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March 17, 2016:

A covert (cough cough) meeting in a park.

New York


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Things are busy in SHIELD and May and Jemma are busier still with the spectre of SHIELD being compromised. The two women have a small trusted circle of people they've been working with and there's another that May's indicated that she wants to see.

Jemma's sent out a message inviting Spider-Woman … that's the only way she knows the woman to meet with her and May. Perhaps a coffee shop isn't the best place to meet her but there's a nice little park right next to the Grindhouse where they can rendesvous at least …

The message was delivered to Julia at her SHIELD protected safehouse. Hrm. She hasn't met Jemma without her mask on but…. she doesn't have the luxury of hiding her face from Ms. Simmons. After all, Shift knows not only her, but her daughter. Maybe… no, don't bring a 3 year old girl to a spy meeting. This isn't 'take your daughter to work day'…
So, windbreaker worn over a simple black teeshirt and bluejeans… Julia is sitting on a bench in the park, sipping from a Grindhouse cup as is the general signal. Her blonde hair is worn tied up and tied back in a tight ponytail. She sure -does- have a lot of hair, yes indeed. She She's a bit nervous though, but she doesn't let it show. She simply waits and projects the outward appearance of indifference, and she has been well trained in such things.

As per usual, May leads the way as she and Jemma go to meet and speak with the woman in the black and white spider costume. Of course, she let Jemma stop in at the Grindhouse for some necessary tea, but opts to 'scout ahead'. Aka, she's already in the park and has been watching the various people with Grindhouse cups as they meander about. The blonde woman sitting on the bench there, she's got the air of someone waiting. Interesting. She'd have thought the Spider-Woman would show up in costume.

It doesn't take long for Jemma to get the tea and she's flanked by her ever present security detail. Samuels and Michaels drew the short straw today - at least they'll get coffee from the biochem.

Joining May at the park, Jemma looks at the blonde "There's only one person drinking coffee, Agent May, that must be her." the scientist is so good at this covert thing!

Making her way to the table, setting the tea for her and May down, Jemma smiles at the blonde, in a friendly manner, and waits for her to say something. Truly? What do you do? Say 'hi, Spiderwoman?'

And.. the security detail basically yells silently 'Over here! I'm important!' which is somewhat at odds with the very idea of a covert arrangement. Julia notices those guards the moment they come into sight and her eyebrows both raise. As people sit at her table, she looks up and glances to May as if silently asking, 'Seriously?'
But then she looks back to the Jemma and offers, "I suppose your other detail didn't want to meet with me. I can't say I blame'em." She offers a hand to Jemma and adds, "Name's Julia. I didn't show up in my working outfit because.. that agency you and your friend infiltrated… now want that person dead. So, it's easier to blend in if I'm in civies."

Melinda May gives both Samuels and Michaels a flat look. You boys are NOT being subtle. Go sit nearby. She then nods to Julia before finally claiming a seat. She responds to the questioning expression with a quirked eyebrow. YOU try being all covert and stuff with a troublemagnet of a biochemist in tow.

Not answering the comment about the security detail is May's way of saying she's keeping her opinion to herself, though she does take the time to offer introductions. "I'm Agent May, this is Dr. Simmons."

They had been going to sit elsewhere … but as Clint had said once … Jemma's not subtle. Michaels and Samuels take up position in the park, where they can keep an eye on the women.

"Call me Jemma… Nice to meet you Julia." No she's not going to discuss her detail but everyone agrees the teams need a break, the things the biochemist can get into to! "I passed your message to Agent May, about wanting to help … which is why is we're here. To discuss how that might occur."

"She's referring to The Section, Agent May and Executive Directive 51." Jemma had spent some time bringing May up to speed on that.

"If you, or anyone you know can make that all go away, then I will help you wherever or whenever I can." offers Julia as she sips her coffee. "They came after my little girl." she adds. Jemma knows it, but May might not. "If that tells you at all how serious I am and to what length I will go to pay you back if you can help. She's three…" she states.
She's a mom, yep. She will do whatever it takes to make sure Rachel is kept safe. "I was field trained by one of the senior agents of Section Fifty One. One of their best, so… I wager they're not as good as your people, but… I have my own advantages. Ten ton lifting, superhuman reflexes… plus the webs. All I really have the skillset to do is… be a field agent for an intelligence agency, good or bad. I'd prefer good."

Melinda May nods slowly. "I can have you signed on with SHIELD as a contract field agent. It won't be as good as a full agent, but you'll get at least some pay and benefits out of it. In other regards," she glances sidelong at Jemma, as if trying to determine how much the biochemist has already spilled, "Simmons or I may request your assistance outside of official channels. Those instances are not to be mentioned to anyone else not directly involved. For any reason."

Jemma hasn't said much to anyone about the internal problems they're experiencing. It's not something that makes the young woman very comfortable with.

"And you'll have to deal with all sorts of weird." the biochem adds "That lizard like creature you saw is just part of it." As May adds that rider, Jemma nods. "The work I've been doing that led me to look for The Section, is sort of a side project for me."

