March 25, 2016:

Come on, who throws a muffin?


NPCs: Doctor Corben, Chip (emits by Ripclaw)



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Fade In…

The smell of eggs, hashbrowns, coffee and chocolate chip muffins drift through the ventilation system of the underground Cyberforce base. Each individual in turn is assaulted by the heavenly scent.

Late up C.C. would hang out with Lunair and show her his video game and anime collection which is impressive whether she made it to her new room is on her. Lots of distractions.

The kitchen area of the Elevator underground is an old cafeteria set up that used to be for the workers who would stay long hours. It's large and the team only uses a small portion of it.

Voices carry from there, Doctor Corbens is recognizable and Chip. C.C. and Timmie are nowhere to be seen, not at the moment at least.

Corben is a grizzled old man who is usually smelling heavily of whiskey this morning its blended in to the breakfast, a breakfast he is apparently cooking. Chip a waif thin, pale kid with glasses no more than 18 or 19 years old sits opposite of where the elderly man cooks, laughing around a mouthful of chocolate chip muffin.

"Then she said, sorry monsier I would love to help you but i don't do windows."

A nerdy choking laugh escapes Chip and he almost gags on his muffin, the only thing to save him is chugging down orange juice.

It was an odd thing that; hanging out with Rose all night. While Nadia didn't speak much she watched Rose like a hawk, her head snapping left and right until nothing was left but the close of her eyelids and sleep. ZzzzZzz..

Though, in a perfect world, sleep would last as long as one would will it. She wanted to sleep for days on end but the smell that assaults her nose really wouldn't let her. Sushi aside, she smelled hashbrowns. Somewhere.. in the deep recesses of her mind.. hashbrowns may be her favorite?

It was like a thump within her gut as she rolls from the couch, the loud thud of her hitting the floor gone missed as she draws up to walk towards the kitchen. Feet were dragging so much that once she finally reached the kitchen she all but collapsed within the chair present there. She didn't wave a Chip or Corben, but she waited patiently, her eyes staring forward into the table as her hands draw upright.. then *SNAPS* out with claws.. and recedes.. repeatedly. Over.. and over.. and over..

Lunair is the exploring type. She will do her best to meet people as they go along, but she is genuinely happy enough to hang out with C.C. KITTY! "That was a seriously impressive collection," She admits. So she probably won't make it much farther past that and maybe to her own room.

Lunair will share her sushi, and she will eventually make it out to breakfast. "It smells nice," She offers.

She makes it in just in time to see Nadia do her thing. Lunair mentally bluescreens. Boooooooooooooooooop.

Rose spent the night makig sure C.C. and Lunair did not kill eachother, at least staying in a semblance of earshot all the while she spent time trying to speak with Nadia, as best one can with deaf company. This was something she had been doing when she spent nights here and not out hunting and working.

The couch managed to only haf eat Rose, she was somewhere in between the overstuffed back and the seat cushions, half her face poking out and a leg completely gone into the crevice as well as a shoulder and arm. Her cheek shifts along the rough seat, smearing it from a glass smooshed press and shove of flesh and she comes out of the couch swinging and scrambling. "No bitth, not without a fight ya do—-"


Hands smear through her hair and over her face and bare feet shuffle her along towards the smell of breakfast. Sleep pants hang loosely from her waist, almost off a hip, the top bearing lettering of BITCH across the chest just covers to mid rib cage.

Entering she about trips over one of her pj pant legs, still trying to rub the crease impression from her face with a groan.

"A sleep without alcohol is a sleep I don't approve of." But Corben was there and from him to Nadia she watches, then Lunair gets a smile and a loose wristed wave. Everything is still trying to wake up. Literally.

"Ah, one of the new ones." The elderly fellow says upon seeing Lunair, a plate laden with breakfast goods is indicated with the tap of a spatula. Nadia is slid her own plate as well.

Chip watery eyed from failed downing of his foot, waves frantically at Lunair, his cheeks turning red in the process a hoarse and meek, "Hi." pops out of him. More cute girls, poor kid is going to have a brain hemmorage.
"Never had one of those before." Corben states to Rose, "Eggs will do you."

Chip grins, recovered a bit more, "Everything is soaked in it. Corben always puts everything in booze."

"That I do. Makes for the best favors, I'm Doctor Corben and this is Chip."

Chip chews more chocolate chip muffin, hiding his face but he does give another smile to Lunair.

"We're uh Ripclaws support staff. We make sure everything runs okay and people stay patched up real nice, I'm the doc and Chip is our hacker, genius and tech expert. That over there, if you ain't met her yet is Nadia. She is like one of you kids, a mutant, assuming you're a mutant but shes deaf so make sure you know some ASL or face her when you talk."


Nadia smelled Lunair even before she came into the room.

Though as the plate of food was pushed towards her she reaches forward with a normal hand to grab a spoon instead of a fork to scoop the hashbrowns onto it to eat. Her eyes were upright then, looking back to Chip, then towards Corbin, her cheeks filled with that potato-y goodness, cheeks bulged and cat-slitted eyes directed towards Lunair to stare.


Whatever! FOOD!

Rose's entry was even ignored. True to her own nature she pretty much keeps them all in the hindsights as she mixes and mashes all of her food together to eat without a care in the world. There was even a piece of egg on her nose!

