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March 20, 2016:

More Time related incidents. S-Man 2099 turns up to investigate



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The flashing lights around the Metropolis Stark Industries office are probably the most obvious sign that something is very, very, very wrong. Well that and the three people duking it out in front of the place. One of them is a cop, after a fashion. The other two? Both of them look like they're wired for sound. One has some kind of… you'd think it was the kind of thing people use to auto-inject inuslin, but it's the size of a dinner plate, strapped to his chest and when it lit up, he got insanely fast and just flat out insane. The other's a woman, the kind of person who looks like she takes those near-future Japanese dramas like Ghost in the Shell a little two seriously. "For God's Sake Yevette, cover me and get those calculations right?" The madcap one is shouting as he messes with a device. What exactly it does isn't quite clear. The gun in his hand, though, the one he'd used to try and assassinate the V.P. of Corporate Aquisitions (Northeast Market), that is quite understandable, even if it does seem to shoot weird purple lasers.

The woman, with a machinepistol in one hand and a neon edged katana in the other dives as the Marshal pops up and opens up on her with something also improbably futuristic. "Trying! You sure this guy isn't TVA? Hurry the hell up!"

It's funny how Marshal Nashoba and Jemma Simmons paths cross lately. A disturbance in Metropolis, has SHIELD called in. As the SUV's pull up and SHIELD agents deploy, clearing civilians and cordoning the area, Jemma slides from one of the vehicles and surveys the situation.

Michaels and Samuels, her protection detail, are close on her heels. With that amount mayhem happening, it's likely she'll be pulled in… that seems to be pattern here.

Seems she's arrived with the first wave … oh good. No Senior Agent to take charge of the situation yet.

The after Sentinel Raid conversation between the two Slingers Julia and Mike didn't go as intended, these things happen with SHIELD super agents and borderline mad scientist human arachnid hybrids.

Another interview and a break between travels has the Spider-Man and Spider-Woman attempting the entire semi-awkward conversation.
"So, basically, I am not that guy. He is I am going to assume younger and probably not as handsome. We haven't really met yet either. I am very much a Spider-Man. Just… the confusions begin if i get in to too much detail and as crazy as things are here, it'll make it even more insane if I explain it further than that. I'll have to ease you in to it. But, can take me for my word when I say this kinda makes us same team to an extent? Maybe, I don't know. Your turn." Round and around. A bit of meet and greet between the wall-crawlers. It's not Spidey Senses that has Miguel looking off towards the Stark Metropolis building but augmented hearing, his head craning just a tad as if it will help him hear that much better, "Hrm." To inspect or not. Doesn't this city have a flying guy in blue tights with a red cape?

"Something like four of'em." admits Julia to Mike's query about flying caped guys. "My short version is.. broke woman, college chemistry experiment, spider venoms. Latent -something-…" And she's not hearing things so much as feeling vibrations in her feet and fingertips as she clings to a wall not far from Stark Tower. "But the rest can wait. Looks like webs might come in handy. Yours are organic huh? Mine are psychokinetic."
That said, she leaps from the wall and catches hold of a suddenly appearing psi-webline to carry her towards Stark Tower. "Something wicked that way goes!" she adds as she swings quickly down the block towards the disturbance.

The SHIELD agents outside the Metro tower join several other law enforcement agencies. MPD are the most numerious and they have charge of the scene. It was a request to the Marshal's office that brought 'Paradox' in after the DEO proved not to have assets available right at this moment. "Agents." The Captain in charge nods as he watches the fight on cameras. "We're not quite sure what we're seeing." He admits.

To Jemma's eye it looks like one is wielding advanced if conventional weaponry. Gun goes pew-pew, blade goes zzzzzt-snickt. The guy fiddling with the cellphone sized device, though, are those tubes going into his skin? It's possible he's receiving some kind of biological or chemical enhancement.

Not that it matters much at the moment. As the two spiders swing into view they'll see the woman charge a guy in a tactical police uniform with some kind of metallic gauntlet. Her blade comes up and then back down, blocked inches from the super-cop's head by a gauntleted forearm. Then there's a blur and suddenly the cop is behind her, delivering a punch that sends her tumbling.

