Magical Bull$#*! (Part 1)

March 24, 2016:

A D.E.O. transport is attacked by supervillains. Doctor Strange and Rain render aid. (Some Language Warning; Taskmaster has a potty mouth)



NPCs: Agent Lid, Blood-Spider, Deathshield, Jagged-Bow, U.S. Coast Guard, NYPD



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Naval Station New York closed in the 1990s it is used as a largely recreational area now but today a mysterious ship has been docked there. Flagged by coast guard and unmarked patrol boats the cruiser sits with it's crew on board and the entire area blockaded off. The entire zone has been evacuated of civilians..

The D.E.O. is also involved in this reroute and not incidentally the black out. Agent Harper has been assigned as over watch to make sure things go as planned.

Why is Strange here though? The ship itself is emanating magical energies, a high yet concentrated amount of them. Something on board is a potent enough to draw outside attention.

What is on the ship exactly? Not even D.E.O. field operatives like Arsenal have clearance enough to know what that is.

Binoculars draw down and Taskmaster chuckles. High risk is high reward. The stable and easy way is not a proper approach for mercenaries and super villains like the Taskmaster who wish to make money

"Now?" A question is fired his way from one of the three near him.

"No. Wait a moment." The skull masked man replies.

A sigh escapes the muscular man with the shield beside him, he crouches and waits for the order near his two companions, all fighters decked out in specialized gear.

Strange took a few hours off his search for sneaky Nilaians and magical gemstones when something in a cruiser tripped the magic-detection wards he has in the New York area. He wouldn't have bothered if it wasn't something so potent that it really shouldn't be in normal human hands. He knows better than tell that to government bureaucrats, though.

At least not without knowing first what is the artifact or creature they are carrying. Which are going to require some time consuming, but not too hard, divination spells. With a bit of luck nothing interesting will happen while he investigates.

Yeah, right.

There was a plan. Unfortunately, as far as Roy Harper could vouch, no plan ever survived contact with the enemy. And from what he could tell, there -were- plenty of people who would qualify as enemies who were want this ship.

"Perimeter watch, report in. Anything out there?" Arsenal inquires,

The ship itself was regarded with suspicion, as he checks the mission files one more time. Where had it come from, what was it doing here…

DEO Agents like Roy often act solo or in small teams with local officials. This time around he is overseeing the ground forces, coast guard and the NYPD.

"All clear, we have a blogger trying to get in but no real issues." One of New Yorks finest responds.

"Are we clear to disembark, Agent Harper?" Roy's contact on board the cruiser. Whoever it is he doesn't know them nor has he met them he just knows they work for the DEO with him. Near the dock a crane moves forward rotating on it's platform to swing the neck over awaiting command to collect cargo that is likely inside, strange for a cruiser to actually be carrying anything at all beyond personnel and munitions.

"Getting so damned impatient." A man with a bow hisses, toying with an arrowhead as he watches.

"Quit the bitchin'. This is paying us damn good… " Taskmaster responds.

The other two companions hidden beside him shuffle but say nothing. They're growing quickly agitated at the lack of action.

A horn sound blares out and the cruiser fully sets up along the dock prepares to let down it's ramp. Well, as soon as Roy gives the go ahead. It is very much a watch and wait game right now for Strange but the nearer the ship draws to land the more powerful the presence on board.

Rain is a member of one of the oddest branches of SHIELD. The one Nick Fury hates because they probably send him memos via owls. And he always gets Carl. Fucking Carl, man. At least all the cat loving agents get their kitty fix due to Morale Officer Captain (Awesome). Rain is coming in quietly. She can fly on a broomstick, and doing so at low, low altitudes (She could just walk) eliminates the sound of walking. Captain is on the back of the broomstick and they have let the others know they are there. Just a helpful, friendly, hangover curing witch. Yup.

And Rain does quietly grin and bear the Harry Potter, Monty Python and Halloween jokes that come her way. It's an inevitability when you're practically a stereotype. She pauses. There's a lot of magic power here. Sadly, Rain has the glaring weakness of being unable to hide her magic and its aura.

