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March 20, 2016:

Zakura finally has a chat with Breakneck. ONE OF US! ONE OF U-.. oh sorry..

The Elevator


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Fade In…

It's been almost a few days since Nadia had a visit with Andy. Though Ripclaw was present and allowed her to visit, the stipulations were clear. Stay away from the door and do not let him out. She didn't realize it was a test. But it didn't matter. Nadia made her life easier just by doing what she was told. But everything came in small bits and pieces. The life she had before Cyberdata. What she did. How there were times when she laughed but yet the people.. her massive family she had down in New Orleans now just shadows and faces she can't remember. It.. was a tragedy. She doesn't even remember if they were still alive. But.. it never really mattered anymore.

But as she approaches his cell with a tray of food, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A box of juice. A few pieces of potato chips left upon the plate that she managed to eat on the way there. It was obvious, she had crumbs upon her lips. She opens the little slot at the bottom then slides the tray inside, leaving the other one open so that she could at least see and talk to Andy since he hasn't been well versed in sign.

She leans forward, her hand flat, smacking upon the door to at least try to wake her.. old partner.. up.

Andy Hart opens his eyes immediately, like shades being drawn or a TV flicking on, going from out cold to wide awake in a moment. He smiles immediately upon seeing Nadia, moving to slide forward a bit, "Good morning, kitten. Ah, thank you. Much prefer getting food from you than that walking flea trap," he says. He takes the sandwich and the juice box, cracking the latter and taking a sip with the little straw.

He makes sure to keep his face in view when he speaks , so that she can follow his words. "Do not worry about me. I'm in good spirits, as usual. Better when I have a chance to gut someone again, but that'll come in due time."

"Hi." Her words were clipped and crisp. But she wasn't afraid of Andy. At most times he protected her and had her back, even though it was the job. And he was nice to her. Which, is strange for a person like her. And him together. "You sleep good?"

She slides a little closer to the door, remaining in that indian style of sitting, her hands soon folded into her lap as she frowns just a little. "Andy. No more cutting. No more cutting nice people."

Andy Hart sighs, "Awww, sweetie. I figured they must've gotten to you a bit, to let you out. And hey, I understand - when you get to like the pieces of meat, it becomes harder to slice. It's always worth remembering, however, that good and bad are just made up things. It's just teams - neither one is better than the other," he says. "Morality is an old-fashioned fool's game!"

He munches on his peanut butter sandwich idly, "The only thing I can get on…just a little bit…is the idea of not having to answer to anyone. I mean, the company's been very good to me, but asking permission can sometimes be such a bummer!" he says, although he certainly doesn't sound bummed. Chipper as ever.

"No." Nadia says completely. "I.. remember little things. Like my home." She admits. "How I feel. I woke up. I feel like I woke up." She frowns a little, then shakes her head. Scooting a little closer to the door, to the point her knees touch, she places her hand upon the little window in which she could see him out of. "How have they been good to you, Andy. They make you kill and hurt you when you start to feel normal."

Though, his bat-shit crazy is a normal thing.. at least. He's always happy. Which was strange.

"Team then. Stay with this one. Stay with me. Okay? You are always nice to me, Andy. I know you better."

Andy Hart considers for a moment. He could run back to Cyberdata and, of course, part of his brainwashed instinct is to do just that. Whatever they've disabled of the company's inside him, he really has been conditioned since he was a boy, whether Ripclaw believes it or not. Andy was an experiment, pure and simple, one that paid unexpected dividends for Cyberdata. In truth, they thought he'd break long ago.

"They don't make me kill. I like killing! Maybe because they taught me to, but it doesn't really make a difference now, does it? Damage done, as they say. Water under the bloody bridge," he shrugs. At her final plea, though, he does turn his eyes down for a second, a little twitch in his neck. She might be able to read that he's suffering for a moment - the thought of abandoning Nadia made him feel guilt. Guilt is a negative emotion, which triggered a wave of pain inside him. Not that he shows it much, but his knuckles whiten a moment as he grips at his own leg until the pain subsides.

"If I stay here, they'll just kill me eventually anyway. I can't pretend to be something I'm not! My soul's all painted black and stuff. So emo! I should start a rock band and wear eyeliner, except I'd look like a doofus. And I'm nice to you because I like you!"

"Andy.." She murmurs quietly. She wasn't an empath, she couldn't tell that he felt guilt. There was a chance that she didn't know what guilt was but she recognized the signs that he was in pain. "Andy.. it's okay.." She says quietly, then gives a shake of her head. "No. They won't kill you. I'll protect you. I promise."

