Cajun in Distress... Kinda

March 23, 2016:

Gambit returns to the Tri-City area and phones the X-Men for help. Mana and Rogue show up

Central Park, NYC



Mentions: Lydia, Iceman, Magik, X-Men, Charles Xavier, Scott Summers, Wolfcub, Magneto, Hawkeye, Brotherhood of Mutants


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Almost two months have passed since Remy has been in the Tri-City region. He left no word for the X-Men, changed information and went off the radar. Why? Nobody knows. The Cajun being the Cajun perhaps but now he is back and having called the X-Men for help via their private cellphone message number. The message was a simple one.

Need help immediately. ~Gambit

A GPS location was designated and that was that.

Need help with what exactly? That is something those who show up are about to find out. Cloudy dark 48 degrees Fahrenheit southern central park just outside the zoo is quiet, closed down all except for lit up pathways for night time strollers. This is the location.

No thief to be seen.

A flash of light appears as a stepping disk opens near to those co-ordinates but sheltered from too many eyes. Stepping through the portal is Brin who received the call X-Red HQ.

Dressed in her black jumpsuit with red side panel highlights and a belt crossed over her hips - the buckle sporting the X insignia made from left over Sentinel bits.

Mana onsite. No contact yet. She lets her mind reach out - sensing the emotions in the area. That's how she normally finds trouble.

So much has passed in such little time. Some things though, have remained constant - the people. Though the Cajun had been absent, it was not something she could chide anyone for. After her moment of de-powering she wanted to disappear. But to the weakness or to the strength? To experience the wide world she never got to once her powers manifested?

So many questions. But the latter was the right one.

A decision was made in the span of alone time, one that has her no longer in the attire she wore with the Brotherhood, instead the deep green suit contours her figure, the line of white following the zipper up the middle where the encircled X resides just over plexus, split at the top portion by the opening of zipper enclosure. Around her waist a strap of white as well, accent of the belt and those to follow at knees to keep the boots aloft upon legs.

A flutter of the scarf to rise around neck and chin in her landing a bit of a distance away, but in her approach it is hard to miss the auburn hair streaked in white just at the front, falling long to frame her face and sweep across forehead.

An' Rogue here. Emotionally speaking? The woman is a mix of them, but for now there is a necessary calm.

Excitement and hatred laced with just enough fear to amplify adrenaline is heavy. The emotional aspects of this are felt by Mana before she even hears the shouts or spies the vibrant flash of light. Quick illumination that brightens the wide Central park path and it's canopy of tree covering only long enough to reveal the presence two fighting combatants; a staff-wielding and familiar Cajun against what appears to be a high speed moving brunette female in a blue on red costume that hosts forearm mounted blades.
Remy's skill and flat out defensive play is the only thing keeping him alive right now.

A whirring sound picks up near Rogue the source of it a circling football sized drone of metal and fan blades.

"I'm going to shoot you Burnout! You keep getting in my way." A man nearby, tall, wide shouldered with a costume on that is blue and yellow (a theme going here). He looks like he could be a more muscular, one eyed ugly Scott Summers.

Brin rocks back as the fear hits her. Even after all these years, the waves of emotion can take her by surprise even when she's expecting them.

Copy Rogue. Heads Up. We've got company. I make two. She hasn't noticed the drone yet. Going to lend a hand. I've got ugly Scott.

Poor Scott. She'll feel terrible, later.

With a little concentration, a glowing green and gold bow appears in her hand and with a smooth movement she knocks an arrow, takes a bead and lets it fly … quickly knocking another. She's no Hawkeye (either one) or Green Arrow - but she's no slouch at this either.

Listening to Mana, her mossy green gaze slides across the space between herself and friend or foe. A moment taken to measure this as Gambit is being repeatedly pushed at a rapid pace, the charge and fall back are timed as best as she could against a speedster, eyes flicking to and fro…

Add a drone… And in a sudden motion Rogue turns that pause into a push of velocity that reaches a gloved hand out for that drone and treats it like a basketball, slapping it heavily from out of bounds to in the game, aiming to bounce it ff the back of Burnout's head, as well as render the drone… Well, dead.

The drone crushed and hurled bounces off the center of Burnout's back, the woman releases a loud noise that sounds one part a yelp of pain the other part a hiss.

Remy LeBeau the opportunist that he is lashes out with a kick from the Jambe Arrier position. The snap of Burnout's body makes her look like a rubber snake unsure which direction to go.

