, and it seems you cannot escape what you are destined to be a part of - as here it is.

Ripclaws silent approach and words got the visible tension along the toned muscles in Rose's shoulders, fingers whitening in their grip around the myg, but no other tell given that he had taken her by surprise in her reverie and listening elsewhere.

Tense much?

"Zadrok, I know that name," mutters Nate. "The… founder, right? We never found him." He nods to Ripclaw, welcoming the older man. He quotes Shakespeare, so he got another cool point in Nate's book. "Do you know where did he got the tech? Aliens? A recovered spaceship? Someone else?" A glance is given to Rose, as he knows her distaste for labs, but he offers her a hand to pull her in. Corben's lab is… different to the X-Men's labs. McCoy is usually more organized than this.

Corben gives Nate a studying look and releases a coughing chuckle, "Dunno, he never said. It's something we'll find out in time hopefully. The founder ain't the issue no more it's the people who stepped up after him, the council, Kimata, all them kooks." The doc pats the lab bed. "Going to need you to disrobe and climb on up. I may have to shave your head too, you're gonna end up damn near bald."

Ripclaw nods back and quietly looks those gathered over, "Right now?"

Corben nods, "I'm going to have to peel his head open to get a good look. If its severe enough I may remove it… I am not going to lie, I'll be poking at it so you'll have to bare with me Nate. It may react in ways we don't know yet, just depends on exactly what I'm dealing with and what it is doin' to you."

When Corben pat's the table the tension that sings along Rose's spine makes it ramrod straight, the tension a factor that shudders throughout the network of sinew and bone. Lips part and Ripclaw nails her question right on the head. Though…

"Shave him?!?" The question squeaked out and throat works for a swallow that is taken laden in alcohol. "You mean to…" A knuckled fist is pressed to Rose's shaven temple as she steps back and nearly steps on Ripclaw, fumbling and the mug hits the ground, rolling to the side and spilling the little contents left.

"Shit. Shit…" A rapid shake of her head. Leave her to stabbing people, not watching their dissecions, she didn't want to do that again.

"No, do not remove it, that thing is the only thing keeping my powers in check," states Nate, looking at the doctor with some concern. "If you manage to pull it out without killing me, I would quickly generate a psychic charge and turn the Elevator into a huge crater. Can't control it, I was genetically manipulated upon conception to ensure I wouldn't be a… long term problem to certain people."

"Hey Rose, told you I needed a shave, anyway," he grins to the white-haired girl.

No, the rest of the doctor's request are not a big deal. He concentrates and his clothes flow like water off his body, reforming, folded up, on the closest counter. His left leg is bandaged up from knee to upper thigh, though. "Bullet wound, a few days ago," he explains.

"You two can see yourselves out." Corben says to Ravager and Ripclaw. A serious look is given to Nate at his words, "I suppose I'll have to be extra careful then, huh?"

"Lets begin."

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