March 20, 2016:

Jean catches up with Matthew to talk hypotheticals and views.


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Matt Murdock needed to visit City Hall to get a few things sorted out in regards to his new client's restaurant. And, of course, there was a stop by the clerk's office to get cozy. Still unsure of the client was going to announce his decision, or if he'd back out, Matt wanted to make sure all of the election information would be easy to get access to.

A box of chocolates were Pam's favorite and so a box of chocolates are what Pam got.

Matt is making his way towards the exit, needing to get back to the office to prepare for the Vinson trial coming up. And from there, assuredly, he'd be taking to the night.

There's nothing like paying property taxes in the State of New York. It almost feels like wallet assault with the way Jean looked as she stepped out of the office. Stricken, of course. She wasn't really sure how much most of the properties that were owned by some people cost but she found out a very, very rude awakening as she stepped into the offices.

But out she was. Glasses pushed up tight against her face, nothing fancy she wears save for what she would any other day. Decent pair of slacks, a nice jacket. Small heels so that she'd remain comfortable and a pair of gloves. It seems as if paths were meant to be crossed this night but she says nothing.

It may be rare that one attempts to try to befriend their lawyers but hell, Jean was supposedly friendly with everyone! Supposedly. Kind of. Whatever. But that wasn't going to stop her from following behind, trying to remain inconspicuous as possible.

A few paces later, Matt is able to get to the door. He wraps his hands around the brass handle and pulls. But rather than walk through, he seems to open the door for 'the trailer.'

"Jean Grey," he says quietly with a nod and a quick grin. He could recognize her fragrance a mile a way, probably. "Nice to see you."

Jean stops abruptly, a wry grin drawing across gentle features, where one would attempt to be mischievous by creeping up upon a blind man to scream.. 'Boo!' But, he has her. And this actually baffles her. Short of reading his mind and being completely in violation of what she herself stood for, she had a means to ask about that but now was not the time. They were in public.

"How in the hell do you do that." She comments idly, stepping through the door and stopping to wait for him to exit. "It's nice to see you too. Working on a case?" If he were to pass her by, she'd reach out and hang onto his elbow. Not to lead nor follow, but just to walk along side.

"A lawyer never reveals his tricks. They would put most of us in jail," Matt says as he begins to walk alongside her. "A couple of things, really. Working on filing some business contracts and building proposals, as well as checking on some political matters," Matt adds.

"It's sort of an all encompassing trip. How about you?"

"In your case? I don't believe it one bit." Jean comments. She does take the time to listen, making sure nothing nor anyone clouds the current path they take. She didn't want to appear overly controlling in the walk, it was meant to be casual. "Property taxes." It was a short answer, but it packed a punch. "Though, since I've ran into you, I want to run a couple of things by you."

She doesn't get to the point, really. But since this was a conversation that was best held at the office, there was a slow effect among the people that walk along the sidewalks. They seemingly ignore Matt and Jean. Some instinctively moving out of the way and others looking past them. Granted, Matt couldn't see, which made it a hell of a lot easier and comfortable to do.

"Well, it's funny you say that. I get a lot of people who don't believe me because I'm a defense attorney. I can't fathom why," Matt says as he continues to grin. He notices the people walking out of the way. He can't see Jean, no, but can see her image in different ways. He can tell she's not hideous. Perhaps he has something on his face. Or perhaps her mutant power has something with deterring others. He doesn't know, but not eager to divulge his secrets, he doesn't pry into hers.

"Of course, Jean. What is is?"

"A lot of people don't believe you because you're a stand up guy." She gives his elbow a squeeze as she continues along, still the crowd moves as easy, even behind them the ruse continues. No one looks back, not even for a second.

"This is all hypothetical before I say anything." She stops at the curb, waiting for the light to change before she continues on. "Say, there are a few people who are.. essentially illegal aliens. And those people are seeking asylum in our country. City, more or less. But there's really no documentation on where they came from. No birth certificates, no records of them ever having existed until they showed up on a random persons door step. Still with me here?"

