Raid Gone Wrong

March 18, 2016:

Vixens out investigating and gets herself into trouble.

MetroTech Centre - New York


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Vixen, or Mari McCabe, has been following leads in an ongoing investigation as to who is shipping Sentinel parts out of the country. One of her leads has bought her to North Brookly of all places, a tech firm in MetroTech Center.

Not long ago, the alarms went off and there's reports of weapons fire.

It's mid evening and then alarms sound out over the mostly deserted location … mostly deserted except for the woman in a brown jumpsuit with a glowing blue image of cheetah around … and she's running.

Sentinels aren't something Spider-Woman is involved with, nor even aware of. She is however, trying to help out SHIELD. So she is keeping her nose to the ground, and trying to learn stuff that might be of interest to her new … sponsors, yeah that's a good word, sponsors. Benefactors might be even better.
In her spandex costume, she's searching the city and lurking about to watch what's going on. Weapons fire however.. tends to get attention. A glowing cheetah aura and weapons fire don't mix all that well… so Spider-Woman drops out of the sky, swinging in on a web and lands on a nearby rooftop where she crouches and settles in to watch for the moment.

Cessily Kincaid has been told that she should get out of the Institute and into the 'real world.' She's very reluctant about this. But training and duty and all that. So she takes a train into New York City and visits Times Square. But to return from there she somehow ends up on a train to Brooklyn instead of back to Penn Station, so here she is. A little lost and trying to figure out if she can get back home before it's too late.

Ford stopped at the corner of the street he'd been jogging along. He'd come quite a ways out… he really should head back and get ready for the next fundraiser planned, but he could probably get away with being out a bit longer.

He had time.

That's when the alarms started going off. Ford's eyes immediately swiveled to the nearby building as he caught sight of a lovely woman with a cheetah glowing after her, going at full sprint. Interesting. Under normal circumstances, he'd turn tail and head in the exact opposite direction. But… a true gentleman couldn't leave a lady to her fate. Ford took a brief moment to check his watch, before turning and running closer to the incident.

He had time.

Alarms at X-Red HQ let those present know something is up. It takes Wanda a moment to realise that she is all alone. And then another moment to get over the horror that she's going to have to take care of this herself. Thank goodness she was in uniform. Brin has taught the witch enough about using the stepping disks that she is close to the location in an instant. A deep breath - she can do this - before scarlet energy is crackling around her twitching fingers as she strides towards the source of the alarms and the woman with a ghost cheetah.

So those wonderful Brits don't always send their spies to America and stuff, but theyi have been getting concerned about well the other stuff. Plus Colin himself begged to get a chance to go and look at America, cause well he hasn't been to New York in a long time you know. And honestly he was getting a little bored with MI6 and wanted to see what kind of work there is for him in this place. Sure he still needs to reach out and contact some people but well he's been having some fun visiting the city.

But of course there is only so much R&R a person can have, it's because of that Colin decided to dress up in his other business suit and go out and do some exploring. It didn't take him long to key his radio into the local police frequencies and he hears the report. "Oh bloody American's and their weapons. I bet half of them are kicking themselves for seperating from us. If they didn't I could get a decent cup of tea here." He mutters to himself as well he makes his way over towards where the police said the call came from. "Make a note Colin, next time you go to visit America, you find a way to bring the plane with you."

Rain is riding on her broomstick with Captain on the back. The two are dressed for cool spring evenings. There's a shopping bag on the end of the broom. Yes, it's a witch. She apparently sees the mayhem before she hears it. And she takes herself down and near to see what's going down. But she is still very much airborne.

Vixens' running, fast, imbued with the spirit of a cheetah, pursued by a dozen heavily guards. Fortunately, they're still spilling out of the building and the others are really bad at aiming.

Just ahead of though, three more guards appear in front of her and bring up their weapons to fire. Skidding to a stop, the dark skinned woman grabs the weapon of the man nearest her, pushing it wide, stepping in and punching him fair in the face. He crumbles as blood pours from his nose. Not that helps her much, there's still two to deal with in front of and the dozen following behind.

Cessily Kincaid took a wrong turn trying to get to the righttrain station, and ends up at this Metrotech place. Alarms going off? She's curious, and starts walking toward the noise, only to see people running? Flying? Something's going on. She's approaching to see just what.

