Up The Crazy River

March 18, 2016:

Andy awakens to find his cybernetics have been tampered with and he has become a prisoner of Cyberforce.

The Elevator


NPCs: Chip McNally, Doctor Corben, CC

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"Somewhere hidden away from prying eyes obscured by technological so advanced it borders from science to magic the assorted motley of Ripclaw's AD HOC strike force dubbed only Cyberforce for now is housed.

For those who know its location it is the abandoned Red Hook Grain Elevator. Or at least somewhere deep beneath it.

Andy had arrived nights before and Doctor Corben was waiting with extra blood as demanded and his tools ready. The subject was also tightly bound to a table during his unconscious state and due to his hyper metabolism extra drugs where needed to keep him sedate which they eventually ran out of due to this being a rather low budget operation. Anything the team works with they have confiscated from CyberData and other enemy elements.

The Brain Box is disabled at this point in time but not completely removed. Just like Zakura. They can be reactivated through the right process but that is unlikely as far as any of them present are aware. They no longer transmit signal and must be manually turned back on.

Recovery state for Andy has gone pretty much like it did for Zakura. All weapons removed and left in an empty yet open bar door cell that allows vision in to the next room. Clothes are what was left behind and this time unfortunately its little more than an old suit jacket and some too short chinos. No doubt Breakneck if he chooses to wear clothes will look mad stylish.

Chip hasn't presented himself to the SHOC Assassin nor has Timmie as he hasn't been allowed. The odd cyborg talking cat was visible delivering a plate of food this morning but all it did was flip him off and walk out. Corben has been present in and out checking his status on a roughly assembled machine and a clip board. No one else has been allowed in.

Zakura post arrival from her running away has been given a lot of freedom and an entire abandoned wing to explore of the underground areas of the Elevator. Clothing was acquired from a Donation Bin above and food has been left at the entryway, they've for the most part left her alone. They're giving her this chance to come to them.

Beyond the antechamber that is open outside of Andy's containment cell Ripclaw's voice can be heard muffled speaking to several other voices.

It's been somewhat peaceful within the elevator..

Especially since Nadia couldn't hear a goddamned thing. Mostly what she's gotten were gestures that gained folks a glance and ignored there after unless food was presented then she'd eat, drink and sleep. Other stuff left out for the sake of being a lady. At least the water pressure was surprisingly decent, though it took her nearly two hours to step into the shower. Mostly her quietly panicking and snarling at anything moves and then utter reluctance and a shit ton of sobbing as if she kissed a guy who was really a girl; a reversal of the Crying Game shower scene. Sob sob. Wash wash.

Should we describe her drying methods? Sure! Pat down, dress. She looked alright. Though still with no access to her weapons and the skinny jeans that seemed like capris because they were tossed in by a ten year old who couldn't fit it anymore was cut open with slices of her razor sharp nails and a too tight shirt with an oversized jacket to boot. And prison shoes.

Probably Rose's thing. No laces, nothing but slip in's which made it easier for her to wander around her empty space mindlessly. But there was a buzz that actually brings her wandering, oversized sleeves dangling and nearly scraping against the ground, eyes forward with a dart left and right and a slight shifty shuffle to catch the way Ripclaw's mouth speaks his words with a bit of a frown. And a slight teeter forward, and a bend to peek through the slacks just to see who was inside.

Andy Hart had been sleeping with his back against the wall, sitting with his hands draped over his knees, his head tilted back. Recovery from the surgery had been nothing - with a bit of concentration and focus, he was able to heal from injury with dangerous rapidity. He knew his cybernetics had been tampered with, though - he couldn't feel the Company in his head, that telltale drip of data that went like water torture, that ping of possession that reminded him he was owned.

He wanted to be mad about it, but he wasn't permitted anger. He starts to, for a moment, but he ended up having a small seizure as a result, his highly-conditioned mentality still in place regardless of cybernetic intervention. He couldn't even tell if the torture protocols still worked or not - his body reacted as if they did just the same, nerve and muscle memory alike contracting him into a fetal ball.

But that was a while ago. Now, he hears Riplcaw's approach and, when the native man's face appears at the window, Breakneck opens his eyes and smiles, "Good morning, starshine."

