Queens and Dignitaries

March 20, 2016:

Morien calls on Melody to visit.

Umoja Tower


NPCs: Umoja Security

Mentions: Shift and Wonder Woman


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Saturday is a very slow day at Umoja International and with some of the employees now working with the Justice League, there are some new faces in the building. When Melody arrives at the desk, she is greeted by a tall woman with dark chocolate skin who has her hair wrapped in an emerald scarf. Her dreadlocks dance as she stands to greet Melody. "Good evening, Ms. Kenway. You ;look just like your picture." Aleela states in a accent that can be traced back to Kenya. Aleela leans over the desk and hands her a badge. "Mister Washington already made your badge, when he was training me today on this system with my supervisor. Aleela laughs whimsically at the thought of the head of the company helping to train his security desk officer. Aleela points Melody to the elevator, "Have a good evening."

As Melody walks towards the elevator another security passes by her as she passes by Melody, she points to Aleela she smiling mouths the words, "That's Mrs. Washington.

Upon arriving on Morien's floor, Morien is playing his heart. There are some old looking books and scrolls nearby him.

Well, that was a fancy surprise! New people in the building and a lot of activity, even for a Saturday. She was half expecting the office itself to be somewhat empty, but meeting Aleela brought a little bit of a smile to an already grim face. "Thank you Aleela." The badge was taken, and a light lift upon the tips of her toes and a big wave was given to the woman, as she then ducks her head and quickly rushes to the elevator. Backpack and all was shoved aside as she enters into the doors, looking up towards another security officer with a curious gaze. Hm.

She didn't hear the giggles or the whispers, the elevator was already moving up. Instead of that laughter she was met with the sounds of soft music, her fingers looping into the straps of her bag as she quietly steps in. Instead of speaking or disturbing him, she carefully shifts out of her NIKE's, her bag laid to the side of the door as she wanders in, busying herself with fixing two drinks. Mojitos.

A weary smile appears on his lips as Melody walks over to fix them drinks. He looks at the scrolls and books on the floor, then back over at Melody again. His smile widens as the weariness begins to fade, "I am glad you have come to visit. I think that is probably best for us to gather here to talk, because really do not like having to travel with a full security detail just to enjoy your company; even though, you are more than worth it.

Morien clasps his hands together, "I am gruntled beyond measure to see you again. How have you been?"

It takes a moment for the drinks to be made, thankfully her back was to him so he couldn't see the grim expression upon her face. It wasn't because of this meeting, she was glad to get out of the house, off of the Resolve, out of Limbo for at least a time or two to try to be normal. "You could ditch them like you've always done. Sure, they'll find you in the end but its those few moments of peace that would have made it worth it."

Once the drinks were finished, she finally puts on a smile as she carefully walks them over to him, putting both glasses upon the table and settling down upon the ground, legs crossed, elbows upon her thighs and chin resting within her palms. She could lie. No, she will lie. No choice. "I've been okay! A little bit busy here and there, but good. I.. well, I'm sorry I haven't been around since that night and all but.. that was a little bit scary."

As Melody settles down and places the drinks on the table, Morien recites Lord Bryon's, "She walks In Beauty", She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; and all that's best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes; thus mellowed to that tender light which heaven to gaudy day denies. Morien takes one of the Mojito and nods, "My head of my security and some members of the board have becoming increasing vocal about me ditching my security detail, since we are now helping another organization. I think once that is made public some of their fears will disappear. Morien thinks that once he handles this Maat and Apep thing, he will feel more comfortable hanging out as well.

Morien eyes fall on to the Mojito, "Yeah, that was indeed scary. I am glad Spider-Man was there. This city is become weirder and weirder. I wondered if it had something to do with Spider-Man." It was Morien's turn to lie. Morien furrows his brow and says, "I am no hero, but I would tried to stop that creature if Spider-Man wasn't there. I mean I don't know. I could have ask one of my friends, Big Scooby to come to the restaurant. He would have brought some chicken and waffles and he would have slopped up those syrup guys.

For someone who's in the middle of one of the darkest years of her life, there was still time for her to actually blush. And by blushing, it means the slow and pulsing flashing of tiny white lights that nearly turns her into a little glowbug. Her hands immediately smack against her cheeks to hide her face, the slow pulsating glow dying down just a little as she finally peeks at him through her fingers. "So? Break the rules." It was as simple as that.

She hasn't touched her mojito, but as the lights slowly fade away, the majority of her face remains covered as she watches him. She could have probably handled -most- of that weird demon.. now.. probably a little bit back then. "That.. is kind of gross. And I thought it was cool meeting Spider-Man.. even though, I think I passed out somewhere in there." She finally admits, tugging her hands away to finally reach for her drink to take a sip. With a glance down towards the scrolls, her eyes search them as she gestures to the one closer to her. "What are these?"

"If I break the rules, where would you like to go. Since I am breaking the rules for you, I can only assume you have an amazing place to share with me for our second date." Morien eyes fall to the scrolls as he places the Mojito down by the harp. He hands one of the scrolls. "This scroll was copied from its original scroll in 1235. It talks about a Kushite warrior lamenting over his dead family. It talks about how there was nothing to mourn, because they was no trace of them.