Lots of guys, one gal. That's not remotely fair. Spider-Woman narrows her eyes (and those white eye-covers as well. Funny how that works). She shakes her head and snaps her fingers over there… well over from where the confrontation is happening.
Near a bunch of the guards, webs made of phycho-kinetic energy spring into being and tangle their feet. She was calling in to Jemma about it when she interfered and nods to herself. Okay. Vixen is it? She leaps off of her rooftop and lands on a web stretched between her rooftop and the roof of the building they are guarding… and she scampers along it like she was a cat, or a squirrel. Only to drop down onto the ground at Vixen's side as the guards start trying to untangle themselves. "People in this town do -not- know how to treat a lady, do they?" she asks as she spins and sweeps the legs out from one of the guards she didn't get with her webs.

Armed guards? No, that will not do. No matter what Vixen may have done to deserve it. Even as the guards lose their footing to tangles of psychic webbing, Wanda unleashes her chaos at them. Time speeds up around their weapons, aging them hundreds of years in a moment. Metal rusts. Plastic decomposes. Gunpowder loses much of its spark. "What's going on!" she manages to yell out in Vixen and Spider-Woman's direction - how many of these spider people are there?

Rain is pro-cat. And cheetahs are totally cats. "Let's help that strangely sexy lady who seems to be fond of cats," Captain nudges Rain with a paw. A soft sigh. "I was going to help anyway…" Rain seems less than amused about this response. Nevertheless, the violet eyed witch is above. One of the guards finds himself suddenly experiencing the life amphibian. He's a cute purple and yellow polka dotted newt.

"Don't worry, he'll get better!" The broomstick rider calls down.

Ford stops just a half block shy of the Metrotech building, squinting as he sees the fleeing woman take out one of the guards. Good, that still left… about 14 more to go. 'Don't get involved, don't get involved, even if it's a lady, don't get involved…' At least, that was the mantra Ford kept telling himself, even as he started pulling his shirt off, leaving the black tank top he wore underneath. He tugged the balaclava out of his back pocket, slipping it over his head…

Looking back, he could see the odds were turning in the woman's favor. She looked familiar… or, maybe not? Definitely a superhero of some sort… or maybe a villain. Metahuman, let's go with that. But she is quickly joined by a distinct figure, and another seems able to age weapons into dust. Well… looks like he wouldn't have to get involved anyways. Better for him… but the question still remained, why the ruckus?

Well once he gets close enough Colin just looks at what is going on. "I stand by my previous comment, bloody Americans." Yup that totally just sums on what the heck is going on. Of course there are others already handling things but hey he came out for some action, and well action is what he's going to get dang it.

He reaches into his own weapon cache and retrieves a few of his own little shuriken, they are the tranqualizer kind. Hey he doesn't want to try and kill these people. At least not yet. He throws the shuriken, aiming at a few of the guards. "Maybe we can try and talk about this. Instead of doing the action movie blow stuff up scene?"

Cessily Kincaid doesn't know what's going on but tries to take stock of it. Situational awarenes is something they're trying to teach her after all. Ook, um, guards, people fighting them. Think, think. Is this an attack, a defense? What's going on?

Mid evening in MetroTech Centre, alarms are blaring and a dark skinned woman in a brown jumpsuit is being pursued by a dozen armed guards and was confronted by another three.

The guard that Vixen punched is holding his nose, leaving it clear it for her to hit again. "I don't know" she casts a grin at Julia "maybe the ladies they know like this type of treatment… "

Julia's webs tangle the two guards and her sweep takes out the one Mari pummeled.

Rains newting is effective, but one at a time might be a bit of a problem… One of the guards stops as she flies over, takes aim and fires at the Witch and her cat companion.

Colins question is answered though as the remaining ten guards open fire on Mari and Julia.

Nope, no talking to be had this day.

"What the shock?!" Mike O'Mara fresh out of an interview stands looking wide-eyed at the incoming Rain on a broomstick, the guards firing guns and the MetroTech centre in an all out chaotic scene.

"Was your coffee too hot, Miguel?" Lyla's voice chimes from nowhere. Hidden smarmy AI that she is.

