Confidence Man

March 25, 2016:

After his rescue from MLF Gambit returns to the X-Men and gets assistance from Beast.


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Sunny outside but cold enough to chase some rabble inside. Beast with his enhanced sense of smell has no issue finding a rule breaker on the premise, smoke, pungent nicotine mixed with a little something else. The trail itself is no hard one for the scientist, genius and senior X-Men. A sub-atrium annexed from the library, one of the many hidey holes where students are allowed to sit and grab up a book and read or connect a laptop in some zen like privacy.
A window there is open; the draft is evident before getting close enough to discover the source.

Beast has been keeping his distance from the X-Men HQ after the whole Rachel debacle, but for one reason or another, he needed to go down there at this time. The scent of nicotene did catch his attention; he would have expected it more in the student areas rather than down here. Following the trail, he moves towards the open window and to address the smoker, "You do realize that merely opening a window does very little in keeping the scent of smoke out. You also realize that this is against the rules…"


Remy LeBeau is casually lounging along the cushions in the corner sub-atrium a small open window behind him. Glancing over at the voice, a wry smile appears as the cigarette in his lips is pulled free with a pluck of fingers, "Ah, d' Beast. Always seem to just dodge around one another no? Bonjour mon ami."
The thief straightens up and puts the cig out on his thumb before tucking what remains behind an ear.
"Perhaps you can be the one to help me. I got something rather important for d' X-Men."

Beast waves a clawed hand as if that will disperse the rest of the smoke and nicotene scent that burns his nose and eyes. "I suppose we do…it's not on purpose for my part, but I'm not often down here anymore." He falls still and tilts his head at the mention of 'something important for the X-Men'. There's a pause as he takes in a breath and lets it out, "You might be better off speaking to someone else. I'm not terribly active on the team. I'll help you if I can, but if you need action…well, I'm pretty much stuck here."

"Eh?" Remy looks confused a moment but that smile doesn't fade. A flash of red flickers through that already crimson gaze, "Any of us active wid the team? That a good question, I dun honestly know these tings. I go away, I come back again, go away… "
A dismissive shrug, "Jus' need someone to help me crack this open." Sleight of hand has him pulling a thumbdrive from the air between them. "A concerned friend of mine made sure to get this in to my capable hands. Would appear it be kinda importantlike and I am curious."
"If it worth anyting I split i with you 50/50. X-Men's honor."

"Quite a few are, actually…" some more than others, but Remy also has a point and gets a beginning of a smile from Beast. When the thumbdrive is revealed, he steps a little closer, "A concerned friend? Is there anything illegal in here?" But he does hold out his hand, willing to take the item. "I'll see what I can do and I'm not really interested in capital gain. I appreciate the offer."

No doubt there is at least one computer down here that has been partitioned off so that it can't infect any other system should something be…cracked…on it.

"Illegal? Mon ami, live a little." Remy teases with a chuckle, "I dun think so, no, not least 'round these parts." The Cajun doesn't sound certain. He honestly only has a faint clue in regards to what it could be.

Following Beast to a computer Remy pulls a nearby chair over and spins it around so he can sit on it with his forearms rested over the back.
Eagerly he watches Beast settle in.

"It's the last thing I need," Beast offers. "I'm in enough trouble as it is." But he does settle in at one of the consoles, powers it up, and plugs in the drive.

While he's not Kitty or Doug, Hank does know his way around computers and programming…and he's been known to break code every now and then to get at what's needed. It may not be the fastest or the most direct, but more often than not he's able to get the job done without being immediately detected.

"Trouble is the spice that flavors life, non?" Gambit's grin reappears, "Mebbe you jus' need to come out with Remy sometime. We go have some real fun."

Encryption on the single file titled GSHA-UX235 is weak compared to what Beast would be challenged with. A fast job or one not intended to take someone with skill long to crack, they might have been intending it's delivery for a novice. Maybe someone like Gambit who was probably too lazy to even bother.