There it is. Julia shows a twitch. "You're telling me… that your investigation. The investigation that led to my three year old daughter being used as leverage.. being threatened… was off books, not an official thing, but just something you… decided to do?" she asks as she sets down her coffee cup and takes a deep breath with her eyes closing.
A second breath is taken, and she slowly opens her eyes, "Okay. Sorry… I apologize. I'm in control. Don't worry." She eyes May and gives her a nod, knowing that May was likely tensed subtly to leap into action should the need arise. But then she looks back to Jemma and speaks slowly, "Okay. So… weird is a daily thing for me. I myself am quite weird. So how can I help?"

Actually, May didn't tense up. All she did was very subtly pull a taser baton from one sleeve, and Julia would have been zotted before she could so much as lift a hand in Jemma's direction. But even so, the paraphrasing of the movie 'Beetlejuice' is not lost on her. "Simmons is following that investigation on my authority. And if you want to help, that can be arranged." But one threat against the biochemist and the baton will be back and sparking.

"I said it was a side project." Jemma murmurs. Which is different to being off the books. Still, she's seen the tense and her shoulders tighten. "I could use more assistance in tracking The Section, Agent May and there's the leads on the Daemonites to track down." Plus … whatever is thrown their way in the mean time.

"I know a lot about Section Fifty One. I'd be happy to give over -any- intel that I can offer. But also I'd -really- love to get my hands on some of their upper echelon." says Julia. "So, bring me in. Run your background checks. Make sure I'm not a plant or some such. I'll jump through any hoops you require, sit through any procedures you like. I'm at your disposal."

Melinda May nods at that. "I think we can arrange something." Yes, she has every intention of subjecting Julia to the most intensive background check she knows — even more comprehensive than SHIELD can manage. She'll have Jericho Trent check up on her. "Do you have a way we can reach you to schedule the background checks?"

"Well…" starts Julia. "Shift arranged a couple SHIELD guards and even a SHIELD trained babysitter for the safehouse I'm in. I wager he kept -that- off books sooo…" she shrugs, "You can just visit me at the safehouse but… I haven't let Rachel, my daughter… know about what Mommy does. So let's try to avoid talking about stuff like.. .Mommy in danger around her, eh?"

"That shouldn't be a problem." There are other SHIELD agents with families, after all, and their circumstances are very carefully monitored. "Is there a day or time that would be inconvenient for you?" She lets Jemma get distracted by something on her phone, this is the boring logistics part of the job anyway.

Smirking now, Julia just shrugs her shoulders. "Well, currently I am unemployed and pretty much at your agency's beck and call. So, Do me a favor and give me five minutes of warning before showing up so that I can at least make sure Rachel's good?" she chuckles a bit and shrugs, "She's about ready to start Pre-School in the fall. I would very much like it if she could do that from a real home, not a safehouse."

Melinda May simply nods at that. "We will do our best to not schedule you quite that last minute. Do you have any questions you'd like us to answer, while we have the time?" She's about ready to nudge Simmons and get her away from that phone, but she lets the biochemist mentally wander for just a bit more.

"Well…" Julia shrugs, "To be honest, I wouldn't even know what questions to -ask- until I get somewhat on the inside, or at least alongside."
She rolls her neck a bit and adds, "But, you handled yourself really well last week. I'd love to get some one on one workout time with you maybe. See where I need to improve my techniques?"

Simmons hasn't been mentally wandering, she's been reading a report that just came in from Doctor Storm on the detector they've been building. Sue is trying to schedule a meeting with Stark to discuss the power requirements.

"Agent May is good at training like that." Jemma offers a small crooked smile. She's been pulled into one of Mays' impromptu sessions on more than one occasion.

Dead-proofing Jemma IS one of May's long-term projects. And a rather slow-going one at that. "That can be arranged as well. Should prove to be interesting." She might even ask for permission to make use of a particular gym in Gotham she knows about.

A nod is given and Julia reaches for her coffee cup to take another sip. She stands up slowly then and states, "There anything else we need to discuss?" She finishes her coffee and hands the cup over towards the both of you, "DNA and prints. But to be sure.." she reaches up and presses an index finger against the plastic rim as opposed to the cardboard side of the cup. "For a start." she adds.

Melinda May nods to Julia and stands when she does. "That should be it for now." She produces a business card seemingly out of nowhere. "If you need anything in the meantime and you can't reach Shift, contact me. I'll see what I can do." She's done the whole safehouse route. She knows how inadequately stocked those places are for actually living in beyond the very short term.

Deadproofing Jemma is something Jemma wants to do! It's why she took Audrey up on her offer.

As Julia hands over the cup, the biochem takes it gingerly and slips into her bag. At least she'll know her own DNA and fingerprints, right?

"Once May gets the official go ahead, I'll send you some briefing documents, we can get together to discuss them as well. But I don't have anything else." She can also share Julia's concern over a safe house. "There's always where I'm currently staying, Agent May." the young woman murmurs. Food for thought, at any rate.

"Okay then. I need to get back to Rachel." says Julia as she turns to head out. She looks back and smiles a bit. "By the way.. thanks for coming to talk to me like a person. I appreciate the respect."

Melinda May nods to Jemma at that. "If you'll inquire, I'll authorize it." She then nods to Julia again. "Thank you for meeting with us respectfully." Okay, she really, REALLY hopes that Jericho finds that this woman is clean. They always need good, truly trustworthy individuals.

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