"No, shut up. Webs?" His turn. "Lyla, costume now." A quick holographic shimmer and his busines suit and sunglasses transform in to the black and red Spider-Man 2099 outfit. Who needs phone booths and hidey holes when you have an super nifty wristwatch from the futurefuturefuture.

Ford squinted as the remaining guards opened fire. Even if she was robbing, a good 'Hands up or we WILL shoot!' would be nice… then again, she DID punch one of them down. Always a conflict… still, those guns had to go. Perhaps then they could get a handle on the situation.

As the guards continue to fire, a sudden blur whips by one of the guards in the back, shoulder charging into him to knock him down. At 80 mph, it should knock his weapon loose, if not himself fully off his feet. The figure pauses just long enough for folks to get a decent look at him. Blue jeans, a black tank top, and, strangely enough, a black mask covering his entire head. But the figure doesn't stick around, before zipping off down another street.

'One down.. shouldn't take too long.' Ford thought, before skidding to a screeching halt right in front of Cessily. He paused for a moment, before straightening up and looking down at her. "…you should find somewhere safe to hide. I can't say what's going on, but it's dangerous here. I'd hate to see any harm come to you." It felt so weird saying something like that, but Ford knew better. Much as he'd love to pop wise remarks and hit on the ladies present, he should walk the higher road and take some responsibility if he was going to use his powers.

Well sadly Colin doesn't have anything in the bag of tricks that will shield all the nice ladies from the gun fire, but he can hopefully do something else. He grabs the next shuriken on his list. This time he just uses regular ones, throwing three of them with one motion, aimed at the guards hands. "Guys this is no way to get a date. Maybe I suggest asking them out to a nice dinner? I have heard nice things about this place called Serendipity 3, they have a sundae made with gold."

Wanda was going to offer a wave to the passing Rain but people are shooting at her. A frown at not getting all the weapons with her first spell…only two of them disintegrated…and another frown at them ignoring her question for clarity. You don't want to make the Scarlet Witch angry.

With superpowered folk turning up with alarming regularity, Wanda narrows her range of effect before throwing forward chaos once more with her right hand. The guy who shot at Rain…his weapon doesn't age but is rather transformed into a very confused and angry crocodile. He can continue to hold it if he wishes. Her left hand casting a wall of scarlet between Vixen and Spider-Woman and the gunmen. It doesn't block the bullets so much as change their reality. They will now skew in ridiculous and harmless directions…if not turn into butterflies.

Oh crap. She is a giant target here, isn't she? Rain has to focus on evasive maneuvers. Captain hisses, clinging to witch and broom. The two are distracted for a moment. They do notice Colin, and move towards what might be an ally. They can at least help him once the one firing at them gets a hint. "Oh, oh, enchant me!" And Rain does that. Captain cheerfully belches lightning at the nearby guard. She waves to Wanda, at least. And now Captain just cat-belched lightning at an angry gator and confused guard. "Thanks!" Hey, take thanks where you can.

And the thing that might make Mike O'Hara there narrow his own eyes, is the black clad woman with the white spider insignia moving about at high speed. Bullets come in, and webbing creates a short lived shield in the air to catch the bullets even as Spider-Woman leaps up and over the webs. "Real ladies hit -back-!" she calls out as she comes down, one knee driving into the chest of the shooter. She moves -fast-, and hits like a sledgehammer.
She pulled her blow though, as she didn't want to push that knee through him and into the pavement. "Hi sweety." she mutters to the guy as she knocks the wind out of him, and then she leaps back off of him, evading fire as her psi-net keeps her appraised on the locations of everyone.

Colins shuriken hits one of the guards hands causing him to drop his weapon, as the next armed man turns to face and aim at him, opening fire as he does. Seems he doesn't want to go out with the ladies.

Fords rush does indeed knock the weapon loose and causes the guard to stumble. He'll be down for a moment but Ford might want to see to that. Unfortunately for Cessily and Ford, the gunmen aren't making distinctions and bullets straif their location. Two more gunmen are particularly interested in them.

Wanda's wall results in some interesting things - butterflies and flowers seem to shower the courtyard … just as Julia leaps and downs one more gunman…

Realising she's finally in company, Mari calls out "They're involved in shipping Sentinel parts overseas … I was making enquiries… and they started shooting." They can address what type of enquiries she was making, later.

S-Mans arrival is yet unnoted … but there's more than enough targets to go around.