Morien points to the other scrolls and books with his free hand, "The rest of these scrolls deal with ancient Egypt, Kush, Gods, and the magic that people used during that time. H

Melody lifts her eyes. "Second date?" She wasn't about to spit up that delicious mojito, she drank it down in one fell swoop with the mint left resting upon the ice. "I.. uh.." She stammers just a little, trying to at least figure out a good place for the two of them to go. She, really doesn't have anywhere. "Morien.. we.." But, she just lets it go.

As he begins to explain the scrolls, she carefully takes them within her hands, unraveling it just a little, her eyes moving over the literature with a slight twist of her lips. That scroll was settled down, as another one was picked up. The pictures making no sense to her, but as long as she commits them to memory, she'd be able to look it up at a later date. "Why are you looking at this stuff?"

"I am sorry I think I might be a bit out of practice, when it comes to romance." Morien eyes widen slightly as he realizes he has really dated since War World II. The thought causes him to take a big gulp of his Mojito and cough, "Uhmm, anyways. If you want to go on another date, unless you didn't realize that last outing was my attempt at a date. You know before the syrup creatures showed up. I know we come from different worlds, but I enjoy your company. He starts to play, "My Fair Lady" on the harp, while trying to do his best Nat King Cole impression as he sings to her. He lets out a laugh, "I know that was extremely corny, but it is true.

"I am doing some research for someone I use to hire to do some heavy lifting for me. He tried to do something and he was clearly out of his depth. He doesn't want it happened again, and he needs a little bit of help to seeing his problem through and he wants to show his potential ally that he can handle his part of his plan." Morien shakes his head, "That was incredibly vague. I am sorry. The main thing is I am trying to figure out how to convince someone who is an extreme order freak to expand their horizons.

"It's not that, Morien.." Melody starts, but once he starts singing, her hands smack over her face as she gives a slight little laugh, her skin glowing brightly again as she lets out a sigh and draws to a stand. Both of the empty glasses were taken as she moves towards the bar, this time her face was able to be seen as she works at cleaning the glasses. "I realize that it was a date. Now. I mean if the flowers that I got from you were any indication."

She looks up as he begins to explain the reasoning for the scrolls, a little smirk playing upon her features as she leans forward against the bar to relax. "So.. if you really want this person to expand their horizons you can't do it through a story. I think.. experiences maybe would help." She furrows her brows a little, "..or.. just telling them the truth." She shrugs her shoulders, then gestures him forth. "Come.. sit down. We need to talk."

It never dawn on him to just try to tell Ma'at the truth. It is probably best to play it straight with her. It is just can he make his case before Ma'at kills him. Morien rises and taps his left foot a few times before walking towards Melody. He walks over toward to Melody and settles down next t her. "Is the moment when you tell me that your mutant powers causes you get pregnant from handshakes, and you are having my twin daughters? Because that would be a just a bit weird."

Morien winks at her as he places his hands in his lap. "Sorry, there are very few conversations that go smoothly that begin with the phrase, "We need to talk". I thought beginning with some mirth might ease the mood; regardless, I hope you know you can tell me anything.

As he stands, Melody boosts herself up high enough to settle upon the stool without looking like an absolute midget, drawing fresh glasses together with a few cubes of ice, and instead of liquor she searches around for lemon juice. Which was added to the glass, high enough to cover the ice. Sugar was then added, stirred, and soon the rest of the water to top it off. A few taste tests had her squinting but it was marginally decent!

"What? Oh.. oh god no! No.. Jesus.. Morien! It's just technopathy and some other weird shit. Not that weird.." She laughs a little, then wrinkles her nose, turning to face him. "I mean the thought of kids never really crossed my mind this day and age but.. okay. Focus!"

She snaps her fingers, then slightly nods. "The mood was eased, yeah. And.. this still really is something hard to talk about. But, I did mention to you that.." Her eyes glance up towards the sky, then down again. "Shift was alive right? I .." Man, this was awkward. She was just going to drink her lemonade.

"Yes, you mention that Shift was alive again. It is still a rather impressive trick." Morien tilts his head towards his left shoulder as he looks over at her. "And Shift was the reason you were helping with the charity to honor him." He taps his left foot again and says, "Oh, and he is alive again. I think I beginning to track you.

"Oh god, you don't know the half of it." She rolls her eyes slightly. "I mean yeah, that's impressive but.. look at what goes on around us every day. The stuff that we can't see and the.." Her expression wanders off now, vacant. Almost as if she had PTSD just thinking of it all. ".. horrors and the death and the murders and.. demons.." She snaps out of it with a shake of her head, her hand reaching forward to nudge his glass closer.

"But, we were in a relationship with each other. I.. really don't know where we stand now because the conversation hasn't come up yet and I recently had to cover him out in Khandaq and.." Her hand just lifts, rubbing away at her cheek. "I just don't want to hurt you at all. And.. even if we weren't.. whatever.. I'd still push you away. I'm an addict. I guess a permanent junkie. You deserve someone better, like some.. awesome dignitary or a princess. Or some famous and single Queen. I'm probably the only lowlife in the building."

