You Ain't a Lady

March 18, 2016:

Harley party crashes Iceberg Lounge and reunites with Ivy and an unexpected cabbie she crossed paths with once.

Gotham - Iceberg Lounge


NPCs: Raven

Mentions: Penguin, Doctor Venom


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Fade In…

Posh extravagant icy themed club of Gotham. Year before last it was a rave but it's influx of just bad sorts, the criminal element and continued shutdowns has made it popular only to those who want some edge, thrill seekers and exactly the sort of people Cobblepot tries not to associate with openly.

Two stories of restaurant, lounge, pool full of pet seals and penguins with a massive ice sculpture ship themed dance floor. This place was gaudy to say the least and new age catchy swing music was inspiring enough to have a few people out there dancing.

Not Taskmaster though, nope, he is parked in one of the booth with his mask on and a tuxedo. The mask is a trademark, plus it gets him things sometimes and right now it's getting him free drinks from a leggy brunette with a bird name he can't remember and lots of elbow room as no one will come near him. He is after all one of the baddest of the bad in the merc business. Last he checked he is right up there in the top 10 for hired guns.

A whiskey sour is held up and observed, the drink a little on the side of sweet but he preferred them. Especially after spending a day in a foreign country being filled full of radiation THEN later getting a big needle thrust in to his REDACTED and thats not important. What is important is that he doesn't have to touch up on his will and final testimony. Work for Slade is at times not worth it.

"POLAR BEAR CLUB!" There is a happy squeak from the front door as it is swung open and is slammed aside by two pale hands. Standing there in a near frozen jumping jack pose with a grin of a kid in a candy shop, Harley has entered an old haunt, or a new one filled with old people…
Long hair don't care..

A moment, a blur of red mingled with black and blue and it is a flurry of a mess as in the path boots are left behind - one five feet from the next in the bee line to the sub-arctic waters that bears seals and penguins alike. A run turns into a cartwheel, round off and flips, flips that bounce and get acrobatically higher to end in a spin mid-air an a beautiful swan dive into the frigid depths.

When surface is broken long pig tails tipped in red and blue flow out on the surface behind her like tracers as she swims after the retreating wildlife. "I. Just. Wanna. HUG YA!"

It has been a while since Pamela has been out and about. Though not the usual visit to the Giella Gardens this was something different. To be on the scene with all too pricy heels that would make a debutante blush, and a form fitting gown made of the finest silk and the thinnest of layers that would make any grown man blush. Statuesque as she was, red-hair in a juke-joint type of flow with a half finger-wave down the side and pincurls to kill. Ruby red lipstick lines her lips almost would make one double take and mistake her for Jessica Rabbit. Though, while gloriously bouncy and sultry, there was a shade of mean that would consider her to be the devil in a -green- dress cause that other uppity B (cause it's a swear word) wears red.

The fabric was a dream on the skin and it shows as she walks, a slight tilted grin upon her face with gloves that reach up to lightly stroke the choker that was pried off of some poor womans dead body not too long ago to decorate. It even seems that the entirety of her moves along with the music, a wiggle here, a bounce there, and..


..she stops cold, that hand lifting to press against the bridge of her nose with her eyes closed, the glass of red dead wine within her hand soon tossed upon her shoulder and possibly landing upon some poor suits shoulder to spill as if he were shot and the face of pain to match. So what. She had to corral her besty.

Heels march towards the fount, well after the splash as her fingers snap to gain Harley's attention. "Harley! Harley! You come out of that water -right- now!" If anyone was deserving of a hug is this one! Poison Ivy! Who was not as venomous just for that reason alone. Among other things.
"NO no! Get them out!" A woman's shrill voice is heard. The lady in charge one of Penguin's three.
Two men in suits rush over towards Harley diving in the pool, "Isn't that Mr.J's ex?"

"Shut up. You're a Penguin now not a Joker goon. That kinda shit will get you shot."
The thinner of the two goons clamps his hand over the bigger ones mouth as Ivy marches over. "Don't say a damn word. You recognize her too?" The big one with a hand over his face nods.

The woman above doesn't seem to care and in a surprising leap despite her outfit storms over to Harley and Ivy, "You two should not be here. The bosses orders are to keep you rabble out." Raven, they may remember her as Raven. The other two are Lark and Jay but they're not in eyesight nor earshot. Raven and Jay are dangerous but Lark is the truly scary one.

Taskmaster chuckles, drinking some of his sour before leaning forward in his booth, "This is gonna be good… " Dinner, drink and a show? The Penguin does deliver. Though, why the hell he picked Gotham for some down time is beyond him. Maybe he really didn't want down time or maybe he just forgot where he was going. Nah, swing music. Hes in the swing mood.