"STOP FOOLING AROUND YEVETTE, WE GOTS COMPANY!" With a maniacal laugh the male bursts into action, flipping out of cover and moving across the street at a superhuman run as he fires coruscating purple energy up at S-Man and Spider Woman that pits and vaporizes the steel and concrete around them.

"I don't blame you …" Jemma peers at the screen, assessing what she thinks is going on. "He just called out to the woman, didn't he?" Pointing at the screen, the biochem bites her lip. "I'd say he's getting a boost from that pack…" she winces as Thomas' gauntlet intercepts the womans swing.

Of course, she's likely the only one who remembers Thomas in the area … "We can target the woman and see if our ICER technology slows her down." Looking at Michaels "Find a team and send them in."

For now, the two body guards breath sigh of relief. She's not insisting on going in.

"Psychokinetic? Mind-over-webbing, that is a new one." Spider-Woman is off and swinging in to action and he is right behind her in a gliding descent street level. Purple projectiles evaded in the process.
"So you're a chemist?" Dodge. Twist. Stick the landing.

Jemma? Spider-Dark recognizes her, not a flapper this time. Thats probably a good thing but once more she is in the thick of it. Coincidence? Doubtful.

The energy projecting speedster is going to get a triple shot of webbing cast his direction - all a distraction and meant to slow him so the Spiders can close range.

"Nope!" calls Spider-Woman as she flips off of her webbing, evading one shot, two shots, three shots a lady… okay that was a terrible joke. Worthy of the Parker Spider-Man.
"I was the subject, not the chemist!" she adds before a web stops her forward motion and drops her right down out of the sky to land near Jemma, "Can't leave you alone for a second, can I?" she asks Jemma.

The purple projectiles keep coming up. Well, brief pause to reload, apparently, but they're still going. The coat on the man flares and displays that bio-comp to S-Man quite easily. While he isn't exactly a chemist he may well recognize the machine and even be familair with the some of the drugs used to make someone that fast, strong and insane. After all, he knows who makes some of them.

In any case his attack isn't giving up and doesn't seem to care much about collateral damage. "AW, THE FREAKS SHOWED UP! WELL I GUESS THEY DID THAT BACK IN THESE DAYS!" Also, he doesn't have a volume control.

"Just shut up and recalculate, Bret!" The swordswoman grunts as she takes a tumble, turns it into a roll and comes up, blade pointing at Thomas. An energy bolt rushes along the blade and lances into Thomas chest, sending him flying back, through a barrier and onto the ground about ten feet from Julia and Jemma. "Ow…" He grunts, as he picks himself up. "Very ow." The woman is charging. Cops open up on her but some kind of kinetic field near her just deflects the bullets. Must key to anything moving too fast. Well, Matthews and Jeffries may not need to call that team after all.

"It's my job…" Jemma glances at Spider-Woman trying not to huff. "They told me I was needed here, and I'm here." Of course, even if they hadn't, she probably still would be. So much to learn.

Wincing as Thomas draws near, the biochem shakes her head "Marshal Nashoba, is really that time doesn't like you?" The guy without volume control might have tipped her to that "Oh and are you alright?"

The kinetic field though that's interesting. Michaels has seen it too and doesn't bother moving. "Let's assume that field is based on movement speed" Jemma muses "We'll need someone to get close enough to her to deliver the payload, unless someone has a better idea …"

And there's S-Man approaching. At least she's not dressed as a Flapper today. Thank goodness for small mercies.

"Oh, you'll have to tell me how that happened in more detail sometime then. You two know eachother?" Spider-Man 2099 shouts at Spider-Woman and Jemma, "How, absolutely unsurprising." It's the cords, the set up, the gear lacing its way through the gunman that has Miguels tone change, "That isn't possible. First Witchdoctor and that T.O.T.E.M. Nut and now this? No way. You don't belong here!" An angry shout from O'Hara and he is sprinting towards Bret. Close the gap, intent on going to fisticuffs with the juiced up metahuman. Super-Soldiers of all kinds are very much a thing in 2099, some of the programs were incredibly successful. This particular program, had some serious ups, very up, but also some major downs. Combat wise they were pretty sound, however. Fortunately not quite as strong as Miguel's own experimental changes. Corporate power; its what it all boils down to. "How are you here!?!"

