No Place Like Homeless

March 24, 2016:

After the insanity Lunair and Nate are shown Cyberforce's base of operations.

The Elevator


NPCs: C.C.



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Fade In…

Towering above the Smith St. F train stop terminal the ancinet monolith of a structure stands. The Elevator it is called by the inhabitants, an industrial era giant long abandoned and not demolished like the nearby bones of a Shipyard and a Refinery.

Beneath the Elevator a network of tunnels now lies inhabited by the team loosely calling itself Cyberforce. A group of assembled champions that oppose Cyberdata.

Through the abandoned structure, in to hidden underground levels and deep in to the tunnels below the group consisting of Lunair, Nate, Rose and Ripclaw emerge.

It has been kept cleaner here now that Zakura and Rose have started to be frequent inhabitants, the open lounge full of it's high technology video games, giant flat screen tv, sofas, computers and stereo systems doesn't even have old pizza boxes sitting around anymore.

Standing there on both hind legs a cat waits patiently, a gun in it's paws. "If you're imposters or clones speak now so I can blow you in to tiny chunks that I'll probably eat." C.C. as expected. "Also keep your screams for mercy low, Timmie is asleep."

Nate mood is pretty bleak right now, and his injured leg is bothering him about as much as it should two days after pretty serious surgery to remove a high calibre bullet and rebuild the femoral artery. He even took one of the painkillers he uses for technovirus headaches, but has yet to make effect.

Talking cats? Too early for hallucinations. "Of course I am a clone," he grumbles, "but you don't want the original, he is the crankier one."

Once within the vast walls of the elevator Rose lets her coat fall open and ease down her shoulders, whispering leather over the sheer top that only shadows pale skin beneath but does not conceal it, black bra top beneath keeping her proper. A few dangling neclaces twine around her neck bearing more tech trinkets and tiny baubles Timmie had found through the Elevator in the time since they had apparently 'appropriated' this place - so he told Rose. So to kill times laid up he occupied Rose with making things and discussing things an 8 year old 'boy' should. Not what had happened to leave Rose horizontal at times. It was worth wearing, it reminded her of when she used to watch Lian…

A curl of finger in the wide chain that had held a door closed once, pacing herself to pause by Nate and keep in pace with him and his gimpy self. "How's the leg?"

When CC speaks up though, Rose pauses, and the smile that she bears towards him and leads to Lunair is devilish. Oh…this is going to own. So, Rose stays her middle finger salute.

Lunair lets herself follow the others to this 'Cyberforce' place. Lunair *likes* hanging out with Cable. He's a TIME COP. And he doesn't seem bothered by her powers. She will offer to help Nate in, but then… A TALKING KITTY!

It's like that cat comic with XKCD. Her super intelligence goes out the window. And a patient observer can note that her eyes go wide right at the moment kitty talks.

"KITTY!" She throws both hands up. "Ohmygosh, Hi Mr. Kitty! Do you murder things? You must murder SO many things. I bet that's adorable. May I pet you?" She is going to *explode* or something if she doesn't get to pet the cat. But she does politely offer a hand for him to sniff first and seems to be watching the kitty's reaction. Glee! "Also I have to put Sir Richard von Cheepington slash Sir Cheeps A Lot and Pinchbro. somewhere."

"Die clone!" C.C. yells then Lunair is right up in it, arms out wide and distracting him, "What!? No. I'm not that kind of cat. No pets. No PETS!" His voice rises up and he flails the firearm in the air aiming it at Lunair in his stumble backwards, "Sir Pinnochio Cheeto-san what?" The cat is confused and looks like hes about to bolt. He can't even retort to Rose's middle finger extention.

"That gun is a prototype that doesn't work, C.C. It's the only reason Chip lets you play with it." Ripclaw rakes claws through dark hair and studies Rose and Nate, "It'll be gradual but i have to introduce the two of you to the others, Chip, Corben, Zakura, Timmie, possibly that whackjob. They're all preoccupied or a sleep right now though so… meet C.C. our team pilot, mechanic, janitor and mascot."

Nate forces a grin when he looks at Rose. "It is fine give the hole I had there. Ray taught me a trick to keep it from bleeding." He glances at the cat called C.C. and manages a chuckle seeing Lunair in action. "I think I know Zakura and the whackjob. Corbe would be the cyberdoctor? I got to talk with him soon, yes."

