M-Town Breakdown

November 29, 2014:

Scarlet Witch acts a wee bit crazy and pickpockety but does tip Nyx off in time to stop a m-town shooter.

Outside Mutant Town Clinic


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Mutant town on a very chilly November evening. Despite the cold it is still bustling on thsi Black Friday mid-evening with people shopping, going to diners, and generally still being the season for insanity in the big apple.

Nyx finds herself sitting on a bench across from a 24/7 Mutant free clinic a friend of her told her to stop by at. Bobby is just worried about her but she can't seem to bring herself to go into the join and she has been just sitting mulling about it for hours. Ever since she beat the snot out of the intergang robbers Friday afternoon. At least she ditched the armor breastplate and has a new shirt on under her hoodie. The money from Sho means she has more than one outfit to wear out crime fighting so this is good right. "They won’t be able to help Sam…" she murmurs to herself. She is by far not the oddest girl out here and maybe she is just mutie watching or is one herself, so hard to say in this neighborhood.

Crowds are not Wanda's thing. And the type of 'people' that make up the crowd around here are a further cause for concern. But she's hungry and where there are crowds then there is wasted food and unwatched pockets. At the moment she is lurking in the darkness of the alley next to the clinic, furtive blue eyes scanning for a mark…or even a scrap of food. It's cold. Damn cold. Even a native of the Balkans feels the chill and hugs her arms around her body for a moment. Then her head jerks suddenly and she looks as if someone just yelled in her ear. "Shhh…I know" she whispers in heavily accented English. "I'm hungry too."

At the sudden movement Nyx's attention shifts and tracks to the girl in the somewhat darkness of the alley by the clinic. She doesn't really stop to think on why it caught her attention or how she is tracking the girl. Still, Wanda is now on the radar for Nyx and she keeps an eye on her amidst the crowds. "huhm" she notes articulately. She for one does not seem cold, she is just slouched on the bench she has been sitting on, with just her hoodie, torn jeans, and vans.

Wanda's eyes narrow as she spots possible prey. A group of drunken jocks; probably showing how tough they are by wandering through District X without a care in the world. Wanda slinks out of the alley with an almost feline grace and slips behind them as they walk. She is reasonably tall but painfully thin and the way she walks, as if a nobody, almost has her disappearing from notice…unless they were on someone's radar. There is a clanging of metal as a trash can topples over on the sidewalk. The jocks turn to look as one, surprised and probably fearful, and that is when Wanda removes a wallet with deft fingers from the rear pocket of one of the guys. He doesn't seem to notice at all…and certainly doesn't notice her slinking away towards the darkness near Nyx's bench.

Nyx waits until Wanda is slinking into the darkness near her bench "I'm trying to decide if I should nail you for stealing from people, or not. I mean they look like total drunk assholes out trolling for mutant girls or something… so I am not inclined to really care a lot. I think my boss would tell me that crime never pays or something.. okay probably something way more Zen though you know."

Wanda's head whips around to stare at the person who spoke to her. Her eyes narrowing, almost as if deciding if Nyx is even real. "I did not…" she begins, her accent reeking of Eastern Europe, but then she decides there is no point lying. A glance over at the jocks, now continuing on their way with a laugh at how they weren't really scared, before opening the wallet and taking out the few dollars within. "I share…yes?" she asks hopefully before peering off to one side and hissing, "Shhh." Then her wide blue eyes are back on Nyx. "I need food." Maybe the sympathy play will work.

Nyx glances after the jocks and then looks over at Wanda skeptically but she smiles when she fesses up and tries a different tactic. "I don't want a share, I get paid stupid well lately with my new boss and I'm pretty sure taking bribes from criminals isn't a hero thing to do." maybe she is actually guardian angel-ing the mutant town clinic, that would be all noble. It isn't true but appearances. Though seriously this skinny punk pierced red hair dye jobbed girl thinks she is a hero, what is the world coming too.

Nyx stretches with a wiggle "Food is really good and important true, you sound like you just got off the boat though, what accent is that?"

Wanda glances down at the question, even as she pockets the cash and tosses the wallet into a nearby trash can…perfect throw too. "Romania" she answers, speaking the word quickly as if she just remembered it. "Do you know Romania?" She takes a small step back, still looking around herself more than she looks at Nyx. "I am not criminal. I am hungry" she counters, her eyes settling on the other woman for a moment, eyes narrowing. "You are hero?" Her tone is almost one of disbelief.

Nyx nods rocking head forward a bit there "Romania, isn't that like where Dracula is from?" she pauses a beat "Man.. I wonder if vampires are real.. you think?" she nods though "Stealing makes you a criminal even if it is for food, the cops especially the SRD don't give a shit your motives they will book you all the same." she pauses "Hey.. of course I am a hero." she looks a bit peeved and digs out her phone and then flips it around, showing you a headline. ~Intergang Truck Robbery Foiled~ Daily Bugle from earlier this afternoon even.