Ivy?? Ivy?!? Harley's swim that was more like a doggy paddle after the critters stops, and she paddles herself into a semi-circle to point back towards the floor and Ivy with the biggest grin of cheese that could ever come across red and black lips. The way mascara was running you would think she was a sad clown, but NOPE!

Her teeth were chattering though in that smile, one of those creepy wind-up denture toys, that's what she was as she paddled her way back to the shore and then froze, wading when the woman came to scold not only her, but Ivy? Her wading slowed, and within the cold water she bobbed, then slowly sank, water rippling just over lips and below nose while her hair fanned out around her. A chaotic spill of coloration.

And then she surges out, hands planted and feet coming up between in a tucked land that places her between Raven and Ivy. "I brought suet!" Though as fingers attempt to dig into the pockets of those leather short-shorts, the baggie of bird seed she frees rips free and scatters small grains across the floor.


"Here chickchicchick." Spoken between exposed teeth.

Step on them, she dares ya.

The flash of color is what caught Ivy's attention, her lips pressing into a thin line as she stares at Harley, taking that moment to woosa herself into an eerie calm but without the extra breath needed. She was holding it in. Holding it in. Good lord she was holding it in until she about faces towards Raven with a smile. A smile. A wide grinned smile that did not reach her eyes which allows that shade of crazy to be seen. That one smile that you reserve for people that got on your nerves that you wanted to smack the hell out of but you had to have a little saving grace because you were in public. That smile that dripped with all of the venom in the would that actually turns Ivy a shade of pale green over the mere seconds it took her to turn in that direction.

Finally, she inhales. And just when she was about to speak, Harley bounces forth which has her taking a step back. The wetness that flings from the girl touches upon the silk which makes it cling to her skin in a mild.. mild.. mild hint of annoyance. "Now.. now.. Harley.." Ivy murmurs with careful words. Her gloved hand reaching out to lightly press upon the womans shoulder. It was as if she were putting her on a leash, one that she'd happily let go if she even felt the slightest hint of a tic.

"What -is- that word that we commonly say?" It was decision making time. Raven was about to have a come to Jesus moment if she didn't back down.

Raven is bristling but she only stares daggers at Harley and Ivy. Small dog meet bigger dogs. "Please, get her away from the pool and find someplace to sit out of sight and out of mind." The two goons are both wide eyed and watching trying to at least show some bit of imposing but failing as they step by step back away from Raven and the Disastrous Duo.

"Hey, you can sit them with me. I could use some company." Taskmaster, his voice carrying with that usual electronic inflicted distortion. The tuxedo is a new touch though. It has been a while since he has set foot in Gotham, almost half a year now.
"Red, lets not make a scene. C'mon up and keep your pal Tasky some company." He is grinning but they can't see that. His skull mask is always grinning.

Harley just keeps her Cheshire smile in th face of a foreboding Raven. When the woman does not move she leans forward in a rock on toes to heels and nearly chirps. "I wouldn't like sulfur either, no matter the nutty exterior." A whisper with a wink and Harley is spinning with arms wide open…

Slow motion….

One leg splays out to hook around the waist of Ivy's silken dress and slenderized middle. Arms around her neck. SMECK! Right on the kisser. "Missed ya bestie! Ohmahgawd, let me tell you about this bitch who wanted to make me her bith…" A koala clinging recount with furrowed brow and fingers extended to count one…

Taskmaster's voice though, that draws a peer of head around bare shoulder coated in pristine fingerwoven red with a furrow of brow, and then they both shoot up with another joyous grin as the acrobatic motion brings her to swing around Ivy's waist and detach.

Hop. Skip. Jump. Tasmaster finds his lap laden in a icy cold and frigid clown girl, his mask held in her hands to place a SMOOCH! to his skully forehead. "I remember you! You dumped me out the passenger door just outside of South Hook after a heist and a shoot em up!" Straddling his lap Harley makes gun shooty motions at Task and winks, blowing off the tip of index finger at the end.

"Never forget that mask." A small bounce and she is plopped beside Task but butt scooching towards where Ivy would come in to join with wet squeaky motions. "So good ta be free, ya know? I needed a swim."

"Bitch…" Ivy was ready to start, but the call from Taskmaster chills her bones. In a good way. Something about that electronic voice makes a girl go goo-goo-gaa-gaa. And then there was a Harley upon her. A quick action causes those venoms to recede and the kiss was met with a welcoming kiss and a hitch of her hands upon Harley's butt. She was holding her like a babe.. well a big babe that was meant to be held in a fashion once they cling wetly to the silk. "Just where in the hell ha.." Words were soon cut off as the dress was twisted, eyes were on the prize as Ivy rights herself in that moment. But nothing was right about that thin as silk that had Tom, Dick, and Harry falling out of their seats. But Ivy wasn't shy! No no! There was a kiss blown to Raven and the two goons as she sultrily sways as best as she can, with a shuffle, a slight shimmy that squeezes her into the booth and the middle of her two beaus.