Lunair looks confused. "I am created but I am an original, thankyouverymuch." Noseboop! If hedoesn't move anyway. "Oh my gosh! You can use weapons. That is SO ADORABLE!" It SO IS. "Yes. I have a pet tiny dinosaur. And a pet crab I saved when the Atlanteans invaded." Sagenod. She will move to scritch C.C.'s chin and jaw if he lets her. "Well, okay. I guess if you're not into pets. But do you like fish…?"

"They have you cleaning? Awwww." Awwww. She pauses. "How is it supposed to work? Maybe we can fix it," She considers. Uh oh. "Either way, nice to meet you all and it's neat here."

Rose looks at Nate and nods slightly, muttering "You're welcome." And then pushes on past C.C. and his impending doom as well as the others to drop her coat on the back of the couch. Leaning on the top of it she slides up to perch on the top of the backrest and then flop back into the confines. The cushions ate her, as it is way broken in and beyond saving and the flail of booted feet overhead shows the shimmy to scooch to one side and not between. Venus Fly-Couch.

"How's the whackjob coming along? Or does he need just…dismantled? He seemed far more broken then broken could get." The look in that man's eyes and all he prattled on (and on and ononon forever) about was enough to draw goosebumps along spine and let you know something was not right. Even if he said it with a cavalier smile.

A tilt of head to the side and Rose watches CC and Lunair still, the shit eating grin one that will linger for days. DAYS. Eat that C.C. You're about to become someone's plushie.

"Corben yes, he is our cyber-doc. The best I know of. You met the others aside from… " Ripclaw pauses to watch C.C. and Lunair interact, snapping out of it when he hears Rose inquire about Andy, "A work in progress. I am not sure how well he fits but that isn't to say we can't use him on a case by case basis. He is good at what he does but I don't trust him."

The scritch on chin and jaw has golden cateyes closing for a moment before C.C. realizes himself and snaps to,"I am adorable, you got that right but I ain't no crab or dinosaur loving cuddle kitty!"

C.C. leaps up and lands on the arm of the sofa a switch blade comes out and he brandishes it in a threatening manner at Lunair, "Stay back, back." It's almost like a tiny Peter Pan trying to fend off Captain Hook. "Wait, fish? I love fish." No mention about cleaning to be had, even if CyberCat takes great pride in his housekeeping skills which are… not that great.

"Really?" Smile. "I'll have to have you help me make sushi sometime." Then a pause. Lunair giggles at the blade. She is soon covered in power armor. "Well, okay. But it was nice to scritch you." She does back off. "It's going to be SO hard not to hug you." It really is. "What should I call you, Mister Kitty?" This is a katamari of awkward. But she's trying. She's still armored. Oh boy.

Nate was heading for the couch too when it… swallows Rose. To the rescue! He helps her escape and then settles down himself, seeking a not-sinkhole spot. "Looks like someone is already having fun," and it is not the Cybercat, or is it? "Alright. I think I can help with checking the mental state of the speedster. His mind was a wreck last time I looked."

Good luck on the non-sinkhole spot! The couch was major broken in fluff. As much as she liked it sleeping on it was a gamble of life and death by suffocation, she learned that the hard way. That or C.C. was the suffocating factor. Cats. Leer his way, but it could not be helped, when he brandishes the blade after showing some semblance of feline enjoyment Rose barks out a laugh.

"Stow it C.C. You have a new bff, like it or not. She did the same to me." A glance to Lunair and a small smile and she turns a curious gaze to Nate. "You'd been here before and met him?" A glance from Nate to Ripclaw and a brow rises. The things that happen in her absences, but then again she doesn't ask either. It was not up to her anyway in the long run and she is glad for it.

Yes, that couch is evil with a life of it's own. It eats anyone who sits in the center cushions. "Your powers will come in helpful, Nate. We've been lacking psychic defense measures… " Ripclaw admits, he can harden himself only to a point through mysticism and discipline the rest of his team are open books or on their own in mental preparation.

