Upgrading The Power Source

March 19, 2016:

Sue and Jemma visit Stark Industries seeking assistance with the power supply for their Daemonite Detector

Stark Industries - New York





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The impromptu field test of the Daemonite Detector showed that what Jemma and Sue had created worked. There's still more testing and tweaking to be done, but in general, the device reacted as expected when pointed at a Daemonite and didn't react when pointed elsewhere - that's a good start.

The one thing they noted was that the power supply was limited and after two uses, the thing died. Not so good for a unit they wish to place in the field.

Sue suggested Stark could likely address and Jemma's asked if they could speak with Tony. However, the playboy businessman has been locked in his workshop!

Tony is actually not locked in his workshop for a change — instead he's sleeping off the lastest workshop marathon. And once he's finally sleeping, Pepper will gank anyone that wakes him. So, when Dr. Simmons and Dr. Storm asked to speak with him, she offered to meet them on Tony's behalf.
Sue Storm knows entirely too well how to deal with manic scientists when they're done with a research binge. Reed's done the same thing more than once. Although he's never finished it off with a marathon party, so there's that. She's been a little more cautious since the detector incident, grateful for the SHIELD assistance that comes with travelling with Jemma these days.

Entering Peppers office, having been sent through security and all, Jemma smiles to Pepper as her security detail waits in the area outside. JARVIS is a good deterrent they've found.

"Pepper, thank you for seeing us. I know Tony's busy …" she's babbling, Jemma does that sometime when she's on mission "This is Doctor Susan Storm and we've been working on something and we think Stark can help with the power problems were discovering."

Pepper likely already knows of Sue, if not knows her. Sue, can explain some more of what they're doing …

Pepper Potts stands and moves to greet the two women warmly, offering them handshakes and then gesturing toward the small conference table where a pot of tea and some cups already wait. "Hello again, Jemma. And it's a true pleasure to meet you, Dr. Storm. Please, have a seat. I'm glad I was able to carve out a little time for you, even though I get the feeling this will ultimately have to go to Tony anyway." Though, hopefully JARVIS will be able to offer a few useful suggestions himself. She also sits at the table, and laces her fingers together. "Did you bring the device with the power problems?"

"Miss Potts, a pleasure," Sue smiles warmly back at the other woman, her grip firm. "I'm sure even if it does need to go to Mister Stark, it will help if you can summarize things for him. I know Reed does better with a primer before he goes off on a tangent," she adds with a sympathetic smile.

They did bring the device. As Jemma takes a seat, she removes a rectangular device from her bag. Sues comments about Reed get a sheepish look, that had sort of happened recently. "We might need Tony, yes. But I've always found that you look at problems in a different way and provide good insight." Besides, Pepper speaks with JARVIS and the AI is normally astute as well.

"This is our device, Pepper. We're using a conventional power source at the moment. But it's only good for two uses… which isn't very helpful in the long run."

"Doctor Storm suggested that Stark might have an alternative we could investigate. If you would, Doctor Storm?" Sue can explain a little more about the power requirements.

The mention of Reed does garner a very knowing and amused smile from Pepper. "I sometimes deal with the opposite. Tony gets so laser-focused on something I can't get him to step back and try to see the bigger picture." Then, as Jemma pulls somethign from her bag, Pepper looks at the rectangular device but of course, the simple casing really doesn't tell her much of anything. "May I have JARVIS examine it? And what sort of conventional power source are you using now? Dry cell batteries?"
"Please, feel free," Sue nods to the suggestion of letting JARVIS examine the device. "And yes. The highest capacity we could manage. But the issue at hand is that the active part of the sensor is an extremely small component, due to limited availability. Which means the device has to be scanning for activity in it at a very small level, and nearly constantly. So it drains extremely fast right now."

"Scanning now, Miss Potts, Doctor Simmons, Doctor Storm." JARVIS responds as the women speak.

"I'm detecting an unknown material in this device. May I enquire what it is, Doctors?"

Jemma pales a little and looks to Sue "It's called Nth Metal, JARVIS. And it's not of this planet. We … " Sue can cover off how rare and precious it is.

"I see, Doctor Simmons. Running some scenarios, please wait."

