Another Moot

March 22, 2016:

Ulani and Rowan go to visit The Lemeurians and Wild Tribes

Damiano - Pacific Ocean


NPCs: Erathyma, Kravik



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The city of Damiano is a Lemurian Colony in the South Pacific, one of the closest to the Blue sphere of influence in that area. Because of it's convenience as a base of supply it is presently serving as a depot for a mixed group of Wild Tribesmen, Lemurian military. The Blue Navy hasn't had a major presence at Damiano yet, but news has arrived that may change that.

Ulani has been assigned to liase with the Lemurians and Wild Tribesmen for one simple reason: The wild tribes are led by Erythima and Kravik, the same leaders who led the horde that fought along side the Blue at the engagement that turned the Lord of the Deep back into the Pacific. That's been something of a mixed blessing, preventing the Lord from assailing the Atlanteans from a new front, but focusing his wrath on Blue settlements closer to home. Something is stirring now that threatens to upset this delicate balance and the Blue need a handle on it before they're stretched to the breaking point.

The city itself is a series of bubble domes set into the sea floor, but the Wild Tribes are encamped around it in the hundreds of thousands. This is even a larger gathering than the last one Rowan and Ulani have seen. Eryathma and Kravik, their status much increased by their victorious battle, will be somewhere in the heart of the camp with their clans.

Leading their way through the maze of campsites, towards the heart of the camp, Ulani glances over at Rowan "This is encouraging …" she murmurs. "Well it could be, if they can reach accord and be kept focussed." She's aware of the issues with a gathering this large. "At some point, Rowan, I would like to know more about the other me…" the one he knew from his dimension "if you can remember that."

As they reach the centre of the camp, the Blue Envoy slows and announces them "Ulani and Rowan, of The Blue. We wish to speak with Erathyma and Kravik. We bear important tidings about the war."

Rowan looks over the assembly. "I haven't ever heard of an assembly this large that wasn't led by…" He pauses and looks about. "Do you have Attuma on this world?" Attuma. The 'Khan' of the undersea world. One of the few leaders, charismatic, skilled and dangerous enough to unite the Wild Tribes in numbers. In the world Rowan came from his hordes were legendary. What happened to him with the rise of the Overlords, the Blue doesn't remember.

"At some point I'll tell you, if I can remember." Rowan promises as they approach the clans that look like they're in the center and thus led by the important leaders.

"Kravik and Erathyma are in a moot. They are not expected back unti-."

"Tell them the Blue Elite and the Dragon Warrior are waiting for them." Rowan rumbles. Clearly those names carry weight, judging by the reaction.

"Wait here." One clansman swims off.

Glancing to the Dragon Blue as he mentions Attuma, Ulani nods. "We do. The Blue often wonder what would happen if he were to unite the Wild Tribes … I take it you know of him in your world?"

The clansmans response to her request gets a raised eyebrow from Ulani. Something in her bearing that exudes 'command'. But before she can say anything, Rowans rumbling and she smirks, just a little in his direction. "A moot, huh. Seems like we arrived just in time. Do try not to upset the locals too much, Rowan." she's still amused by his interaction with the Surface military recently. "Not unless they truly deserve it."

"When don't they?" Rowan smirks back. Wild Tribes are… civilized after a fashion but their clans prize strength above most other things. Which makes makes them somewhat… unsubtle at times.

Fortunately none of them seem to want to test Ulani or Rowan.

After about five minutes there's a murmur from afar and Ulani can see several amazonian looking clanswomen headed towards them at a good clip along with an equal number of mostly male wild tribesmen a short distance behind. Both groups alight in the cleared 'circle' area that Ulani and Rowan are at. "So. The Blue did come. Erathyma, you owe me a drink."

The tall woman snorts. "Only two though. And one is barely half-"

A glare from Rowan cuts that off. Also the way his hand goes to his spear.

"We're here as allies…" Ulani's tone is slightly dry (pardon the pun) but she recognises the display of strength of is needed at times as it's the only thing the tribesman value.

"Well met Erathyma." the Blue Envoys expression is hard. "Insult Rowan and you insult me." the threat there is not subtle "We bring news of the war."

And no, she's not going to stop Rowan going for his spear. Should the Wildings keep this up, they'll have her to deal with as well.

Erathyma backs up a pace and smiles slowly. "Apologies, Warrior. You were saying you had news of the war. Turns out we do too." Kravik lands at this point but he doesn't speak, letting the other clan leader continue talking. "We'll show you ours if you show us yours?"

"Well met, Kravik." Ulani acknowledges the other Tribal Leader before fixing Erathyma with a look "The Blue are requesting assistance from our allies, to utilise their abilities to cripple the Lord's psychic network whilst our forces assail it physically and contain it."

That might be news to the Wild Tribes that the allies could be powerful physically strong enough to do so.

"You have news for us?"

"Allies? Allies strong enough to assail the beast's mind?" That is news at least to Kravik and has him talking as he bows to Ulani's greeting. "That's interesting. We're gathering here ourselves for a strike against the creatures that have been coming out of the south."

Erathyma nods, producing a holo map. On it there's a circle drawn, a circle where there is no land. The center of it is called the 'Pole of Inaccessibility.' It is, coincidentally, the place where a surfacer writer put a mad sunken city of the damned.

"Somewhere in the center of that circle something has happened. Monsters, much like the Lord's minions have been assailing this colony and others along the border for a week now. We've gathered to… do something about it." She glances over. "The Blue did not know?"

"Yes, we've entered some alliances that give us access to resources none of us have." Ulani bows her head to Kravik "They were most useful on the assault of Ewa Beach."

Looking at the holo map, Ulani frowns as the information is shown. She's not familiar with the author perse, but she's likely heard adhoc references to what he writes about. "We've seen the movements, certainly. They were put down to the Lord and his machinations." the Blue Female frowns as she considers this. "What do you need?"

"Intelligence. Warriors. The Moot has just about decided to move into the circle and attempt to flush out whatever is there. The Lemurians will be aiding us, but both we and they must leave people behind to guard the colony." Kravik pauses. "If the Blue could spare a squadron of cruisers…" The Lemurian colony, on its own resources, is unlikely to have access to that kind of firepower and ships on that scale are out of the Wild Tribes expertise.

Rowan glances over. "The Blue are preparing for an offensive. On the other hand, if we convinced the Admiral that aiding them here would get us aid in return…"

Glancing at Rowan as he speaks, Ulani nods at his words. "We are about to drive The Lord back to his hole. That will take resources, as you well know. I will present your case to our people, but having the knowledge that you will fight by our side…"

It means they have to leave one threat nearly unchecked for a short while, but surely this is worth it.

Erathyma glances to Kravik who looks thoughtful. "We'll have to present the case to the moot… though I believe if your people provide aid they'll agree. It's a good fight and having big guns is always welcome. If it leads us to a better fight, so much the better."

Rowan nods. "Ulani, arrange it, if you would? I'll make the case to the moot." He speaks 'grunt'. And that's the main language these people speak it seems.

"It is arranged, Rowan." Ulani's gaze rest on the Blue Warrior. Cleared of whatever shadow Ikaia has cast over her, she has the authority. "We can offer a bigger fight with bigger guns. Rowan is my representative to the Moot."

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