Magic 'ping'. Strange divination spells spot Rain and Captain, and the doctor makes a double take. Since Rain is here an agent of some agency or other, it makes sense to go looking for her and ask what is going on.

Hands on his coat pockets, Strange walks, and then air-walks, on Rain's general direction, casting an illusion spell so only the witch can see him coming. "Good afternoon," he greets politely. "Do you know what is going on? Whatever is coming has set off a few of my wards."

"Clear, but keep an eye out for trouble," Arsenal responds, tapping his communicator, as he pulls out his crossbow, aiming it. Mostly because every time he mentioned keeping an eye out for trouble, it showed up, precisely as expected.

"Approach, but approach with caution," the agent amends, as he keeps an eye out for whatever might be approaching -his- fellow peacekeepers.

The ramp touches down and the crane wheels over. A central lift appears in the middle of the cruiser from a small cargo hold and a shipping container covered in sigils and chains is ascended to be latched on to by the crane.

Walking down the ramp is a tall slender man in all black with very fine yet strong looking features and pointed ears. An all black suit, black gloves and black shades. "I'm Agent Lid. I am going to presume you are Agent Harper?" A hand extends.

SHIELD actually has no jurisdiction in this event and if Rain were to attempt to phone home and find out anything about this transaction she would be met with nothing. This is all the U.S.'s Department of Extranormal Operations activity.

Close but out of sight.


"Now?" An excited response from the man with the shield.

"Now you idiot."

FROOSH a rocket is launched and the object careens through the air in a spiral of exhaust only to slap in to the side of the crane. An explosion plumes out and the machine's neck breaks to cast the container off and to it's side with a crash and jangle of heavy chains.

Upon impact the four attackers are visible now just south of the Navel Station at an old abandoned hangar. On top of it actually.

Taskmaster, Deathshield, Blood-Spider and Jagged Bow.

That is fine, really. Rain does plenty of occult investigation on her own. SHIELD probably doesn't care much that she exorcises demons out of windows 10 servers nearly weekly, the Lingerie Gnomes or other odd but not necessarily dangerous happenings. She is going to be A Witch. And she looks to Steve. She remembers the powerful sorcerer. "Salutations. Not sure, I sensed a REALLY powerful presence. I was concerned. People love to snatch up powerful occult objects, and also take selfies on them." A soft sigh. No, taking a selfie with one of Cthulhu's minions is not a great idea, however many views (and people going insane shortly after) it gets you.

And then suddenly, A FREAKING ROCKET. "Oh hell's bells." This will not end well. She takes a deep breath. Captain sighs, "And HOW the hell did your species become dominant while mine is just adorable?" The cat asks. He adds, "It's like, 'hey guys. this is incredibly dangerous. LET'S GO POKE IT.' Sarcasm: He has a phD in it. For now, the two are watching in horror and moving in closer to see the combatants and damage done.

"Ah, so it is the same for… by the dread Vipers of Valtorr!" Yes, Strange would never say 'oh, crap' like a normal person. "Yes, this is a foolish action," up there with 'selfies with Chtulhu'. Strange concentrates, gesturing magic symbols, and tries to stop the crane from crashing on top of the D.E.O. agents. But it is many tons of totally non magical metal, so he only manages to slow it down and push it a few yards away before it crashes anyway.

He probably should have done something about the container, but saving lives comes first.
Reaching out a hand to shake hands with Agent Lid, Roy flashes a grin. "That's me. I'm kinda curious, is Lid actually your last name, or an alias?"

The rocking explosion causes Roy to spin around, his weaponry at ready.

"Watch out!" he shouts, meant to warn people about the crane… that seems to move out of the way. Oh, no time to think about that… there's a familiar face. He owed skullface an arrow to the forehead, at the least…! Which is precisely what he aims to do, bringing it up and firing…!

