The Watchers in the Water

March 24, 2016:

Scouting the region the Wild Tribes have highlighted, Ulani and Rowan discover that not all is as desolate as it seems…

Pacific Ocean


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Fade In…

The Blue, in the end, sent the cruisers. Twelve of them and half again as many destroyers under the command of Senior Captain Hawke. At present though Rowan isn't anywhere near them. He's swimming largely alone through a desolate patch of ocean. The main force of wild tribes, Blue and Lemurians has advanced into the 'circle' and in front of them like a fan scouting parties are searching for signs of enemy contact, as well as any kind of hint as to what's been generating the monsters in this area and where the hell they're coming from.

This part of the ocean was never well settled to begin with and with the monster attacks it's even more sparce than usual. They come across deserted villages, ruins and a lot of nothing. So far they haven't seen another living being. It's eerie.

"It's interesting how things pan out, Rowan." Ulani has accompanied the Dragon Blue into this area. Eyes scanning the murky waters, ever alert as they swim. "I'm just glad our leadership saw the benefit in aiding the tribes and the Lemurians. I've a feeling we're going to need their support, before this is all over."

The eerie 'silence' of the ocean has her slightly on edge. Nothing living at all … is unusual. "I've received word from our Surface Allies. They can meet us in the next couple of days, we just need to send word when we're on our way."

"That's good news." Rowan murmurs as they swim. It's just he and Ulani out here. There are others, in contact via communicator and coordinated on Admiral Hawke's flagship but so far as their Blue eyes can see, it's just them.

"There's something wrong about this place. It feels… dead." He's quiet for another couple of minutes. "On my world we had a legend about this circle, that it had been a battleground from the first wars after the sinking of Atlantis, that it marked the farthest edge of Atlantean expansion into these seas. The legend says they met something that they could not defeat and only barely turn back and the magic they unleashed poisoned the very land and waters."

"It looks dead." Ulani gestures "We've been moving through here for a good hour or so and we've found nothing alive. Nothing. Even the plantlife is dead, really." Glancing over to Rowan, she shakes her head "I'm beginning to wish we'd bought the rest of the squad. If we weren't spread so thin, I'd have insisted."

Listening to his story, the Blue Envoy grows thoughtful "It's similar here, Rowan. There are many parrallels between your dimension and here, it seems." She's not only alluding to the story he just told. "It's supposed to a folk tale, like The Lord Of The Deep…" that draws a sigh. If The Lord is real, then this might be too. "And this area … seems afflicted."

Rowan dips to swim a little closer to the seabed as if it somehow provides him 'cover'. "It seems like something sucked all the life out o- hello… did you hear that?" It's not really a sound. More of a pressure wave. But it 'feels' like something is moving nearby, large enough to be casting off a 'bow wave' and parallel to their own course. It'd either have to be very big indeed to be doing that or moving quite fast, and Rowan can't 'hear' the noise of anything swimming at speed.

Off to the left… There's a deep shadow in the darkness.

Ulani's head had snapped up just before Rowan asked that question. Of course she had felt it, attuned to the water as she is. Operating the blue/green pendant at her throat, the Blue Envoy is covered head to toe in sleek, form fitting, coral armour. After Ikaia's betrayal, she's not taking any chances.

There's a shadow moving. And it looks big … // Fanning out she looks to the Dragon Blue //I'll take the right. You take the left. Don't engage, unless we absolutely have to.

Rowan nods silently and disappears into the murk. He's big in dragon form. This thing feels bigger. As they close they can both see from separate angles the lines of the thing. It's the size of a blue whale, a big one. There's something grafted or grown onto it's back that looks like corral. Unlike the other Monsters of the Deep they've encountered though this one is doing something odd. It's swimming in a pattern as if tracing something out… or looking for something. After a few minutes it resmues course only to swim that little pattern again half a mile later.

Looks like a warbeast. But alone. Never seen that before. Can you see the way the sand glows under it when it swims that pattern? Not only glows but she can feel a presence. Like a mental pressure. Not directed at her but rather settled over this whole vast area. It feels like the Lord of the Deep. And yet… somehow not.

That's a search technique the Beastmasters showed us. Ulani frowns as she tries to make out just what it is. It might be the size of a large a blue whale, but that doesn't mean it is one.

Seeing the sand glowing under the beast, the Blue Female frowns Do you feel the pyschic presence? It's not quite The Lord. I wonder if that's what's causing the sand to glow

Moving carefully, she follows the beast, knowing that Rowan will be doing the same.

The sand glows faintly in the beast's wake. It's passage leaves 'sigils' inscribed in some kind of mad, headache inducing pattern as it swims over the sea floor. Rowan shakes his head and rubs at his eyes. I feel it. Not quite the same. I'm not sure this is u-

The dragon Blue cuts off as the great whale thing stops it's pattern abruptly and speeds up, making a beeline for the center of the circle. Not a hugely fast beeline but…

I think we have a lead. We should call this in. Whatever we're looking for, I'll warrent this thing is headed to it.

Mirroring Rowan, Ulani forces herself to look at something else - like the creature.

As the whale stops and then heads towards the circle, the Blue Female cants her head. I'll call it in as we follow

Keep it in sight, let's see what we can find. She's a bad feeling about this. That presence, the sigils on the sand (that she takes images of for later assessment), the dead nature of the area, really don't bode well.

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