Pepper Potts considers a few things while JARVIS runs his scans. She is by NO means a technical wizard, but she HAS seen the results of Tony's tinkering attempts — both good and spectacularly bad. "Does it let off a lot of heat while it's working?" Meltdowns and explosions are distressingly common in the workshop.
"Happily, no," Sue shakes her head to Pepper. "Except for what might be generated by the battery. It functions like a barometer, or a mercury switch in a bomb, sensing small levels of activity from the Nth metal and translating it to information about the source. Small levels being the key, given the rarity of the material available."

"Miss Potts, we would like that the presence of Nth Metal be kept top secret. the sample we are working was gifted to me and we'd rather not let anyone know we have it."

"Miss Potts" JARVIS's cultured accent sounds across the room "I believe Sir is working on something that might be adapted to the Doctors requirements. Only a small adjustment would be required."

Pepper Potts nods to Sue's words, then sits up a bit straighter at JARVIS' words. "Oh? Is it something you can share with us? Also, JARVIS, do please keep your scans of this device on Tony's private server, under lock and key with the rest of his delicate files."
"Well, that certainly sounds promising," Sue smiles swiftly. "Are we talking an adjustment to our existing design, or to Mister Stark's?"

"A little of both of Doctor Storm." JARVIS responds "If Sir agrees, the batteries he's been working on for Stark Phones and Tablets could be readily adapated. But it would mean that your devices power circuits would need to be modified to utilise them."

Jemma gives Pepper a grateful look and raises an eyebrow at Sue. Sue did a lot of the work on that part of the device, probably with Reed's input …

"Of course, Miss Potts. I'll also change references to Nth Metal to another nonmenclature."

Pepper Potts ohs. Well, That makes it easy. Heaven knows her phone's current battery is WAAY better than the last non-StarkPhone she had. You know, years ago. She looks about to ask the disembodied voice a question, but stops herself. "If you're all right with making the modifications, Dr. Storm, perhaps we can test the unit out here?" She'll still have to wait for Tony to wake up to get the full okay, but they can at least start the ball rolling.

"As long as the power circuit modifications don't interfere with the sensor operation, then it shouldn't be an issue," Sue nods. Reed may be the mechanical genius, but she's worked with him for long enough to be able to follow along with most of the world discussion. "Though testing is complicated," she adds with a rueful smile for Pepper. "It's meant to detect something that isn't - we hope - readily available."

Now that is an interesting question and Jemma looks to Sue. "There are the samples I have… " the ones in tupperware containers. "Perhaps we could use those?"

A rueful glance at Pepper "It was really quite by accident that we found the power supply was limited. But then again many scientific discoveries are …" beat "How long do you think the modifications to the batteries will take?"

Pepper Potts considers, but seeing as JARVIS hasn't replied yet, she figures he's doing something to facilitate the conversion on the device. "Probably not very long." She hopes not, at least. "Dr. Storm, do you want to make the modifications here? I think I might be able to borrow some of Tony's tools for you." He won't notice she swiped them if she puts them back before he wakes up.

"I…probably shouldn't," Sue shakes her head after a moment. "I watched Reed put it together and I'm familiar with the general principles of how it currently works, but I don't think I trust my fabrication abilities enough to make the modifications and not cause an explosion. Which would be terribly rude of me."

"The batteries will take two days to modify, Miss Potts."

Jemma looks to Sue and nods. The woman has a way with words and Reed certainly knows the hardware better than either of them. "If JARVIS could give us the modifications needed, we'll get them made, Pepper. Thank you for the offer though."

"Transmitting the design changes required to your tablets Doctor Simmons and Doctor Storm."

Pepper Potts smiles. "And there you go. Would you like to stay for lunch? I completely understand if you have other things to do, but I certainly won't mind the company." And that would give her a reason to NOT work through lunch again. "I usually have something delivered in, so adding to the order would be no problem at all."

"Thank you, JARVIS," Sue says politely. She's used to dealing with AI, too. "And I'd be happy to stay if you need an excuse to take a break," she adds with a wry smile for Pepper. "I've got a few tests running back at the Baxter Building, but they won't be complete for a few hours as it is."

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