"Lot of work cut out for us with these two." The words audible from Corben. "Hopefully it's worth it." Worth it is caught by Zakura as the Doctor is now facing her and Ripclaw gives her a brief smile then steps in to the antechamber outside of Andy's cell.

"Work in progress Corben. We all are and this one… is still… yeah." A frown crosses Ripclaw's brow and the tall white skinned NDN makings a clicking sound as his tongue taps the back of his sharp teeth. "How are you feeling?"

Corben pauses by Nadia and offers her an orange slice before proceeding past. Mumbling to himself. It's as though shes just joined the rest of the crazies and they really don't seem to pay mind to her wandering around. They're just that self-absorbed or all that damaged. Maybe a bit of both. It takes a forward pushing maniac like Ripclaw to actually make them budge but when they do they can accomplish quite a bit. Especially when the end result tastes of sweet sweet revenge.

Nadia tilts her head as her eyes dart back towards Ripclaw. The smile was noted and not returned, she was waiting for him to speak but he moves and her eyes were on Corbon. As he offers her the orange slice, she nearly ducks back as if he just raised a hand to smack, but immediately sna-.. no. Don't snatch Nadia. Be polite! Her mother taught her that, though it was a shame she could hardly remember her face.

Her fingers dig into the slice to slowly take it from the Doctor which was soon curled into her fist. "Thank. You." She manages to get out, then smashes it right into her mouth with a lick of her tongue coupled with idled chews. With a look back, her gaze following the path, she takes a step forward, into the antechamber to see Andy with.. a slight raise of her brow.

Oh, they caught him! Wait, rescued him! Or.. something or other. With a slight angled step aside to keep Ripclaw and Andy both in her sights, she remains silent and watching.

Andy Hart hasn't noticed Nadia yet, his eyes trained on Ripclaw. He can imagine, of course, a dozen ways to attack the man, but not through the door. Plus, he didn't know exactly what they'd done to him yet. The company could probably fix it. He just hoped they hadn't disabled his syncing - he didn't feel it yet, but he hadn't tried to speed either, beyond a bit of healing boost. Too much without the sync and his mind would start to slip.

He hated that feeling - disconnected, frantic, confused. He didn't want to feel that. But, so far, so good.

"Just dandy! I should let you know, though, that I have some pets that need feeding so, the longer you hold me, the closer a cute hamster gets to starvation. Think about that. Not to mention the really cute snake that was going to eat the hamster alive. Your conscience, not mine. I'm just being informative. So, what next? When does the torture start? More importantly - can I get a Yoohoo?"
A sidelong acknowledgment is afforded Nadia as she joins them. Curious no doubt.

"I'm sure they'll manage. We intend on releasing you but that lies solely on your shoulders as to how soon. Our methods of approach may have been on the side of violent but that wasn't the intention. It's just the only language some of us know, you should understand this being a SHOC trooper like myself and Zakura." A motion beside him with clawed hand.

"What do you know of your situation prior to your encounter with us?"

Doctor Corben is a genius and the original in working with the brainboxs and cybernetics that the SHOC are equipped with but the limited files on Breakneck and lack of proper equipment remains a mystery on just what could be wrong or could go wrong. That is likely up to Andy's physiology and how badly he was wired in the first place.
"Water, tea, Rum or a juice box are your only options."

Ripclaw was a SHOC?

Nadia's nose wrinkles as she takes that little step forward. Curiosity is the devil here as she presses a nose against his arm. Little huffs and puffs were given and thankfully he didn't smell all that bad. But there was an animal inside waiting on the wings and one like her could smell predator damn near a mile away. With a little step back, she leans a little to the side, her smaller stature practically puts her into looking up and into his nose. But it was all an examination, weirdly so, so much that she reaches up with her own claws to *tink* against his metalic arms and a slight reach for his hand to poke at his long fingers.


Whether she was done or batted away, she looks towards Andy again, her hand reaching out to lightly tap upon the surface of the door, her fingers soon joining together in a sign that says.. Hello! and Go with the rum.

Andy Hart smiles as he notes Nadia, "Oh, hey there, kitty cat. I wondered where you'd gotten to. Guess you fell into this fella's waiting and, from the looks of it, overcompensating arms. Seriously, why did they build bulging biceps into your cybernetics? Were you meant to infiltrate the Mr. Universe contest? Or wrestle in the WWE?" he smirks.