While, the conversation was deathly serious, she couldn't help but laugh. It was a shame, she didn't remember laughing nor remember the sound of her own laughter. Being born deaf, it was a tragedy in itself. Though, it felt great to laugh. It was something she hardly ever does.

"You'd look silly."

Andy Hart smiles in response to her laughter, "I would," he agrees. "But there are worse things. I could be a freaky Indian dude with giant claw hands. Seriously, how does he use the bathroom with those? He must have heap-um scratches on ding-dong," he says.

"Well, I wasn't going to let them, if I could help it. Admittedly, my track record fighting them is pretty bad, but I got ganged up on! That's cheating!" he says. "But…I won't leave you behind. If I go, I'll take you with me. And if you want to stay, I'll stay with you. But I might kill one or two of them. Especially that one-eyed skank. And the cat. Maybe the Indian guy. Possibly that flying dude. Are there other people?"

"I will find out." Nadia was serious. And a little bit simple. At least that was one thing about her, if there was a question that needed answering she would go and find it. Though, Cyberdata didn't like questions being asked and suppressed that curious nature of her.

She does look a little hopeful, her hand soon sliding under the door, fingers wriggling to try to hold his hand because, they were in this together. If he's going out, she could go too! If she wanted to stay in, he would stay too! They'd be like.. buddies. In the truest of forms. "No. No killing." As much as she hated Rose, and probably wanted to eat her arm, they needed to stay alive.

"I don't know." She rubs the back of her neck, looking around, her voice lowering. "I want to stay Andy. I can feel stuff. I think I feel okay. No killing these people. Okay?"

Andy Hart sighs as he takes her hand, squeezing her fingers, "I should tell you no. Or, what I should do, is tell you yes and then kill them anyway, but make it look like an accident. "Oh gosh, Nadia, they were all cleaning their guns and knives and then fell on them! Tragedy! Let's get pancakes!"" he grins.

"Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I sense you want me to be sincere. I can't promise if I am provoked - that one-eyed hoo-er seems like she might by the type to taunt me into driving her other oculus right on out! But, as long as you're okay and they take care of you and you want them alive, I will not," he says with a melodramatic sigh, "I will not murder and/or mutilate them ON PURPOSE."

Nadia draws her other hand upright, laughing into her hand as she tries to keep her focus on him. But, she squeezes his hand as well, keeping him stuck in between the doors. "Pancakes are good." She dips her head in a nod, her head tilting slightly from the side. It was odd, her throat nearly ripples as a quiet hum of a purr is heard with every inhale and exhale from her nose. She was comfortable. "No accident either.." She manages to say. "Me and you will fight stuff. We will save children like us. And we will kill people who touched them. Is that okay?"

Andy Hart sighs, "I don't particularly care about the reasons or about rescuing people, I won't lie. Kids, old people, muscle men, hot girls, it's all kind of the same to me! Well, as far as killing's concerned, anyway. Romantically, I only like hot girls and old people - experience counts!" He strokes his fingers over hers, encouraging the purr as he nods.

"But I suppose that's probably the best use of my talents. I could go back to the company, but they might put me down just as a precaution. Or make me kill you, which I don't want to do. So…I guess…fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, I'll be a good guy."

"Huh?" She didn't get it. Whatever! She was happy that Andy was going to stay. "I could too. Go back." She frowns a little, still the quiet purrs were heard with the bead of her breath. "I miss it. I knew where everything was and where I stood. We have nothing now." She shrugs her shoulders, but smiles. Wide. Really, really wide. "We have each other though! We will be okay with these people!" Her hand slowly tugs away from his, then she gives him a thumbs up. She was hungry really, and wanted to eat something hot and bloody. Steak. She wasn't sure if she could even go outside or not, but the temptation to let him loose was really, really there.

Andy Hart smiles, "Don't suppose there's any chance you could open the door? Can you do that or did Ripper Man keep the security codes to himself or something? It's okay if you can't, I'm just…feeling a little penned in. I won't leave, I promise!" he says. He actually does mean it, he's just feeling a little claustrophobic. Well, as claustrophobic as you can be when you can't feel fear or displeasure. He mostly just feels itchy. "I don't suppose there's a shower here?"

Nadia plants her feet upon the floor, using her flexibility to allow her to stand without assistance. With a little stretch, she watches Andy unblinkingly, then glances back towards her own exit, and then to him. She hesitates for a moment, taking a step forward, then completely backs away. "Ripper Man is nice to me. So I do what he says. He says to not open the door. You need to be safe first." She frowns a little, then shrugs her shoulders. "But you're safe to me! I will go ask if I can open the door. There is a shower, but the water is pale. Brown and a little cloudy." Her nose wrinkles just a little. "Andy. Wait here. I will go find someone." And with that, she was out!

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