X-Men Aren't Normal

March 19, 2016:

The Summers/Grey folks are all in one room.

X-Men HQ


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Nate is just back to the X-Men underground complex alter a night of chaos and destr… well, clubbing. And Rose. Close enough. Mostly here for a shower and stealing coffee, nothing else. Sleep is still a day or two away. Seeing how Rachel is doing would be a bonus. It is disturbing to think he has to be the older sibling this time, but his life is so full of weirdness he can't be too surprised.

A brief telepathic scan to the complex reveals some familiar morning people are around. Interesting. Maybe an early Danger Room session. It sounds the kind of 'fun' Scott would enjoy a Saturday morning. « Hey, hello folks - what are you up to? » He greets.

Early Saturday morning, good day to work off some of the weekday stress. The Danger Room was in full operation, though there wasn't any battle simulations about. For her and Scott? A full on training gym setup with a track that Jean uses to run the entire expanse of it. No powers needed. In the middle of the field there were obstacles and courses, a few weight lifting racks, a Wing Chun dummy and a few speedbags and punching bags. Typical gym, but.. really, really large. And long.

Hearing the mental transferrence, Jean stops for the moment, bending to press her hands against her knees, her hand reaching behind her to press at the small of her back as she lifts up and begins to drag ass towards the nearest bench.

Working out.. the usual. Care to join?

Scott Summers is actually doing the Olympic rings - he's been trying to increase his flexibility and add more gymnastics to his skill set. No, he doesn't require those abilities to use his powers and he's never going to be Kurt or Hank. But having tendon flexibility and core strenght is always a bonus. Plus he looks cool up there, all making a cross and flexing.

Cyclops likes to look cool, especially when Jean is around.

He's going to move onto the pommel horse next, dropping down and slapping his hands together to get some chalk off of them, the two telepaths generously keeping him in the loop of thoughts, "Plenty of space." he adds.

Rachel hasn't left the X-Men's HQ since her last lunch trip with Nate, and she's bored. It doesn't help that healing up from the gash in her side inflicted by Laura has kept her from doing much to alleviate that boredom for the last few days. When Nate's mental call comes in, she's in the kitchen, drinking coffee for want of anything more constructive to do. At the touch of his mind, Rachel pauses with the coffee mug halfway to her lips. Smiling a bit, she turns her head unerringly in Nate's direction - and likely seems to be looking straight through a wall - and her mind reaches out for his.

« Nothing. Come and rescue me. » Rachel replies, even as she senses another - very familiar - telepath reply from close by. Rachel hesitates, then takes a healthy swig of her coffee before hurriedly dumping the remaining contents of her mug in the sink and quickly washing it out. A moment later and she's walking quickly through the underground complex in Nate's direction.

More exercise is not exactly what Nate had in mind for the morning, honestly. But he supposes he can hang out a little with his no-parents. He wants to talk with them about certain subjects, like X-Black, Nick Fury, Cyberdata and Ray. Speaking of which. « Danger Room, okay. Ray, bring the coffee mug, willya? » He expects giant robots or evil mutant hordes from the Danger Room, so seeing it looks like a normal place is a surprise. And boring. "Y'know, a gym without murderous ninjas is not the same," he comments idly.

So Jean was looking. There was no shame in that. That's what they were in there for. Right? For Scott to look cool and for Jean to idly drool as she run circles arou.. wait. Who was that? Her brows furrow for just a moment as she snatches the towel from the bench, rubbing along her face to approach Scott, nearly out of breath. "Who was that?" She asks openly, her hand striking out to give Scott a smack upon the tush and gestures towards the rings. "Lift me up."

Though, as Nate enters, she smiles just a touch. "Of course it's not the same. I don't feel like fighting. Besides, I haven't had a good jog in a while."

Scott Summers doesn't have Jean's senses and so doesn't know that Rachel has replied as well. He laughs and reaches out to take Jean at the waist, "Like you couldn't just levitate yourself,' he teases, lifting her up until she can get a grip on the rings. "I'm not opposed to the installation of ninja machines. If those aren't a workout standard, they should be," he says. "And we'll go running in a bit, but if we try to do this stuff post-run, we'll be too exhausted."