"Merci… " Gambit offers Rogue and upon realizing it was her who gave the toss a capricious smile appears. "Et toi, Mana. The X-Men deliver as I had almost prayed and I am not a praying man."

The -Ugly Scott- 's left eye flares to life in a red surge of energy the lance leaping forth from that lense there only to rip through the concrete towards Mana the mutant constructed arrow strikes him high and in the shoulder and in doing so causes his own projectile to sweep high and to the side. A tree decimated in the process, exploding in wood shrapnel.

"Time to go! These are Alpha and Beta threat level mutants!" This voice comes from a man with a skin tight suit, only his eyes are visible and his lips. The entire costume makes him look a dusky grey color. As soon as his words leave his mouth he holds up both hands palm out and a swirl in the air appears, a vortex of distortion.

"Thermal! Show yourself and give cover fire. Deadeye, come on!"

Thermal? A blonde in red and yellow steps out and fires a jet of pure frost that fans in to an obscuring arc at Mana and Rogue.

Deadye clutching his shoulder where Mana hit races towards Gambit and Burnout, a eyebeam shooting at the Cajun as a distraction so he can grab his fallen comrade before they begin to retreat towards that portal.

"Yes, run, run now that the odds are fair. I was only getting warmed up!" Gambit taunts as the strange attack force makes it's escape.

And a drone. the small brunette acknowledges Rogue.

"Of course we deliver, Gambit. Some even call me an Angel, so that's fair." Well Nick does when she brings him takeaway to alleviate the Tofu diet that Lydia is insistent that he eats.

Brins last knocked arrow flies at Deadeye just before the arc of frost spirals out. The bow disappears to be replaced by a glowing green and gold shield that slams up between that and Rogue and herself. She might have practiced a little with Bobby - so sue her.

"Everyone, ok?" that's her first thought "Alpha and Beta threat level mutants?" she looks to Gambit for that one.

Once the fight is on, it is on and the swat of the drone takes the lead, but the follow up in the burst of follow up speed when Rogue charges inward and nearly along side Deadeye once he retrieves Burnout.

A drawback of her fist..

The shield of Brinley's slams down and into place, a blockade of not only visual but it stops the blow Rogue was about to attempt to plant to end escape s well as keeps her "delicate" features from becoming frost-bitten. For that Mana gets a moment of pause and a nod of thanks before leering gaze watches the people in retreat.

"Ah'm fine." A mutual glance from Brin to Remy in a once over and she tucks a whisp of white behind an ear, giving the park yet another once over to be sure.

"Ah'm learnin' that once part of tha X-Men, they tend not ta close doors to ya. Or comm channels. Though ya keep leavin', darlin', and they may hang up on ya once in a while." The small smirk comes and goes as she looks back between them, tilting her head in Brins direction. "What she asked, and since when did we start getting measured by threat?" Though the inflection on the word /threat/ causes a slight hitch in her voice and a waver in that accent.

The ice pelts the shield with a showering force that can be withstood by the means Mana employs. Its an easy defense but it shields Thermal's team. "Next time… you and me." A promise from the blonde to Brinley and she leaps in to the vortex that was opened.
Deadeye with Burnout over his shoulder follows leaving behind the last man, the grey body suit individual, "Be seeing you, X-Men."

Two more drones zip past and fly through after the retreating mystery attackers and then the vortex sucks in on itself and closes with a POP.

"More 'n okay." A chuckle escapes Remy while his staff collapses.

Gambit only recalls seeing Brinley maybe once or twice at the school before actually meeting her, the rogue has never been one to stick around until recent years and many of the Institutes alumni have passed him by without notice. What she may or may not be called is still a mystery to Remy but he usually comes up with something catchy, just give it time, "I don't see the resemblance between you an' Angel. I met him, you much prettier, chere."

"Darlin? Dis means you missed me, huh?" The thief teases Rogue as he draws near, "Dunno, they spoutin' that noise the whole time. Threat recalibrate, threat reassess again, blah, blah… " A flick of a hand as if disregarding it, "I got demoted from an Omega to a Gamma den back up to a Alpha. I think they buggy."

"I don't think so…" Brin responds to the blonde. She's not really a fighter and the blonde is quick. The brunette would prefer to have the deck stacked in her favor.

And then there's Drones… wonderful. Brins dark eyes track them as they disappear into the void. "Odds on those things were recording us." She might be a tad paranoid.