"Depends on who you talk to," Matt says, continuing the joke. He gets more serious, though, and nods as she begins to get to the heart of the matter in question.

Matt nods to Jean, "I'm still with you. Documentation is a tricky issue, especially in someone like that's case."

"That's my concern.. the legalities on creating documentation for someone who.. quite frankly is an impossible person. Or persons." In relation to the Grey/Summers people. As well as Gabriel and a few others. "I would hope that this small issue wouldn't stop them from having the best chance at life. I mean, even though it's not realistic, people can go through life without a single credit card in their name. Though that would be a hinderance but they would make due."

She inhales. "How illegal would that be? To create a paper trail for someones protection."

"Hypothetically, it would be extremely illegal. That being said, people do it all the time. There are immigrant brokers, people who borrow the social security numbers of people in order to build identities for their clients. It's highly illegal, and very expensive," Matt says honestly. Obviously there's no way he's touching that with a ten-foot pole. That being said, there's a rather easy way to do it. Just find a court case where one got put away. Offer his family a bit of money for him to give the name of /his/ friend who does it. Inside, a mental shudder goes up Matt's spine as he thinks these thoughts. Spend enough time in the cess pool, you start thinking illegal thoughts!

Maybe Jean was reading his mind at that moment. Maybe, she was as sensibile as he was and law abiding. "I .. don't think that's the best route to take." She shakes her head then, "Do you possibly know of any other way to do this? My fear is that once they get picked up by.. oh.. lets say, disorderly drunken conduct that they'll find out that these people don't have records and, it could only get worse from there." She lowers her voice. "Angry, drunken mutants who already believe the police are after them."

"Another option is to petition the INS for asylum due to anti-mutant sentiment. There are all sorts of nations in the world that hate mutants even more than what we see in this country. If, hypothetically, any of the mutants were from these countries, a story where all of their documentation was destroyed as they fled is completely believable and may be appropriate."

"You're going back to the office, right?"

Because Jean was turning the corner, but she does dip her head in a little series of nods. "That seems plausible." Though, she happens to laugh a touch, and since he was the lawyer for the school, she's out with it. It was a private conversation after all. "What if they were from here. The good o' United States." She grows quiet for a moment. "From different times."

Matt stops abruptly. "I would say this was obviously some sort of troll, and you're obviously joking. Right?" He tilts his head. "Right?"

But he listened to her heart. It was impossible not to. He knows about Scott and he only has feelings for Lara, but Jean is still alluring and it's impossible not to notice her heart. There was no jump. She is not lying.

The abrupt stop catches her off guard. So much that she turns in a way in which she stands in front of him. There was pure puzzlement there; not because he didn't believe her, but for the fact that she feels guilty for revealing so much. Her features crumble for a moment, then rights itself almost immediately.

"Y..yeah. Total joke. I'm seriously trolling. Surprise!" She even lifts her hands, doing a brief jazz-hands motion. Thank god he didn't see that, she looks like a right idiot. But he could tell that she was lying about joking. "Come on, Mr. Murdock. Just humor me. Talking to the INS is a viable way to go, right? With a good defense attorney to back it all up."

"Try it once. If it works, then we're golden," Matt's immediate return to business could either be reassuring or even more unsettling. "If it doesn't work, you know it won't work. I can definitely file the paperwork for you, but I'll need their histories written out." IE, he won't be creating anything for anyone.

Unsettling. That's what it was. Thank god Matt was blind.

"Alright." She manages to say, biting back any further words, her gaze looking left and right as she offers up a little smile. "Tell you what. Let's forget all of that stuff right now. I'm going to walk you back to the office, and in another hour, I'll bring you some ratatouille with a nice shrimp risotto. Enough for you and the rest of the crew." She grins a little, then hooks herself upon his elbow again. "Deal?"

"Deal," Matt says with a twist of his mouth. "That being said, if there was someone in need of hypothetical help, I could help them, Jean. Hypothetically."

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