"Time." mutters Spider-Woman. She inclines her head and adds, "These guys talk like they're from the future or some such."
But she is already gesturing and forming psi-webs in an attempt to hobble the kinetic shielded swordswoman. "We'll discuss it later S-Man!" she adds as she leaps from Jemma's side to try to do something about slowing things down, "Okay, what say we just try to talk this…" And then she leaps back to evade a sword blow, "Whoa, hold up there!" she adds… but at least she's become the primary swordswoman's target.

She has. The webs, not being exactly physical (they are, but you know, psy web) slow the sword more than the woman expects. She slashes through one but it's apparently more effort than she wants to go to inasmuch as she just lifts her pistol and pew-pew-pews away at Spider Woman. Like the crazy guy S-Man is dealing with, it shoots blasts of violet energy.

Thomas has a better idea. "HEY!" He picks up the remnants of the barrier and hurls them at the swordswoman like they're a frisbee. Actually that's… fairly shockingly strong from a guy it looks like S-Man could bench press one handed (well, he probably could but shhhhh). It's enough to make 'Yevette' turn to slice the wreckage away with her sword and create an opening for both Jemma's people and Spider Woman.

S-Man? He's got Bret all to himself. The amped up semi-speedster seems happy to close and slightly less happy when it turns out that S-Man is a pretty damn good fighter. He's definitely getting the worst of the exchange though he's fast and strong, hammering in at the futuer spider man's ribs before a solid blow to his jaw makes him stagger back, dazed for a moment.

At least Julie has Yevettes' attention. Much to relief of Samuels and Michaels. Thankfully Spider-Woman and Thomas have an opening though … Jemma draws her ICER Pistol, so do the agents around her … if the darts get through, Yevette is going to be peppered by them.

S-Man never understood how Spidey could talk so much while fighting, to an extent it's a Spider curse of sorts maybe its the amped up speed and agility somehow wiring to mouth also but Miguel was not as chatty even when he tried to be.

Evade, exchange blows, block, from the ground a kick flip up with both heels connecting to the underside of a jaw and while the mad dashing hyperfast adrenaline junkee is dazed hit him with webbing and bounce him off the street. Don't let up. Not possible with these guys. They won't stop if you do and you'll die.
"You." Punch. "Don't." Punch" Belong." Punch. "Here." Punch.
Where knuckles are blood is present and the juicer lies with teeth in all directions and a nose pressed up against his forehead. Not dead. No, they heal well but definitely not seeing anything right now other than stars.
If he could explain more at the panic he is feeling at their presence he would. Spider-Man just doesn't have anyone close enough to relate the dangers or his true mission here, this all is very alarming to him. Obv.

Incoming! Spider-Woman dodges, dips, ducks, dives, and dodges… then she leaps to one side and then spins to evade one last shot even as she gets close enough to ask, "Okay, I gotta know. How fast does something have to be moving to be stopped by your shield?" And she punches at the woman with a forceful uppercut. But she also tries to contact her other hand to the woman in a slower motion… trying to cling her fingertips to the woman so she can't get away. "Is that slow enough?!" she adds after the punch.

Punches are definitely slow enough. Could probably even throw a knife and it would be slow enough. Firearms? Well it's a good try but the ICER darts just aren't getting through. Fortunately it's not necessary. Spider woman has this under control. Equipment aside Yevette is fairly human and being repeatedly punched and unable to getaway… she goes down pretty quick.

S-Man finishes up with Bret fairly quickly. The police move in to contain the two criminals. Slowly in S-Man's case, making sure that… no… everything's okay, right? We like heroes in this city.

Certainly Thomas coming back up to the man has the cops relaxing. "S-Man, right? Thanks for the help. That was getting tricky there." He glances back over to Julia who, huh, does seem to know Jemma. "She's with you I take it?"

"Yes, we know each other. Spider-Woman, Marshal Thomas Nashoba" If Julia remembers him in an hour, Jemma will be surprised. It's taken weeks for her and a traumatic experience for her to be able to do so. Julia can explain how they know each other.

SHIELD agents move to assist MPD to clean up the area, but Samuels and Michaels stick close to their charge.

"Nice to see you again, S-Man."

"S-Man, yeah, that works. You two again." Spider-Man 2099 folds his arms across his chest and leans back on one heel, "This is becoming a trend." He observes.
"Yeah, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, we got a sort of theme going. Familiarity is fast becoming part of the bag."