"The dreams suck." Rose states to Corben. Giving way to much more reasonong behind her…habits. Half shaven head is rubed as if it will rid her of the memories, then the hand falls to the tray and she picks it up winking to Chip.

Poor kid is right.

"An alcoholic breakfast, I'm so down." Picking up a tray she tilts her head towards the bench Nadia sits at with eyes on Lunair for her to join them as well. But, blame the night of restless sleep and partial consumption by a couch, with everyone in one space and the mention of Nadia's disability she sets her tray down and while Nadia eats Rose gestures to grab the cat-mutants attention.

A point to her eye, the milky white one, perhas doing something unappetizing in popping it out and unplugging the cords to let Nadia see, and then points to Nadia's ears.

Popping her eye back in after reconnecting it Rose blinks and straddles the bench to claim a seat on it and begin eating, although slowly while speaking so Nadia could see, towards Lunair.

"So far, so good? Any questions you have?"

Lunair is boggled by this all, but she does reboot after a moment. She smiles. "Hi Miss Rose." She waves back. "Hello!" She pauses as she's greeted by an elderly fellow. She blinks owlishly. She isn't sure what to make of all this. It's all a bit much to process. She waves back to chip and smiles. "Hello there. Nice to meet you. Both of you," Nod. "I know some ASL. I dumped art supplies on a guy, and we became friends. He couldn't speak, so-" She knows a LITTLE at least. She can't not smile back to Chip, it seems.

"Um. May I sit, please? After Miss Rose." She seems to have a problem with sensory overlord.

"And the dreams are rough," She agrees.
"Body aches, booze, cybernetics, birds and the weather. Dreams, not my avenue. You talk to Ro-Ripclaw about those, hes sort of an expert. I am the guy who fixes the real things that ail you." Corben informs Rose while dishing her over a plate and some coffee. Black and very strong.
"And I.T., I'm pretty much that IT guy who fixes everything else." Chip adds in not wanting to be forgotten and to feel productive, "We got a mission for you guys once you're all ready to hear it. It's not a super dangerous one… kinda just a supply raid."

"Corben makes a noise, "Chip, let the girls eat and wake up before you drop shit like that on 'em. Sorry, kid doesn't get out much. Learned all of his social skills fromthe boob tube."
Chip shrugs sheepishly, "I heard you got along good with C.C… I tuned his TED personality matrix down a notch but hes still pretty vulgar and way too violent eager."

The spoon was halfway to her mouth when Rose starts to wave, eyes cutting to the woman to watch as she peels her eye out of its socket, disconnect, then reconnects and puts it back in again. There wasn't any skill to holding her thoughts back; it showed upon her face as her lip turned upright with the thought to push her plate aside. But, she gets the gist of it, even if she seems to not know what the hell is going on at first. It was a very, very slow blink.. and then..

She shrugs! "Whatever." She intones. She's down. It's whatever.

The spoon drags against the plate as she mushes the rest of her stuff into the corner, scooping the last bits into her mouth as she stands and reaches forward to swipe the cupcake or.. muffincake within her grasp. She really wasn't watching. She was just eating. Though, Chip's shrug has her looking towards the young man as he shrugs and catches 'violent eager'.

Hm. Is he like them?

With that said, she chucks the muffincake -really- hard in his direction. CATCH! She even sign languages it.

"He liked the railgun," Lunair recalls. "I guess he did have a good point with the pettings," She remarks. "I just like cats," Lunair shrugs. Then a blink at Chip. "Yeah, I get mine from the internet." She beams. Because /that/ is so much better. While Lunair looks normal at first, her facade eventually crumbles. She has a thousand yard stare and seems to have to actively work at facial expressions or she just really doesn't emote. "She has a better party trick than me," Lunair admits, in regards to rose.

For her part, she will wait her turn and carefully take a sea to join them. "I am catching up, sorry," She looks apologetic. There's a politely signed 'hello' to Nadia.

Rose has already scooched to give Lunair space and when Nadia shows she at least gets it that gets a nod and a look to Corben. "Well with both of your genius combined, can you Captain Technet ears of some kind?"

Yep, anything but a solid no is a solid yes to Rose though Lunair's comment abut her eye has Rose shrugging. "It's gross to clean off after bad nights. I wouldn't call it better. You want people to laugh and have fun - you have far more then me. You want people to vomit from my trick or alcohol poisoning. I'm your girl." Otherwise Rose doesn't pride herself on being much of a people person. Even in a crowd it had been hard to not feel alone, but lately there have been moments that's gone away again. In time, right?

After a few bites of her food though she rises and takes her tray to the back, pausing by Chip with a perked brow. "I'm listening." Yep, work so soon, she wants the deets.

A wargh sound escapes Chip and he almost drops his glass of OJ while a muffin rebounds off his head. "Why? Who throws a muffin?" He whines. "Wait, railgun in here?"

Corben releases a huff, "Plenty of time for catching up and relaxing, just make yourself at home. We seem to have become a thing for regular traffic lately."
"Wait wait, railgun?" Chip insists.

"Okay so… a supply depo owned by a front company Cyberdata either owns or works with." Corben begins up ignoring Chip. The mission details come next time.

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