Meetup with the Martian

April 08, 2015:

A meetup with Martian Manhunter

New York

The Big Apple


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The Martian Manhunter had been following the exploits of 'The Flash' closely- he was clearly a heroic young man, with a good heart. Men like that would be needed in the days to come, with the rise of the so called 'Super-Villains' that had accompanied the rise of heroes. J'onn had watched it all since the fifties- knew a day was coming when more than just a few random heroes and small teams would be needed.

To that end, J'onn watched and waited for signs of that red-streak that indicated Barry Allen's location- suspecting that he'd be through New York more often with the recent troubles there.

It doesn't take long for J'onn to find Barry. The problem is catching him in one spot. He zooms by at top speeds several times as he's out on patrol; the people in these neighborhoods are used to it now. It's even nice when the weather is warm; gives a nice breeze.

J'onn knows its not about going where Barry is. Its about going where he'll be. He flies through the sky, zipping in a straight line through all buildings in his way. Its the one advantage the Martian has- nothing, truly, is an obstacle for him. J'onn stops when he reaches the location he feels Barry is likely to visit next- seven feet of very tall Martian standing right where the Flash would be running, his hand extended in the international symbol for 'Stop'.

The Flash can see that it's Martian Manhunter before he even breaks into his long skid. He becomes visible as he pulls himself to a stop with a big smile on his face. "Hey there!" he exclaims as he walks the final bit of the distance between he and the Manhunter. "Good to see you again.

"Greetings, Flash." Manhunter states, with a bow of his head. "I'm sorry to interrupt your patrol. I was hoping to speak to you." he states, "Although, somewhere away from prying ears." he continues, as he offers a hand. "I can meet you there, or, take you there." The Manhunter's other hand points towards the top of a rather tall building. "I leave it up to you."

The Flash nods, "Sure thing. And no problem, it's always fun to run up the side of buildings. I don't often get the chance." BOOOM! He hits the pavement and explodes in a group of sparks and goes straight up the building in question, coming to a stop soon after on the rooftop.

J'onn is not far behind, landing on the top of the building not long after The Flash has reached the summit. "Thank you." J'onn offers simply. "You are doing good work, Flash." he begins, "But I fear that something larger is coming." he states. "I have been watching the events unfolding, and it is clear that no one of us can handle what is coming." he says, "The Justice League: Avengers is a good start, but there is room for more."

Flash nods, "To be honest, I agree with you. I have a small group I work with out at STAR Labs, but it does seem like things are getting bigger. Badder. And scarier." He folds his thin arms over his chest and gets a good look at Manhunter, who fascinates him on a scientific level, but he dares not ask.

The Manhunter doesn't need to read Barry's mind to see him looking. "You have questions." he states, "There will be time to ask them, all of them. I'm glad you we are thinking along the same line. I admit, I have trouble trusting the governments of this planet, knowing what I know. I would have this group be independent- a check and balance to the likes of the Justice League- as they would be a check and balance to ourselves. We may not be able to operate as openly as the JLA- but we would operate all the same. You are the first I have approached regarding this, for the nobility of your heart has been made quite clear to me through your actions. I have seen how you put yourself in harms way to defend those who can not protect themselves. I have seen your selflessness. You, I believe, will be a light unto our community of heroes- in the coming dark times I would like that light to grow. There are other young heroes like yourself that I would bring into the fold, and train. We would all benefit from eachother, and promise to support eachother like a team must." The manhunter pauses then, "I hope that I can depend on your light, Flash." J'onn, his feet on the ground, offers his hand to Barry- outstretched, reaching for him in friendship.

LOG NOTE: I'm glad we are thinking along the same line. I admit, I have trouble trusting the governments of this planet, knowing what I know.

The Flash nods vigorously and takes the Manhunter's hand. "Absolutely. We've already fought on the same so many times now, it kind of feels like we're already teammates. Do you have others in mind you are thinking of pulling in?"

"Not many, I admit. I have a short list, for now: Ms. Marvel, Power Girl, a young woman who calls herself Lunair. I am looking to approach those of the Justice Society who still yet live to assist in training- they have experience dealing with threats, and those of great power while often trusting only themselves. Although our powers put us on a different level, their experience will be key. One can not always rely on super-abilities: The fundamentals of leadership, experience, and your wits will be essential."

J'onn J'onzz shakes The Flashes hand, then, "However, it is a team- so please, if you have any ideas, they are welcomed."

"I haven't met any of them, but I look forward to meeting them," Flash says with a smile. "You know, I've been at this for a couple of years now and most of my teammates haven't been out in the field. This will be fun." He coughs, "I mean, it will be business and serious of course. But." Yeah, he's excited.

"I don't have any right now, but I'll be sure to pop them off if I think up anything."

"There is a certain joy in duty to your fellow man. We exist in a place where as individuals we can make a big difference- as a group, we can change the world for the better, I hope." The Manhunter states, with a nod. "Your team, too, will need to be involved. I know they are listening. You trust them, and so I will trust them." The Martian states, "Now there is time for questions, what did you wish to ask me?"

"I'm glad, because we're kind of a package deal," the Flash says with a smile. He takes a deep breath and nods when he is asked about his questions. "I just want to know about you. I mean, I've seen you do some pretty amazing things, things I don't know if the mutant gene is even able to do."

"That is because I am not a mutant." J'onn replies, "I am a Martian. Once, thousands of years ago, the human race was not alone inside this solar system. Even today, there are others who call this solar system home, hiding away until the human race is ready to join a wider world." J'onn begins. "We, however, were your closest neighbor. My people had evolved millions of years before your own. We watched as the species that would become humanity evolved from more primitive forms- studying you from afar. During all that time we, too, evolved. First, physically. Then, mentally. We continued our evolution through technology, genetically engineering ourselves into a biopolymer that allows complete molecular control of our forms through thought alone. By that time, we were a race of psionic beings- our thoughts shared in what we called the Great Mind. A utopia, peaceful and serene. I, on Mars, was a Manhunter. A peace keeper and diplomat, a police officer and a soldier. Unfortunately, none of us could prepare for the plague that destroyed us- I was saved, and now stand before you the last of the Green-skinned Martian."

"You're a martian?" At first Flash almost sounds like he's unwilling to believe the Manhunter, but as he thinks about it, he knows that he's seen the being do some pretty amazing thing. And being a martian is the last thing someone would pick if they were lying to him. "You're the last?" The weight of it kind of hits Barry afterwards. "I'm…I'm so sorry."

"It is not your fault, another time, more privately we can further discuss that. There are some things, I'm afraid, that can only be shared with friends. No offense to your friends, listening in." The Manhunter offers quietly. "But yes, I am a Martian and Earth is my home now- I will see it protected and guided to a glorious and beautiful future."

The Flash nods, "Understood. Well, it seems like you know where to find me. Speaking of my friends listening in, Cisco is about to lose his mind over this and I've got to check in on a case. How do I get a hold of you?"

"I can open a telepathic link." J'onn states, "And keep it open. Only those thoughts directed at me would be visible, and vice versa. Or, perhaps your friends at Star Labs would be willing to create a communicator for me to use to contact you. If neither of those work, we will figure out another way."

Woah, Barry thinks. Telepathic link. That's a new one. "Sounds good. Just ping me whenever you need me? I guess. And vice versa. I'll be talking to you soon." Flash is off like a ball of lightning again, heading north to STAR Labs and a super excited Cisco.

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