A nod is given to Jemma's polite acknowledgement even as he is still trying to calm himself, "Two times now, two temporal anamolies. This is u…" He stops talking about time things immediately. It's not exactly a safe thing to discuss. A noise escapes Spider-Man of exasperation. So much to try and make sense of, where to begin.

"I thought we might start a band. He gets to be the backup dancer." Spider-Woman says, gesturing towards S-Man. But she smirks as she looks towards Jemma. "So, temporal whatsits?" she asks, "You're the genius here. Any chance you can explain this to me?"

Thomas chuckles. "A trend in two cities, no less. You were in New York last time we met. You get around." Of course, he is Spider Man. These caped types (well no capes in this instance) have 'ranges' it seems. Metro must be in theirs. Not that this is a bad thing. Metro is prety 'hero friendly.' Thomas likes it that way for the most part though that took a hit in recent years what with all that's happened here.

S-Man's sudden claming up gets a knowing look from the Marshal. "If you three are going to be about for a while you can talk about this elsewhere. Nooooot really the sort of thing I want to discuss where the officers are doing their work." They have enough weirdness to deal with.

Jemma's agents just roll their eyes and sigh. Not enough the biochem is involved in dimensional hacking and extraterrestial invasions … now she's got time on her side. They're going to be putting in for more danger money.

S-Mans sudden silence has Jemma nodding sympathetically before looking at Julia "Not exactly sure I can, just at the moment. But Tho—- Marshal Nashoba is correct, here's not the place to do that." Poor, poor Spider-Woman, signed on with SHIELD and it's all happening so fast …

"It isn't anything anyone should be discussing unless they know the secret handshake anyways." Spider-Man 2099 states in a rather clipped fashion, "It… look… "
"Lyla, scan now." A noise like female laughter escapes his arm and from his wrist springs a holographic image the size of Yoda; an exact visual replica of Marilyn Monroe. No big deal that holographic technology is displayed all the big names out there are capable and lead the market it in it anyways, wealthy people or very well connected types can afford Stark, Wayne, Lex or STAR brand holographic projectors. Even SHIELD makes extensive use of them.
The shimmering mini-actress and model points at Thomas, "That one. He is it." A sour look is given Spider-Woman before the AI vanishes back out of sight.

"You, you can do the handshake. A chat is definitely in order, Marshal." Exhaling and winding down S-Man rubs his hand over where the woman was displayed from, just a watch there nothing special or strange.

"At least we're all agreed the place is not here." Confusion, maybe TVA and TOTEM are trying to stop exactly this sort of thing, likely something much bigger is happening.

"Really?" asks Spider-Woman, "I get a glare? What? Is Marylin Monroe virtually jealous or angry with me?" she asks as she looks towards Jemma and then back to S-Man.
Then she just jumps upward and hangs on the wall there. "So, I'll wait for my handshaking lessons. Do I get a decoder ring too?"

"Pray that it doesn't come with a glove." Thomas glances to his gauntleted arm. Spider Woman might not know it but Jemma does. He's never seen without it on. Ever. He's also got a decent idea what the handshake is, though how exactly it applies to him… not quite sure.

"Well, thanks for the help in any case. S-Man if you want to talk in private just ring me up at the Federal Building some time. We can meet while I'm out or on my lunch break or something." The Marshal gives a wave to the spiders and heads back toward his car. Speaaaaaaking of lunch break…

"Well then." Jemma looks at Lyla as she speaks. Yeah, she'd like to get her hands on S-Mans tech… She's not going to argue though, not here in public. She'll get to the bottom of these anomalies and learn the secret handshake.

Just ask anyone … she can be persistent when she wants to be.

With the villains in hand, Jemma looks to Michaels "Time for us to head back to the office." She's a Daemonite Detector to do some testing with.

"I didn't notice." Spider-O'Hara says to Spider-Woman in regards to the evil eye from his AI companion.

"Plan to. Federal building shouldn't be too hard to find."

A wave towards Jemma, "I'm placing bets next time I see you, you'll be getting shot at again."

Leaping up to cling to the surface near Spider-Woman he motions northward, "I'm swinging back to spider turf, company is welcome otherwise I'll hit you up ASAP."
Annnd he is off and back to New York.

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