"Um, rum please, I'm not an idiot. With some tea. And a juice box. Mango Pineapple Surprise if you have Hi-C. Cracked open a few minutes and allowed to breathe, of course. I'm not a philistine."

"About my situation prior to our encounter? Ummmmmmmm…let's see, I'd just gotten off shift at work, then went and had a late breakfast and Fanny's Diner - delicious blueberry pancakes, sausage and a tall, cold glass of OJ. Then I helped a lovely old slut pick up her dropped groceries - osteoporosis is a bitch. And then your crazy white haired one-eyed whackjob shot me. Luckily, my paycheck is direct deposit, but you should at least let me call in so they know to get a sub."

Nadia's poking and prodding is ignored and when the interest in his arms is shared he folds them across his chest. Ripclaw doesn't need to explain from just about the elbows up these arms are his own even if pride wants him to, "A juice box it is. C.C. you heard that?"

"Yeah, yeah, keep your headdress on. I'm comin'. " A New Yorker sounding voice pipes up and a sigh escapes Ripclaw, C.C.'s attitude is almost entirely fault of Chip watching TED. The nerd should never tinker with what works.

"Before that. Your time with Cyberdata's private military… or were you a solo act? Your file is very limited. It's caused concern. Then again you're also probably a newer model, which, when do you last remember not being owned by the company?"
He doesn't warn Nadia to remain back. She can handle her own if it comes to it and will likely have to learn the hard way.

There it was. That little hint of a deadpan that draws forth that has claws sinking from the tips of her fingers and both hands raising up into fists. Granted, the nails lightly pierce her skin, but the heavy *THUD* of both fists against the door of the cell (which dent just a touch) meant to gain attention just before Ripclaw speaks.

"He is nice to me." She says slowly, attempting to right her phonetics, her tone that seems dry and eerily out of place from the young woman it comes from.

With a slow step back so that she could watch Ripclaw speak, she just hangs in waiting, her glance back towards Andy to see his reaction or at least.. read what his history had been. If he remembers anything at all.

Andy Hart blinks a bit at Nadia's words, raising an eyebrow. "Well, of course he is. You're a sweetheart. Who could be mean to you? Seriously, tell me, I'll rip out their fucking liver, batter it in breadcrumbs, deep fry it and then make them eat it with a gun to their head while weeping. I mean - I would forgive them and ask them to do better next time," he says, winking. "Cause I'm totally a good guy now."

He shrugs, "I think I was…twelve? I don't really remember because I had been busy dying on and off since I was ten, so I mayyyyyyyyyy have missed a birthday or two? I mean, I could ask my dad, but I haven't talked to him since I graduated high school and he was kind of a shithead anyway. I mean, I love him - okay, maybe I don't love him. But that's not -his- fault."

"Numbers don't add up." Ripclaw muses watching Andy past Nadia. "You'll be confined here until we're sure you're fully recovered and Cyberdata isn't tracing you. After that you're on your own." They won't be leading him through the Elevator, no need for him to know where it is. Or if they do he won't likely be conscious.

"I ask you these questions because I can't get a feel for you and we're recruiting anyone who still wants to fight and get revenge, possibly redemption. You though, there is not much, were you part of a team or deployed alone during your time or can you not remember that either? What was your rank?"

A small furred creature on two legs walks in carrying what appears to be a raspberry juice box and PBJ sandwich. Waltzing his way up to the doors of the gate he slings them in to the cage, "Eat up you filthy animal."
"Oh hey it's the retarded girl. Want to hold me and scratch my tum-tum? I'll even let you brush the fur the opposite direction."

"Chip really needs to default your personality matrix back to its original."

"Hey, whoah, whoah, if Chip fucking touches me I'm hiding all of his porn."

"Out, C.C."

"Yeah, yeah, smoke 'em peace pipe and chill Geronimo."
A vein begins to form on Ripclaw's forehead as he waits for the cyborg bipedal animal to see itself out.