Cessily Kincaid finally gets into the vicinity to start seeing what's going on. It's still hard to tell what's going on though. I mean. Are the guard the good guys? The bad guys? Well, it's not like she can really intervene in the midst of a bunch of apparent supers anyway. So she watches, just in case. Probably the wrong thing, which has her second guessing and doubting herself, which doesn't help with the call to action. So useless, so sad.

It is all a lot to taken in and quite a spectacle of WTF superheroism which only inspires Spider-Man of the Future, S-Man, Spider-Man 2099 or that other Spidey to leap in to action to join the side that looks like they might be the good guys. At least he hopes so.

Spider-Man (O'Hara)'s idea of action is to begin firing weblines out in all directions creating an almost barrier like netting around the entire scene. He looks like some Wild West gunslinger firing organic webshots everywhich way.
Crowd control is also quite heroic a task. Don't need stray bullets taking out the family dog.

A low whistle escapes him watching Julia Cornwall in action, this could very well be his first 'present day' interaction with one of the Slingers of the Present. Also she is quite a bit more for the eye than Petey, that is another plus.

"What in the hell is a Sentinel?!" calls Julia mid-cartwheel flip dodge, "I mean aside from a term meaning a guardian or some such!"
She whips a hand out and a web forms out of nothing and grabs one of the remaining guards about the torso. She whips her arm back towards her body and yoinks the guy off his feet. She also uses the man's greater mass to propel -her- away from another attacker. And then she sees the -other- webs.
She trims her approach, uses another psi-web to launch herself towards the webbing and lands on said web. "This is convenient." she states before she runs down the web towards the building, "So Sentinels are -bad- things then?!" she exclaims as she launches herself towards the building's wall and sticks there to it.

Ford blinked as a couple bullets zip right by him. Fast as he was, he couldn't outrun a speeding bullet. He looked back at Cessily, before speaking up. "Just-! Look, whatever you plan to do, just do it and then get to safety, alright? Take action!" Ford winced as he felt a bullet clip his mask. Too close for comfort!
Ford does an about face and sprints back into action, strafing quickly around the pair still after them before rushing in to dive kick one of them. 'Pull your kick! Don't want to kill the poor guys!' he reminded himself sternly.

And one of the guards got zotted by Captain, the cat that is - shooting lightning. She smiles, waving to the spider fellow. Witches are generally okay with spiders, so a dude slinging webs isn't horrifying, nor is the lady with webs. It's just how they do. "Aren't they some kinda robots?" As far as Sentinels go, Rain is clueless. But now she is holding her cat and blasting guards with lightning from Captain. Zzzzt. It's not lethal, just painful. And hilarious.

Colin sees the next guy going to aim at him, and just shakes his head. "You know I'm a ninja, actually a British Ninja, we are even more dangerous an incredible than regular ninja. That is not going to work." But okay he's getting a little sloppy just tossing stuff at the guards. So as soon as he finishes his line, he leaps at the guards, getting as close as possible. While in the air the Katana that he keeps on himself is coming on, and yes it's slicing at a few of them. Slices are non fatal, but he did switch on the taser part of the sword as well, so they are going to get a nice little shock when the blade touches them.

Wanda is easily distracted. So with people tumbling around all over the place while quips and questions fill the air she's starting to get a bit confused. Thankfully there is still gunfire in that air to keep her focussed. The butterfly wall is holding out for anyone who needs it so her right hand flings a ball of chaotic energy at the nearest gunman. Brinley gets annoyed when Wanda reduces people to their component atomic structure - she can change them back! - so for now it is just blasts of energy knocking them off their feet and smashing their heads against the hard surface of the road. Much nicer! Talk of Sentinels at least means Wanda knows she is on the right side.

S-Mans webs keeps the 'action' contained. They also have the benefit of not allowing more guards out of the building, that's a good thing!

Fords run takes out another, causing the other to shake his head a little dizzily - that run confounded them a little. Maybe Cessily can take advantage of that - they had been firing on her after all.

Two guards drop to Electro-Captain, another to Colins' Katana, another to Wanda's blast of energy and another is tangled in Julia's psi-web and pulled off his feet. Strangely, the guards aren't responding to his quips, they're pretty focussed on trying to stop this.