Rachel had just reached the door to the kitchen when Nate sends her back for coffee. Typical, she thinks as she casts her eyes back toward the sink, and the coffee that she just sacrificed to it. « Anything else I can get you? » She replies, but her tone is closer to teasing than mutinous. Making Nate a fresh mug doesn't take long, but it takes long enough. Rachel had her own reasons for wanting to arrive with Nate, rather than after him.

It's a couple of minutes later that Rachel slips into the Danger Room, crossing to join Nate and hand him the mug of coffee. "You ordered this?" She asks, with a slight smirk, as she passes it over. She shoots a guilty glance at the control panel inside the door, but it's back in place as if she'd never disturbed it, so she looks away again quickly. Scott gets a quick nod, and Jean… well, Rachel really doesn't know what to do about Jean. "Hi." She settles on, in the absence of anything better.

"You are my favourite sister-like person, Ray," replies Nate with a smirk, picking up the mug. Beat. Wait, 'new' Rachel had not met Jean yet? But she must have known about her! Again, he turns towards the younger redhead, "I heard Laura stabbed you, was it bad? Are you alright?"

Jean doesn't get a grip on the rings, but her hands do lower to rest upon Scott's wrist as an indicator to put her down. And once he does.. she just.. sort of stands there. Seeing Rachel approach and.. young as she was, it nearly makes her heart stop. She knew all about this new Rachel, and avoided her until the time was right. But there really was no right time for this. Not at all. "Ah.. yes. Exhausted.." She murmurs towards Scott, her hands clasping in front of herself to try to hold back from giving her a hug.

"Hi." She blurts out, then glances around to study the surroundings as a ploy to not stare, but as Nate mentions she was stabbed by Laura.. Jean takes a slight step forward but wisely backs off. "What happened?"

Scott Summers would smack Nate upside the back of the head, were he both closer and in a more collegial relationship with them. As it is, he just glares and, well, when Cyclops glares, you're happy he wears his glasses. "I trust that she's doing well, since she's here and not in the emergency ward," he says.

He puts a hand on Jean's shoulder, just to help steady her, more psychically than physically. He knew this was going to be hard for her. "It's okay," he says, to both Jean and Rachel, wanting to give them a chance to…figure it out. Whatever it is.

Rachel's uneasy, doing a poor job of hiding it, standing frozen in place next to Nate, and from where she's standing Jean doesn't look like she's any more comfortable than Rachel herself is… but then Jean returns her 'hi', and Rachel relaxes a fraction. Which is, of course, Nate's cue to say THAT. Rachel winces and closes her eyes, tilting her head back a bit, then sighs and looks around at Nate. She can't really be angry, she knows he's just concerned for her, but… "Timing, Nate…" She tells him quietly, then forces herself to turn around and face the others.

"I'm fine." Rachel begins, as firmly as she can. She'd have expected news to travel faster, but apparently… not. "It wasn't Laura's fault. It was mine. Someone tried to use her to get to me." Rachel's being intentionally light on the details and it probably shows. "She tagged me before I realised what was happening. Betsy patched me up."

Rachel looks toward Jean, hesitates for a moment, then shrugs. "Sorry. This isn't how I saw this going." She says with regret clear in her voice.

Nate sips his mug of coffee, vaguely amused by the whole situation. That neither Rachel or Jean had made a real effort to reach each other. To the point Jean didn't even know about Rachel injuries. Did Rachel hide them? But Scott knew. Typical.

Nate Grey says, "I know about Laura conditioning," now. He had forgotten. "I took her to see Ripclaw. I think they are made for each other." Look at jean, "and you two should talk, hmm?""

Nate sips his mug of coffee, vaguely amused by the whole situation. That neither Rachel or Jean had made a real effort to reach each other. To the point Jean didn't even know about Rachel injuries. Did Rachel hide them? But Scott knew. Typical.

