Psychic Scans

March 20, 2016:

Mera arrives to help scan Kaia and Ulani ….

The Maelstrom


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Mera has received messages from Ulani. Cryptic messages that really indicate her presence would be welcomed although she may read the undertone, it's a little more important than that.

Currently The Maelstrom is located in the Pacific Ocean, near the Hawai'in Island chain - Mera will know that there's been large battles in that area recently.

Of course, to aid the swift transit of the Atlantean Monarch, Blue water benders are standing by to open Hyrdoports for her. She'll reach The Maelstrom in a trice.

Ulani, Rowan and Kaia are all waiting in a briefing room. Ulani pacing the room, seemingly unable to settle, which is entirely out of character for the normally stoic Blue Envoy.

Mera receives the message and does indeed arrive in a trice. Seeing Ulani pacing just cements her feeling that this was going to be still more bad news. She nods to Rowan and Kaia, and waits for one of them to start with the explaining.

Rowan starts first since this may be somewhat… personal, for Ulani. "Your Majesty, thank you for coming. We've had a few… incidents in which a number of our Elite - the military and social upper class - have proven to be traitors. Since the Elite families are very close knit this has called the loyalty of several into question. Ulani and Kaia here among them. There's… only one way we know of to be sure." Which is one reason they've called for the sea queen. One, but not the only.

Ulani turns as Mera enters, offering a bow to the woman. "As Rowan says, Queen Mera, one of our squad turned on me in the middle of a battle. As he is Kaia's twin" the Blue Female offers the woman an apologetic smile "she has agreed to undergo a Psychic scan to prove that she is loyal to The Blue." It might need to be a deep a scan, too.

"Your Majesty" Kaia stands and offers a small bow to the Sea Queen. She's not been out of the sight of one of her squad mates since Rowan made that pronoucement. "Ulani is correct and I welcome the chance to prove that I am still trustworthy."

"As to myself … " she shakes her head and gestures for Rowan to continue.

Mera looks from Rowan to Ulani to Kaia and back. "I am honored that you trust me to perform this process. When do you wish to begin?" She looks around the room to make sure that this is an adequately suitable location. Of course, interruptions will be very unhelpful, but she trusts that both Ulani and Rowan will be able to safeguard against that.

"Ulani needs one too." Rowan says quietly. "Her… we've unconvered some information that suggests that her parents were caught in something bad, or at least highly suspicious, when they died. She was raised by others, fostered, but suspicion will eventually fall upon her and we need her to be above reproach."

He glances over to Kaia. She's borne this with a quiet dignity that he's come to respect. This won't be easy for her. Mera will have to dig deep. It may hurt. "Whenever you're ready, your Majesty."

"I am ready, Your Majesty." Kaia murmurs. She knows this may hurt but it's something that needs to be done. Rowans glance is returned with a small of her head.

Ulani, for once, hugs herself as Rowan explains further. "I am ready too, Your Majesty. What Rowan says is correct. It looks like the explosion that killed my parents was no accident and those that conducted the investigation covered it up."

Mera nods to Rowan and sits facin Kaia. And begins to stare at her very intently. She starts with the Blue woman's surface thoughts and impressions, giving her an idea of what the psychic delving might feel like, and to give her the chance to relax into the sensation. Fighting it would just make the whole process worse. Once Kaia seems relaxed again, she starts to burrow deeper into Blue's psyche, her eyes narrowing as she does so.

Kaia doesn't fight, although she flinches a little at the first touch to her mind. Mera will find the Blue Females mind open and she can dig easily into the womans memories.

Recent memories of the battles, finding out about The Lord Of The Deep and the associated, genuine surprise in regards to that. Deeper still, older memories: joining the army with Ikaia and Ulani, training, graduating. And yet deeper still: Teenagers, meeting Ulani, school… back to her childhood.

If Mera can be sure of one thing, Kaia is not tainted by The Lord Of The Deep.

Kaia, during all of this, sits perfectly still although lines of tension appear around her eyes. Someone rifling through your memories isn't easy.

Mera backs out of Kaia's memories as gently as possible, offering a sensation of relief and gratitude to the woman before she leaves her mind altogether. Sitting back with a brief sigh, she looks at Ulani. "She does not harbor any traces of the Lord of the Deep."

Ulani breathes out slowly and nods to Kaia. She'll have to wait for Rowan to clear the limitation he placed on her, but she's clear and that's a good thing. "Thank you, Your Majesty." Kaia breathes and moves to the back of room.

"And now me, Queen Mera. Dig deep, please. Leave nothing unturned…. and you may share what you find with the others."

Ulani noted that Mera didn't share what she saw.

Mera describes parts of what she sees as she delves into Ulani's memories, especially noting her sense of betrayal when Ikaia turned on her as well as the sadness when her parents died. She doesn't mention the joyriding. It's inconsequential to this inquiry. As she did with Kaia, she backs gently out of Ulani's memories, the process easier on the Diplomat as their minds are already familiar. Once she's fully back she blinks and looks at the others.

Ulani blinks and flushes a little, the process had touched on some memories that she'd mostly forgotten. Some sad, some happy … With her mind familiar to Mera, it hadn't hurt as much, but still it hadn't been all that pleasant.

"Your verdict, Your Majesty?" The Blue Female asks, requiring it to be stated for the record.

There's more news to impart once this … process is completed.

"I sensed no evidence of taint from the Lord of the Deep." Mera knew she wouldn't, but it did have to be stated aloud for the record. She loks from Ulani to the others, sitting straight in her chair and not letting any hint of fatigue show. "Was there anything else?"