"The first part of my full name. Not sure why that is… " Lid's hand is withdrawn and he is moving in a blur of action to tumble and roll aside of the container. He is faster than a human would have been.

Jagged Bow is like-wise taking aim at one of the Coast Guards and loosing an arrow, a whistling screaming thing that ignites once it's about a dozen feet from him.

Taskmaster's shield comes up and defends him against incoming assaults, that grinning skull peers around it and he points at Roy, "Blood, take that one. We need to make some more noise this isn't the crew I wanted… " What is he talking about? Blood-Spider, Jagged Bow and Deathshield have no clue. They're just getting paid handsomely and now they get to have some fun

A leap, a spin through the air and a launched webglobe is hurled at Arsenal from a black clad Spider-Man looking copy with a techy backpack and webshooters.

Deathshield races across the grounds towards Doctor Strange and Rain that shield held up in front of him. He's a fast runner. He'll be on them very soon.

That container hits the ground loud with a crash bang that resounds around them but the contents do not spill out. The chain crunches and bows against the door opening out revealing a spherical shape within. Something very powerful is inside of it, something born of malcontent and dark magics.

And some of Rain's powers really don't help the random quotes she gets. She blinks at Doctor Strange's exclamations. She's lived almost all her life without having any magic power of her own. In some ways, it's never really going to sink in. And then things go full video game encounter ambush. She should have known from the strategically placed cover. Did Mass Effect teach her nothing?

She is relieved Strange's magic is considerably faster than hers. Though, hers is silent and subtle. "Incoming!" Captain calls as Deathshield comes towards them. "Dorkshield, Captain American cosplayer off the starboard bow!"

Rain pauses. "Do you even KNOW what a starboard bow is?" "No, just DO SOMETHING!"

"Something super bad is coming." Beat. "Nevermind."

Broom dismissed, she stands. There's a moment, and she looks intensely serene, violet eyes at Deathshield. And then, he just turns into a shield/polka dotted patterned newt. "… don't worry, they get better. Just-"

Strange turns to the criminal quartet and sighs. Not supernatural either, they are probably unaware where they are getting to. He levitates up, inviting Rain to join him as he sees the brawler with the shield charging at them. Too fast to be a normal human. But hopefully, he won't be able to fly.

When the magical sphere (of evil) is revealed, Strange begins chanting, casting a forcefield spell around the device to try to keep it insulated and protected at the same time. Taskmaster and his gang are ignored for now, but he does send an alert to the Hall of Justice.

Crossbow slapped onto his wrist, Roy switches to bow and arrow. Harder to stop, more tricks.

Whoever 'Blood' is, Roy has to admit, this spider-acrobatic thing would be a pain in the ass, especially with this globe coming that he has to send -back-. With one smooth quick shot, he aims for the globe with an ice arrow, intent on either freezing it or knocking it back. Must be some kind of grenade.

Deathshield's eagerness for violent physical confrontation is interrupted by the overwhelming desire to seek out and devour a worm also feel moist cold grass on him. A slither, a wriggle and a supernewtly fast dart and he vanishes in to the damp forest of yard around him.

"Magical bullshit." Taskmaster mutters and launches his with a spinning flourish, the spin was to add more impact to it when it hits, the target is Doctor Strange but if it misses him it will lob low and rebound off the side of a truck and ricochet at the backside of Rain.
During the spin he draws up a firearm, fully loaded and picks out a target.

Blood-Spider's webbing snaps open only to be engulfed by a cryo-arrow it falls harmlessly to the ground, that Arachnid theme fighter is springing and bouncing in erratic pursuit to close the gap with Roy, apparently the Spider wants to brawl.

Jagged Bow laughing almost maniacally fires another arrow hitting another serviceman and then takes aim at Agent Lid, shooting a couple shots at him too. Forcing them to remain suppressed and unable to help the gathered heroic types.

The mystery container shakes violently but only causes small tremors. Whatever is inside seems to be held fairly well.

To be continued…

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