"I know about Laura conditioning," now. He had forgotten. "I took her to see Ripclaw. I think they are made for each other." Look at jean, "and you two should talk, hmm?" (Corrected)

A little smile is formed as Scott rests a hand upon her shoulder. She looks back towards him briefly, her hand reaching up to lightly lace with Scott's for a bit of a second, then drops. At least the feeling to haul off and smack Nate was mutual in between the three, this was awkward enough and to put an injury into the mix was something that made it all worse. She shakes her head slightly, looking away once again as she tries to draw in a breath, her bottom lip trembling which was soon steeled by a thin-lipped line of.. who knows what. Whatever it was, she shut down. Right at that instant, at least for Scott's benefit. Surely he was going to get sick of her doing that.

"Me neither." She finally admits to Rachel, taking the step forward to close the distance between her and her two 'not-children', one hand lashing out to knock the cup of coffee from Nate's hand, the other attempting to grasp Rachel's wrist to tug her away from the two men and off towards the side. She knew that Nate wanted to talk, Scott could handle it, while Jean herself handles her childish reaction towards Nate and.. well, probably another childish reaction that she'll force upon Rachel.

Scott Summers watches as Jean does what needs to be done and takes Rachel away a bit so that they can talk. He crosses his arms over his chest and raises an eyebrow, managing to look intimidating in spite of his yoga pants and his "I'm A Unicorn" t-shirt. "Something on your mind, Nate?" he sighs. He could lecture him and might still, but, for the moment, he'd rather just move on rather than perpetuate angst.

Rachel can't help the flicker of nervousness in her eyes as Jean crosses the gap between them, but then she squares her shoulders a bit - the movement mostly lost under the loose-fitting red hoodie that seems to be her constant outfit these days - and takes a breath. She's not going to be apprehensive about talking to Jean Grey, she tells herself sternly, annoyed with herself for the way she's reacting. Although when Jean smacks Nate's coffee out of his hand Rachel's eyes do go suddenly wide. It's a perfect cover for Jean to grab her wrist, and before Rachel knows it she's being towed firmly aside. She surrenders and allows it to happen. "Are you sure it's safe to leave those two alone together?" Rachel offers, attempting to cover her surprise.

Nooo. The coffee. Nate barely manages to catch the mug and the coffee with telekinesis. Jeez. Mock glare to Jean, and then he turns to Scott.

"I think this weird gang of almost family people needs to be bolder at dealing with their issues," comments Nate, giving Scott a knowing look. You can learn from Nate, he has no shame. "Seriously? You seem much braver confronting Magneto than talking to Jean about personal stuff." He nods to the redheads, giving them some space. "Same with them, really. I am going to take a shower and let them deal with each other." He heads out, with the coffee.

Once at a safe distance and out of earshot, Jean finally lets go of Rachel's wrist, her arms soon folding along her chest, her sneakers digging into the laid platform that made up the rows of track that she previously ran upon. "They'll be fine. Scott rarely loses his temper, which could be infuriating at times. It's almost like he's not human." She glances back towards the two men, then finally settles her attention where it was appropriate. They were going to walk the track, it seemed it was a lot better to talk and move than talk and sit. That's.. a little uncomfortable. Especially in a situation like this.

But.. where do you start? She knew, and obviously sees that Rachel wasn't like the other. Betsy told her. Scott told her. And there was a little sadness at the loss of the former but the latter? Brand new. Insecurity nearly reared it's ugly head but she pushed it right back down. "I'm.. glad you're alright." She finally states, a little smile given. "And I'm glad you're here.."

The feeling of having to drag Rachel along disappears within a couple of steps as the younger redhead gets over her surprise and picks up her pace enough to match Jean. When her arm is returned to her, Rachel buries her hands in the pockets of her hoodie, her head turning to follow Jean's gaze. Her eyes linger on Nate for a moment. However awful his timing, he's at least gotten Rachel to talk to Jean. She owes him for that, although what she owes him remains to be seen. "Sometimes I wish I was that way." Rachel says quietly, not sure if she's talking to herself or really answering Jean's observation about Scott.