Entry Successful Security Bypass Enabled - File accessed: Recording Start



A rocky landscape that could be a quarry or massive dig site is displayed. Zooming in even displays a massive construction site where armed men and women stand guard over captives. The 'chain gang' like ensemble is being lead further in to the construction zone where they disappear one by one in to the cliff side.


It is then a scuffle begins at the back of the prisoner train, three men and a woman struggle against guards and the woman suddenly takes flight.
She circles around and looks as though she is attempting to fire energy projectiles from her hands at the guardsmen.


A towering robotic humanoid appears and opens up it's palm firing an electrical discharge that causes the woman to plummet to the earth. The female attempts to stand again as a man steps out (his face is blurred but with work can be cleared up same with the bad audio).
The woman doesn't relent and the Sentinel (as if any X-Men wouldn't recognize them) steps forward lifts it's foot and ends her fight.


There is more talking and those other prisoners that tried to escape are rounded up, placed on their knees and shot. The bodies are collected something is taken off of them.


The devices removed from each of the prisoners is an object about 4 inches long, shaped like a spike. Blood visible.

File corrupt. Error. File corrupt. Error.

Beast lifts a hand to rub at his face before he looks to Remy, "I thought we got rid of the Sentinels. I suppose it was a vain hope that they were all gone…" He looks back to the screen and begins typing, looking for some sort of date. "When did you get this? Do you know when this footage was taken?" Is it old? New?

Remy whistles low, "That some ugly business. Few days ago, jus' before I got here it changed hands from a friend. Funny thing too, I got attacked by dem Mutant Liberation Front chumps. De learned how nasty I can get real fast." He sounds proud of himself right there, not that he killed anyone nor really actually did much harm and likely would have been destroyed had Rogue and Mana not shown up when they did.
"These kinda things never go way, les' we make 'em stay down."
"You pull it back up and we can look again?"

"A few days ago…" Hank repeats with a sigh before he turns to look at Remy. "It's going to take time to get it back up. The file's corrupted. I might be able to pull something up on the temporary cache…" there's come more computer techobabble as he explains what needs to be done. The gist is, however, that it's not going to be immediate.

There's another pause before he starts, "This is why I don't know that we can keep staying hidden…no one cares about this kind of genocide because they don't know us…" but he stops himself. "Sorry. You don't need to hear that lecture." Another breath in and out, "You should tell Jean and Scott about this. They'll want to do something."

"Corrupt? Means not worth a penny no more." Remy rubs a thumb over stubble shadowed jawline. "Well den, you keep it safe. Clean it up and we make it a big deal for X-Men. Sounds like some fun to me."
"It fine, homme. I got good ears for listening. May not be the best talk in to politics, not somethin' I pay much mind to but you need to vent, fire away, mon ami." Hopping up to stand on the chair the thief balances on one foot a moment before bouncing down. Terrible role model for children.
"I suppose I let the others know, maybe you clean that up and we can see our mystery mans face get some more info'mation. I know where dis came from, just not sure if you know, sometin' X-Men can do anyting about."

"I'll do my best," is offered as Hank starts typing away, trying to uncorrupted…or repair the broken files. Where's Abby from NCIS when you need her?

Golden eyes glance over as Remy offers to listen, "It's just me complaining and it does no one any good, me especially, to wax on and on about my own frustrations. Thank you, though. I just have to get over it. Me kvetching isn't going to change anything." There's a wry sort of smile before he looks back at the computer, "I'll see what I can do. But I'm sure Scott and Jean will want to get folks together to investigate." There's another pause, "I don't know if they can do anything about it, but I'm sure they'll want to try."

"You da man, Beast. Jus' lemme know when she all fixed up." Evading a desk on his way out Remy puts the cigarette back in his lips, "Dun worry, I won't light up 'til I'm outside again." The thief will go take a breather and then spring this information on the rest of the X-Men. Time for some fun.

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