"SRD?" Wanda asks before she has to stop herself from leaping backwards as a phone is thrust in her face. She looks over the headline and her brows crease in confusion. "They were stealing truck or stealing what in truck? But you stopped them so you are hero." Her stomach growls loudly. "Yes, Dracula comes from Romania. I think he still there. I hope he stays there." Her head suddenly snaps towards the alley she had been hiding in and she takes a small step in that direction. Her head tilts slightly as eyes narrow. "No…" she whispers, "Do not kill…"

Nyx shrugs "Special Response Division or something.. the super cops I guess really though I don’t think there are many cops in this neighborhood at all really…" she trails off when you get all jumpy and holds up her hands "Woooah there.. I’m not killing nobody. I’m a good guy.. well good girl." she pauses and tucks her phone away "They were trying to rob the truck of its cargo I guess.. I didn't stick around after we stopped them cause the cops ask too many questions and Im not Shield or a JLA:Avenger or anything." she pauses "What's your name.. can’t call you Romania like that movie."

Wanda takes another step in the direction of alleyway across the road. "It is not their fault" she whispers, her head tilting back the other way, seemingly completely ignoring your words. The fingers of her right hand start to twitch and she softly mumbles to herself before turning to look at you, her eyes wide. "Killer." Her right hand points to the alley, her fingers in graceful dance, and then there is a scream of frustration from the darkness.

Nyx blinks "Oh shit you mean there’s a killer in the alley?" she levers herself up to her feet and looks to you "Stay here." she darts across the street, she flips her hoodie hood up as she moves into the alley ready for danger.

Wanda doesn't need to be told twice to stay away from danger. Though she may need more help understanding the 'stay here' command. She is slowly backing away even as you rush across the road towards the alley.

A man is there, half way down, and struggling with the rifle in his hands. "No! You can't jam! Not now!!" There are tears flowing down his cheeks from his anger and frustration and it takes him a moment to realize he is not alone. He glares at Nyx, hatred in his eyes. "Get away from me you freak!"

Nyx reaches out "Christ what are you human's first?" she grabs the rifle from him and wrenches it free from his grip without even looking the least bit strained. "Who were you going to shoot you asshole!?"

The man stares as the gun is ripped away before glaring up at you. "Does it matter!? You're all the same. Murdering freaks!" He drag himself to his feet, anger making his veins pulse and sweat pour from him. "You killed my wife with your Godless powers and you should die in return. All of you. But I know I'll never manage that. So just one of you will do." His right hand balls into a fist and he swings it at you.

Nyx doesn't even dodge, she just gets smacked and the guy really hurts his hand in the process, it is like punching a brick wall to hit her in the chest like that now. "What the hell dude…" she grips the gun, snaps it in half "You are so far out of your depth here.. I’m sorry about your wife dude but … this is not the way to handle this.. god you sound like my fucking parents."

The man yells out in pain, his knuckles cracking against unnatural flesh. "NO!! NO!!" he screams but not because he is frightened or feels he is in danger. These cries are of someone who has just realized he will never fulfil the purpose he has given himself. "It's not fair!" he cries, collapsing backwards and slumping against the wall. "You deserve to die" he sobs, covering his face with his hands.

Nyx makes a disgusted noise "Damnit.. I'm not even sure what the hell to do with you.. I don’t want to deal with a police report." she just stares at the sobbing guy slumped against the wall "Your just going to get yourself killed in this part of town .. you need psyche help…." she fishes out her phone and dials it "Come on… hey B this is Nyx.. I caught a guy with a gun in mutant town.. total religious freak.. um.. what do I do with him…"

On the other end of the phone: Bobby Drake blinks as he hears the voice on the other end. "Er… caught? What was he doing?"

Nyx into her phone "Well … he had a rifle and was going to use it.. I took and broke the gun but now he is sobbing on the ground about how it isnt fair. I really don't want to deal with the cops B."
Nyx keeps an eye on the guy as she talks into her phone. She seems ready to bap the guy with the gun half if he tries to make a break for it.

On the other end of the phone: Bobby blows out a sigh. "Welllllll… is anyone in danger right now? If you leave will anyone be in danger?"

Nyx considers "No, he doesn't have a gun anymore and he is just … sobbing .. he may be having a breakdown."

On the other end of the phone: “Breakdown hrm… okay. Here's what you do. Take him to the nearest ER. Tell them you think this guy's on drugs or crazy and describe what he did. They'll take him for a 72 psychological evaluation hold, call the cops, he'll be off the street and you won't have to deal directly with the police.”

Nyx sounds relieved "Okay will do." she pauses "Thanks B" and hangs up.

Nyx scruffs the guy and proceeds to drag him off to the nearest ER, not going back to check on Wanda right now. She follows Bobby's advice and gives the sobbing guy to the ER staff while he rails about monsters and mutant scum and then rabbits before the cops show up.

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