"There are open rooms below, Rose can show you to those before you need to cash in. We have artificial lighting that mimics sunlight , constant running ventilation and video feeds on the walls so people don't go stir crazy but we are deep underground so keep this in mind. It is not always easy for some to cope with."

"I seen sushi on TV. Chip was supposed to bring me some and he never did or he at it all. That dirtbag son of a… "

"Language C.C.!" Ripclaw snaps.

"Son of a gun… I'm, C.C. thats my desig… er name not Mister Kitty." That knife comes out and taps on the power armor


"You're like Al?" From Full Metal Alchemist. C.C., Timmie and Chip watch insane amounts of anime. "Or more Fallout?" Also play copious amounts of video games. The base is also a nerd den of some impressive caliber. "Now I want power armor and a rail gun and and jump jets and dog seeking rocket launchers."

"You stow it, titty mcgee. Since you got here I been nonstop having to clean this dump… " C.C. snarls in an attempt to appear menacing but fails. It sounds like when cats chortle.

"Then I will bring you some sushi. C.C. Nice to meet you. Or we can make some. And um. You want some help?" Peer. "I cleaned the warehouse Deadpool and I used to live in." Lunair seems oddly unbothered. "A railgun?" And Lunair pulls one out. "Like this one?" OUT OF NOWHERE A FREAKING RAILGUN. "HI!" She is cheery. "And okay, I can help. Thank you." Lunair doesn't really seem to mind it all. She even enjoys it.

"This place is so lively." And then a pause. "No, I made power armor. Kind of I guess more like Fallout." She taps herself. "In case you felt stabby…" That WAS a concern. Cats(TM).

"That sounds good," replies Nate, "I have survived in much worse places, this underground hideout seems solid and comfortable. And… uh, he stands up with some effort. I am going to find a place to crash." Not that he is sleepy, but he is tired, which is unusual but they told him it would happen. Blood loss does that. An apologetic glance to Rose, and he out to look for those open rooms.
Before he leaves he adds, "I met the speed guy when you caught him. Just a peek into his mind, though. Short-circuits everywhere. I do hope it was the brainbox, because if it wasn't, he is due for Arkham."

A pinwheel-kick of legs has Rose up-ending with ease off the couch seat, clanging on the floor in a crouch before she rises to a stand. Mismatched eyes stare deadpan at C.C. and a small smile forms, a chin flick to the side to cast white hair from her face with a pursing blow of lower lip and a hand perches on out thrust hip, drumming fingers on it.

"I'm sorry my presence inspired the menfolk to be a bit more tidy about their Al Bundy moments." Pause. "No I'm not. Because now there's 3 Tits McGees and your ante just got," A thumb to the air. "Upped."

Nate's look and departure has her staring for a moment, brows furrowing in silent question before she nods to Ripclaw and goes with Nate to show him to the 'Bunker Row' as she calls it, though in brief departure she speaks towards Ripclaw. "Down for sushi everyone? I'll order some now and go get it but better let me know what you want or you all will be dining unagi."

C.C. snarfs (his version of scoffing at Rose), "Al Bundy habits? It was an oasis of men here, a sanctuary for us dudes and…." BLINK "Oh my fuzzy balls! A FRIGGEN RAIL GUN!" C.C.'s hands reach up in the gimme fashion and the switchblade clatters to the ground. "Mine, MINE damnit mine! Gimme right meow!"

Ripclaw shakes his head at Lunair slowly, quiet indication NOT to give anything of the sort to the robo-kitty.
A nod is given to Nate, "As I said, there are empty rooms below. Not the most comfortable yet but we'll do something about that to make it more accomodating for you and possibly others. Yes, Breakneck is… a wild card we will have to approach in the near future for now, please, rest if you require it." Robert adds.

"We can play with them somewhere we're allowed to," Lunair nods to C.C. "I am getting the 'don't do that' look. I can FEEL IT. It's like when I get a disapproving stare from Miss Jean." SHE CAN FEEL THE DISAPPROVAL.

"I like whatever is interesting." Pause. "Um. Just some sashimi. What kind of fish do you like?" She asks C.C. "We can get that kind." A worried look at Nate. "I should bring him a laptop. He must get bored." She pauses. Her armor and railgun disappears. "You have— an oasis of dudes?" Puzzlement.

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