"Sentinels?" Mari shakes her head in bewilderment. "Those big stompy robots that attacked the Halls of Justice a month or so back? The ones that seem to target mutants and metas? Those are Sentinels… they were all over the news." She doesn't waste much breath though as her pendant glows and she's encompaseed by the glowing form of a Gorilla. As the gunman nearest her swings his weapon to open fire, the dark skinned woman just hits him … hard and sends flying to land on his back.

The last two - one wielding a crocodile instead of weapon - someone might want to see to that. The second looks around those gathered, that went south pretty quickly for him. He turns and runs right into S-Mans web-mesh … this really isn't he day.

Cessily Kincaid here some talk of Sentinels, and opposition to them, and decides that sounds like bad news. If these guards are connected with those, ugh forget that. So with the encouragement of sorts by the irritated stranger, she just starts walking toward the nearest guard, and if it's not taken care of in time, she'll apply her recent hand to hand combat training to go for his arms, and his knee, to try to knock his weapon, well his crocodile, and then him, to the ground. The crocodile is then shooed away with her foot.

Just one guy to punch, anything, just one… Red on Black Spider-Man was hopeful and he got his wish the poor fool ran right in to the organic webbing. A rather showy spin that results in him flip kicking in to the air and a fist comes down in to the man's head, very pulled, he doesn't want to kill the guy. "That felt good." Miguel says to no one in particular. All that extra movement was unnecessary but when in a Rome or in this case New York…

"Cool, a ninja." Rain thinks so, anyway. Captain is cackling as he's zotted people. "I urge you to accept me as your feline overlord," Mwahahaha! Cat cackling. "Anyone hurt?" She asks. Then there's a blink as Spider-Dude totally owned the guard with a flippy spinny kicky kick. Huh, wow.

About to turn about and tackle the last guard, Ford finds that the girl he encountered earlier seems to be getting involved. In fact, with so many metas and heroes on the scene, his help seemed rather unnecessary. Good by him. He could use this confusion to slip away unbothered and without interrogations. Putting that super speed to use, Ford decided to zip down a nearby alley, then another, hoping to lose anyone keeping track of him before heading back to pick up his shirt he'd left behind. Much as he'd love to stick around and figure out what's going, he had a schedule to keep and the less time he spent here, the more time he had to build up an alibi for where he was.

His time was up.

Wanda dismisses her shield with a flick of her wrist before she is on her communicator back to X-Red HQ. "This is Scarlet Witch. I have some news." A long pause. "Over." A longer pause as she remembers no one is back there and this is just for documentation purposes. "I am at place called…MetroTech. A cheetah woman says there are Sentinels here. They need to be stopped, da?" She walks closer to the webbed off building and glares up at it. Scarlet energy grows around her curling and spasming fingers - she might want to knock it down.

Colin looks at the guy as he takes the one down with the taser sword. Okay no more witty banter for him, or trying the witty banter anyway, we all know the Brits are better at dry wit anyway. Since the crocodile is taken care of, there are a few guards left to take care of. He slices at a few of them with the sword, "Just remember, I could have easily killed you if I wanted to."

Running down that webline, Julia, aka Spider-Woman, doesn't appear to stick to it. Maybe she has an affinity for'em huh? Either way, she ends up sticking to the wall and eyes the webbing keeping the building sealed, "Perfect." she mutters as she launches herself upwards with hands -and- feet.
She webs herself to the rooftop and lands to run at high speed, searching for another way in. If this was Gotham, she would expect the Wayne Skylight Company to have installed one … okay, kidding, but you know!

Mari bends, putting her hands on her knees as the glowing nimbus fades from around the dark skinned woman. "Thank you…" she looks around at the gathered heroes "That could have been very bad." Wanda's update to her headquarters gets a shake of her head "Not full Sentinels, parts and plans for them though that are being sold overseas …" beat "Well, that's what my sources said and what I was trying to find out, anyway."

"I'm Vixen, by the way…" Whilst they shouldn't delay here, there's a few moments before they need to leave.

"Nice to meet you, Vixen. I'm Rain. This is -" "I'm Captain," The cat responds in a rich, baritone voice. "Be well. We're off to get things home. Also I'm not sure the FAA regulations on flying broomsticks," Rain admits. She does have a deep seated hatred for pigeons. There's a polite smile and wave. And there was a ninja.