Rachel's no better at breaking the silence than Jean, her green eyes turning toward the other woman a couple of times and skittering away before Jean finally breaks the silence. "I'm fine." She says quickly, with a nod for emphasis, but then she sees the smile. The apprehensive look in Rachel's eyes melts away and her own lips curve upwards in answer. "Thanks." She frees a hand from her pocket and runs it back through her hair. "I wasn't sure you would be." She admits, reluctantly. "Even after what Scott said. I just…" She shrugs. "I'm not very good at this." She confesses. "And… not being the first 'me' you've met. I don't know what to expect. Sorry."

"Me too." Jean remarks quietly. At times, being too reserved had it's fall backs. Especially watching what a person says in a situation that could potentially turn violatile in an instant. She looks on as Nate departs, and even while Scott rests up, she throws her attention to the two by the wayside, her hands lifting to lace fingers upon the back of her head to idly stretch.

"Me not be okay?" She asks quietly. "I'm always okay." No she's not. "I mean, when being okay calls for being okay." Still, she's not. "We don't have to worry about that now, at least.. and.. I don't know. Honestly? I -could- see this as a second chance to make things right because I failed the other you but.." She gestures a little, then shakes her head. "I don't know what to expect either. This is still new and everything is still fresh. We could agree to just play things by ear or just jump into this whole thing with me giving you hugs and packing you bag lunches every time you're preparing to go out.." She laughs a little, a tiny little snort cropping up that makes her quickly drop her hand to hold her nose.

"Thorry, horrobul doke."

Rachel shoots Jean a sidelong glance with a raised eyebrow when she claims to be OK. She's not buying it, not totally at least. "…and does right now call for being okay?" Rachel asks quietly. "Because I'm not sure I am." Rachel looks ahead, or at least, at the surface of the track right in front of her, as they continue to walk along it, but her eyes rise back to Jean again when the other redhead speaks, and this time Rachel doesn't look away.

And it might be a horrible joke, but it makes Rachel grin and… that might even have been a little snatch of laughter from her, too.

"Or after the last couple of times I've been out, maybe you could pack me body armor, and a note reminding me not to drink with Betsy?" It's a little too true to be entirely a joke, but Rachel tries to keep her voice light as she says it. Her grin fades a bit, though, and she shakes her head once. "I wasn't here." She says, more soberly. "Obviously. But from what I hear, she… I… failed you. Not the other way around." Rachel tries for a hopeful smile. "I'd like to try not to do that, this time."

If there was one thing Jean could do, it was not answer. She pretty much made a career out of studying people who avoid things which would make her the Master Avoider. If there was such a title. Her being okay? Psh. Ignored. Rachel not being okay in the moment was expounded on with a wrap of an arm around the girl's shoulder to bring her in to a half hug. It was strange, this Rachel was just a tad shorter. A smidge! And a little bit warmer.

"Well. Considering the legal age to consume alcohol is 21.." Jean starts, it was lecture time. "..perhaps remembering that little tidbit would stop you from picking up a bottle." She grins a little, then slowly draws her arm away from the young woman, her face gone flat now as she remembers. "I.. twice she has. Scott doesn't speak about the first time because his heart was truly broken. But this last one.." She shivers just a little, then forces out a smile. Her own? Hopeful. Sadness. And a wish that the other one was like her. Current her. Hopeful and full of wishes without the hint of anger.

"I think you're already succeeding at making us all happy."

Rachel wasn't angling for a hug, but she doesn't stiffen or pull away when Jean draws her into one. Right at that moment, it's exactly what she needs. It silences the remaining doubts in her mind, and lets her start to ease up in Jean's presence. The woman who isn't her mother, but is so close in so many ways that Rachel's having trouble remembering that. Rachel relaxes into the hug without thinking about it, although there's the quiet sound of an indrawn breath as she's ambushed by an unexpected surge of emotion.

Rachel's almost a little startled when Jean speaks again, and she pulls back a bit so that she can look at her, a smirk settling on her features in answer to Jean's grin, and the other woman's tone. "Maybe." She replies, not sounding particularly repentant. "But it's not like anyone can check my ID if I don't have any." It's all a little strange. Underage drinking is far from the worst thing she's ever done… and far from the most illegal thing she's likely to do, considering what the X-Men get up to.