And a flourish! Man can Ivy flourish! Legs spared and given to Taskmaster as the rest of her settles into Harley's lap. So much for that flashy hairdo.

"Somewhere.. deep down.." Ivy sighs out, her eyes fluttering closed. "I was hoping that I was going to get to cut a bitch."

And then, at that moment, Taskmaster could probably feel the row of knives against her thigh. Probably nudging him. "Glad you're out, pretty lady."

"Post more guards by them and be discreet. I don't want them getting excited and shooting the place up while Mr.Cobblepot is out." Raven hisses at one of the goons while storming off. Within minutes those suited up Penguin gangsters are shuffling closer to the VIP section yet, they're trying to be incognito. The trio at their booth is far too familiar with this sort of gig to overlook the activity.

"Unf, aghk." Taskmaster is almost bowled over as Harley hip checks him in to sitting again, frigid and icicle is an understatement. She feels like a jittery icecube.
"I… sure, outside of South Hook? I, hrm, we'll go with it." Taskmaster does not remember this but that isn't unusual. He has a condition. Ivy though, he remembers her quite well she worked with him recently in assisting Hugo Strange and the Baroness in manufacturing the CC-CV1 drug that ultimately led to brainwashed HYDRA assault troopers. Good times.
"Where is your nerdy stalker or did he go dark as well?" Doctor Venom, one of Ivy's number one fans. Hard to imagine him just vanishing on the woman without sending her bouquets of man-eating plants twice a week.

Room on the bench is made for the two and he holds up his fingers ordering more drinks, hopefully they arrive promptly and no rude treatment is given Taskmaster now that he has apparently unwelcome company. These two seem to have a history here.

"Blackgate." One word answers it all when Ivy's unfinished inquiry is left lingering. But Taskmaster's ignorant response gets a tilt of Harley's head, innocent and curious blink. "Reaps, you got issues."

Ivy's joining upon her lap and then between is met with a smile, but one that shifts and lightens pale eyes. Eyes that are ringed in running black, blue and powdered red, but one the less look upward to Ivy with that small smile. A shimmy nearly paints Harley against her side in all her frozen glory.

So frozen even the leather of haltered and corseted top seems to crackle in skins overlay.

Legs cross in the lean, chin props upon Ivy's shoulder and now her eyes seem sobered, albeit slightly at Taskmaster's inquiry. "I am no stalker. I'll have you know, I got good taste is all." A glare towards Taskmaster and she is sliding her way towards newly delivered drinks with her own sobered vigor. A dangerous thing.

The guards were watched of course, right out of the corner of Ivy's eyes when they were opened. Heels dig into the cushion of the booth that wasn't occupied and legs stretch out over Taskmasters own in a languid reserved only for a cat. There was a little bit of amusement there, a cackling laugh, he threw her out of a car? Sounds like.. the both of them rather.

"The nerdy stalker.." Ivy says for Harley's benefit.. "Monev received a call. And he left. Globetrotting. He actually mailed me a package with an eye on ice with an interesting fungus that I've yet to dissect. You just reminded me." She snaps her fingers briefly at the thought, a glance up towards Harley as she begins to shake and shimmy.. an arm curling around the woman with a tilt and a slight lean overhead to snag her own drink which.. how.. how can she drink.. wait a minute.

She snatches, she tugs, and she pulls, bending herself upright with a curl of her knees that could probably knock against the mask upon his chin, a huff and a grunt given and instead of a sip the girl does a goddamned swaller.

Note. It wasn't a swallow. Swallow is for pansies. She swallered that darn thing up like a pro and tossed the empty glass back upon the table with a roll that'd seem like it would topple but rights itself immediately. Maybe it was afraid of Harley.

Back to them! "Now you, you I haven't seen in over a year and now I know why Blackgate made the news. My lovelies have been busy and are leaving me out of all the fun. I'm mildly jealous." Beat. "Mildly."

"Anot… no make that two more rounds." Taskmaster informs the waitress who like everything else here was monochromatic in theme and dressed like a penguin, a slutty penguin but a penguin none the less. "I didn't mean you were a stalker I meant… right, just going to nod. Reaps, that almost sounds familiar. Almost." The mask comes up when he drinks just enough to reveal a smooth jaw and white teeth then goes back down again, "Too bad, as much as Archie annoyed the shit out of me he had some good chems. I guess that whole outfit went dark." A shrug and he reclines in to the leather of the bench allowing it to groan around his broad shoulders, sort of slumping while watching the two women. "Girls night out?"