"Crazy man." She states, though there was a little smile that went with it. The fact that Nadia even smiles was something but it was gone within that instant. A dart of her eyes towards Ripclaw has her rubbing the back of her neck. And scratching at the cybernetics there. As the small furred creature approaches, she just.. stares.

She really couldn't read a plushies lips but there was a slight chance that she wanted to grab it by the scruff and shake it around just to make sure it was real. But Cyberdata was full of surprises and if it was an acquisition from them she shouldn't be surprised. Ah well!

With a glance back up towards Ripclaw, that bulging vein was noticed and a slight frown appears. What happened? She totally missed the irritant.

Andy Hart smiles because that's what he does. He always smiles. Even when blood was dripping from his ripped open guts just a couple of days past, he smiled. He was, indeed, crazy, just like the girl said. "Sorry, I never was good at math. My SATs sucked, too," he shrugs. "Oh, sugar, sugar, sugar. You think you know so much, but all these questions just show me how little you do know. That's okay. I don't know much about you either. That's cause they keep us all in our nice little niches, made to fit, snug as a bug in a rug. Mmmmmmmmmm, it's so warm. I just felt cuddled in the company's big, squishy arms - even when they were sticking needles in my eyes, I loved them. I'm sure I deserved it, for being ungrateful."

When the animal taunts him, he jumps. And by that, he moves in a blur so fast he can barely be seen, until he's right at that gate, snapping his teeth and making snarling and snapping sounds at the little furry bastard, "C'mon, toss him in here. YOu know you want to see him gutted. I promise I won't tell on you, big guy. Just let me nibble his spine a little, pretty please? Splenda on top?"

"OH SHIT!" C.C. releases in a yelp as Andy moves and in a streak of orange fur the CyberCat is out of the room his voice shouted from round the wall, "Mother fucker, I'll return with some 'nades!!!"

Glaring fully now Ripclaw's jaw bounces with a clench and unclench of teeth. His arms now unfold and he closes the door so no one can enter keeping his hand there for now "Ignore him and just enjoy your juice."

"Crazy is going around." Ripclaw agrees with Nadia.
"Our Doctor has shut CyberData out of you and the Brainbox is deactivated but avoid them as best you can so they do not reactivate you. We're working on being able to fully remove them but for now that is all we can offer - you should have your freedom tomorrow morning."
Ripclaw opens the door and begins to step out of it, "We're also aware of how little we know but I guarantee we know more than you do about our shared adversary." Though the way he speaks of CyberData says Andy may not actually see them as that. Ripclaw has a hard time reading this one, "I'm not going to try and sell this to you, I'm no good at it. Join us and take out Cyberdata or be free and stay out of our way. Zakura, if you're remaining with him keep your distance and don't let him out." A test to her as well, shes new but Ripclaw finds her genuine at least and so far he can read her.

It was just too much commotion for her to figure out what was going on at once. But whatever it was, it put her on edge, from the way C.C. ran and Andy's blurring motion, it had her jumping back and on guard, ready to scratch the hell out of the next person to even make a move.

But not Ripclaw! She likes him in the way a stalker likes his lady! Which.. probably won't bode well for either of them in the near future. Price of being nice to a cat. She's going to knock over his plants and ask for love there after.

But once the door was closed she eases up, missing most of Ripclaw's words to settle for a scratch at the back of her neck, a slight pace back and forth until she glances instinctually in Ripclaw's direction. She was allowed to stay.. at least. Maybe talking to Andy herself would help. Who knows. She'll give it a shot.

"Oh. Kay." She says, clearly. "I will.. try to help." Hrm. She needs to teach him sign language. Communicating that way would be much better for her. "Goodbye. Ripclaw."
Andy Hart snickers to himself and picks up his sandwich, dusting it off a bit, "Aw, strawberry. For the record, I like grape better," he says, shruggin and taking a bite as he slumps down, "I still want that rum, y'know!" he calls out. When Ripclaws says the last bit, though, he starts laughing hysterically, "Free! Oh my god, that's fucking hilarious, man. Oh shit, you gotta warn me when you break out the wit. Free. As if there is such a thing. You poor deluded schmuck," he says.

He turns his attention back to Nadia, "Don't worry, kitty, i won't try to bite you like I did that other fuzzball. S'what he gets for being a dickweed."

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