Rachel misses the hug as soon as Jean draws back, but she's not a child. There's pain reflected in her eyes as Jean talks about her predecessor's actions, and her face falls as she realises how much hurt she's caused. She takes a moment before she replies, answering carefully. "I can't say it'll never happen, because it already has." She pauses. "And I don't know why. It's the last thing I would ever want, to hurt you, or Scott." She tries a smile, but there's little humour in it. "So don't let me?" She suggests, then sighs. The next part may be the hardest.

"I'm not making everyone happy." She says, in a carefully neutral tone. "I have a target on my back. What happened with Laura proves it. Scott offered me a place here, on his team, but…" Rachel shakes her head. "Rose told me he was a target too, and they've already hurt Laura to get to me. We're going to stop them but… I don't know who else is out there. I have to fix this. Somehow."

"That's true. And we're angling to fix that some kind of way." Jean had to at least talk to a lawyer first. "But knowing that you're actively doing something wrong, no matter how small, and doing it anyways is what matters. Granted we are who we are and what we are but a little simple thing at minding the law is usually tantamount and goes well with the esteem." She smiles a little, shaking her head just a touch to throw the motto of Charles out of her head. It happens once in a while, really. It was something that couldn't be helped.

She does laugh a little, stopping in her spot to look towards the younger woman with a slight smile. "I know it's going to be the last thing that you want to happen but.." She smiles a little pained, her gaze falling towards the man as he continues practicing. "For all intents and purposes you're our daughter. Just as Nate is.. somewhat our son. We're going to get pissed at you both for reasons that are beyond us and it's going to get better afterwards. As much as we'll try to not let you, it's going to happen. I think the key would be, what we do afterwards to fix it."

She begins to walk again, this time her hands folded behind her back. "I've long suspected that something like this would happen. I suppose that's the reason why Mr. Fury did approach us with the offer. One of them, that is." She doesn't speak to her time of being turned into an SRD Agent and a Purifier, that one was too painful to even relive. Even she still has a target upon her back.

"Take this how you will, but the last Rachel said the same thing. -I- have to fix this. -I- need to make everything right." She shakes her head. "Do not lay the burden all upon yourself. You have a family here. No matter how hard they fight each other, scream, yell. It all begins and ends with here. Home." With a tilt of her head, she looks almost intent. Not towards Rachel, but ahead. "Take Scott's offer. Join with him. You, Rose, Nathaniel, everyone who has a hand in it. You -all- will fix it. You're not alone anymore, Rachel."

Rachel's actually a bit startled by Jean's earnest reply to what she'd intended as a flippant comment. "…you can do that?" She asks, faintly disbelieving, but then a small smile settles upon her lips. "You… really planned for me to stay?" She hadn't quite believed that. Despite Scott. Despite Betsy. And even then, there's a world of difference between hiding and becoming… real. That was more than she'd hoped for. Although apparently it comes with an extra set of responsibilities. Rachel's face is a picture as she realises Jean is utterly serious. "I didn't even think about it." She tells her. "I haven't had to think about stuff like that for a long time. Before I… arrived, -everything- I was doing was illegal." She snorts quietly. "Even breathing in and out." She shakes her head rather than dwell on the past. "All right." She says, then smiles a small, impish smile. "I'll at least think about it, next time."

Rachel slows to a halt as Jean does, her expression turning quizzical. She's tempted to reach out with her mind, but doesn't. Whatever Jean has to say, Rachel's not going to try to get a sneak preview. And she's glad. "Jean… just for saying that. It means…" Rachel gives up, takes a steadying breath. "You can get pissed at me as much as you like. I'll even try not to yell back. But, y'know. No promises." Rachel's feeling oddly light-headed. She's getting everything she wants. More than she imagined possible. She's irrationally afraid it's all about to be yanked away from her again.

Rachel's grateful when they start walking again. Just the rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other is something, a reminder that it's all real. "Fury." Rachel says. "Nate told me…" She begins, but makes herself subside and just listen to what Jean has to say. "I know." She replies. "And if enough people keep reminding me, maybe I'll let myself believe it. It's just…" Frustration enters Rachel's tone, and her hands ball into fists. "I hate this. I hate people getting hurt because of me. This offer of Fury's? If I… if /we/ don't go along with it, it feels like I'm missing a chance to put things right."