Let it be afraid of her. The cup that does a roll and topple, only to right itself is leveled from rotation and settle by the swatting plant of palm over the top, a hollow thunk emanating in resounding noise to the capture.

One of the guards, though, he dropped a bendy straw in Harley's cup after her slap n' pause of Ivy's own cup. A mind reading motion, or because he simply knew the clown princess. But the smile comes over lips of smeared black and red before they wrap around the straw and pull. The cup goes from full to zero in one solid drink.

Ivy's grip back upon her comes with the trace of tongue over lower lip, the red smoothing out over lower tier while those eyes look sidelong upon her and Taskmaster. "Tis a sad thing when you forget the good times." But as she speaks her eyes are upon what he reveals to take his own drink and then conceal.

The shift and exchange of what she is ignorant of is ignored as she bends the straw back and forth, the small accordion sound vibrating in the gesture while one leg swings to entangle over Ivy's and nestle her in once again against her side. "I did not leave you out, Bestie! I just got me out and let the others have some fun." One hand rises and the blue end of pigtail is captured and twirled wetly around fingertips.

The smile upon lips though bears a morbid deviousness, and does no good to lighten the run of makeup around eyes and down prominent cheek bones. "Girls reunion, now turned night out." An up-down of eyes upon Taskmaster though. "You ain't a lady."

"Dark? It imploded." Ivy did the bleh'lala fingers; red painted nails dancing in the light of the club.

Ivy was going to let Harley take this one. Smashed against the woman's side was a welcome comfort for lonely nights in the Reservoir, (I probably spelled that wrong), and a slight nuzzling of her neck right where the jawline hits has her remembering why bad smelled so good. She grins a little, leaning up to reach for her new drink as she tugs away from the woman to sit upright, bottom lip bitten and considering.

"He's not a lady.. no.." She shifts forward, drink tip and toppled up. Gone and down the flute of her throat as she releases a growl that was barely heard.

"I think we should turn this into a ladies and guy night in." She pauses for dramatic effect, leaning towards Harley to fish the draw with just her tongue into her direction, and a clasp of lips to sip ever so slightly to add to the blush of her cheeks from her previously slammed drink.

"I tell you what. I have a mallet and three nails. Anyone want to put me up for the night?"

"Hah!" A Taskmaster chuckle, "No. I assure you I am not." He seems tired but amused and the company is light all things considered. "You two are awful frisky and I almost wonder if this place ain't the safest place to get drunk. Sure, we'll grab a bottle and go back to Ivy's place if it is still where it used to be." He is sure it is, these Gotham types got a thing for the familiar.

Pressing himself upright the mercenary pushes his sour aside, "We'll grab a bottle on the way. Just lets not piss off any of the nocturnal critters in this city, I really really would rather a night to re-coop and not… have to beat someone in to a bloody pile." At least until he is totally clear he is not full of radiation sickness.

"Ride is mine, destination is ya'lls." A wad of cash joins the discarded drinks on the table and he strides away from the booth.

Ivy's nuzzle along her jaw has chin tilting upward, and when Taskmaster responds lips part into a silent laugh, but when Ivy seeks to pull away the woman gets a nip along her own jaw. "My babies still at your place?" Oh yes, she meant Bud and Lou. She missed them something fierce and it was inquired as if she needed more leverage to go, but the way that nip landed just where tender flesh of jaw meets slender curvature of neck…

Swipe! Ivy gets her sip from bendy straw, but sip is it! The glass is taken and tongue-hooked straw goes right between Harley's mismatched lips. Sparkly leather shorts scooch-scooch *squeak* over the vinyl upholstery until she is free of the crescent seating and following Task, a bat of lashes and glance back at Ivy has teeth gripping the straw but lips moving to speak around the hold.

"I'll nail ya and give ya a come to Jesus moment while he drives. Promise." Long lashes flutter over the eye where just beneath a small heart tattoo could be found.

Thoug passing one of the goons that recognized her the empty glass is shoved into his chest all the while short stature stands up to toes to barely meet his ear and whisper… A bit loudly. "Miss me?" And a single shove has him backpedaling into the spill of seeds from earlier, a grind of sole against them to gather footing and it sparks into flame and crackles like Fourth of July Poppers.

"Lead the way…Hay-zeus." Harley states towards Task, as she picks up her heeled sports shoes and skips after them both.

"Warg! Uh… " The goon is tossed in to a tumble and crash against a table. Somewhere in the office area Raven just had an aneurysm.

"Yeah, lets definitely get out of here. The Penguin gives me decent work from time to time. Rather not ruin that just because of the company I keep…" Not a single glance back the mercenary leads them out of the Lounge and in to the night time Gotham streets.

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