"Thank you, Queen Mera." Ulani doesn't relax, not really. The truth that there were traitors close to her family is not good news.

"We would bring you up to date, if you will." The Blue Female continues "The alliance with the Surfacers has grown. The Mutants and JL:A fought by our side at Ewa Beach recently when the Lord Of The Deep attacked there." Glancing at Rowan before continuing "The Blue have revealed their presence to The Surface and we are now being asked to speak their Governments."

That's likely news for Mera.

Mera raises her eyebrows at that. "Which Governments?" Clearly, she's again relaying this to her husband, and this question is more likely his than hers.

"The United States, Your Majesty." Ulani answers "Although that has been a little delayed as we investigate Ikaia's betrayal." Standing and starting to move round the room, the Blue Female considers. "The US Military wished to control the information released about us and the threat. We … " Rowan gets a glance, that contains a small amount of humour "… were clear that they could not."

Looking back to the Sea Queen "There is to be a limited information sharing military mission. Five of their delegates will meet with Blue delegates. But they are aware that The Blue will not share much at the moment." Perhaps Atlantis might have an appropriate delegate, someone who won't rock the boat too much. This is very important to The Blue.

"Are you officially asking for Atlantis to send an emissary to join this mission?" Because if that's the case, she suspects that Arthur himself will want to be there, consequences be damned.

"We speak for no other Waterfolk but The Blue, Queen Mera. However, if other nations wished to send a delegate, I think something could be arranged." Ulani pauses for a moment, stopping her travels around the room "Most of the Wild Tribes are more than happy to let The Blue … test the waters so to speak."

"The fact is, Your Majesty. The Blue have been revealed to the Surface but we are intent on controlling the narrative about us. We will not let their military control the information flow about our people and we will represent ourselves to their President."

"How go things on the Atlantis front?" The Blue have been in the Pacific for a week or more and information from Atlantis is sketchy at best. Mera will know that The Lord still harries their borders but the activity seemed to dip about the time of the attack on Ewa Beach.

Mera shakes her head. "Unchanged, for the most part. Our borders are holding." She doesn't say the 'barely' that Ulani likely hears, as it's not something she's willing to share in Kaia's presence. "And we continue to be on the alert for traitors in our ranks as well."

"It is good your borders are holding." Ulani responds. "Should you need assistance, I will see what we can furnish." She gestures though "We are spread a little thin at the moment though."

She's heard the barely and would offer more is she could, but with the Elite suspect and the Surface to face, things are likely to get more difficult before they get better.

"We have our allies providing assistance, seeking cultists on The Surface as well." Those relationships have certainly provide beneficial. At somepoint, she's sure, The Blue will be called upon too support them and it's something she'll be proud to do.

"I believe that's the full update, Your Majesty. Do you have any questions?"

"Not at this moment, no." Mera has some less planet-reaching questions for the Blue emisssary, but they are by NO means any sort of priority. They can definitely wait. She hesitates for a moment, then does have a question, again clearly a relay from Arthur. "When will this join mission occur?"

"Kaia, you may leave and rejoin the squad." Ulani senses that Mera has something to discuss. She's a diplomat, she's supposed to pick up that sort of thing. "We are still working on timing and place, Queen Mera. As soon as we know, I'll advise you."

As Kaia leaves, Ulani hazel eyes regards the Sea Queen "You had more to ask. Please do. We don't often get time to catch up when we're not being bombarded … " Clearly Ulani can spend some time.

Mera blinks at that. She was not expecting Ulani to take time for her. "It's not important, Ulani. Truly. There are far more important matters." Of course, whether or not the Emissary will let it go at that is an unknown to the Atlantean queen.

"It may not be important, but sometimes discussing unimportant things is … important." The Blue Envoy offers a faint smile, one of the few she's had lately. "Rowan and I are off duty for the next hour or so." And if it's to do with her family and what she's just found out, better to get it into the open.

Ulani won't press but if Mera wants to talk, then she's available and willing too. Otherwise, they'll escort the Sea Queen to the exit.

Mera considers, then nods. "It's about Arthur." She's still seated, though her posture becomes a bit less rigid. "He would neer admit it to anyone, even me, but I can tell. He … misses being able to visit the Surface."

"King Arthur?" Ulani blinks and turns towards to Mera. Arthurs profile being as it is, she supposes it would be difficult, particularly after Atlantis tried to invade The Surface. Not that it was Arthurs doing, but as Monarch he takes the focus for that.

"Maybe, Your Majesty. With The Blue coming forward, that will ease relations there for Atlantis. Do you know if His Majesty has made contact with the JL:A? Kara, Supergirl, seemed eager to assist…."

"I do not know if he has," Mera replies with a shake of her head. "I suspect not. He is taking his duties even more seriously than ever of late, and I worry that he will drive himself to exhaustion at this rate."

"I do not envy you, Queen Mera. Ruling a kingdom must exhausting at the best of times." And these are so far from the best of times. "If there is anything I can do personally, I'd be happy to assist." Duties permitting of course.

Unlike the Blue, Atlantis has a lot to overcome with The Surface and the conflict with The Lord Of The Deep just makes that much more difficult.

Mera nods at that. "If I think of anything, I will be certain to let you know. But, for now, it's time for me to take my leave." She stands and witha subtle roll of her shoulders, the concerned wife disappears again and the Atlantean Queen is back.

"Thank you for coming, Your Majesty." Ulani stretches and offers another small smile. "And thank you for …" well Mera knows what she did. "I will escort you to the airlock."

With a gesture, the Blue Envoy leads the way out.

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