"We can try. And yes, I've planned for you to stay. I've planned for everyone to stay over the years with the fact that hangs in the back of my mind that eventually they'll sprout their wings and fly." Dammit Charles, stoppit! "And I understand that. Perhaps I should get you a book on laws to better suit your.." She holds up her hand to stop. "I'm sure you'll be fine, Rachel. Trust me."

She grins a little as she listens, shrugging her shoulder idly. It was a frank point to her, them being like their children. Present student body excluded.

"People remind you easily just by showing up. You may not see it, but ever since you've returned and rallied to your side, it was always there. Stop getting in your own way so much." Take your own advice, Jean!

Though, she shakes her head slowly, stopping the walk again to properly face Rachel as she watches her. It was a critical moment; where she was weighing Rachel's resolve in silence by the pinch of a salt and a measure to boot. "You have nothing to do with Fury's offer." She finally states. And then she moves along. "If they decide not to go along with Fury's offer it's not the end of the world. Just a missed opportunity for X-Black and SHIELD alike. The terms of it all is so convoluted that it's going to take time for all of us who are in the know of X-Black to suss it out." One eye squints. "And just because you know due to Nate's openness, does not make you apart of them. Which is something that I'm highly against, by the by. I'm unsure if Scott told you." Guh, leadertalk. She hates it.

"You were close though. You said we. But you reverted back to yourself. Why do you feel that the world's burden is resting upon your shoulders?"

Scott Summers returns from changing his clothes a bit, having told Nate he'd meet with him in just a little bit. He comes back to find mother and daughter in close consultation. Things look friendly and like they're getting along, at least - they look…well, like what they are. It's such a strange thing, to have grown children that you never even…had the old fashioned way. Yet. Or, in Nate's case, probably ever, barring getting gene-spliced by…best not even to think about it. Weird. Like there's a block there in his brain. Or, at least, that's what he would think if it weren't for that block buried deep in his brain.


"How're you two getting on? For the record, if you're plotting for Father's Day, I do -not- wear ties."

"What is this Father's Day thing? Does it have anything to do with Christmas?" Nate is back too, without the coffee mug, looking a smidge more lively and somewhat less scruffy. "I hope you had some constructive talk," he verifies Rachel presence, because he still wants to punch McCoy's face. "Did you talk about Fury's offer?"

Rachel's lips give a wry little twitch when Jean tells her to get out of her own way. That's a little too close to the truth for comfort, but Rachel can't deny it. How long before she let Rachel drag her 'home'? How quickly did she run, when she was faced with what the other 'her' had done? She should count herself lucky that Scott was willing to drag her back a second time. How many chances has she been given now? It's time to accept one.

This time, when Jean stops, Rachel isn't anxious. She's got her hands back in her hoodie's pockets again, her weight shifted comfortably to one hip. She's quite the contrast to the bundle of nerves that first walked into the Danger Room. "Scott told me." Rachel confirms, ruefully. "He agrees with you." Rachel's eyes glint a bit with mischief. "Which I guess shouldn't surprise either of us." Rachel pauses, then adds, "He's right. I'm a mess…" She looks up, quickly adding, "Not his words." A quick smile, and she continues. "And I'm not ready yet. But then, after what happened with Laura…" Rachel looks away for a moment. "It felt like a dream. Something I couldn't have, at least not yet."

And as for the last question? Rachel smiles, the wryness in her expression once more, but she locks eyes with Jean all the same. "Because a cosmic firebird saved my life and sent me back here. And I found out I've messed up once already. I can't help thinking… there's something I'm meant to do."

Rachel senses Scott's approach, and realises that she'd tensed up as she said those last words to Jean. She rolls her shoulders and looks to Scott with a smile. "That's good, because I still don't have any money to buy you one." So strange, to feel so at ease with her not-father, and so soon. Her gaze shifts to Nate, as he returns. "I'll explain later. Something I know that you don't will be a change." Some of the sparkle goes out of Rachel's eyes as he continues. "We did." She says, eyes shifting between Scott and Jean, but doesn't elaborate.