"Sentinel parts are sentinels" Wanda replies to Vixen, still staring at the building though now that Spider-Woman is all over it, so much for bringing it down. The witch realises what Vixen says and turns to look at her. "Wait, you are not even sure if there is anything in there? The guards are good proof of…something…but that does not mean sentinels." She remembers to wave Rain off but also gives her an odd look; if there are sentinels in there, why is everyone leaving?

Scarlet Witch and Spider-Woman get a curious glance as the others settle post combat or finish striking down very outclassed security. "Vixen, Rain, talking cat. Spider-M… S-Man… Hi, everyone, also hi." Brushing webbing off of his hands he walks towards Mari and anyone near her, "And did you find that out or not?"
A double take is given to the Captain as Scarlet powers down(?) and speaks, "Right, what she said."

Cessily Kincaid abruptly gets shy once the introductions start. Folding her arms in front of her, she says a bit softly "Cessily."

Down the far side of the building, Spider-Woman drops to the ground and works her way in the door. She's trying to find robot parts now. She feels stupid now that she doesn't know what Sentinels are. But she did just move here from the West Coast in the last couple months so…
How does she open the door? Well, cling to it and yank it off its hinges. Then head on inside. What's inside? Well, she intends to find out.

"Uhm somehow I got the codename Ninjak, don't ask." Okay that is one thing the Americans have on the British, they are kinda better at naming stuff. "I'm just visiting here and felt like helping. I also have to say, you bloody Americans an your guns. Can't you just use more civilized weapons?" He says that while sheathing his swords of course.

"Well, they're up to something." Vixen agrees. "I was checking their records when they found me… I started with their hard copies, because hacking computers can generally be done from the outside." Pulling, from the front of her jumpsuit, a folder with papers in it "I'm going to have to take this to another contact, but it looks like these are plans to me …."

For those that know, they are plans to some sort of automaton, maybe a Sentinal, or maybe something else.

"Nice to meet you, Ninjak, S-Man" those names get an impish smile, but she doesn't really have a leg to stand on there "Scarlet Witch, Cessily." Wait, weren't there others????

Julia's efforts get the doors open, and she finds the computer system that Mari didn't get to. Does she have the skills to access it and download data? Perhaps SHIELDs issued her with one of those data spikes….

"Because no one would take me seriously with a 12 inch wand," Rain notes. "Where'd you get your weapons? Anime convention?" Captain quips. "Captain! That's not nice," Rain remarks. "Anyway, nice to meet you guys. Anyone need a ride?" The witch beams shyly. She does wince as her name is missed, but she's getting kind of used to it. She's really sneaky. "Well. Let u know if you need more help."

Well, data spike? She does have a nifty SHIELD issue cellphone designed to jack in and siphon a system dry. She dashes over and places it down, hooking the cable up and connecting it to the server.
Of course, it doesn't have enough storage on board, that's why it uploads it to the SHIELD Cloud! SHIELDBox? They need a name for that!
She goes for the ceiling then, hanging there out of direct line of sight while she waits for the beep in her bluetooth headset to tell her it's done.

The Ninja guy eyes the cat, "I made them myself actually. Guns aren't civilized you know." Plus he spent years training with a guy called the Undead Monk, gotta use what you learned. "Now if you'll exscuse me, I do believe I must get going." Cause he doesn't want too many authorities asking why a MI:6 agent is working on American soil you know. But of course he has to make an exit, there is a smoke pellet dropped and a Ninja Vanish!

Cessily Kincaid gives a shy little wave to the others after giving her introduction. She looks around, her head lowered a bit. Trying to figure out if she should stay or what. "Are Sentinels coming or something?" she ventures to ask.

Unless someone calls the witch, she is totally going to do her thing. Captain just giggles at the ninja. Human ninjas are very odd, as far as cats are concerned.

"Hello everyone" is Wanda's broad greeting to the assembled before she looks back at the building. "The spider woman who went inside, what is her name? If that place is full of security then I am worried she will get stuck." Her eastern European accent showing she isn't one of those Americans Ninjak complains about. Wanda looks at the papers before asking, "Who? Who will you take it to?" A nod to Rain. "Go if you need to. If sentinels were coming they would be here by now."