Morien was going to joke that he did talk to an awesome dignitary and a princess in the form of Wonder Woman here, but he realizes it would lead to more questions and it is not really that funny. Joking about dating Wonder Woman is liking joking about drinking the ocean. It is just silly. Morien smiles, "Well, I spend a lot of time in a board room, so I actually see that most of that stuff on tv. I think that is a bit different from where you see those things. He stands for a moment when she tells him that she is an addict. He eyes fall to the floor for a moment. "I am sorry I didn't know." He wanted to comfort her by saying he has his own compulsion to always seek conflict, but in reality it is not reality the same thing, or perhaps his needs to keep his secrets is stronger than his need to comfort her. "First, you are not the only lowlife in the building. There is Carl who keeps eating people's sandwiches on the Tech's Floor lounge, and he didn't signed the birthday card that was sent to me by the company. Second, I think you are too kind of a person to hurt me, but I respect your relationship with Shift. He came back for you.

Morien taps his left foot again and he thinks about how Shift died saving his life, so that would be pretty low to go after his woman. Morien coughs as he tries to regain his thought, "What was I saying? Third, I think you too highly of me, but I hope you still think of me as friend and will visit me. Well, until some Princess or Queen sweeps me up. If there is some sort of treatment that will help you, you know I will gladly pay for it.

"It's.. not something I just go around and broadcast. I know some people actually suspected it but.." She shrugs her shoulders just a little. Though there was a touch of a smile there, looking up towards him. "Trust me, Carl is a saint compared to me. And.." She sighs a little, finishing off her too sweet lemonade, then stands as well. She was about to leave, but, she couldn't. She actually started to kneel down upon the floor to straighten up the scrolls and everything else he left laying around.

"From what I understand, something pulled him back. He didn't come back for me. I mean, he was around a very long time before I actually even knew that he was back. And I found out from someone else that he was, and even then it took months. So.. I don't hold any illusions to that." She smiles a little sad, then shrugs her shoulders. Once everything was straightened, she just.. settles.

"I always thought of you as a friend. I was a little afraid of you at first but, you're sorta like me. Just.. wanting to help." She slowly rises then, turning towards him, her head shaking. "I'm over the easy parts of it. But.. addiction is a lifelong monster that I'll have to battle. I don't think any treatment could help with that." Her hand lifts to rub away at her neck, then gestures at the door. "I.. should go. I didn't come here to just be a debbie downer on things. And I'll admit that I liked being sang to, read poetry to, and music played for. It was different. And a dream. So your romancing isn't old fashioned or anything. Okay?"

"It is probably is a bit old fashioned." Morien thinks it is not as old fashioned as when his father gave his wife's father some animals, so he could marry her. He taps his left foot again while a goofy smile appears on his face, and for the briefest of moments he is lost in the memory of his wife. He looks over at the journal entry he copied hundreds of times, and promised he would stop copying it centuries ago.

Morien smiles, "You don't have to go, and I like singing and reading poetry to my friends too. There is nothing wrong with living in a dream from time to time. You can always stay, and you can always visit me. Morien wants to tell her that he cause him to believe in a dream too, but he decides not too. He only repeats his previous statement, "There is nothing wrong with living in a dream."

"No. It's actually wonderful." She smiles faintly, watching his movements.. seeing him lost. She knows that look. It must have been a very fond memory for him to be lost in with the smile that he has upon his face. But.. since she didn't have to go, she wouldn't. She just turns to move towards the couch to settle upon it, pillow taken from the surface as she lays her head upon the arm, kicking her feet up so that she could curl around it.

"I know.." She finally confesses. "..right about now, dreams are all I have." She wipes away at her eyes before any tears could fall, then draws in a breath to blow out the pain. "Tell me about her? You were gone. I know that look."

"Fair, kind, and true, have often liv'd alone, which three, till now, never kept seat in one. She was amazing. You are blessed to have Shift returned to you. Life can be so fleeting, but memories are enduring. There is nothing more painful to be able to recall a person's touch, their smell, the way they looked at you. It is one of the cruelest tortures one can experience."

Morien grinds his teeth as he eyes go to the scroll. "She was amazing, simply amazing. I was blessed to be loved by her. She was clever and smarter than me, and if you knew where we lived, you would know how impressive that was. Morien licks his lips a bit as he holds off from telling her about how good a mother she was, but instead says, "She was a great cook and she helped with the this community's garden too. I really haven't tried to be romantic with anyone since her. I guess I have been too busy with my own adventures or misadventures.

Melody smiles as she listens to his description of his wife. In a few many ways, he reminds her of her father in the fact that when he explains, the far away look of someone in love is given, especially once they compliment their loves so easily.

"She sounds like a.." She pauses slightly, her hand drawing up to cover her yawn, her eyes fluttering briefly. "..fairy tale.." Though, as she continues to listen, his words are far away from her now.. and finally, she sleeps.

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