Letting the shield fade and takes a moment to recover from the battering - shields are good but the energy of what they block has to transfer somewhere.

Blushing at Remy's comment, she shakes her head "Welcome back… I guess. Haven't seen you around for a while." before turning to Rogue "Nice to meet you, I'm Brin. Codename, Mana. But you probably gathered that already." Pushing her own hair back from her face, her expression turns grim "Buggy, huh? Maybe… " her eyes wander to where that portal had been. This is Mana, threat neutralized for now. I'll make a report when I'm back.

Rogue only holds a hand out at the fading threat, head tilting lightly before the portal closes and when fingers curl in a 'bring it' beckon to the opponents every knuckle pops in the recoil that ends in a fist from open handed. "Ah've sat too long, Ah'm /bored/." A crack of voice in the hilarity of her own words and amusement that filters through despite the retort to try and bring foes back out to play.

But that all comes to a crashing halt with the Cajun's words pitched between herself and Brinley. Where as Mana blushes, Rogues brows go up and hands plant upon the thrust of hips, one jutting to the side in a shift of stance.

"Ya are always trouble /shugah/. Missed you?! If I was a freight train I should take a dirt road." That drawl gets heavier and heavier. Nope, Rogue has not forgotten, but the small light in her eyes tells of the challenge that never left to taunt back.

Mana's introduction stops the banter that could very well go fight directive, as well as the shield dissipating, a finger running along the fading tattered edges of (un)reality.

"Anna-Marie, Rogue. Nice ta meet ya as well." Though no hand gets offered out of habit, instead she clasps them together and ensures between fingers is a tight hold of leather coating. Hands to self.

"Have never met ya in the halls before. Ah take it former…?"

"I guess?" Remy mocks Brinley's tone and touches a hand to his chest. "She guesses. I'm wounded… com'n fix me, Rogue. I show you all the hurtin' spots."

"And you know they watchin' us and recording. This the 21st century, chere."
Back to a serious note the thief looks away from Mana and Anna-Marie, "We seen them before, 'fore either of your time with the X-Men. They showed up causin' mischief at a anti-mutant rally claiming to be Brotherhood. Funny thing that… none of the Brothers there recognized 'em not even Magneto."
A shrug and he walks past the two ladies, a low whistles escaping him, "Rogue, mouche a mielle, you is that freight train. Less go on back home, I miss my cats and I got somethin' to show Sharles or whoever leading the team right now." A small thumb drive is held up over his departing shoulder and wriggled back and forth, "We just say, once i got rid of some uncomfortable baggage, I made my self real productive like."

"I guess … " Brin has the good grace to blush again, looking between Remy and Rogue, working out how it might be. "Anna Marie. Yeah, a former… I kind of blended into the background and then went with the Paragons for a few years." A small flash of pain shows on her face at the name. And it doesn't surprise her that she wasn't seen. That happened a lot for the quiet mutant.

Eyeing the thumb drive, the brunette grins just a little "Then I better check our records for that encounter." She'll also be sure to ask for what was on that drive … she can be like a dog with bone about stuff like this.

With a last look to Rogue and a small smile "Thanks again for the assist. Feel free to look in at X-Red HQ, out by the airport." Keying her comm, a slit of light flares and opens. The brunette steps on the disk and the disappears…

Rogue opens her mouth, closes it, and leers. Leers /real/ good and hard at Remy as if that gaze will cut through a pit of rattle snakes and get the anti-venom desired.


Still there.

"You been back south, your accents as thick as grandma's home made mashed potatoes, and when I first met yah it was not /that/ thick." A pause and brows furrow. "Did yah just call me a mooch?" A single jump beneath one squinted eye and she looks towards Brinley as if the woman could maifest an answer as well. A dismissive wave like shooing a fly, and Rogue carried on with business, all the while taking steps away - because it was safer right now.

"Ah wasn't there ta know ya, Brinley, I was with a Brotherhood that did not have those among it's ranks… That I saw." But she knew Magneto… And the name brought a moment of pause and a light lowering of shoulders.

Brinley's thanks has Rogue snapping back from past reverie, but left with unspoken thanks as the flare comes and goes, leaving her standing there with Gambit. "Ah fed them while ya were gone." Rogue states in regards to his cats. "Fly back or prefer to walk some more?"

Though as she turns and begins to leave the park for more open escape to the sky her gaze lingers on the spot where Brinley disappeared. Airport. Which one??

She'll find it.

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