"If you're hinting at me being Pregnant and you're sensing it before I do.." Jean states. What a way to ruin things on her exit. She understood where Rachel was coming from, and was thankful that Scott and Nate approached before she began to psychoanalyze her daughter. Or not daughter. Whatever. But a smile was given, with a step towards Rachel to place both hands upon her shoulders with a lean in to kiss her cheek.

"I'm going to get cleaned up. I have somewhere to be." She releases Rachel, then grasps Nate the same fashion, smooching his cheek and mussing his hair before she moves to plant a bigger kiss upon Scott's lips.

"I'll make lunch and have it sent down. Lemon butter tilapia with rice and a small chef's salad." There wasn't anything else to be said, she'll let Scott take it from here!

Scott Summers has already gotten into it with Hank himself and has been told by Jean to bury the hatchet. Which he has to do at some point, but is still putting it off until his own feelings are contained a bit. No point in going back in only to have it all flare up again.

He gives Jean a proper kiss before she runs off, smiling as he puts his hands on his hips, now ina more appropriate sweater and jueans combo. "Don't worry, if you don't want the fish, we can order a pizza," he says.

"Hmm, alright," Nate seems amused about 'something he doesn't know' give some other Rachels have taught him so much about what passes as normal life. "Meanwhile… eh, I don't know. I think you had enough emotions for the morning. But we need to seriously talk about what you are going to do as an X-woman soon. Unless you want to try ordinary life, which honestly, it is overrated, and fairly boring."

The kiss is unexpected, particularly coming on the heels of Jean's question, and Rachel's left blinking in surprise while Jean accosts first Nate and then Scott, and then vanishes saying something about food. "Wait, what?" Rachel says, eyes a bit wide as she stares at the doorway that Jean just vanished through. She finds that she's grinning. Probably like an idiot. And she doesn't much care.

"Fish sounds great." Rachel says, finally remembering that Scott and Nate are in the room with her, and speaking hurriedly. Nate gets a genuine and grateful smile. "Thanks, Nate." She tells him, simply, and walks closer to take his arm and give it a bit of a squeeze. "I mean it." She lets her hand drop, and looks him in the eye. "I know we do, after what happened with Laura, and I - we - aren't going to let that go. But…" She stretches her arms out to her sides. "Just for today? If you two and Jean are my 'ordinary life'? I'd like to enjoy it."

"Your definition of ordinary is a bit odd, but if it makes you happy I am going to try to be ordinary for a few hours," confirms Nate. Of course he has little idea of how that is done, but most people manage, right? Can't be too hard. "Personally I think everyone should strive to be extraordinary." But he follows Rachel out of the 'gym' and tries to think in some ordinary thing to talk. That is going to take a few minute… oh wait. "Did you manage to go shopping with Betsy? If not, will you take Laura too? She needs normal more than us."

"I don't care if it's odd." Rachel replies with a grin. "It's my definition and I'm sticking with it." At least for today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? "Extraordinary got me in a fight with Laura. Extraordinary can take the day off." Saying that seems to bring her a little bit more down to Earth. It doesn't feel right making jokes about that. Still, she has to smirk when Nate mentions shopping, and she spins around to face him, walking backwards a couple of steps before she draws to a halt, brushing some hair out of her eyes so that she can look up at him. "Yeah. I got a dozen red hoodies just like this one." Teeth flash in a grin as she fondly adds, "Idiot." Rachel shakes her head. "I haven't. I haven't wanted to ask her after what happened with Laura. It doesn't seem like something I should be thinking about." There's a bit of a wistful tone in her voice that suggests, yes, she IS still thinking about it. "I'm pretty sure Laura can handle normal more easily than I can right now. But if I can find her and she wants to come, sure." Rachel shrugs. "I know she'll be honest when I ask her how I look." Rachel thinks about that for a second. "Painfully honest, probably."

"Laura wouldn't know normal if it bit her ass," grumbles Nate. At least he is a telepath, he knows how people live and understands it. Rachel can do it too. "And if I tell her she should try, she would take it as a 'mission' and overreact." He sighs. Looks like they are talking about 'work' again. "Hey, next Friday come to see my magic show. I will introduce you some normal folks."

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