"Spider-Woman, I think." Spider-Man (O'Hara) grins but it's behind a mask. He is watching with open curiosity as the Ninja(K) vanishes in a cloud of smoke and the Witch flies away. Two make that three in two days. He's got some weird luck going on right now but at least not time traveling robots are attacking at the moment. Cessily gets her own look and a nod among the introductions. "And if they are coming it looks like they'll have their work cut out for them."

Oh yes, the woman on the broomstick "And Rain, Captain." Vixen hadn't meant to overlook her, but she's a little preoccupied. "No, no Sentinels, but given the noise we just made? The NYPD won't be far away." The dark skinned woman turns a look on Cessily with a smile "We're safe for the moment at least."

Wanda's question gets a raised eyebrow "A contact that asked for my help. Ronin." She sighs "We've tracking and disrupting shipments of parts for a couple of weeks now… got a lead in Detroit to follow up next."

Julia's bluetooth beeps, the data upload is done. If she's careful, she'll be able to avoid any security and get out of there.

Wanda frowns at the mention of the NYPD. She may not be an illegal anymore…maybe…but she isn't good with authority in uniforms. And Brinley isn't here to do the fancy talking. "Let's get out of here" she suggests; because nothing suspicious about beating up a bunch of security guards and fleeing the scene. She will let X-Red know everything that happened. "Spider-Woman? Good name for her."

Cessily Kincaid hears the talk of people leaving,a nd gives another shy little wave. "I guess I'll try to find the subway station againt hen," she laughs weakly, making fun of herself before she turns to leave. She's still not quite clear what's going on. She'll have to try to find out later from people who know more.

Dropping off the ceiling, Spider-Woman grabs her phone, disconnects it all and tucks it into a slim pouch on her costume's left leg/hip before she skulks out of the same door she ripped open.
Into her bluetooth, she voice commands: Email. Send. Jemma. Check upload from my device. Keyword Sentinels."
That's almost subvocalized as she gets outside and goes back up the way she came down before sprinting over the roof at high speed and launching herself into the air… landing down by Vixen. "Anything they had on their servers.. SHIELD now has." she remarks with a quick salute.

"Yes, they'll have their work cut out for them," Vixen smiles at S-Man as she thinks. "If you want to know more, look for me at McCabe Consulting. Ask for Vixen, they'll know how to get in touch." Looking to Cessily, Mari smiles, I'll walk with you, if you like." Wanda get's a considering look "And you'll let X-Red know what's happening here, right?" Yes, Vixen keeps up with the news.

Julia's news has her eyebrows raising "Is it now? I guess we'll have to pay Agent May a visit then … "

"I will" Wanda nods to Vixen before the sound of sirens causes her to speed up her exit. Scarlet energy flows down from her hands to push her into the air. It's not real flying and it looks as unsteady as anything can but it gets her places slightly faster than running.

"SHIELD… ah yeah I'll never get used to that." Spider-Man (O'Hara) means by that, them being what they are here and not what he is familiar with. "Right, I agree but then again I might be bias with this whole spider thing." His easy reply to Scarlet. "McCabe, Vixen, got it. I don't know how much extra information I can pry on or help with but if they're bad… well, I guess thats what I do now." The depatures noted he looks skyward for his own out or relocation. Sirens, even the good guys don't like them. Why is that? Paperwork. Everyone hates paperwork. It's a good motivator.

"So, those were -your- webs then?" asks Spider-Woman as she waves a hand, dismissing her -extraneous- webbing.. not the ones binding the thugs though.
She asks this towards the oddly dressed Spiderman. Her eyes roam down his outfit, and then back up it. "Interesting look. You decided to change it up or some such?" Oddly, she hasn't -met- the Peter Spider-Man in person, so she's thinking this is her first run in with the real Spider-Man!
The sounds of sirens makes her smirk… and her mouth and nose -are- visible in her suit. She looks to Vixen and raises her brows. She knows May… "I guess we will." she states as she gestures off camera… a psi-web forming and yoinking her into the air. "Later. Spider-Man, we should go talk somewhere…" and Whoosh!

"Yeah, that was my handywork and I'm not… yeah, lets have a chat." Spider-Man 2099 slings off after Spider-Woman. May as well have one of those type of convos, he hasn't exactly lost the fun of them yet.

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